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Title: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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The bodies of 39 suspected illegal aliens have been discovered by Police in the back of a lorry in Essex, England.

A 25 year old Northern Irish man has been arrested.

Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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They are all breaking their necks to get into the UK before Brexit because it’ll be tougher they think after that?

UK gives more hand out than other EU nations so they come to scab those like bees to the honey pot!

This Truck come through Europe via Bulgaria. Lots of safe nations to go to during the journey!

The driver of the truck is up for Murder?! Should get a pat on the back for doing a community service! >:D
Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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Nine people have been found alive in the back of a truck on a British motorway, just hours after the discovery of 39 bodies inside a semi-trailer in Essex.

The nine survivors were found in the back of a truck on the M20 motorway in Kent on Wednesday.

“Nine people are now being checked as a precaution by the South East Coast Ambulance Service before they are passed to Home Office immigration officers,” Kent police said in a statement

Wonder when the next order of “Human Sardines” shows up?
Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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They were Chinks. It was a frozen Chinese Takeaway delivered via Bulgaria and Ireland ...

'Metal coffin' migrants were 'CHINESE': Nationality of 39 stowaways who died in -25C chiller lorry is revealed as police raid Co Armagh homes of trucker and his parents and probe Irish smuggler ring links

Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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And no doubt that those found alive will be processed, released into the community and then disappear into some multiculti area of the UK!
Title: Essex Lorry Deaths: 39 "Victims" all Chinese Nationals.
Post by: Private on 24 October 2019 at 10:08
Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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Refugees have revealed their horrific journeys to Britain and the terror they felt crammed in the back of lorries after 39 migrants died in a -25C freezer truck.

Ahmad Al-Rashid told of his harrowing journey after yesterday's discovery on an Essex industrial estate brought back the trauma.

He travelled for 55 days as he fled Aleppo for London in 2015 and says 'the smell of death' is 'impossible to forget'.

Sharing his ordeal on Twitter, he wrote: 'I was in the back of a couple of refrigerated lorries in 2015 with frozen chicken and meat.

'In one of the incidents I was kept there for two hours, it was freezing cold... people started coughing and freezing... so we started to knock and knock and knock

'You are at the mercy of the smugglers to come and get you out because it's all locked from outside. The screams of those people still haunt me.

'I can never forget the eyes of those who were with me on that tanker with no air, no light, nothing but the smell of death. It's impossible to forget it. I can hear them screaming to death because I was there.

'I can feel them clinging onto life but in vain. I just realised how lucky I am to be alive
The English literature graduate said yesterday's grim discovery was a 'tragic, tragic incident' after it emerged that the people inside the lorry froze to death.

Arsenal fan Mr Al-Rashid said the people inside would have left their homes having no other option.

'You won't do this unless you have no option,' he said. 'When I left Syria it was a dreadful situation...you look for places of safety when your children could grow up and where there will be a future for them

Police are quizzing Mo Robinson, 25, from Northern Ireland as they investigate the deaths following the bodies being found in a refrigerated trailer in Grays and the National Crime Agency is investigation any links to to traffickers.

Refugee Gulwali Passarlay, from Afghanistan, fled the Taliban dictatorship and also came to the UK in the back of a refrigerated lorry

The first step in freezing to death is a raised heart rate and an increase in breathing as your blood seeks to protect internal organs by slowing the flow to the extremities.

In an attempt to generate heat, your body will now start to shiver. Hypothermia takes just 10 minutes to set in at -1C (30.F).

Organs shut down and the body goes into shock when the heart struggles to pump blood. At this point your liver and kidneys are at risk of failing.

Once your body temperature is below 35C (95F), every one-degree drop reduces your brain's ability to produce oxygen by three to five per cent. This causes weakness and confusion and, once you're below 33C (91F), amnesia.

Your body gives up shivering once below 31C (88F). Your blood thickens and oxygen intake drops by 25 per cent. The body feels a desperate need to urinate as the kidneys try to process excess fluids forced in by the constriction of your extremities.

The heat stops functioning properly once your temperature hits 30C (86F) and pumps 66 per cent less blood than usual. Hallucinations occur due to the lack of oxygen and slow metabolism of the brain.

