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Title: No One Wants to Rent Hitler’s Birthplace in Austria
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The Interior Ministry has been seeking a renter for the fascist dictator's home in Braunau for three years

The Interior Ministry of Austria is having a hard time finding a renter for Adolf Hitler’s birthplace in Braunau. The rent for the 8,600-square-foot home where one of history’s worst villains was birthed in 1889 has become hard to keep up–at 4,600 Euros-per-month–since the building’s last tenant left in 2011, Agence France-Presse reports.

The Austrian government has been renting the building since 1972, but hopes to have a new occupant by 2015. There are stipulations for occupying the building, however—the rental contract says the house cannot be used as a museum, in an effort to prevent neo-Nazis from occupying the space. According to AFP, the space must be used for “social or educational purpose.”

http://time.com/3510805/austrian-rental-hitler-birthplace/ (http://time.com/3510805/austrian-rental-hitler-birthplace/)