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Author Topic: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale

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Revealed: How the United Nations is smashing Australian businesses by making it cheaper to order goods from CHINA than from local sellers

 * A United Nations' agreement forces Australian businesses to pay more post fees
 * The Universal Postal Union was set up to help disadvantaged developing nations
 * China is recognised as a developing nation despite it's huge economic power
 * There are growing calls for Australia to renegotiation the unfair agreement

Levi Parsons | Daily Mail (UK) | 4 July 2020

Excerpt: There are growing calls for Australia to tear up a United Nations agreement which makes shipping online goods from China cheaper than buying from local suppliers.

The Universal Postal Union is a specialised UN agency which regulates international postage prices so that disadvantaged developing nations can afford to send and receive vital goods.

But under the agreement, China, the world's second largest economy, is considered a developing nation and countries such as Australia are forced to pay as much as double. 

The issue will be thrust into the spotlight next week when a senate inquiry into Australia Post's delivery standards gets underway in Canberra.

In a submission to the inquiry, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell AO said it's time to 'renegotiate' the deal which has hit businesses particularly hard during the coronavirus crisis.

'My Office has received a number of complaints from small businesses regarding the price competitiveness of domestic parcel as opposed to international parcel delivery for same or similar products,' she said.

'For example, a product sold and shipped from a seller may attract free or low cost delivery (e.g. $5).

'The domestic cost for the same product, shipped to the same location, from an Australian small business could be double that of the international seller.'

China is home to the world's largest e-commerce platform Alibaba and is expected to become the world largest economy in the 2030s.

Do NOT order anything from China ...
The Chinks are taking your money - but not delivering

The 'perks and advantages' it receives as a developing nation have long been a point of opprobrium for Australia and its allies.

The UN allows countries to 'self designate' whether they are a developing nation.

But China strongly rejects criticism. 'China is the largest developing country in the world,' commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng told reporters. 'Blah blah ching chong ching. Blah blah blah RACIST! Blah blah ....'
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Australia First party newsletter

The Looming New Crisis All Thanks To The International Student Sector
Mark F

Why are those involved with making the international student sector (ISS) to become a major aspect of the Australian economy now so surprised it’s fallen to dust?
So here we are, some 6 months on from when COVID-19 first reared its head, only to realise that is in a resurgence, a second-stage-phase. The economic and social cataclysm that every nation cannot circumvent are of such proportions well nigh on impossible to comprehend. Over the weekend of July 18-19 2020, numerous media reports put the projected global deficit to be in the vicinity of $300 TRILLION! Yes, that’s $300 TRILLION, an amount of money that is virtually incomprehensible to grasp!
Obviously, in the richer and developed-economies methods implemented by their governments/treasuries to cope with the situation will lessen the pain. However, in the swathe of poorer societies that over the previous 20 to 25 years became dependent upon richer nations importing the goods they produced, there will be great stress; because people in the richer countries won’t be consuming their produce, there will be major recession. Thus, the blow-back those poorer nations will have to bear will be proportionally more significant.
Ostensibly, Australia’s conundrum is linked to the insane agendas which have been imposed upon this country from about a decade ago, when mass-immigration programs were inaugurated at the direct behest of big-business concerns and, most certainly, courtesy of major property-developers. A significant aspect of the ‘development’ program entailed ramping-up the number of international students to fuel housing growth. Since the LNP won office in 2013, it has bolstered the number of ISs in Australia from around 520,000, to a staggering 950,000 at the end of 2019.
Over the past 5 years I have been claimed that the numbers of ISs in Australia have always been between 100,000 to 150,000 more than what was officially designated. In short, everyone from the Ministers of Education at Federal and State echelons and indeed, those involved with the ISS, always understated the numbers. Well, thanks to an article, ‘What universities must do to survive the challenges of a post-COVID world’  (Simon Kuestenmacher, the Weekend Australian, July 12-14 2020), a graph was supplied that, TOTALLY, vindicates my figures.
Now, the reason why the true numbers weren’t stated by those with highly-vested-interests in the ISS was because they intentionally understated the real numbers so as not to spook the general population.
What is of grave significance for the nation arises from the economic disaster that COVID-19 has spawned within the ISS. There were tens of thousands of people employed in universities, VET and English teaching colleges, who will not have jobs in the ensuing months. Because something between 70-100,000 international students couldn’t either return to Australia from holidays in China - or commence courses. According to reports, at least 6,000 people already employed in the ISS had been issued pink-slips prior to June 1.
How couldn’t politicians and business moguls not have realised that overdosing on ISs was an inevitable train wreck?
But there’s worse to come and that will happen when these desperate ISs, who are dependent upon working here to survive, will start clashing with Australians for a diminished number of jobs.
Aside from the many thousands of unfortunate souls who, either directly or indirectly, will be made redundant in the ISS or otherwise see their livelihoods in extraneous spheres - accommodation and other service sectors – undermined, there is more bad news. The estimated 600,000 ISs still in the country - and who are reliant upon working here to survive - must inescapably work for lower rates of pay than they were in the preceding 6 or 7 years. Thus, coupling this with the fact that up to 1 million Australians will be out of a job and seeking employment – we will see these ISs undercutting Australians in the labour market. It really is going to become a total bun-fight! Australians will have to organize!
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