Nerve damage causes people to lose rationality at this point, leading some to undress despite the freezing conditions. Others have been known to burrow and enter small spaces in an apparent attempt of self-protection before they inevitably die

 :-\ They knew they were breaking the law, they knew it wouldn’t be comfortable! They knew about the risk!

They passed through many safe places they could have claimed asylum in, they chose “Soft touch UK” with the lure of abundant welfare goodies that come faster for you!

Honestly!?.... getting “sardined” on a truck full of middle easterners?!... the stink they have of cheap cologne, sandalwood and BO would zonk you right out! :(
Title: Re: Essex Lorry Deaths: 39 "Victims" all Chinese Nationals.
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Doesn’t China already have 25% of the world’s people?
Who’s going to miss them? They are just going to build more infrastructure in the South China sea, pay off Pacific Island neighbours to Australia to eventually put up a military base and take over.

Just human insects that seem to thrive and infest every bloody place they get to!
Not asylum seekers, just sneaky parasites who are probably there for sex trafficking and cheap labour!
Title: Re: Essex Lorry Deaths: 39 "Victims" all Chinese Nationals.
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A refrigerated container was used to smuggle 39 Chinese nationals into the UK because it evaded detection by thermal imaging equipment, security staff at the port where it entered Britain have claimed.

The container arrived at Purfleet port, Essex, on the River Thames from Zeebrugge, Belgium.

Security personnel at both ports are equipped with thermal cameras which are used to try and detect stowaways. These are used for traditional containers but not refrigerated ones.

One security official, who did not want to be named, said: 'Thermal imaging equipment doesn't work on refrigerated containers. They are simply too cold, and you can't pick up any heat that might be coming from somebody hidden inside.

'The smuggling gang must have known this, it just goes to show how clever they are. They are constantly looking for loopholes and sadly, it's ended up with all these people losing their lives.'

It came as locals in Purfleet and Thurrock also told MailOnline they had often seen groups of migrants close to where 39 Chinese people were found dead in a lorry yesterday


Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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Police in Northern Ireland have also searched three properties as they try to work out how the truck’s cab, its container and the Chinese victims came together on such a deadly journey.

China has not formally confirmed the victims are citizens, but the Chinese embassy in London has sent some of its staff to Essex to meet police.

Chinese state media also lashed out at Britain on Friday (ADST), saying it and other European nations must accept some responsibility for the deaths.

“Such a serious humanitarian disaster has occurred under the eyes of the British and Europeans,” the state-backed Global Times said in an editorial.

“It is clear that Britain and relevant European countries have not fulfilled their responsibility to protect these people from such a death

China saying Europe has to take the Blame for their filthy insect people breaking the law! Look at the Chinese human rights record! Tibet!...Hong Kong!..Taiwan!... wiegers .... the list goes on! >:(
Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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Chinese state media also lashed out at Britain on Friday (ADST), saying it and other European nations must accept some responsibility for the deaths.

“Such a serious humanitarian disaster has occurred under the eyes of the British and Europeans,” the state-backed Global Times said in an editorial.

“It is clear that Britain and relevant European countries have not fulfilled their responsibility to protect these people from such a death

Chinese 'snakehead' gang hunted over deaths of 39 migrants in Essex lorry

Evil people-smuggling thugs from China are behind the tragedy at Waterglade Industrial Park in Grays, Essex


Excerpt: Snakehead thugs plotted the journey as part of a lucrative ­people-smuggling ring.

One source said: “Those who died had hopes of a future in a good country.”

The gang prey on people desperate to escape ­destitution for a better life in the West.

And a source said the heartless Snakehead thugs will feel no shame over sending the 31 men and eight women to their ends – but will be furious at the cash they have lost because they never arrived alive.

They came to Britain with help from the Snakeheads, notorious people-smugglers with links to ­ruthless Triad gangsters in China.

They are said to tout the streets for victims, enticing them with the promise of a better life before charging thousands of pounds to take treacherous trips to the West in a “fly-drive” service costing £30,000.

They are usually flown from the Fujian region of China to Europe, all expenses paid, then placed in accommodation. They are then placed in goods lorries and driven in darkness, without food, ventilation, water or toilet facilities.

A source, who cannot be ­identified for her own safety, said: “This is not a crime in Chinese culture, this is an opportunity. It is an agreement between the Snakeheads and their customers. They are willing, they feel no shame in breaking the law.

