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Author Topic: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale

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A line-up of powerful senators has condemned China's 'insidious' and growing influence on Australia, warning our democracy and way of life are being undermined

One by one they spoke out against the Communist superpower, from the bribing of Labor Party officials to the suspicious death of a Chinese intelligence informer, groomed as a possible Liberal candidate.

The outspoken crossbench lawmakers savaged China's growing influence only hours after official figures showed Australia was even more reliant on our major trading partner to prop up the flagging economy.

For the first time since 1973, Australia's exports were worth more than the imports for two consecutive quarters - a rare situation known as a current account surplus.

Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie accused the Coalition government and the Labor opposition of ignoring the China threat - hours after the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures were released.

She stressed her concerns were with the Chinese government and not Chinese immigrants, who first came to Australia during the 1850s gold rush.

The major parties joined forces to defeat the call for a Senate inquiry into China.

Senator Lambie had accused Labor and the Coalition of downplaying China's influence.

'It's about time the people in this place woke up to China's attempts to infiltrate our economy and our democracy,' she told Parliament on Tuesday night.

'I can tell you that the other 25million Australians out there have.

'Both sides of politics need to take a good, hard look at themselves and make sure they're acting in our national interest. Quite obviously, over China, they are not.

Senator Lambie also highlighted the mysterious death of Bo 'Nick' Zhao, 32, in a Melbourne motel room in March, after he had reportedly told the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation about a Chinese operative's attempts to convince him to run as a federal Liberal Party candidate in Melbourne.

'We're sitting ducks here. We're leaving ourselves open and we're letting the Communist Party in China come in here and undermine our democracy,' she said.

'There's still nothing to see here according to Labor and the Libs.

'People are literally showing up dead. Someone who was supposedly cultivated by the Chinese government to run as a Liberal Party candidate in the Commonwealth Parliament has shown up dead

'This is not some wacky conspiracy theory. This is happening.'

Senator Lambie agreed with ASIO chief Duncan Lewis's assertion the Chinese were trying to overrun Australia.

'The Chinese government is seeking to "take over" Australia's political system through its "insidious" foreign interference operations,' she said.

'It might take decades, he said. I don't think it will. I don't disagree with it.

'I don't think it's going to take decades. They're coming in by stealth. You need to wake up.'

Senator Lambie, a former Labor staffer, also savaged the ALP's New South Wales branch for receiving $100,000 in an Aldi bag linked to Chinese billionaire property developer Huang Xiangmo, who is now banned from re-entering Australia because of his ties to the Communist Party.

'Does anyone really believe that money was handed over with no strings attached?,' she said

'Please! Does anyone really believe that it was just a friendly way for a Chinese property developer to support our democracy? I don't think anyone believes it.

'Everyone knows that the Communist Chinese government uses money to influence our political processes.'

Kaila Murnain lost her job as Labor's general secretary in New South Wales, after an Independent Commission Against Corruption hearing in August revealed she knew about her party in 2015 accepting the $100,000 donation in an Aldi shopping bag linked to Communist Party-connected billionaire Huang Xiangmo.

Former state Labor MP Ernest Wong, also linked to Mr Huang, was accused in an ICAC hearing of evading his connections to an illegal Chinese donation.

Shortly after 6pm, Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick moved a motion that Australia's relationship with the People's Republic of China be referred to the Senate's Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee for an inquiry, with a report published in November 2020.

Ironically, a day earlier the founder of his political party, Nick Xenophon, accused Australia of making 'false accusations' against Chinese telecommunications equipment firm Huawei

Mr Xenophon's new law firm is now representing in Australia a Chinese company that is banned from installing both the National Broadband Network and 5G mobile over spying and cybersecurity fears.

Senator Patrick's motion was also backed by One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, her Queensland Senate colleague Malcolm Roberts, Centre Alliance's Stirling Griff and outgoing senator and former Liberal Cory Bernardi

Senator Roberts said China was deliberately seeking to dominate a series of smaller countries.

'It's about strategic control—and the emphasis is on "control",' he said.

The motion was defeated 38 votes to 15, with the Coalition and Labor voting against it as the Greens sided with the other crossbench senators.

Iron ore, used to make steel, is Australia's most valuable export.

