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Tommy Robinson


I'll be blunt.

I'm sick to death of being asked why we don't support Tommy Robinson. Those that argue for him claim that Tommy is 100% for England. That may be the case, but to any Creator, Tommy it seems is 100% for Jewish people and cares nought about English people. It appears that the indigenous English can go to hell. Foreign born Zionist Jews and recanting former Muslims (who joined the Zionist cause) are more of Tommy's cup of tea.

Free Tommy? WGF!

Tommy Robinson is the living example that hiding behind the Jew does not protect you from the anti-White Jewish System of Multiculturalism.

Need more information?

You'll find a well researched article on the subject of Tommy Robinson at the Counter Currents website:

So don't bother telling us that Tommy Robinson is your hero. Don't waste your effort telling us that Tommy is good for England and we should unite with the Tommy Robinson Fanboys. I am happy to say that CREATORS DO NOT SHILL FOR ISRAEL.




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