“There is a pride that they get out of Fujian and have a chance of a good life with good money in places like Northern Ireland, England, Scotland where there are good benefits.

"Yes the journey is difficult, it is uncomfortable and it is frightening, but the gamble is normally worth it. The chances of a good life is worth the risk. In this case it didn’t work. Something went wrong but the Snakeheads will just go again.

“There will be no tears. In Fujian there is little employment, little money or opportunity, so we get it elsewhere.

“These customers get paid as little as £200 a month in China and live in horrible conditions. In the UK, they can get £2,000 a month in a job with no responsibilities, get benefits, get married and live a decent life.

“These people who died in this container had hopes of a future in a good country. Another group will be waiting for their chance to get on a lorry now somewhere in Europe.

“This will not put them off. The plan normally works. The Snakeheads have contacts everywhere. They are ­practical people, not emotional. They have lost £1.2million in ­earnings in this. So they will go again.”

The source claimed migrants who make it to the West start paying back the Snakeheads the moment they get a job, over three years. If they cannot pay, the gangs will put pressure on their families back in China to hand over the cash.

Notorious gangs based in Rotterdam’s Chinatown have controlled smuggling routes between Europe and the UK for decades.

They are the prime suspects in trafficking the tragic Chinese migrants found dead inside the refrigerated unit on Wednesday.

British detectives are now desperately trying to find out how the human cargo made the 6,000 mile journey from their homeland.

. . . .

The tragedy echoes the UK’s worst migrant mass-killing, when 58 Chinese nationals were found dead in a lorry at Dover.

Authorities made the horrendous discovery in 2000 after stopping a Dutch truck that had arrived from Zeebrugge.

The victims had each agreed to pay £20,000 to Chinese ‘snakehead’ gangs to be smuggled into the UK.

All of the migrants - 54 men and four women - came from villages in rural China’s eastern Fujian province.

The impoverished coastal region is the hub of human smuggling operations and a hotbed of ‘snakehead’ activity.

Families pay for their sons and daughters to be trafficked to the West so they can earn money to send back home.

Jing Ping Chen - also known as ‘Little Sister Ping’ or ‘Godmother of the Snakeheads’ - was linked in a Dutch court to the Dover plot.

Originally from Fujian province, in the late 1990s and early 2000s she was among the most prolific traffickers of human cargo in Europe.

She was notorious in Rotterdam’s Westkruisad Chinatown and suspected of being the main organiser of the Dover shipment.

Her boyfriend at the time was a powerful Triad based in the city and they had a holiday home in the Greek islands.

She was also said to have strong connections among Communist Party officials in Fujian.

Dutch investigators said the 5ft 1ins-tall smuggler went into hiding within hours of the deaths at Dover.

She was jailed for three years in 2003 after being accused of smuggling up to 175,000 - earning around £15m.

The judge said she was the “leader of a group smuggling human beings” but cleared her of any involvement in the Dover case.

Chen, now 53, was released in 2005. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

The ‘snakehead’ smuggling operations had remained shrouded in secrecy for decades until the Dover lorry deaths.

Crucially two migrants survived the tragedy and gave investigators a chilling insight into how they were trafficked.

Su Di Ke, 20, and Ke Shi Guang, 22, said their families in China agreed to pay gangsters £20,000 so they could get to the UK.

They handed over £700 initially - with the remaining £19,300 due once they arrived in Britain.

Before leaving Fujian along with other migrants they were given a code number identifying which gang ‘owned’ them.

They had been promised they would be flown directly into the UK, where they could claim asylum.

But instead they were flown Belgrade, Serbia, on legal Chinese documents before having their passports taken off them.

They were handed fake South Korean documents before being taken into Hungary and smuggled through Austria and France to the Netherlands.

There they were housed in a safe house in Rotterdam and passed on to Turkish mafia middlemen who arranged the crossing.

Finally in a warehouse in Waalhaven they were put into the lorry and sent on their final journey to the UK.

Most victims were in several layers of clothing because they were only allowed to bring what they were wearing.

During the trial of Dutch trucker Perry Wacker, the two survivors gave harrowing about their hellish crossing.

They said the trailer’s air vent was initially tied open and they were given four buckets of water for the journey.

But Wacker closed it before he left Belgium to avoid the migrants being spotted and never checked on his human cargo.

