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Title: 5 Beliefs x 5? Are there Creators out there who Really Do This?
Post by: Private on 22 February 2009 at 14:31
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Matt Hale Ordered Creators to Recite the Five Fundamental Beliefs of Creativity (https://creativityalliance.com/home/five-fundamental-beliefs/) Five Times a Day on their Knees.

It's only common sense that one should reinforce their beliefs as often as possible. I don't think that is really asking a lot of people, especially if they truly believe that, again, which pretty much comes naturally.

I think some of these folk were associated with someone who was making a really big issue out of it and forcing people to stop what they were doing 5 times a day to do this at specific times facing a certain direction, I'm not kidding. That would have put me in mind of Muslim prayer rituals or whatever that horrible nonsense is they do. It ceases to be natural when you are being told you MUST do something I guess.

This is a question to the Creativity Alliance group on New Saxon, so I am told.   ::)

There should be no Creators who "believe" such nonessential, diversionary claptrap. If there are, they will soon be eclipsed by the more convicted, more militant, less compromising Creator soon enough.

On the other hand, a Church needs rituals to reinforce the passions and traditions of its congregants, and Founder Klassen had given much thought to celebrations of life's passages as Creators.

A profound difference between Nature-based, reality-based Creativity and the spook-chasing creeds is the unique factor of common sense and empirical, critical thinking. The Creator takes full advantage of his Creative intelligence, so would reject silly, thoughtless ritual like bowing and praying to the imaginary Jewish tribal god, and all that.

Whenever I find myself trapped in a group that for some reason or other is to be led in Xian prayer, my heart jumps a bit in anticipation. I can hardly wait to hold my head high and quickly scan all the others in the room to see if any are wide-eyed, like me, watching over the lambkins who have closed their eyes, bowed their heads, maybe even got on their knees to go along with the pretense of talking to Yahweh.  :'( It should always be a simple pleasure for a Creator to enjoy a smile and a nod from a kinsman during the group recitation by rote of the dreadful Lord's Prayer or the Apostles' Creed or of the 23rd Psalm. 
Title: Re: 5 Beliefs x 5? Are there Creators out there who Really Do This?
Post by: Private on 22 February 2009 at 15:44
Our wide-eyed comrades are the ones looking at their watches and wondering when the damn prayer will be over.   ;)

A Creator's watchtells Creator time. Days, Months, and Year reflect the difference.  ;)

No, seriously, Rev. Guest, when the prayers start, especially at some patriotic gathering, it has been my experience as a Creator that our eyes should be up and on the lookout for those other attendees with their eyes open. That's a good sign to the stealthy Creator of a receptive target, someone who has overcome the powerful compulsion to conform to obedient herd behavior. A White person at a patriotic meeting who clearly doesn't partake of the Jaysus Juice, in that setting, is what Klassen called a "high percentage shot," and is worth handing an introductory card with some conversation.

By the same token, it's good for Creators to maintain a cordial relationship with the Xian patriot leaders in their region whose members or guests we recruit away from them at their own meetings. When some Bible thumper finds Creativity "fascinating" and wants to hang around us, but adheres to the enemy belief system, it's best to send them to our Xian leaders to coddle and talk Scriptures and get out of our hair. They appreciate that sort of thing generally.
Title: Re: 5 Beliefs x 5? Are there Creators out there who Really Do This?
Post by: Private on 22 February 2009 at 19:03

Your post above just brought back memories of my Klavern years ago where 80% of the Klansmen were either odinists, satanists, athiests, or just did not give a damn about religion.  The Kludd, Robert, would give these long drawn out prayers to start the meeting.   Five minutes into Rob's prayer, it was fun to look around the room and watch the tortured looks on some of my fellow Klansmen.   ;D

I did my time as a Klavern Klasher, enduring the goofy Xian nonsense in the hope of finding someone like you in attendance. Dr. Pierce once told me, "Will, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince."  :-*

I hiked up at a Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) meeting in my region a few years back with a young Alliance recruit that still had some residual Jesus stuck in his neck, having been raised in a ultra-devout Xian home. The meeting was on the way to another gathering of Alliance members, so we just dropped in to "eat, meet [some frogs] and retreat." They were in our region, after all, and claiming to be fighting for White people. We picked up a CCC leaflet from the table on the way in, where I immediately honed in on the statement that the CCC was "based on Xian principles." After some preacher yacked on and on, giving the blessing, we ate, listened to some business of the group, then were able to have a topical discussion and Q&A. I immediately brought up the part about CCC being based on Xian principles and presented my best Creator argument as to why Xianity is Jewish and totally unsuitable as a belief system for White people who claim to oppose the Jew. "What Xian principles," I asked, "Love thine enemies? Lift up the weak and the meek, to the detriment of the strong and productive? Turn the other cheek?" I probably pulled out Klassen's analogy for Xian patriots of having one foot on the accelerator while the other is slammed firmly on the brake. Anyway, before we left, the meeting was a complete bust -- for the CCC, anyway -- with the breathless preacher preceding us with his tail tucked somewhere up between his by then wobbly legs. My young Alliance associate, however, told me later that that really quite civil confrontation between me, a biological racist, and the roomful of Xians was what won him all the way over to our side from the lifetime of Xian mish-mash that he'd had his head packed. The moral of the story: that young man has turned out to be quite a prince for the Cause.  You never know in your efforts to deprogram a kinsman from the Joojoo juice what will put him over the top to finally see the light and reject a lifetime of indefensible lies.

Never trust a Xian preacher. Any man who will lie to himself will certainly lie to you
. - BK
Title: Re: 5 Beliefs x 5? Are there Creators out there who Really Do This?
Post by: Private on 23 February 2009 at 07:56
I like to go over the 5 Beliefs (https://creativityalliance.com/home/five-fundamental-beliefs/) in my head every so often, not in any ritualised way but just to keep it firm in my head. Doing the same with the 16 Commandments would also be a good habit to get in to.

Reciting something in your head to keep it fresh is hardly a bad thing, if I wish to achieve in school exams I'll be frequently reciting statistics, ideas and formulas in my head to keep them fresh. Even if it were to be done in a ritualised sort of way, this would be similar to children learning the alphabet or reciting their multiplication tables until they're memorised. If saying the 5 Beliefs five times a day helps you remember them and keeps you on your Creative toes, go for it!
Title: Re: 5 Beliefs x 5? Are there Creators out there who Really Do This?
Post by: Private on 25 September 2010 at 16:23
Never lose the chance to challenge a xian belief, whether it be in private or public! If someone had not done so for me ... well I'd probably still be on my knees "eating" the flesh of a jew!!!
Title: Re: 5 Beliefs x 5? Are there Creators out there who Really Do This?
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