Resources Minister Matt Canavan, the deputy Senate leader of the Nationals, spoke out against the motion for an inquiry into China.

'The China relationship is important and complex, engaging a full range of national interests,' the Queensland senator said.

'We have a comprehensive strategic partnership, which benefits both countries

'We seek to address differences through dialogue and with respect.'

Last month, China banned Liberal MPs Andrew Hastie and James Paterson from visiting for a study tour after they criticised the authoritarian regime.

On Tuesday night, Senator Paterson voted against the motion for a Senate inquiry into China.

Two hours later, he accused Mr Xenophon of being a hypocrite as a lawyer for Huawei.

'In interviews yesterday, Mr Xenophon stated that his firm may also launch legal action against critics of Huawei in Australia,' he told Parliament.

'This is despite the fact that in the Senate he called for reform of defamation laws and warned about the impact that they were having on public interest journalism

'Huawei was also recently implicated in the mass surveillance and detention of Uygurs in Xinjiang.'

China, a land of 1.4billion people, isn't just Australia's biggest trading partner.

It is also a major owner of infrastructure assets. 

The Chinese have a 99-year lease on the Port of Darwin and Western Australia's Merredin airport.

They also own cattle stations, a wind farm and even a baby food manufacturer.

Senator Lambie said Australians could already see what was happening

'They're scared that our country is being bought up,' she said

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Based in Adelaide South Australia - The South of central Australia
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A multi-billion dollar Singaporean food company is selling 89,000 megalitres of Australian water to a Canadian pension fund.

The mega sale of Australian permanent water rights comes as the country is crippled by one of the worst droughts in its history.

On Tuesday, NSW brought in a complete ban on hoses as part of the toughest water restrictions implemented for more than a decade

But no such problem existed for food and agriculture giant Olam International, which sold the 89billion litres of permanent water rights for an astonishing $490 million.

The company sold it to an entity associated with the Public Sector Pension Investment Board, one of Canada's largest pension investment managers, according to Straits Times.

It will use the water to irrigate almond trees, in a business venture likely to draw criticism over foreign ownership of farms and water.

The water rights are in the lower Murray-Darling Basin. 

The chairman of the Victorian Farmers Federation's water council, Richard Anderson, told the Sydney Morning Herald: 'Really, all you've got is a change of ownership, it (the water) has gone from a Singapore-owned company to a Canadian pension fund

'It's a big bulk of water but it's still being used in agriculture.

'It's not as if they've just come in as a speculator and said ''we'll go and buy a big patch of water and we'll trade it every year".'

In a separate deal, the same Canadian pension fund has bought 12,000 hectares of almond orchards in Victoria, in a move likely to draw criticism of foreign ownership of farms and water.

Water restrictions in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Illawarra were upgraded to level two as dam levels in the region sank to just 45 per cent capacity, the lowest levels since the Millennium Drought took hold in 2003.

The crippling drought sees a complete ban on hoses, requiring residents to use a bucket and sponge to wash their cars or a watering can to tend to their gardens

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted a hot-than-usual summer, with no forecast for significant rain.

The sale is understood to be giving Olam a 'one-time pre-tax capital gain of about $311 million', the paper reported.

The agreement is for 25 years, with the option to renew for another 25

In March, the government released its foreign ownership of water entitlement register, showing that investors from China and the US had the largest stake in Australia's foreign-owned water entitlements.

It showed that one in 10 water entitlements is foreign owned.

A water entitlement is the right to an ongoing share of water, which can be sold by irrigators, companies or investors.

Acting as a property right, it gives access to an exclusive share of water from a water resource. 

This is different to a water allocation, which is the right to access a volume of water for use or trade.

Under level two restrictions, gardens can only be watered before 10am or after 4pm with a watering can or bucket.

Smart and drip irrigation systems can only be used for 15 minutes before 10am or after 4pm.

Swimming pools and spas will only be allowed to be topped up for 15 minutes a day with a trigger nozzle. A permit will be required before filling a pool that holds more than 500 litres.

Residents caught breaking the rules could face a $220 fine. Businesses who breach the restrictions would also face a $550 fine

Should be a law making all the foreigners bring their own bloody water here! Hell! Should re introduce laws to bring only white foreigners in here too!

Globalisation is White Genocide and in this case environmental vandalism!
The Price is Reich!

