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White Americans Could Flee To Siberia Says Russia's Ultra-Nationalist LDPR Party

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White Americans could flee to Siberia – top Russian MP
12 Jan, 2022

According to the ultra-nationalist leader of Russia’s LDPR party, tensions could cause a new mass migration
 Supposed inter-ethnic conflicts in the US could force millions of  white Americans to request that Russia resettle them across the vast and  snowy expanses of Siberia, one of the country's most notorious  nationalists has claimed. Taking to his Telegram channel on  Tuesday, the leader of the ultra-nationalist LDPR party, Vladimir  Zhirinovsky, well-known for his populist views and confrontational  political style, alleged that America is in dire straits. According  to him, the US has already taken a series of steps along the path of  self-decay, similar to what happened in the former USSR – a super-state  that comprised 15 republics and was home to an array of ethnic groups. “We in the Soviet Union for 70 years fed the national fringes of the country at the expense of the Russians,” he said in a fierce diatribe against multiculturalism. ...

LDPR is a right-wing populist political party in Russia.
 According to the 75-year-old political veteran, an almost identical scenario is now unfolding in the US. “There  are no national fringes there, but there are African Americans,  Mexicans, non-whites in general, who are already dictating their will,  and whites are increasingly forbidden to talk about their rights, their  culture, their history.”Zhirinovsky went on to declare that  in ten years, white people will become the minority and will be  evacuated to nearby Canada, as well as Australia and other parts of the  world. “They might even ask us to settle a few million people somewhere in Siberia,” he speculated. Polls  shows that the LDPR party leader is by some distance the most popular  political figure in Russia, outside of the government. The politician predicted that America will fall because the “new  majority … will not be able to maintain the same high level of  technological development, economy, life, democracy”...Siberia covers almost 10 million square kilometers of the territory belonging to the world’s largest country, but is sparsely populated...
Top Russian MP invites White Americans to move to Siberia to escape Multicultural Hell

The harvests were plentiful the year of the "great famine" and merchants exchanged their useless "currency" for my ancestors sustenance and life bread.Their farms were then stolen and they were "hired" as "share croppers" on their own land. They were enslaved. Their harvests were shipped over seas to feed cattle and they starved and froze to death. The Kikes fabricated great famines across Sweden and My ancestors came here to the Midwest in the 1800's. One of these days their will be no place to run to...

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Move to Siberia?! What’s everybody going to do there? Workers in Russia get paid crap wages! Those with arthritis are going to find it hard living in the cold up there! America should keep mainland USA for the Whites and stick the muds in Alaska!


--- Quote from: Br.IanVonTurpie on 16 January 2022 at 19:57 ---America should keep mainland USA for the whites and stick the muds in Alaska!
--- End quote ---

Alaska has too many natural resources Brother. The muds don't deserve that nice of a plot of land.
Send them there, let them die off due to mismanagement, then when they are gone, reclaim Alaska.
Siberia would be one hard place to live in! We should kick the coco-nuts out of NZ and make that a Whites only place. Or perhaps Iceland is the answer? Fishing industry, glaciers, volcanic resources?

Damn! America should round up the Big foots they got and stick the blacks in a cage with them, breed eugenic cross breed weapons to drop on China !


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