They were trapped inside the air tight container for more than nine hours on one of the hottest days of the year.

During the six-hour crossing Wacker left his lorry to enjoy a meal of roast lamb and rice, with shrimp salad, and watch two films.

Meanwhile the migrants began banging frantically on the inside of the container with their shoes as their air supply ran out.

“People began to panic because the window was shut and there was no air,” said Su Di Ke.

“Some people removed tomatoes and wanted to kick open the doors. There was a lot of shouting and screaming, but no-one came.”

Finally they held hands and ate tomatoes because in China it is believed you should not die on an empty stomach.

Su Di Ke and Ke Shi Guang only survived because they were last to be loaded onto the truck and were sat near the doors.

Police found the telephone number of the same UK-based Chinese translator, Ying Guo, on the bodies of 27 victims.

After recovering from the ordeal, the survivors confirmed ‘snakeheads’ were behind the plot.

“I didn't have a good life at home and the snakehead told me there would be no risk,” said Su Di Ke.

“We want to come to Britain because you can earn good money. Life is good there.”

The survivors had been told to ring Guo, known as Jenny, once they arrived in Britain so she could help them claim asylum.

“The snakeheads asked us to write her number down and, if we were arrested by police, to call her,” said Su Di Ke.

Ke Shi Guang added: “The snakeheads at home cheated us. They said they would be buying the tickets and we would be travelling by air.”

Wacker, 33, from Rotterdam, was jailed for 14 years in 2001 and quietly released from prison in 2010.

Guo, from Waltham Forest, received a six-year jail term for her role in the tragedy and still lives in the UK.

Nine other members of the gang, including Turkish gangster Gurbel Ozcan, were jailed in Holland for their part in the tragedy.

Police struggled to identify the bodies because the migrants were either carrying fake documents or none at all.

In desperation they took photos of the corpses, which were put on display in local town halls in Fujian.

Soon families came forward and British detectives flew to China to carry out DNA tests - eventually identifying all 58 victims.

They also spoke to relatives of the dead, who pointed the finger of blame at ‘snakeheads’.

Investigators discovered the migrants had arrived in Rotterdam from various destinations and routes.

Some were driven from Serbia through Europe in the back of vans, others flown to Paris and then taken by train to Belgium.

Alleged ‘snakehead’ ringleader Chen Xiaokong was arrested in Fujian in 2001 but it is unclear whether he ever faced justice.
Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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Six Vietnamese victims are thought to be among 39 migrants who were found dead in a lorry in the Purfleet area of Essex on Wednesday

It comes as families continue to pray for news of their relatives who set off on perilous journeys to the UK, after it was revealed that one woman had text her mother from inside the 'metal coffin'.

Pham Thi Tra My sent her mother a series of harrowing messages telling her she 'loved her' and was 'dying because she couldn't breathe.'

Her family claim the 26-year-old paid people smugglers £30,000 to travel to the UK via China 'in search of a better life.'

At least six of those found in the container may have been Vietnamese and new reports from the BBC now claim that a 20-year-old man is also feared to be one of the victims.

Relatives of Nguyen Dinh Luong told the broadcaster that he may be one of those found in the container.

Vietnam's embassy in London said it had received requests from Vietnamese families asking for help in finding out whether their relatives were among the victims found dead in the back of the truck.

Tonight, police also revealed that a 48-year-old Northern Irish man has now been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to traffic people and suspicion of manslaughter.

This comes as a husband and wife, thought to be the last known owners of the lorry, were arrested today after police swooped on their Cheshire home, three days into the biggest murder investigation in Britain since 7/7. 

Joanna Maher, 38, and her husband Thomas, also 38, from Warrington, are understood to have been held on suspicion of conspiracy to traffic people and on suspicion of 39 counts of manslaughter

with £30k you’d think there’d be an easier way of visiting the UK? Like over staying your visa or something? Or even getting a boat from the Continent? What next? Sneaking into the Shetland Islands from Norway? On a boat? If they flew to Paris, what’s wrong with claiming asylum there? Or even absconding in the schengen area?
Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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The devastated parents of a Vietnamese woman thought to be among 39 migrants found dead in a lorry have told of how she was hoodwinked into paying £30,000 for a 'VIP' trip to the UK after being told by smugglers it was 'a safe route'.   