Find me on Stormfront as QueJumpingAfghan where I have been banned!

Based in Adelaide South Australia - The South of central Australia
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From Australia first bulletin 2/1/20

The Madness Of Another Free-Trade-Agreement That Australia’s Politicians
Are Signing Us To With India.
Mark F
On November 17 2014, Australia’s then PM, Tony Abbott - nearly 10 years after May 23 2005 when negations between Australia and China for an FTA first commenced - went to China to ratify the trade-agreements, which had been negotiated.. Now here in December 2019, we’ve been informed that in less than three weeks time between January 11-13 (2020), the current PM, Scott Morrison, will be in India to sign-us-up to a trade-agreement which have has been under negotiations for about a decade.
For those who can recall that time in November 2014 when Abbott and the then Trade Minister Andrew Robb, were in Beijing to officially sanction that extremely high- level trade-agreement with China, must be aware we were told how great it (the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, or the ChAFTA) was going to be for Australia’s future prosperity. Regrettably, for Australia at least, those burgeoning [supposedly reciprocal] benefits, which our politicians and indeed, that collective of China-loving-lackey-journalists kept parlaying would come to fruition were, in a word - a fizzer.
A prime instance of where the ChAFTA failed to materialise is seen with service sectors - banking and financing. To discuss that adversity requires examining the upheavals that the ANZ and Westpac banks encountered with their forays in China. Essentially, they were both bled tens of millions of capital from their ill-fated attempts to get, their-pieces of the action in China’s financial sector. Alas, by the end of 2016 they were forced to flee with their tails between their legs.  Reference suitable to understanding this scenario can be found in two articles in the Financial Review from October 31, and November 1, 2016:
Bad timing for ANZs Asia vision, by Michael smith
ANZs, costly exit from Asia, in the Chanticleer section.
In addition to that pair Rowan Callick penned a piece titled:
Extremely difficult to get a head in China and,
Beijing to legalise theft of Aussie business secrets, by Ben Packham in The Australian, December 9 2019. As well, to fathom what a huge con-job the ChAFTA has been, we can read Natasha Bita’s, piece from November 22 2014 in the Australian titled: Deal with China opens doors to sale of the century
And that deal of the century was, of course, the ChAFTA. On February 9,2017, I penned a piece pertaining to it, which exposed how, not one of the aspects that Bita gloated about occurring, was still in existence! So, if the ChAFTA crashed into the rocks, then we must be extremely cautious about this imminent trade-agreement with India succeeding?
Meanwhile, the Chinese in the reciprocal-arrangements of the ChAFTA channelled huge amounts of capital into Australia to acquire some of our principal assets and resources and also bought into major real estate developments.
The aspect of the ChAFTA, known as the Investment Facilitation Agreement, was an act of blatant treachery by our politicians, one which permitted Chinese investors to duly export its workers to construction projects.
With regards to the Chinese channelling huge amounts of capital into developing hefty property constructions, one of the clauses in that part of the ChAFTA was an incredibly insidious element called the Investment Facilitation Agreement [IFA]. Effectively an unconditional component of the IFA was a clause, which permitted the Chinese who were routing billions of dollars into constructing anything from hotels to apartment blocks that they could import labour to assist with the construction. So much so that, in December 2018, there were 59,000 Chinese nationals spread across Australia employed in one project or another. With the great majority of these workers (as Fairfax and the ABC have exposed on a number of occasions) were working for rates of pay that were on average, 35% lower than what Australian workers received.
However, it just wasn’t Chinese workers in construction sectors who were permitted to come here to Australia and work. And the fields of employment which this entailed ranged from process workers in factories to farm hands. Quite simply, the ChAFTA as was predicted by some - has been quite lopsided in favour of Chinese workers and investors. To gain more insight into the IFA we can read the dispatch from John Tucker and Simon Billing who are partners in the legal firm, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, from October 27 2015, titled:
Amendments agreed to ensure passage of the china-Australia Free Trade Agreement.
The vast majority of Australians would be very ‘toey’ about Australia signing-up to another free-trade-agreement with another country in light of the disaster of the ChAFTA - * as those five articles previously designated explain. They would surely be on their guard to never allow Australia being rorted again? Unfortunately, when it comes to common sense and invoking doing what’s best for Australia, our politicians lack that innate impulse! And, as was the case with the ChAFTA, it is a lay down misere then that this pending trade-agreement  whichPM Morrison and his government are going to sign us up to with India will inevitably morph into becoming an economic and sociological disaster of  a magnitude for Australia.
