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Title: England: University of London Students Demand White Philosophers Removed
Post by: Private on 10 January 2017 at 02:55
University of London students demand ‘white philosophers’ like Plato, Kant be removed from syllabus

RT (https://www.rt.com/) (Russia Today) | 9 January 2017


Extract: University of London students are demanding that thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Voltaire, and Immanuel Kant be banned from the philosophy syllabus... because they are white.

UK media quotes students from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) as saying that “the majority of philosophers on our courses” should be from Africa and Asia.

A statement from the students’ union added that banning white philosophers should be part of a wider campaign to “decolonize” the university and “address the structural and epistemological legacy of colonialism.”

“White philosophers” should be on the syllabus only “if required,” and their work should be studied from a “critical standpoint,” the statement said, as cited by British media.

“For example, acknowledging the colonial context in which so-called ‘Enlightenment’ philosophers wrote within,” it elaborated.

Many scholars have been outraged by the demand, warning that the situation could spiral out of control.

Quote from: Private
Is there a University of London School of European Studies? If there was such a thing, then should its students not advocate for the removal of the study of all non-European sources, philosophers and otherwise? Would that not decolonize that university and address the structural and epistemological legacy and ongoing problem of 20th and 21st century Asian and African colonisation of Europe?

The commentators at RT just didn't get it.

On the good side, White commentators all over MSM are beginning to adopt an attitude victimisation and grievance. It may be petty, but it does reveal the hypocrisy of MSM and is beginning to balance out the MSM and political ideology of blaming Whitey for everything.