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Author Topic: The Great Jewry Street Bank Robbery

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The Great Jewry Street Bank Robbery
« on: 18 August 2010 at 10:38 »
Christopher Allnutt gives bank loot to shoppers

A BRITISH man is due to face court after allegedly raiding a bank, then throwing his loot in the street and sitting down cross-legged on the sidewalk.

Police arrested Christopher Allnutt, 42, outside a branch of Barclays in Winchester, southern England, yesterday morning, only to find most of the cash had been snapped up by eager passers-by.

Detective Inspector Andy Symes appealed to people's better natures to return the notes, saying: "We would ask that any members of the public who have found money in Jewry Street [in Winchester] - or surrounding streets - to please hand the money into their nearest police station, as this money is evidence in our investigation."

Mr Allnutt, from Southampton, southern England, allegedly told the bank's terrified cashiers he was armed, but police did not find a weapon.

He was charged with robbery and is set to appear at Aldershot Magistrates Court.
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Re: The Great Jewry Street Bank Robbery
« Reply #1 on: 18 August 2010 at 11:29 »
Besides of scaring the employees of this bank, there is nothing wrong or immoral in the behaviour of this gentleman. The banks are the foundation of the Jews power, taking a stand against their power base is always justified.

It's clear in this case that the man wasn't robbing the bank to support a drug habit or other anti-social behaviour but rather to prove a point - one that Creators should not emulate but should definitely respect.

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