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Doxing Creators: Marxist Anti-White Bullshit


They are Reds, Marxists, so-called Anti-Fascists - They are Anti-White. They are cowards.

If they cannot destroy your life by having you fired from your job, evicted from your home and arrested and imprisoned for just being White, they'll attempt to destroy your life through rumour mongering - otherwise called Doxing.

If you are targeted by the Marxists - or even Skinheads or Christinsane who often work with our Racial Enemies for their own personal gain - then you are doing something right. If you are going to be a White Activist, then grow a hard WHITE SKIN and get used to it.

Originating Article:

Doxing Comment

NAT_SAT also goes by the name National Satanist. Claims to be a Pro-White, Satan worshipping Skinhead. We've thrown it out of this forum several times now.

--- Quote from: Reds ---NAT_SAT 4 months ago

SPEAKING OF NAZI PEDOS!!! "Reverend" Cailen Cambeul is the extremely arrogant "Pontifus Maximus" of the Creativity Alliance, based out of Australia. The group follows the teachings of the Ben Klassen but he died in 1993 and never formally passed on the title of Pontifus Maximus. Therefore Calien Cambeul has no basis for claiming to be the leader of Creativity. Klassen was almost puritanically against filth in culture. He would not have spoken like this or posted these things online:


Creator Kids:— Creativityâ“ŚAlliance (@CreatorAlliance) July 20, 2017
--- End quote ---
Look at this arsehole ...— RevCailenCambeulđź—¸ (@CailenCambeul) December 7, 2017
--- End quote ---
#Aussie #Freddo Frog says "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." #Pepe #Groyper— RevCailenCambeulđź—¸ (@CailenCambeul) December 5, 2017
--- End quote ---

The first picture is of a child Cambeul was babysitting at the time. Cambeul was not given permission to upload nude photos of the child to the internet but he refuses to take them down today.

Cambeul has had several complaints for sexual harassment filed against him but you wouldn't know it upon first meeting the Reverend. Somehow this Nazi is on the good side of the law.

The picture of the adolescent anus speaks for itself. What is the point of posting such trash?

Groyper is an evolution of the Pepe meme with sexual connotations. So draw your own conclusions from the third link.
--- End quote ---

You know there is nothing there I need defend myself from. It is, after all, just the standard bullshit doxing you can expect to read about any of us.

He was on Crew 38 Forum (skinheads) before that shut down too.

What proof has he got that the kid piddling on the flag was in Rev Cambeul's care? Search results come up with 40 versions of the same image




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