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The first invasion by the Asiatic Mongolians occured in 372 BC when they crushed the Nordic Alans tribe; followed up by another crushing victory over the Ostrogoths in what is today western Russia causing survivors to flee westwards into the lands of the Visigoths and Slavs. The Visigoths tried to stand up to the muds, but to no avail. They were forced to retreat and eventually settled in Roman territory [modern day Bulgaria], against which they waged war for nearly two centuries. They first had to get permission, and after the Romans agreed, had to surrender all their weapons and hand over large numbers of their women and children as hostages; but at least here they were save from the Huns.

The Visigoths had no picnic under the Romans and it was no surprise when they revolted. Re-arming themselves in secret, resentment finally boiled over into open rebellion. At the battle of Hadrianople [modern day Greece] in 378AD they defeated an Roman army resulting in the Eastern Roman Empire accepting the Visigoths in central Europe.

Sadly, Visigothic lands were being seized by the muds while the White Man was grappling with one another - most of Dacia [modern day Rumania], large parts of western Russia and portions of central and eastern Europe [modern central Germany, Hungary]. All the original White ancestral homelands had been either destroyed or occupied by the Huns, turning them overnight into mini Hun-states. The White Man was in trouble and the enemy knew it. In their thirst for conquest the muds pushed westwards, destroying everything in their path and pushing many minor Nordic tribes further west, displacing other already settled tribes. This displacement saw Germanic tribes migrate into Spain and even as far as North Africa. The superior was fleeing before the inferior. The Huns had become so powerful, that by 232AD, they were collecting large annual tributes from Rome. At the other side of the spectrum, the mostly mixed race population of Rome had long since lost any social cohesiveness and ability to provide recruits for their army, and relied on German and Gaulish mercenaries for its defence.

433AD gave birth to a new face of terror that would write his name in history with White blood - Atilla the mud. He took the village of Buda [later combined with Pest to become Budapest] as his headquarters, and through a vicious racial war of extermination against Whites stretched his mud empire from the Caspian Sea in the east to the North Sea, routinely carrying White Woman off into captivity for sexual slavery. The Huns started physically integrating with the tribes they conquered; traces of the Mongolian influence can still be seen amongst some people in Eastern Europe - Mongolian/Slavic. But Atilla wanted more, and in 452AD he began moving west with the occupation of France in mind; and the eventual seizure of all Europe which stood on the verge of extermination.

But the tide was turning, the White Man was about to be rescued by its only saviour - UNITY. The Day of Reckoning was beckoning. The Romans and Visigoths united and met the muds head-on in central France in 451AD near the present day city of Troyes. In the day long battle that followed, there were many casaulties on both sides, but by nightfall the combined White might had gained the upper hand over the enemy, forcing Atilla to retreat as far as Hungary. In a fit of fury, Atilla the mud slaughtered and looted White settlements unfortunate enough to be in his path of retreat.

Before this mud met his fate, he made one last attempt to destroy the Whites. He invaded Northern Italy in 452AD and razed the city of Aqueila to the ground, massacring many of the inhabitants. One year later the scumbag was dead, mystery surrounding his death on his wedding night. Many stories are told but here is what we know - Atilla took a blond German girl, Hildico, as his wife, after one of the many raids on White settlements. I think we can draw a logical conclusion from this - dont piss-off a White German lady !!! The death of Atilla was the signal for a revolt of the people subjugated by the Huns which followed in 454AD at the Battle of Nedao. Goths, Slavs and others in Europe defeated the Huns completely in a straight fight between a Mongolian and a German army, saving Europe from being overrun by the muds.

All that is left of the once powerfull Huns is the name they gave to the area which had functioned as their headquarters during their racial war - Hungary; and some admixture of Mongolian genes occuring among a small number of the Indo-European Slavs. Sadly these animals caused the extinction of the source of the Indo-European tribes from their ancestral homeland between the Black and Caspian Seas; never again would this territory produce another Indo-European Nordic tribe - the fountain of new Nordic tribes was forever extinguished, one of the most significant acts of racial genocide ever seen.

What can be learned from this race war :

1] Muds will ruthlessly slaughter hundreds of thousands of Whites given the chance
2] United White People can and will destroy the muds, any place ... any day
3] Never defile a White Woman

RaHoWa !!!


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