Pham Thi Tra My, 26, sent her mother a series of harrowing messages telling her she 'loved her' and was 'dying because she couldn't breathe' in the moments before her death, her family have claimed.

They claim to have paid people smugglers £30,000 for their daughter to travel to the UK via China 'in search of a better life'.

Nguyen Thi Phong and Pham Van Thin, have told CNN it was 'very painful' to receive the text - saying she must have known she was going to die when she sent it.

'I've lost both my loved one and my money,' her father Pham said, claiming he and his partner scraped together the money to pay for their daughter to travel to the UK.

That’s a lot of Vietnamese “Cold Rolls” they need to sell to finance that trip!


A human rights worker in Vietnam, who was spoken with Tra My's family, today revealed she made the perilous journey because her family was in debt and she was desperately trying to help them.

'She had just returned from Japan where she was working to try and pay off the debt. And that was not enough and so she looked for a better future,' she told the BBC.

Asking to remain anonymous, the human rights worker continued: 'For this girl it is very sad that she took the risk because she was dealing with debt that was created by another man in the family

 :-\ Um.... so a Viet gook in the UK?! Would earn joe much after tax? In some kitchen in restaurants getting paid under the table without a National  number?!

£8/GBP hr before tax?!.
Be a long time to pay that debt back!
Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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The man charged over the deaths of 39 people found dead in a refrigerated truck container will face a British court on Monday, while police have confirmed three other suspects have been released on bail.

Officers are investigating whether the tragedy was linked to a wider human trafficking plot, and the possibility the truck was part of a convoy carrying other smuggled migrants.

Relatives of 25-year-old Maurice ‘Mo’ Robinson have travelled from Northern Ireland to support the accused man, who is facing 39 counts of manslaughter as well as a string of other charges related to human trafficking and money laundering. The court case will be the first time Mr Robinson has been seen in public since his arrest last Wednesday

Meanwhile, other families are coming to terms with the reality they will never see their children again.

The tragedy has plunged the people of Nghe An province, in north-central Vietnam, into mourning as it becomes increasingly likely the majority of the dead were from that area.

Detectives have found more than 500 personal items in the back of the container, which – along with personal markings such as tattoos – they will use to confirm the identities of the 39 found dead.

Families have revealed they have now provided crucial evidence to police, including hair samples that will be used in DNA-matching.

And while they are holding out hope that the identification process will rule out their loved ones, they expect the worse

As villagers gathered to pay their respects at makeshift shrines set-up in homes, and at more formal events at local churches, families revealed details of the last words they heard from the missing. They’ve also given police insight into how the people made their way to the UK

Le Minh Tuan told The Guardian on Monday that his son Le Van Ha had phoned him last Monday. The son told his father “I have made it to France…and I am about to get in a car to England.”

Ha, a father of two, had left the farming community of Yen Hoi, in Vietnam’s Nghe An province, in July, after losing his job. In search better employment prospects, he had flown first to Ho Chi Minh City, then travelled to Malaysia, then Turkey, then Greece and on to France. It’s believed he never made it to his intended destination

“Ha just wanted to provide for his family,” the devastated father told The Guardian. “He was a good man who never let anyone down.”

Other Vietnamese families have identified Vo Ngoc Nam and Nguyen Dinh Luong as two more of the young people feared dead.

In the same district, mourning services have been held for 26-year-old Pham Thi Tra My

This practice was an accident waiting to occur. They thought it was their God given right to go live anywhere they choose and take jobs from locals. Look at the list of places the man was in first before targeting the UK!

They know where the money is, they know where the benefits are. They know who the “soft touch” is and they’ll come to “white ant “ your land. Thinking it’s ok to do so just because he’s jobless!?
Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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Two Romanian lorry drivers have been arrested after eight Afghans, including two young children, were found suffering from hypothermia in the back of a refrigerated truck in Calais.   

The arrests were made in the French port at 5am on Sunday morning as the men attempted to drive onto a ferry heading to the UK.

It came after 39 bodies were found in a back of a similar refrigerated lorry in Essex, and the driver was charged with multiple counts of manslaughter.

The Romanian drivers were tonight held in custody in France. Two of the Afghan children involved were reportedly 'tiny infants', suggesting they were babies or young toddlers

Commenting on the new incident in northern France, an investigating source said: 'The Afghans in the back of the truck were suffering from mild hypothermia.

