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Salubrious Living - New CoverMy Collection of Our Original Holy Books is CompleteOriginal Salubrious Living
My Collection of Our Original Holy Books is Complete

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Keywords: Holy Books 
Posted by: Guest 16 April 2019 at 02:55

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16 August 2020 at 07:01
You have more than me. I was asked to give a list of the books I wanted, so I gave a list of the books I don't have. I still don't have those books. You know who is responsible ....

Still, I'm glad that you have all of them, Rev. Dibbs.

My only annoyance is that, if I'm supposed to edit the e-Books of Creativity to make them printable, how am I supposed to do so without the original to emulate. After all, I could do just about anything and it would not be right to many, and I would never know what I did wrong. And I've been a Creator for over twenty years, leading the Church since 2003.

I don't like false promises, especially if they effect the advancement of Creativity. I can live without personal promises of gifts and don't care for them, but screw with Creativity and I get angry.

Just venting, brother. I'll have PM Joe deal with this. I'm glad you're on your second set of books. If I have my way, with what I'm setting up, you'll be able to buy boxes of ten books at a time. RaHoWa!


My version of Salubrious Living. I do not have an original, so I went out of my way to do better than what was available.

<a href=";ArnoldDeVries-SalubriousLiving.pdf" target="_blank">;ArnoldDeVries-SalubriousLiving.pdf</a>

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