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Paul Golding of "Britain First" Arrested for "Racism" Allegation by 'Mudlim' ...


Golding arrested for "racism" allegation while campaigning in Wakefield

Paul Golding, leader of "Britain First" blames the labour and conservative parties for disrupting his campaigning in Wakefield
 While on their way to campaign in the Wakefield parliamentary by-election, Paul, Ashlea and a dozen activists were ambushed by the gestapo. Paul and an activist, Simon Mayhew-Sanders, were arrested on the spot and taken away. Paul's phone was seized and the Battle Bus impounded. They were both released twelve hours later without charge. Apparently a muslim by the name of Mohammed approached Golding's van and pounded his fist on the van, while an argument started by Mohammed ensured. Mohammed then ran to the police and charged Golding with "racism" (see earlier video which clearly shows Mohammed approaching Golding in his van).

Paul Golding arrested for false 'racism' allegation while campaigning in Wakefield | Britain First

This is why Britain will continue going downhill - Because of the liberals and conservatives who share power.  The Wakefield police even seized the Britain First vehicle.  And this is who started it all...


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