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Illegal Migration Surging In Balkans


Illegal Migration Surging in Balkans
June 22, 2022

The Balkan Peninsula is seeing a major surge in illegal migration, according to reports
 Serbian authorities say more than 7,000 'refugees' are known to be in the country right now, up 55 percent from a year ago. While officials have blamed the conflict in Ukraine for intensifying refugee flows, most of the migrants currently staying in Serbian asylum centers are reportedly from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Burundi. "An additional approximately 2,000 are believed to be in the country but not in reception centers,"... Roughly half of all illegal penetrations of the European Union's borders in 2022 have taken place in the Balkans, according to new figures released by Frontex. "The Western Balkan route saw 40,675 illegal crossings, or half of the total number recorded at EUís borders," the European border agency reported this month. 

 "This is nearly three times the figure from the same period of last year. The main nationalities on this route included Syrians and Afghans. Most of the people detected had been in the Western Balkans already for some time before seeking to enter the EU."

 Prior to the onset of the COVID crisis and related border closures, illegal migration into Europe was soaring, along with asylum applications. In mid-2020, Europol predicted a flood of migration from third world countries heavily affected by global lockdowns and economic deceleration.
Illegal Migration Surging in Balkans

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