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White Americans Could Flee To Siberia Says Russia's Ultra-Nationalist LDPR Party

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If we shipped all the muds to Alaska with no aid from Whites they would all freeze to death.

Russia is not wrong for communist operation who had been created in USA for their destruction. Same policy west want today with people like Aleksej Navaljni. Yes, Russians have big problem with post-communist era but it is normal for lands in transition. Russian diplomacy is another type of story.

Keep in mind that Hitler also have pact with Jews through Haavara Agreement where Germans would put Jews out of Germany and help to set them up in Palestine.

As I saw, Putin is well aware about jewish power in Bolshevik revolution. Yes, he do not want remove celebration of Red army but it is in my opinion just because he wants to represent Slavic power in WW2.

Independent predictions for the White race are really bad in west and Australia also, so there is not doubt that will Russia be our last corner.


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