'It would have got far worse if they had remained in place, but they were taken to hospital in Calais for immediate treatment

Prosecutors in Boulogne-sur-Mer, near Calais, confirmed the arrests, and said that the temperature inside the truck was around 7C.

They said judicial police were currently working on establishing the route of the lorry. The identities of the lorry drivers and those on board have not been released.

Calais-Dover is a regular route for people smugglers, who charge up to £10,000 a head in the back of a lorry for would-be asylum seekers.

The route is particularly popular with Afghans, who often have family and friends in the UK, and speak English.

The number of desperate attempts by migrants to get to Britain from France has been increasing steadily in recent months

Most want to make asylum claims in the UK, rather than in France, where it is much harder for foreigners to access social security benefits

British funding for new security measures was first pledged as part of the Sandhurst agreement in 2018, when the UK agreed to pay £44.5m for detection technology

Asylum seekers are technically obliged to claim asylum in their first safe country, but many Afghans are desperate to get to Britain

That’s what it is all about ! Easy access to welfare benefits. They don’t want France because that’s too hard to get hand outs. They pay £10k to get into the UK  from there for a life of bludging .
Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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The driver who opened the doors of a refrigerated trucking container to find 39 bodies of migrants is part of a global people-smuggling ring, prosecutors will allege.

The public was given the first glimpse of Maurice ‘Mo’ Robinson since his arrest last week at a UK industrial estate, as a court heard parts of the case stacking against the young man from Northern Ireland.

The 25-year-old truck driver is charged with manslaughter, conspiracy to traffick people, conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration and money laundering

He appeared via videolink, dressed in grey, speaking only to confirm his name and address.

“This involves a global ring facilitating the movement of a large number of immigrants into the UK,” prosecution lawyer Ogheneruona Mercy Iguyovwe told the court

“As we have said this will be a long and complex investigation. We will do everything we can to bring those responsible to justice and would ask for patience while we ensure the identification of those who have died is carried out with dignity.”

Friends of Mr Robinson had told UK media after his arrest that he was innocent and had even passed out from shock when he opened the doors of the truck to make the grim discovery

The allegations by prosecutors, however, will suggest that Mr Robinson knew full well the 31 men and eight women were crammed in the freezing container.

Whether police will allege he knew their health was in peril is yet to be revealed. But that they laid manslaughter charges suggests they have evidence of culpability, but not of murderous intent

About 70 per cent of Vietnamese trafficking cases in Britain between 2009 and 2016 were for labour exploitation, including cannabis production and work in nail salons, the British government said last year

So .... these are the occupations they are breaking their necks to be involved with in the British community? .....and all the bleeding hearts pay tributes and lay wreaths for these illegal migrants?
Title: Essex Lorry Deaths Driver Was Involved In International People Smuggling Ring
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Latest news coming out regarding the 39 Chinese deaths in Essex.

Shockingly, the young man arrested is being accused of being part of an international people smuggling ring who profited by flooding the UK with illegal aliens.

More suspects are being sought by Police and possible IRA links are also being investigated.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/essex-lorry-deaths-mo-robinson-trial-people-trafficking-grays-northern-ireland-court-a9175356.html (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/essex-lorry-deaths-mo-robinson-trial-people-trafficking-grays-northern-ireland-court-a9175356.html)
Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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A second man is facing multiple manslaughter charges over the 39 bodies found in the back of a truck near London last week.

Irish broadcaster RTE reported Saturday morning (Australian time) that Eamon Harrison appeared in court after the endorsement of a European Arrest Warrant.

The RTE report said Harrison of Northern Ireland was accused of driving the trailer of the truck to Zeebrugge in Belgium before it later travelled to Britain.

The bodies were discovered in the trailer in a nearby industrial estate after it was picked up at docks on the River Thames.

Meanwhile police in Vietnam arrested two people and summoned others for questioning on Friday on suspicion of involvement in the 39 deaths.

After 10 Vietnamese families reported their relatives missing, fearing they were among the victims, Ha Tinh regional police launched a criminal investigation into suspected human trafficking, a statement posted on their website said.

Two people have been arrested and others brought in for questioning, it said.

The investigation would also look at similar incidents that occurred over the last five years.

