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Stop Putin me on, Russia is not the White Man's Friend

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“... for each persecuted Pussy Riot member there are thousands of Russian men persecuted for as little as derogatory remarks about migrants made in social networks. However, you have heard nothing about them because mass media is not interested in them and they don’t have powerful advocates.” See,3018.msg17816.html#msg17816

Wednesday’s celebration of the new Russian holiday, People’s Unity Day, was a massive gesture of nationalist fervor by patriotic Russians. Some 200,000 people from many different groups marched and rallied all over the country, and a considerable number of were explicitly racial nationalists.

Some organizations called the celebration the “Russian March” to emphasize Russian nationalism over “people’s unity.” DPNI, an organization whose name translates as Movement Against Illegal Immigration, went even further and called its event “March Against the Invaders.” It boasted a uniformed drum corps and a turnout of 7,000 in Moscow (see photos). DPNI had the enthusiastic support of even more ultra-nationalist organizations such as the Slavonic Union and the Russian National Union. There were a few clashes with “anti-fascist” militants, but this year’s People’s Unity Day kept convincingly to what has become a five-year tradition: a clear demonstration of Russian commitment to Mother Russia.

People’s Unity Day was established by President Vladimir Putin in 2005 to replace the Soviet Union’s big political holiday, the November 7 anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. After Russia junked Marxism-Leninism, it made little sense to celebrate the revolution—though the Communist Party rejects the new holiday and still insists on celebrating the revolution.

Nationalists understood right away the importance of giving the new holiday a thoroughly patriotic flavor. Everyone had expected that the new holiday to be nothing more than a day off work, but even at the first celebration in 2005, nationalists surprised the country by showing the same spirit as the historical event the holiday commemorates: the liberation of Moscow from Polish invaders in 1612.

Unfortunately, Russia today faces an existential crisis, just as it did in 1612, and it was with the same urgency that Russian patriots took to the street on November 4.


Russia has a border that is 12,331 miles long and there are plenty of people in the 15 countries on the other side who are trying to get in. Two countries, Finland and Norway, are prosperous and Belarus and the Baltic republics are stable. Poland and the Ukraine are borderline Third World, but their people are at least of kindred stock. Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, and North Korea are grindingly poor, and many of their people want to live in Russia. China is a special case: Chinese cities are prosperous, but many Chinese rural areas are miserable. Russia thus gets a stiff dose of neighboring Asians and Muslims, along with illegal immigrants from Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Middle East.

Russia is even worse than the United States at keeping track of gate-crashers, so no one knows how many have sneaked in or overstayed their visas. At least 100,000 a year were said to be arriving in the late 1990s, and when the Russian economy was growing at more than 6 percent a year from 2004 to 2008, the demand for cheap labor must have sucked in many more.

Most illegals go to the big cities, but many go to the Urals and the Eastern Frontiers to work in mining and timber. Many immigrant groups, but particularly the Chinese, form enclaves, and although they are in Russia, they reproduce the communities they had in their homelands.

Like population figures, the cost of government aid to illegal immigrants is unknown. Most Russians get free medical care and education, so most illegals probably get these benefits, too.

Estimates of the number of Chinese in Russia run into the millions. Chinese come for the obvious economic reasons, and to escape the population pressures in a country of 1 billion people, but some also come to escape the one-child policy. Chinese are especially attracted to Siberia, whose sparse population is such a contrast to their own country. There is a legitimate fear of Chinese simply outnumbering Russians in certain areas. Already, Chinese are deeply involved in organized crime in those vast reaches were Russian military and police are stretched thin.

More here:

I really get sick of hobbyists trying to tell me that post Communist Russia is pro-Nationalist, pro-White and anti-Israel. Usually they are cartoonish neo-Nazi Slavs who think of Russia as the bastion of Slavic Nationalism and President Vladimir Putin as their Saviour in the war against global Jewish Imperialism.

I can easily imagine the "But ..., but ...." excuses they'll come out with for the following article.

Question: What's the difference between Soviet Russia and Democratic Russia?
Answer: Marxist Jews controlled Soviet Russia and Zionist Jews control Democratic Russia.


World War II History Must Not Be 'Rewritten,' Says Russia's Putin

Kyiv Post (Ukraine)

President Vladimir Putin has called criminal the attempts to rewrite World War II history and to make equal executors and their victims.

"The rewriting of history is a crime to the millions who died for the victory and the next generations who must know the true heroes of WWII and be able to tell between the truth and impudent and cynical lies," he said in the Israeli town of Netanya, where a monument to Soviet soldiers who defeated the Nazi Germany was unveiled on Monday.

In Russia, Proposed Law Would Criminalize 'Holocaust Denial'

RT (Russia)

The Russian lower house has received a new bill suggesting up to five years in prison for publicly denying the Holocaust or portraying Nazis as heroes ... The new bill suggests amending the Criminal Code article on inciting hatred or humiliation of human dignity. The current draft would criminalize the rehabilitation of Nazism, portraying Nazis or their aides as heroes, Holocaust denial and also humiliating the dignity of individuals or groups on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, language, background, religion or belonging to a social group. These offenses would be prosecuted if committed in public or in mass media.

This is hopefully just Jews trying to twist Putin's arm.  I hope the law will not be coming into force as it is a sign of US/Israeli posturing in Russia and advanced by the same people who hate Putin and would like to see him destroyed, such as the oligarchs.


--- Quote from: Rev.Logic on 03 April 2013 at 16:30 ---it is a sign of US/Israeli posturing in Russia and advanced by the same people who hate Putin and would like to see him destroyed
--- End quote ---

Not at all. Putin is the best friend the Jew has in Russia. THAT is why Putin has remained in power for so long. See Stop Putin Me On - Russia Bends over for Israel,7161.0.html


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