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Author Topic: Victoria-Australia: Virus Used as Excuse for Anti-White Lockdown

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Remember that the Chinese Death Virus was almost extinguished from all of Australia, until MUSLIMS in Victoria walked out of quarantine, spread the virus amongst their own community, who then spread it to WHITES via BLACK LIVES MATTER/KILL WHITEY DEMONSTRATIONS. White people in Victoria are now under threat of immediate arrest for THINKING, while Muslims who spread the damned disease remain immune to prosecution. That's BLACK PRIVILEGE ...

'1984 on steroids': Daniel Andrews prepares to give police even MORE powers to enforce lockdown - but protects 'super-spreader' NON-WHITE families and refuses to issue them with fines

 * VIC has recorded 14 new cases and five deaths as the Premier comes under fire
 * Opposition leader Michael Obrien has blasted the Premier for 'double standards'
 * VIC police fined 21 and arrested 16 demonstrators at a Melbourne rally Saturday
 * Meanwhile, Mr Andrews refused to fine five families behind a COVID-19 outbreak
 * Five households who visited each other in breach of lockdown have 34 cases
 * Fox News' Rowan Dean said Mr Andrews' is creating his own 'private militia'

Alana Mazzoni & Tita Smith | Daily Mail (UK) | 20 September 2020

Excerpt: Victorian State Premier, Daniel Andrews has been slammed for preparing to give police even more powers while refusing to lift lockdown, and defending a super-spreader family {Non-Whites/African, Afghan and Middle Eastern Muslims, and Black Lives Matter Protesters}.

The embattled premier was accused of 'toxic double standards' after defending his decision not to penalise five families behind a COVID-19 cluster in Melbourne while punishing {White} protesters as Victoria's case numbers continue to fall.

Quote from: Private
By Shannon Deery

Excerpt: A war of words has erupted between Victorian chief health officer Brett Sutton and Afghani community leaders in a fight to contain a suburban coronavirus outbreak.

Tensions boiled over this week during a teleconference call after Prof Sutton pointed the finger at the Afghani community for the outbreak.

It sparked an angry response from the Afghan community.

Blah blah blah ... "THAT'S RACIST!"

Victoria recorded 14 new cases and five deaths on Sunday, the lowest daily increase since June and the tenth day in a row the state has recorded a daily infection increase below 50.

Fox News host Rowan Dean accused Mr Andrews' of trying to create his own 'private militia of Leftist public servants' which will turn Victoria into '1984 on steroids'.

The barb was in reference to George Orwell's dystopian novel about the ominous ruler 'Big Brother,' who controls every aspect of people's lives.

The Andrews Government is set to bring in a bill – which will last until April 2021 – which gives police the power to detain people whom they perceive to be a high-risk person.

'Welcome to Labor's Orwellian nightmare,' Dean said.

Commercial litigator Caroline Di Russo blasted the premier for defending his decision not to penalise {MUSLIM} families {AND BLACK LIVES MATTER ACTIVISTS} at the centre of the outbreak while {WHITE} anti-lockdown protesters were fined and arrested during rallies in Melbourne on Saturday.

Five households in Clyde, Cranbourne North, Hallam and Narre Warren South are linked to 34 active cases, with the families believed to have sparked the cluster by breaching coronavirus restrictions.

'These Daniel Andrews press conferences would be comical if it wasn’t so serious,' Ms Di Russo tweeted.

'Today, Daniel Andrews is threatening lockdowns in 2021 if people don’t follow the rules. Is that all people or just those not in recalcitrant ethnic communities?'

'Message to all Victorians. Daniel Andrews has made it clear you actually can now go and see you families you will not be fined as the Casey residents weren’t. Go nuts,' another Victorian resident tweeted.   

Opposition leader Michael O'Brien has slammed the move as 'hypocrisy'.

'Andrews shouldn't be protecting those who spread the virus while fining others … Labor's double standards are as toxic as this virus,' he told the Herald Sun. 

'It's a disgrace that Labor has locked up innocent Victorians under a curfew while those who break the law and spread the virus get off Scot-free.

'This is the same Andrews hypocrisy that saw teenagers fined for learning to drive while 10,000 Black Lives Matter protesters were ignored.'

Victoria Police issued 21 fines and arrested 16 demonstrators as up to 150 people clashed with officers during rallies in Elsternwick and Elwood, 11km from Melbourne's CBD, on Saturday.     

Meanwhile, Mr Andrews told reporters at a press conference fining the families linked to the cluster in the city's southeast may prevent them from being co-operative during contact-tracing interviews.

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