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Author Topic: Scotland , riots after the "no verdict"

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Re: Scotland , riots after the "no verdict"
« Reply #5 on: 23 September 2014 at 08:17 »
At the end of the day everyone votes with their hip pocket. The English also help them have university grants payed for. The economy isn't the greatest. A lot of people think it isn't the best time to be questioning allegiances. That oil they have is finite.

Even if they technically weren't EU members, states like :- Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are EEC (European Economic community) and let in others from allied states. Scotland would be no different. The thing is with Scotland though.. THEY DON'T LIKE ANYBODY LIVING THERE UNLESS THEY ARE SCOTTISH. This is kinda like Norway and Finland. The people build a system so their own children get the jobs and nobody else, regardless of who and who isn't allowed to live there legally.
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