On Monday, the man who allegedly drove the truck to its final destination appeared in court also accused of manslaughter, money laundering, conspiracy to traffic people and conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration

Earlier on Friday, British police said they were hunting two brothers from Northern Ireland who were described as being crucial to their investigation.

They said Ronan and Christopher Hughes were wanted on suspicion of manslaughter and human trafficking and urged them to come forward

The brothers were known to have links in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to the haulage and shipping industries.

On October 26, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc ordered an investigation into alleged human trafficking activities after British police said at least some of the truck dead may have come from the southeast Asian country

Title: Re: 39 Bodies Found In Back of Lorry in Essex, England.
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All of the 39 migrants found dead in the back of a lorry are believed to be Vietnamese nationals, Essex Police have said.

Assistant chief constable Tim Smith said this evening: 'At this time, we believe the victims are Vietnamese nationals, and we are in contact with the Vietnamese Government.

'We are in direct contact with a number of families in Vietnam and the UK, and we believe we have identified families for some of the victims whose journey ended in tragedy on our shores

'The confirmatory evidence needed to formally present cases to HM Senior Coroner for her consideration has not yet been obtained.

'This evidence is being gathered across a number of jurisdictions worldwide. As a result, we cannot at this time announce the identity of any of the victims

The Vietnamese Embassy in London said it sent its 'heartfelt condolences' to the families of the victims.

'The embassy was deeply saddened at the initial findings by the Essex Police that among the victims who lost their lives in the lorry on 23rd October 2019 in Essex, UK, may be Vietnamese nationals,' the embassy said in a statement

The news comes after MailOnline revealed today two HGVs linked to Britain's most wanted brothers were chased by the authorities in the days before the migrants were found dead in the back of a lorry they allegedly own.

Ronan Hughes and his brother Chris have been on the run for ten days with police in Northern Ireland, Ireland and England wanting to arrest them on suspicion of manslaughter and people trafficking.

Today it emerged a green lorry with R Hughes livery, and a red and white lorry with C Hughes on the cab, were caught on camera failing to stop for a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency vehicle outside Immingham Docks on Humberside last month

The haulier siblings - currently the most hunted men in Britain - are still wanted on suspicion of manslaughter and human trafficking having vanished from their family farm in Northern Ireland.

At a press conference in Belfast today, Essex Police Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Stoten pleaded with them to hand themselves in - and raised the extraordinary prospect that the alleged people traffickers may well have been smuggled out of the UK themselves


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Private schools are making hundreds of thousands of pounds from Vietnamese teenagers who arrive on student visas and then vanish into Britain within weeks of arriving, it emerged today.

Traffickers are helping children as young as 15 into the UK by paying for their fees for the first term of up to £10,000.

But in the following days or weeks they disappear, with charities fearing they are exploited in nail bars, cannabis farms and brothels often hundreds of miles away from where they were at school.

One girl broke out of her boarding school at night via a dormitory fire escape but the majority vanish during the Christmas holiday at the end of their first term.

Pat Saini, an immigration lawyer from the firm Penningtons Manches Cooper, said: 'People [from the schools] were out looking for students in certain parts of the country. They were hunting round some towns and helping with the police. We were living and breathing this with our clients, [asking] where are your 15-year-olds

Police in Vietnam have arrested eight people over the discovery of 39 bodies in a lorry in Essex, state media revealed today.

Nguyen Huu Cau, the Nghe An province police chief, told the Vietnam News Agency: 'Based on what we learn from the suspects, we will actively launch investigations to fight and eradicate these rings which bring people illegally to Britain.'

On Friday, Vietnamese police arrested two people and summoned others for questioning on suspicion of involvement in the incident following the discovery on October 23.

It comes after MPs in London said the 'tragic' deaths should be a 'wake up call for the Government' to rethink its approach to illegal migration.

The Foreign Affairs Select Committee warned a policy focused on closing borders will drive migrants to dangerous routes and push them into the hands of smugglers.

The committee said the human cost of so-called 'irregular' migration made international partnerships, including with the EU, 'essential'.

On Saturday, members of the Vietnamese community gathered for a vigil at the Church of the Holy Name and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in East London.

More than 100 people gathered as candles arranged to read '39' were at the foot of the altar at the Catholic church, which has a large Vietnamese congregation

It came as 39 people died in the back of a lorry a fortnight ago, with the youngest victim feared to be 15.

