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Author Topic: Australia's Stupid anti-Hate Laws.

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Re: Australia's Stupid anti-Hate Laws.
« Reply #5 on: 03 February 2013 at 14:35 »
Mr Rau said police would have their first chance to use many new powers this year. The laws that had only recently been passed by Parliament allow them to:
PROSECUTE people who were inadvertently helping a crime gang.
OFFER sentence reductions to criminals who dob in their mates, the so-called "super-grass" law.
USE metal detectors near licensed venues to search for concealed weapons.
STOP children buying knives.
TRACK and record more people without court approval.
FINGERPRINT more people on the street using mobile scanners.
There would also be renewed attempts to ban outlaw gangs, after changes to laws because of a High Court challenge.
In a written response, Police Commissioner Gary Burns agreed police had been given "extensive legislative tools by the Government to help curb both organised crime and gun violence".
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