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Title: About that "4,000 book" incident.
Post by: Private on 15 July 2011 at 07:45
  I'm just making sure, I know it's silly to ask, but there's not another "magical cache" of holy books just sitting around waiting for this to happen again is there?

Source:  The former Matt Hale Support and Archives Site that has since been closed down.

Who, What, Where and When.

In 2001, the Missoula, Montana chapter of the World Church of the Creator parted ways with the Illinois based World Church of the Creator to form the Northwest Church of the Creator. At their head were Reverends Slim Deardorff, Dan Hassett as HP and Dane Hall of California as Church Leader. Soon after, Hassett left and “Karl” John Haase took over as Hasta Primus.

As HP, Haase retained the keys to a storage facility which contained over four thousand of our Holy Books which were at one time the property of the World Church of the Creator and Reverend Matt Hale as it’s Leader and Founder. Note: It can be argued that the Montana Church of the Creator did not surrender its assets to the New Church of the Creator when it joined up with Hale, and upon leaving, only took away what it brought to the table.

In December 2003, Haase sold the contents of the storage facility to the Montana Human Rights Network for the sum of $300 and a bus ticket out of the state.

From the Montana Human Rights Network:

    In December 2003, J.R. [as they call him] became disillusioned with “The Church of the Creator,” and contacted their primary opposition in Montana, The Montana Human Rights Network. He agreed to sell his inventory of Klassen’s works in exchange for enough cash to make a quick exit from “The Treasure State.” Fearing reprisals from the group, he asked that the Human Rights Network keep his donation anonymous. Upon learning of the books falling into enemy hands, The Church of the Creator reported them as stolen. But the Human Rights Network not only had a legitimate bill of sale, (although the price paid per book was less than 15 cents.), but also pointed out that The Church of the Creator’s assets had been garnished upon loss of a $1 million lawsuit to the Southern Poverty Law Center in 1994. The Law Center had never attempted to claim the books as a part of the settlement, believing the cost of moving them would be prohibitive. They were, however, happy that the Human Rights Network had taken them out of circulation.

Points of Fact:

    * The books were not the personal property of J.R./”Karl” John Haase. Does a banker have the right to spend the money in his bank vault because he has the key to the cash? No, of course not. And the same goes for the storage facility containing the Holy Books of Creativity.

    * It was P.M.E. Klassen’s Church of the Creator’s assets that had earlier been garnished after a lawsuit by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The law suit had nothing to do with Reverend Hale’s New/World Church of the Creator then, just as it has nothing to do with the Creativity Alliance today. Only the organisation was sued – NOT our religion!

    * There was no investigation into the circumstances surrounding the theft. The decision that no crime had taken place was a decision made at a small town Sheriff’s Office.

    * Desecration of religious works has taken place in circumstances that are both illegal and immoral.
Title: Re: About that "4,000 book" incident.
Post by: Private on 30 January 2012 at 22:57
I think there is a good chance there are plenty of Books out there. I was in contact with Reverend and PM Hale at the time and told him it was vital to make worse case contingencies and distribute all the books to as many reliable people as possible for storage. He never replied to this but it would have made sense for him to have done so. who knows?
Title: Re: About that "4,000 book" incident.
Post by: Private on 18 November 2012 at 03:29
Reverend Albert, you would have been ignored by Hale as not only an outsider, but as an interloper. As a Minister in the premier Church of Creativity under Founder Klassen, you had no requirement to swear a personal oath of loyalty to Hale, and in his opinion, that was reason enough to mistrust everything you said and did and to ensure you had no influence over the operations of his Church.

As for the remaining books, Rudy Stanko once had his own personal stockpile. In an attempt to make a quick buck, he shipped them off to a certain individual who stockpiled them, boasted that he had control of Creator books, then allowed them to be destroyed by water damage.

The Thomas Kroenke batch of books disappeared with Kroenke. They were only a small portion of the mother-load of books from Montana that Hale had in his possession prior to shipping them to Wyoming. Hale had long before lost control of the Montana books when Reverend Deardorff and other premier Church of the Creator ministers and GFC rejected him. You can consider those books as lost as Kroenke.

So thanks to selfishness and carelessness, you can consider the old books as lost. If we want the Holy Books of Creativity to see the light of day again and able to get into the hands of the average White man and woman, we of the Alliance are going to have to print our own. And a totally revised 40th Anniversary Edition is what we are aiming at.

Title: Re: About that "4,000 book" incident.
Post by: Private on 28 January 2013 at 22:43
I am curious how you would mean "revised" surely the Credo is unalterable. I mean... alter any word and it means every word can be altered. I'm sure you agree but clarification would help.
 As for being loyal to Matt, I worked with Matt professionally in so much as I was listened to. His incarceration in principle means he is now a POW. The chain of command is broken, as if he were struck by lightning. Neither can any instruction by him subsequent to his loss carry weight. For example, Suppose the Taliban take your commanding officer captive....anything he communicates now has to be regarded with suspicion, its obvious really.
Title: Re: About that "4,000 book" incident.
Post by: Private on 30 January 2013 at 03:43
I am curious how you would mean "revised" surely the Credo is unalterable. I mean... alter any word and it means every word can be altered. I'm sure you agree but clarification would help.

Revised in this case does not mean altering our Credo. Having worked on the books as I have, and been ably assisted by other Creators, we have found many inconsistencies between the first and second editions of NER for example. Without going into detail, Founder Klassen erred in the first edition and repaired most of his errors in the second edition. These are not errors in facts or matters of opinion, just typos. Creators have spent the last year checking and rechecking their work. Books will go to print when they are satisfied.

Others that we can go to print today with if we chose are the scanned versions of NER and the WMB. Perfect quality, but if we go ahead with printing the scans, Founder Klassen's errors will remain. I think the 40th anniversary edition will be better and depending on demand, we might print a duplicate collectors' edition of NER and the WMB.

And BTW, unlike others, I will pay for the print myself and then put out the call for funds, so that Creators can get what they paid for, rather than empty promises.