One of the key-facets of what the Morrison government is signing Australia up for is [within 10 years] to allow over a million Indians to migrate to Australia and acquire jobs that people who are already here can easily fulfil i.e. check-out staff at Coles and Woollies. No doubt, you’re all very much aware over the past 3-5 years how nearly every new recruit to these supermarkets has been someone from the Subcontinent. To gain a slight insight into this catastrophe we can look at the article by Ben Packham in The Australian from November 17/19 titled: India eyes opportunity to fill skilled jobs gaps
Packham conveys how the former Indian Ambassador to Australia, Anil Wadhwa, has concocted a plan whereby:
“Indian doctors and nurses were already filling skills shortages in the Northern Territory and there was scope to expand co-operation in providing skilled workers.
One field of skilled workers that Wadhwa suggested Indians could cater for is with security guards.”
Well, if you thought that, maybe,Wadhwa was kidding about supplying Indians to come here as security workers, then he is not! However, for him to actually say this means that, the Morrison government has already submitted to the demands being made by India, for it to be able to export its citizens, to gain access to the Australian labour market.
It is now midday, December 31 2019 and I am going to convey some intel that I received a short time ago from a reliable source in n regards to specifying a particular field of employment that the Morrison government is targeting. And that is the health-care sector. Apropos to that, my source said:
“A primary part of this trade arrangement Australia is undertaking with India, with regards acquiring people to fill job shortages, is in the health care sector. I have seen official documents that the Population Minister, Alan Tudge and the Immigration Minister, David Coleman have endorsed with drawing in 10,000 people in the next thirty months from India to fill positions in that sector”
The Morrison government’s agenda to import Indians to staff the IT-Sector, which Indians will establish.
But what is decidedly worse for Australia than merely just having Indians coming here to be employed in anything ranging from security guards to staffing age-care facilities or staffing check outs - is the IT sector. As it occurs, the Morrison government has obviously already acceded to the demands of India that it is allowed to export its citizens, to work in the IT businesses, which Indian companies will invest in. Well, what manner of madness prevails in the minds of our politicians for them to agree to that insanity?
Palpably, why the Morrison government has capitulated to these demand from Indians, is because it construes it being far cheaper to permit Indian business concerns to channel huge amounts of capital into establishing IT industries and in return  to allow these concerns to be able to import their own workers. Of course, for those imbecilic bean-counting, economic rationalists whether they are in governments, bureaucracies and, indeed, Big-business – reason all of this is so cost effective. Basically, if you import IT workers to operate business owned by their compatriots is a bonanza because it costs Australia nothing to educate them [at any echelon] of their processes.
Social dislocation based upon employing workers on race and culture is the result.
Unfortunately, when you are an imbecilic, bean-counting, economic-rationalist, it means that you are fittingly devoid of the capacity to construe that if you allow, say, 200,000 IT workers to fill the jobs in IT, it must mean that you are instituting a nightmare scenario of having the IT sector being predominated by Indians. Surely, that must be obvious, mustn’t it? To substantiate that this is what’s been planned for the IT sector, can be irrefutably ascertained by reading the final thirteen lines of article Skilled migrant A-list gets a haircut, by Mathew Cranston, December  13 2019:
“The extension of other ICT [information and communications technology] job working terms will also be a winner with Indian companies looking to do more business in Australia.
Ambassador Anil Wadhwa, who is authoring a report on how Australian and Indian trade and investment could be improved, said last month that visa restrictions were a significant part of the relationship between the two countries.
[He said that] Visas in the IT industry need to be extended to the medium not just the short term.“
Indubitably, this is a case of where a non-Australian is dictating to the highest levels of the Federal government as to what its rules with immigration should be! Clearly, this is an ultimatum by India to the Australian government and its people that, Indians are going to  be part of this country’s re-colonisation. How can it be anything other than that?
As was the case with Australia engaging with China in the ChAFTA, a major component of that plan to enmesh Australia with China, was importing hundreds of thousands of its students. And that aspect, too, is to be the case with our politicians’ surreptitious agenda of ensnaring us with India.
But, this highly insidious agenda that the Morrison government is committed to implementing [which, effectively, is Phase-II of the GRAND programme of re-colonising Australia], not only entails importing thousands and thousands of workers to be security guards or nurses or IT workers - or, whatever field of employment it might be that Indians can fill and then with importing [within 5 years time] of up to 120,000 full-fee-paying students. By doing that will see Australia having 1.1 million international students (IS’s) in the country. This is opposed to the United States of America’s 1.3 million. However, it has a population 13 times that of Australia’s!
Succinctly, it is a situation of totally overdosing on IS’s!!!
Over the past two months there has been a veritable plethora of dispatches in the print media by an array of journalists gloating as to how great Australia’s future will be thanks to these trade engagements between Australia and India. Following are just some of them [of the 32 I have] that you must read to make yourself.