The majority of them were young women in Britain on a 'private school visa' - and at least one has never been traced.

Those tracked down were mainly working in nail bars, it is alleged.

Every Child Protected Against Trafficking, a charity working with child victims, says that Vietnamese referrals have spikes from 135 in 2012 to 704 in 2018..

The Times has spoken to whistleblowers at several major schools said to have taken in Vietnamese children who never finished their studies.   

Eight Vietnamese children enrolled at the £25,000-a-year Chelsea Independent College in recent times. One girl left in the middle of the night causing a major 'panic', the newspaper said.

At Abbey College, Malvern, Worcestershire, a 15-year-old girl started in September 2017 but never came back after the Christmas break and was found working at a cash only nail bar 150 miles away in Yorkshire.

At London's DLD College in London, which is part of the same business running the prep school attended by Prince William and Prince Harry, had three Vietnamese children enrol and then vanish.

Since 2016 four children went missing from Cambridge Tutors College (CTC) in Croydon, south London.

Ex-principal David Wilson told The Times: 'That rang alarm bells about sex trafficking. It became a bit of a scandal.' 

The Bellerbys school group said three Vietnamese students failed to reappear at its colleges in London and Brighton.

One ex-teacher said: 'At holidays they wouldn't come back — there would be no answer on the phone. It was a loophole — someone realised this was a way of getting Vietnamese girls into the system

The Independent Schools Council and the Boarding Schools' Association, called 'The voice of UK Independent Boarding schools', has written to all members urging 'vigilance' when it comes to taking on Vietnamese students.

Smuggling and people trafficking gangs have been described as a 'plague' in the regions of Vietnam, which suffer from high unemployment rates.

Once trafficked to Britain, young men from Vietnam are often forced to work in cannabis farms, while women undertake work in nail bars and as sex workers

Mimi Vu, an independent anti-trafficking expert, said that various research trips to France revealed that up 100 Vietnamese migrants are travelling to the UK in the back of trucks every month.

The Vietnam-based expert said that migrants were being duped into paying more money to smugglers for a supposedly safer VIP route into Britain.

'No matter what service you buy, you still end up in the lorry,' she said
Those being smuggled into the UK are first taken to makeshift camps dotted along the French coastline, before eventually being placed inside lorries by highly-sophisticated criminal gangs.

During a recent visit to the area, Miss Vu spoke to one insider who said that up to 12 under-18s were one camp.

Miss Vu said that: 'Everybody is sacrificing something to take this debt and make the journey but nobody wins apart from the smugglers and organised crime

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Forty-one migrants, mostly Afghans, have been found hiding in a refrigerated truck at a motorway in northern Greece, police say.

The migrants were not injured, a police official said, adding that the refrigeration system had not been turned on.

Police stopped the truck on a highway near the northern Greek city of Xanthi on Monday for a regular check

They arrested the driver and took him and the migrants to a nearby police station for identification

Greece is currently struggling with the biggest resurgence in refugee arrivals since 2015, when more than a million people crossed into Europe from Turkey via Greece.

About 34,000 asylum seekers and refugees are being held in camps on the Aegean islands close to Turkey

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A truck driver accused in the deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants whose bodies were found inside a refrigerated container that had been hauled to England pleaded guilty to manslaughter Wednesday.

Maurice Robinson, 25, of Craigavon in Northern Ireland, entered the plea at Central London Criminal Court. Robinson appeared in court via video link alongside four co-defendants.

The bodies of the 39 people were found in the container at the back of the truck on October 23. Police investigating the case found the 31 male and eight female victims were all from Vietnam and ranged in age from 15 to 44, including 10 teenagers

Police said they died of a combination of a lack of oxygen and overheating in an enclosed space.

The victims came from impoverished villages in Vietnam and are believed to have paid people smugglers to take them on risky journey to better lives abroad.

The truck discovered in the town of Grays, east of London, had arrived in England on a ferry from Zeebrugge in Belgium
Robinson previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration and acquiring criminal property. He denied a charge of transferring criminal property.

Another defendant, Gheorghe Nica, 43, of Langdon Hills, denied 39 counts of manslaughter.

Romanian national Alexandru-Ovidiu Hanga, 27, denied a charge of conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration