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Invasion Europa: Fighting Back

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The time is coming where we will see a diverse fighting force on the shores of Europe, the last invasion on UK soil was 1066 and was seen as a major power shift in the UK.We was invaded by what we now class as European brothers , the brother wars are finished.

Proud men , family men, all men with a pair of balls are going to have to knuckle down if we are going to save all that we hold in our hearts.
We have seen wars overseas but nothing has prepared us for this kind of warfare, a very untraditional kind of warfare the Governments are not going to defend us from

The governments have strung us out to dry and we will fend for ourselves.We have  to defend our loved ones and our homelands at all costs.

How many men will kneel before the blade of islam and submit to government shackles that are binding the hands of good men, all over the world this is being played out, we are being used as pawns in some perverse game of chess.


Finsbury Park van attack drivers full name and Cardiff home address has been given on national news channels. All his personal history regarding his children etc. has been aired.

What happened to the personal details of the jihadi attackers, never leaked. Just another media blackout.


--- Quote from: Darren Osborne - Finsbury Park Patriot ---All your family are going to be Muslim. Your grandchildren are going to be Muslim and live under sharia law!
--- End quote ---

What we know ...

* The attacker - Darren Osborne - was an Englishman born in Singapore and living in Wales.
* He was not from a so-called racist, right-wing or conservative background.
* A father of four children, Osborne's marriage had failed and he was living in a tent. He may have been suicidal.

* The Muslims at the scene were already attempting to take care of (do they mean resuscitate?) one of their own that had collapsed on the street.
* It has not been confirmed by any source whether the Muslim that died, did so because he had earlier collapsed, or was killed after being run down.

* Osborne shouted that he wanted to Kill all Muslims! and pleaded for them to Kill me! Kill me!
* The Muslims on the scene seized the attacker and attempted to beat and kick him to death before being stopped by one of their religious leaders.

* The police arrived twenty minutes later and took the attacker into custody.
* Muslims later declared that they had demanded the police shoot Osborne there and then.
* The same Muslims claimed it was racist that their brethren were shot dead while still in the process of butchering people, instead of being arrested.

* These days it typically takes a day or two for the mainstream media to admit that a Muslim attack was an act of terrorism.
* And three days for confirmation that terrorist acts were indeed Muslim.
* Often, even though screaming Allahu Akbar while murdering innocents, the authorities will declare the incident unrelated to Islam or terrorism.
* In this instance, mainstream media immediately declared that a White Man was responsible for a terrorist attack.
* The Muslims at the scene deliberately lied, claiming that four men got out of the van and three ran off.

* The Muslims at the scene determined that the attacker was a White Man because he was clean shaven and had a tattoo.
* It is part of Muslim culture in White/Western countries to remain clean shaven, obtain tattoos and abuse steroids in emulation of what has been called the Muslim Mafia.

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And if that revealing list of facts and hypocrisy isn't enough for you ...

* When a terrorist act is perpetrated by members of the Muslim community, politicians, police and MSM deploy to protect the Muslim community.
* When a White Man is the terrorist, politicians, police and MSM deploy to protect the Muslim community.


* The vehicle used in the attack was a hire van. The 37 year-old son of the van hire company's owner wrote on Facebook:

--- Quote ---“Glad I’m not running the van hire the police wouldn't like what my answer would be.

“It’s my dad’s company I don’t get involved it’s a shame they don’t hire out steam rollers or tanks could have done a tidy job then.”
--- End quote ---

* The posts, which were shared on social media by others, have been deleted as has the Facebook account.
* He was arrested by South Wales Police, accused of displaying threatening, abusive, insulting written material with intent that is likely to stir up racial hatred.

* Meanwhile, another man has been tasered by police outside Regents Park mosque after shouting at Muslims.
* Muslims and libtards on social media have declared it to be a terrorist act.


See: Who or What is a Terrorist?
Islam vs the White Western World - Rules for Them vs Rules for Us,9762.0.html

Extract: BRITISH authorities have charged an unemployed Welsh man with terrorism-inspired murder and attempted murder over a van attack on a crowd of Muslim worshippers near a north London mosque.

Darren Osborne was remanded in custody on Friday after an appearance at Westminster Magistrates Court.

Police characterised the incident, which came as worshippers were leaving after prayers marking the holy month of Ramadan, as a terrorist attack directed at Muslims.

I've been banned from Facebook again for telling the truth ...


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