We will benefit so much by getting close to India, The Australian by Tony Abbott, November 22
The rise and rise of India November 26, Ben Packham
Morrison to push trade deal with India, December 10 by Greg Sheridan
Forget the cricket, this is our real test over India, December 12 by Greg Sheridan.
Regrettably, the outcomes of these engagements for Australia with India will be diabolical! To garner what’s actually in store for Australia, we could venture to Parramatta and its nearby corridor of suburbs in Sydney o to Tarneit in Melbourne. We would observe these areas are now are now colonies Subcontinent people, not just Indians. With regards to Parramatta and its nearby suburbs, in the space of about a decade over 130,000 people from the Subcontinent have moved in. This progression in about a decade in confluence with other immigrant groups - has totally usurped the ethnicities of Anglo-Celtic/European extractions that, prior to 2000, comprised at least 85% of its residents.
Whereas now, they are [overall] now in the vicinity of about 40% of its residents!
Of course, it’s not just the Parramatta region that is in the process of being recolonised over the past 20-25 years by immigrants from ‘white’ sources.
However, in addition to the economic aspects of Australia engaging with India, there is also the craziest of ulterior motives to highlight.
But, what is the most insane component of this engagement with India is  an ulterior aspect - that we supposedly ‘need’ India to act as a bulwark, against the threat to the region from a rising China! Well, what an incredible madness that happens to be? After all, now that there are already 2.3 million Chinese resident in Australia, which doesn’t include about 330,000 international students and 90,000 workers on an IFA also equates to there being over 2.7 million Chinese in Australia. That means that, the [potential] enemy has already landed. Having said that I am fully aware that not every person of Chinese extraction residing in Australia likes Beijing; but it’s the ones [let’s surmise that it could be 50% of the 2.7 million who are staunch supporters of The Motherland] must constitute the gravest of threats to Australia’s security.
So here we are in 2020 and there are about 2.7 million people of Chinese extractions in one corner, whilst in the other corner there are about 1.1 million Indians who, presumably, are going to be part of the contingent to act as a buffer against a rising China? Clearly, those numbers of both ethno-cultural groups are so large that, it means we are well and truly past the point of there ever being harmony in Australia. Because it is a certainty that within 15 years these two groups are inevitably going to be at war with each other. Thus, with there then being millions of Chinese here and, in time, millions of Indians also, we will see them fighting out their conflicts in Australia.
But when that eventuates, the cretins who’ve instigated this madness will be either dead or too old to recant for their sins. Essentially, now that Australia’s two largest cities presently have Anglo-Celtic/European people comprising no more than 48% of their overall population we conclude that open-door immigration has morphed  them into zones of ethno-cultural tribes who have established insular-cultural enclaves/ ghettos which function separately to what was once the mainstream culture.
Well, considering that open-door immigration is going to continue means that by the scheduled 2028 federal elections that in a minimum of 18 and up to 24 seats in Sydney and Melbourne we will only have contestants drawn from non ‘white’ ethnic sources. What will ensue from that is a calamity and it will see them organise a collective of politicians who will form a new party to organise against Australia. To think otherwise would really be stupidity!
Comment: Re Examining The NSW Treasurer
Dear Editor,
After reading the piece, about NSW politicians having “Road to Damascus” moments about our insane immigration program that feeds supposed  economic growth etc. The blunt rule of thumb about the Australian political class is don’t listen to what they say ,watch what they do.
Over the years, we have seen many of our traitor class candidly admit that they have reservations about mass non -European immigration. Go back to Johnny Howard , who wanted Asian immigration stopped in the late 1980s, because it was endangering our nations cohesion.
What did Howard do when he became PM in 1996? He opened the floodgates to Chinese and other Asian immigration into the country that enabled the Chinese to completely take over key suburbs in our major cities , and thereby form ethnic enclaves that threaten the security of Australia.
Tony Abbott was yet another, who suggested that his government would back off on immigration. Did he put the brakes on? Absolutely not. The Liberal government after 2013 greatly increased the overseas student intake to the extent our annual intake is getting close to 600,000.
One thing the NSW treasurer is right about is that mass immigration depresses wages and living standards ,and a growing number of European Australians are aware of this. That’s why he is speaking candidly as the traitor class want to reassure us so they don’t lose our vote.
The reality is that the government imposed immigration program has never been approved of by the majority of the people. It has in fact never even been debated. Australians must understand that the political class here don’t work for them ,they work for foreign financial interests and to line their own pocket!!!.
Unless Australians force an end  to the immigration madness, our country and our children’s future will be lost forever.
David A
The Price is Reich!

