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Title: Big Tech Is Not Our Ally- Robert Ley: The Forgotten Anti-Capitalism of The NSDAP
Post by: Private on 23 January 2022 at 08:24
Robert Ley: The Forgotten Anti-Capitalism of The NSDAP

January 22, 2022

"Our leader has dared to unmask the Jews. To demonstrate to the people all the harshness of their bad faith... their arts of capitalist exploitation

 When people are confronted with the topic of National Socialism and its relation with Capitalism, we usually delve into a variety of views regarding ideas of Hitler, given the fact most of his attacks were directed at Bolshevism... with the idea that given the supposed lack of anti-capitalism inside the movement, and the entire movement could be categorized sympathetic to Capitalism, especially after the purge of the left-wing faction during the Night of the Long Knives... Stanley G. Payne, agrees with the thesis of Gregor and in his book, A History of Fascism, he details what the paper of Capitalism really meant, once Hitler rose to power: “Hitler worked to establish ties with influential sectors of society, cooperating part of the time with the right and trying to reassure businessmen that they had no reason to be apprehensive of Nazi “socialism.” Yet despite massive leftist propaganda that Hitler was the paid agent of capitalism, Hitler garnered only limited financial support from big business. While there was considerable support for Hitler among small industrialists, most sectors of big business consistently advised against permitting him to form a government. The Nazi Party was primarily financed by its own members."

 ... If Big Industry did not finance the party, and indeed the usual left-wing purges of the party were not strictly caused because of their leanings, but because of power moves inside the movement. Why didn’t they go after Capitalism in their talking points?... Hitler, despite always aiming for the so called “Jewish-Bolshevism”, saw it as none-other than the agent of Capitalism doctrine, which inherently contained a Judaic spirit to it and through the brutal butchery of Bolshevism, by which they could weaken nations and allow for finance to take over. “Hitler violently objected to international capitalism even when it was not Jewish... In Mein Kampf, as in his earlier rhetoric, Jews were inseparably linked with money and the whole capitalist system as ‘traders’, as ‘middlemen’, who levied an ‘extortionate rate of interest’ for their ‘financial deals’. Jewry, he claimed, aimed at nothing less that the ‘financial domination of the entire economy’.”

 “In April 1933 Hitler closed down the trade unions; he transferred their staff, members, and assets one year later to a monolithic German Labour Front. It was the biggest trade union in the world, and one of the most successful. Dr. Robert Ley... With this vast wealth the DAF built for them holiday cruise liners, housing, shops, hotels, and convalescent homes; it financed the Volkswagen factory, the Vulkan shipyards, production centers in the food industry... Judeo-Bolshevism was a usual mantra of the NSDAP, but did this really mean they were ignoring Capitalism? The simple answer is: No... Whenever we see a talk about Bolshevism among members of the party, we start to notice a small but clear clue regarding the fact that Capitalism was always keeping Marxists on their side, given the fact that under National Socialist view, the go to tool to weaken nations after World War I was that of bolshevism. It was nothing else but a weapon used by Capitalism.


 Hitler said in 1927, ‘Socialism and nationalism are the great fighters for one’s own kind, are the hardest fighters in the struggle for survival on this earth. ‘Marxism makes the distinction of haves and have-nots... The collective welfare of a people is not achieved through superficially equal distribution of all possessions, but by accepting the principle that before the interests of the individual stand those of the nation.’” These ideas would have a deep influence on Ley, which would be the compass of not only his political ideas but also his life’s philosophy.


  “Few Germans could afford to travel prior to Hitler’s chancellorship... The KdF began sponsoring low-cost excursions the following year, partly subsidized by the DAF, that were affordable for lower income families. Package deals covered the cost of transportation, lodging, meals and tours. Options included outings to swimming or mountain resorts, health retreats, popular attractions in cities and provinces... One Jew protects the other.. The Jew in America protects the Jew in Poland, Moscow, or Berlin, the rich Jew protects the poor Jew, and the poor Jew protects the rich Jew… Together with capitalism, money and usury serve the purpose of uniting Judah across all peoples and national boundaries, and concealing their misdeeds…
Robert Ley: The Forgotten Anti-Capitalism of The NSDAP (https://zoltanous.substack.com/p/robert-ley-the-forgotten-anti-capitalism)
Title: Re: Big Tech Is Not Our Ally- Robert Ley: The Forgotten Anti-Capitalism of The NSDAP
Post by: Private on 23 January 2022 at 08:26
The purpose of this article is not to revive history, but to show that big tech is today supporting BLM and every anti-White movement there is. They want you dead. Thanks to Private. And this is only the A's and start of B's.
 Companies defending the rioters:
Here Are The Companies That Support Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Want You Dead (https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1309703/)
Title: Re: Big Tech Is Not Our Ally- Robert Ley: The Forgotten Anti-Capitalism of The NSDAP
Post by: Private on 23 January 2022 at 10:43
I always like to provoke leftists that I like Hitler because he had a great socialistic views of society. Recently I red a book who had represented on what my state would look in possible Hitler victory. Each worker would have his own real estate without having big loans as it is today to banks. Also Germans in this time had had big taxes on people who did not want to have children.

NSDAP was movement of patriarchal working class instead of communism who favored feminism or matriarchy. William Pierce and Tom Metzger also spoke about problem of our upper class who have liberal views on society without any experience of how it is to be in the skin of lower classes.

Niccolò Machiavelli in his "The Prince" wrote how strong ruler must pass all experiences including lower classes. Persons who pass this had titles as nobles, and if we look Hitler's lifestyle he also passed it.