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Nigger & the Rodent

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Description: I live next to a park with a bicycle track that runs past my home. Last week I noticed a guinea pig in my yard. I expect some kid got it for Xmas and it's been allowed to run away. It also doesn't like people

Considering that in the Australian summer heat, it would have been dead within 24 hours, I made sure to give it a bowl of water. The next day I added an apple and bought some dry rabbit/guinea pig food.

On Saturday I picked up an old pet carrier. On Sunday I added pet bedding and put the food and water inside the pet carrier. Then I left it to get used to the pet carrier while I kept an eye on it from a distance. I tried once to sneak up on it and close the door, but it bolted.

On Tuesday, I grabbed a large garden stake and smashed that into the ground and jammed the rear of the pet carrier up against it, then tied a cord from the open door, through the back of the pet carrier, around a tree and back the 30 or so feet needed to stay away from it. Some hours later, the guinea pig was back in its cage eating ... and that's when I grabbed the cord, yanked and slammed the door shut on it.

On Wednesday, I cleared out some old pallets from the side of my shed next to the fence. Swept all the cobwebs away, sprayed the area with poison to kill off any lingering spiders and to keep new ones away, added fresh pine bark, grabbed some wire and wood that I had lying around, and built a guinea pig run for it.

As you can see in the video, the rodent likes Nigger. The question is, will Nigger be able to live with a rodent? I plan to give it a few days so the rodent understands that it has its safe space in the guinea pig run. That way, if it gets scared, it will always run back to its cage. Then I will let it out, and with Nigger on a leash, let them meet properly. With Nigger being 13 years old, it might be good for her to have a puppy sized creature to care for as bitches often do.

Since it's cruel to keep a guinea pig locked up like that all the time and not allow it into the main part of the back yard to exercise and nibble on the grass, it's up to Nigger whether it stays or it goes. If it stays, I will properly secure the guinea pig run with a proper gate at the front. If it goes, then I'll take it to the local vet and tell them to give it to a good home. No money is lost. The area needed cleaning up anyway ...

And the main thing is, a guinea pig's life was saved from being eaten by a cat, chased and mauled by dogs, kids or f...ed in the head adults, or dying slowly of dehydration in 40c+ (100f+) heat.
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Posted by: Rev.Cambeul Wed 16 Jan 2019


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