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Author Topic: Niggers See Australian Political System as Way to Take over British Politics

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ON THE eve of the election which could change the UK electoral process, one of Britain’s most prominent black politicians is urging the community to consider voting yes to the AV (Alternative Voting) system.

Voters will head to the polling booths on Thursday, May 5, to choose either the current First Past the Post system or AV – proposed by the Liberal Democrats as part of their campaign for electoral reform.

Labour Nigger for Tottenham, David Lammy, shares his views on why he will be choosing to vote in favour of AV.
“The BNP wants your vote next Thursday. In the referendum on how MPs are elected, Nick Griffin’s party is fighting hard to stop a system that puts power with the mainstream majority.
This is how the BNP’s deputy chairman Simon Darby puts it, “We are never going to get our feet under the table under the AV system.” Vote yes and together we can shut the BNP [read majority rule/White people] out forever.

The alternative vote makes it harder for any party to win with an extremist message that appeals only to a small hardcore of voters. It forces politicians to broaden their appeal because more people’s votes count. The BNP know that under first past the post all they have to do is scrape together 25 or 30% of the vote in a divided race: under AV they could never win the majority support they would need.

Under the A.V. process, seen by enthusiasts and detractors alike as a first step toward proportional representation, voters rank all candidates for a parliamentary seat in order of preference, setting off a rolling recount if no candidate gains 50 percent on the first count of first choices.

In each recount, the candidate with the lowest vote is eliminated and his or her backers’ second choices are redistributed, until one candidate reaches 50 percent and is declared the winner.

Advocates of the existing system often say that allowing the vote leader to win outright is more likely to produce strong governments than the A.V. system is, since it distributes seats more evenly across the political spectrum and makes clear-majority victories by single parties harder to achieve.
That is a point readily conceded by supporters of the proposed alternate vote system, who favor it at least in part because it would be likelier to lead to more coalition governments of the kind common in the countries of Continental Europe that have adopted various forms of proportional representation.

Mr. Cameron’s Conservative Party has strongly opposed the proposed new system, calling it expensive, complex and an invitation to allowing minority parties, and even extremist groups, to gain a stronger foothold in government. The opposition Labour Party, meanwhile, is deeply split on the issue, with its leader, Ed Miliband, campaigning for it. But many senior Labour figures have aligned with the Conservatives in urging a “no” vote, saying that the existing system has served Britain well.

British Liberals Lose, Scottish Nationalists Gain

A series of local, regional and national votes on Thursday re-drew much of the political map here, punishing the Liberal Democrats, the junior partners in the coalition government, and boosting the Scottish National Party, which has long advocated a referendum on independence from Britain, according to preliminary results released on Friday.

The main national focus of the voting had been a referendum on a proposal that would change how members of Parliament are elected, potentially increasing the electoral chances of parties that are usually in the minority.
The measure has been championed by the Liberal Democrats, who until last year had spent a lifetime out of power, chafing at rules seemingly designed to keep them there. But voters also elected members for regional assembles in Wales and Scotland, and local government in England.

The results, thus, were driven by issues ranging from local concerns to the future of the national government.
News reports based on opinion surveys said the voters may have rejected the proposal for electoral reform, offering the Liberal Democrats a further humiliating setback after they lost control of important local councils in northern cities.

Political analysts ascribed the Liberal Democrats’ losses to the party’s association with the government’s unpopular austerity measures, including a huge hike in college tuition that alienated many of the same Liberal Democrat supporters as increased the party’s representation in Parliament in national elections a year ago, enabling it to act as kingmaker in forming the coalition.

“We are clearly getting the brunt of the blame,” said Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, on Friday.
Pre-election polls had predicted a resounding defeat for the proposal to do away with the current electoral system, in which the candidate with the most votes wins the seat — even if the candidate fails to win a majority of votes. Under the proposed system, voters would rank the candidates for a seat in order of preference, setting off a rolling recount until one candidate wins more than 50 percent.

The “alternative vote,” or A.V., is already used in Australia and some other places. Its proponents argue that it would make voting much fairer, giving parties whose support is widespread but not concentrated in particular areas a better chance of winning more seats while making it harder for big parties to achieve clear-majority victories that usually allow them to govern without partners.

Senior Liberal Democrats – who had led the campaign for the Alternative Vote – conceded defeat and acknowledged that their long-cherished dream of electoral reform is now off the agenda at least until the end of the Parliament.

The rejection of AV, under which voters rank candidates in numerical order, was a further humiliation for Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, for whom a referendum on voting reform was his main prize in negotiations to form a coalition last year.

But prominent Lib Dems insisted that, despite the setback on electoral reform and the party’s disastrous showing in elections to English councils, the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly, Mr Clegg’s position was safe and the coalition would survive.

After 296 of the 440 referendum declarations, the No campaign had 68.56% of the vote against 31.44% for Yes. Only the inner London boroughs of Islington, Haringey, Camden and Lambeth, the city of Cambridge and Glasgow Kelvin had backed AV.

Liberal Democrat Cabinet minister Chris Huhne accepted that there would be no further attempt to introduce voting reform during this Parliament and that it was “over” for the Alternative Vote.


The most recent Federal Election in Australia found that the Labor Party did not have the required amount of votes to take the reins of power, so they made a deal with the Greens, Democrats and some independents to give their vote - whether their electorate wanted it or not (and often going against their electorate) - to the Labor Party. The end result is that because of backroom deals an unelected government is now ruling Australia. If the Alternative Voting system goes into effect in the UK, then even if the BNP gets the overwhelming majority of votes, a coalition of Muds, Marxists and Liberals will see the BNP wiped off the political map. And Britain, like Australia, will have minority rule as the governing body.

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