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Invasion Europa: Fighting Back

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Thinking of how to fight back?

See: Who or What is a Terrorist?
Islam vs the White Western World - Rules for Them vs Rules for Us,9762.0.html

Anti-Islamist Riots in Germany: Hooligans Against Salafists

French Vigilante groups fight criminal Muslims gangs,WAKE UP SHEEPLE

Street Justice: UK vigilantes stand up as police fails to combat riots

Niggers ...

White Man ??? Runs Down Muslims at Mosque

#Finsbury #Muslims need to light a candle, pray and GTFO #VengeanceForManchester— RevCailenCambeulđź—¸ (@CailenCambeul) June 19, 2017
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According to the MSM, what we've been expecting to happen for years is now beginning. White people are fed up, White people are afraid and those without any self restraint are fighting back using the same tactics that the Muslim is using against us. i.e. Anything at hand.

MSM and government are expected to further inflame the situation by blaming so-called Right Wing Extremists, White Supremacists, Racism and resurgent Nazism. Any violence directed at the White community by Muslims will, from this time on, be referred to as Revenge Attacks or similar, thereby granting justification to all violence perpetrated by Muslims.

Stand fast, stand ready and prepare for war.




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