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Author Topic: "British" Muslims Demand Removal of BBC Documentary on Islamic Sex Trafficking.

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"British" Muslims are demanding that a BBC documentary into sordid Islamic sexual abuse, rape and trafficking is removed.

No doubt there will be accusations of "Islamophobia" should the BBC not capitulate to the ever-increasing screeching from Islamist groups dotted around our once proud Nation.

The UK has always capitualed to Islamic groups for many many years.

The results of doing so saw Muslim Grooming gangs rape White children for many years with impunity. Police and Politicians were utterly terrified to even speak out about these predatory vermin for fear of being labelled "racist" and in doing so allowed for the horrific rapes of many thousands of young White Girls throughout England.

Despite these sickening actions by Police and Politicians, Muslims are still continuing to create victims nationwide.

When will the White Man Awake from his slumber?!


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