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Author Topic: A Short Green Essay

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A Short Green Essay
« on: 28 March 2010 at 14:47 »
A Short Green Essay
by Brother Justinian

A Short Green Essay

Most people value a healthy body over all other things; it is seen as a prize which the wisest among us zealously guard. Anyone who has ever faced a serious illness can attest to the fact that when one is sick, one can rarely find enjoyment in any task.

While people certainly enjoy good health, they fail to realize that without a clean environment, a fit body is impossible to maintain.

It is truly strange to ponder the dual standard which is invoked by the general public on the health issue. Stripping the forests bare and dumping poisons haphazardly is certainly profitable for the few. However, there can not be any benefit to the vast majority of our people of the world.

As we labor in the service of our kin and comrades, it is imperative that we make every effort to see that future work on their behalf goes efficiently and smoothly. We must constantly guard against shortsighted advancement today at the expense of future gains. It remains imperative that we have a vision of the future as we build the present, lest we leave a task incomplete which will remove a portion of our expected goal.

Within the collective unconscious of the White Race, there has always been a love for the soil. From our earliest beginnings, we deified the Earth as our mother goddess, reveling in her marvelous fertility and holding festivals to honor the bounty she so generously bestowed upon us. We were a primitive and rather backward people then, with an innocence and a superstitious nature.

The modern era has seen the birth of a more enlightened age, with a flood of new technology-based devices. Marvelous new luxuries are available to us which were impossible to conceive of just a generation ago. With all of the time and energy our new advances have saved us, it would seem to a casual observer that we ought to be enjoying an unbelievable surplus of health, both physical and mental. Sadly, the opposite is true. While we as a people enjoy a life of leisure and splendor, we are plagued with illness as never before. It seems that as we have learned new strategies to artificially maximize our pleasures, we have forgotten how to cope with our most basic evolutionary traits.

As we wallow in the excess of our consumer society, we are forgetting those who will follow us. The waste of our glorious pillage will one day be settled through our offspring's famine. The natural world has a law of conservation, after all. That which we take today, someone must one day give back. Newton's third law clearly states that all of our actions have reactions. While we may not detect a reaction immediately, the chaos which we sow today will reap hell on our children's lives.

It was over the span of millions of years that we evolved to our present state. Our harsh, northern environment culled out all but the most fit, intelligent, and visionary specimens. We evolved with an instinct for the ebb and flow of Nature's cycles. During our evolution, we had no need to know the details of the laws which could make or break our survival. When a city became too populous, our ancestors ran out of fuel, forcing the citizens to abandon that particular habitat, scatter, and search out a new home. The scars which primitive men left on the physical world were thus allowed to heal. With today's fossil fuels, urbanization and popular concentrations expand unchecked and exponentially. The massive bulk of our concentrated and cosmopolitan urban areas leads to sickness, both of the people and of the world around them.

A choice faces us. We have it in our power to begin reversing the damage which has already been done to us and to our Earth, or we have the option of continuing to squander what little is left of our priceless resources. If we choose the former, our path will be painful, but our descendants will reap rich rewards. If we opt for the latter, either through malice or complacency , future generations of White people will curse us in our graves.

With the vision of our Founder, Ben Klassen, embodied within the First Commandment, Creators pledge their lives to secure a future for their children. Their very existence is wholly dependent upon a healthy and natural homeland. As we have claimed this world as our own, we must accept the responsibility for a quick return of this Earth to a healthy and sustainable status.  The physical and mental health of us and our descendants is worthy of our consideration, and future generations deserve no less.
"United and organized the White Race is ten times as powerful as the rest of the world combined."


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