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Turn your Shekels into Madgas

Turn your Shekels into Madgas

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Description: A Call to Action:
(Defund Israel and send ALL Jews) to Madagascar (Madagascar Plan)

In participating in this cause,you won't have to worry too much about boycotting Jews or Israel.
Your actions will speak for themselves once the movement has begun.
Here is what you can do to get der Jude off your back.
1.25 btc worth of MADGAS GUTSCHEIN can be purchased for a total 0.02750 of BTC. Once that total amount is distributed out, you will be able to exchange your HH88 for .09 BTC. After 1.0775btc worth or 12 HH88 are exchanged then another 1.25btc worth of MADGAS GUTSCHEIN will be available. Then you can also exchange any combination of OA RH QI in the range of 95 MADGAS GUTSCHEIN and 100 MGG. It's a choice BTC to do whatever or Defund Israel and transferring that fund into the Madagscar plan.
Decentralizing the White Race
The process will continue until (((ALL))) are sent to Madagascar and Israel is defunded by not having your hard earned money fund their lavish lifestyle while you slave for them.
Larger Paper wallets will also be available at a later date to keep your BTC stored on which you can also exchange for MGG or trade amongst yourselves. The wallets will cost 0.065btc but will be valued at almost 2.5 times that (over 0.160btc)
(((defund))) with bitcoin:
Only $9 trillion to go before defundisrael is real as whitegenocide
stopwhitegenocide jewishsuppression
Support  Madagscar plan
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Keywords: Madgas Shekel Defund Israel Madgascar Plan 
Posted by: RahowaReichert Sat 03 Feb 2018


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