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Title: Anger: Powerful Medicine and Deadly Poison
Post by: Private on 28 May 2022 at 13:54
Anger: Powerful medicine and deadly poison.

    To those who see clearly the parasitic nature our mortal enemies exhibit,  it seems the latest mud crime or jewish swindle comes as no surprise. Assuming most readers to be aware of the character that slithering semitic slime and it’s legion of murderous mud puppies embody, does a reasonable explanation for parroting or regurgitating the latest media ploy exist? Does a reasonable explanation exist for exposing oneself or ones kin to the enemies perverted political theatrics? Does absorbing hollywood hellscapes, media muck and political poison do one bit to fuel the creation of strategies to embolden  our beautiful brilliant endangered species? Or does it solely serve to feed the media monster and aid in it’s growth?

  There appears to me one obvious answer: When enemy propaganda is collected and carefully organized into a presentation that sheds light, exposing the filthy festering pestilence’s rotten core it can become a potent catalyst for racial awakening.

  Anger. Anger can be a key to unlocking the psychological shackles that hold our racial kin in bondage to the psychopathic shekel slinging circumsizers. It’s no mistake that anger has been painted as a “negative” “toxic” trait by the MSM. To a newly awakened white racial warrior the initial eruption of rage explodes, naturally blowing a life time of racial confusion to smithereens. Fury is a natural response to that which poses threat to our survival. Yet once the blazing rage has done it's work, to burn off the blinding layers of semitic psychological sludge, whats the use in making sport of swimming through a scum frothing slough of kosher media sewage?  Whilst red with rage, to the point of steam shooting from my ears, constructive thinking appears out of the question. With day after day of repeated exposure to media muck, emotional responses act like a drug, the initial high can never be reached again and the drug eventually becomes the merciless master, and the consumer the dastardly slave. Coupled with the alienation that commonly walks hand in hand with a newly awakened racial loyalist, in this often lonely stage of awakening one can easily be sucked into a screen and utterly isolated.

  It’s one thing for new born racial loyalists to feed on anger, this newly tapped source of energy, as it makes one feel alive and awake again, but do those of us who know the enemy inside and out have logical excuse for diving deep into the turbulent frothing sea of media slime ever so religiously? Perhaps under one circumstance, to create an inspirational presentation that reaches out to those of yet another of the countless splinters off our racial family tree.  Other than that it seems like a lazy, cowardly and fruitless endeavor to me.

  Anger, a flying leap from the dark dungeon of apathy, like a powerful medicine and a deadly poison it must be handled with great care and caution in this age of push button “entertainment”. Our religion is Creativity, we are Creators, I’ll be frank and ask, “What have you created lately?”


Brother Art
Title: Re: Anger: Powerful Medicine and Deadly Poison
Post by: Private on 29 May 2022 at 00:41
When properly focused by the experienced White Racial Loyalist, anger is a useful motivational tool. For both the individual WRL, and in order to promote group ethos, Anger is an Energy (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pil+anger+is+an+energy) that is an unintended consequence resulting from the propaganda of Government, MSM/Fake News and Hollyweird.

The intention of today's anti-White propaganda being that the pliable White population retreat in fear, self-loathing and mute acceptance, and vote as directed for their inevitable self-demise as instructed by their trusted News Sources and beloved Elected Democratic Government.

However, if you can see through the lies to the truth, you should feel energised with anger. That's when Inspiration/Creativity comes to the fore ....

That's when you Know What You Can Do for the White Race Today. Anger is an Energy (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pil+anger+is+an+energy).