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Based in Adelaide South Australia - The South of central Australia
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From Australia first party Newsletter 11-1-20

The Big Australia Agenda
Mark F
For many people, the Big Australia Agenda is something that they think is only a recent idea. However, this agenda is something plotted by the landed-gentry from the mid-1800s and later in the 1950s.
What is the Big Australia Agenda?
The Big Australia Agenda [BAA] is something, which has come to prominence in increasing degrees from about 2010. This has been particularly so from shortly after the LNP won the federal elections in September 2013. The entire BAA is manifestly observable by how Australia’s two largest cities of Sydney and Melbourne in duration of about 6 years have increased the number of people by 20%. Of course, anyone old enough to recall what Sydney and Melbourne were like prior to December 2013 knows only too well how both of these cities have been inundated with immigrants; which at the very least has engendered overcrowding.
But in reality the BAA is something, which has been very much in the fore of the mindsets of preceding generations. Most notably so, in the late 1880s, when pastoralists pertinently so in Queensland were importing coolie labourers from Asia, the Subcontinent and the Pacific islands. Their express objective was to have segregated and highly vulnerable groups of workers who they could ruthlessly exploit with low-wages and vile conditions. Of course, those very same sordid elements] are now pushing for workers to be brought into Australia from Asia and the Subcontinent on one of a canasta-pack of visas.
Luckily, for Australia’s sake back in January 1891, the local workers rose up in the form of the Amalgamated Shearers Union, to fight against the agendas of the Pastoralist Federation Council. They organised themselves to resist the schedules of pastoralists who wanted to import cheap workers to inhibit wages. The climax of those events began at Barcaldine on January 5 1891, when the workers/shearers marshalled their numbers to oppose Charles Fairburn who wanted the shearers to sign contracts to work for reduced pay. Those events gave birth to the original Australian Labor Party.
But not to be outdone by that setback several decades later in 1959, Edmund Hoyle Vestey who controlled vast tracks of land in northern Australia where he raised cattle, began engaging in surreptitious discussions with the British PM of that time, Harold Macmillan, for him to approve being able to seconder workers from India to head to to develop the Top End. However, that had to be put on an indefinite hold as Australia’s PM Robert Menzies made it perfectly clear that: “It would meet great opposition as the overwhelmingly number of Australians were adverse to this country accepting very large numbers of non-European immigrants. “
Dismantling the White Australia Policy was inherently necessary to invoking the scheme to de-Europeanise Australia.
However, Menzies wasn’t at all opposed to Australia dispensing with the White Australia Policy [WAP] - which, of course, had to be revoked in order to permit mass-non-European immigration into Australia. And this is proven by virtue of the WAP being technically dismantled whilst Menzies was PM even though it wasn’t actually ratified until Gough Whitlam was PM between 1973-5. But even though the WAP was overturned in that time, the innate catalyst to be able to impose the programme actually being instigated didn’t come to pass until a boat called the Tu Do, carrying 31 refugees fleeing the conflict in Vietnam, arrived in Darwin harbour on November 21 1976.
And it was with this specific event that, the progressive-minded elites within the establishment who were hell-bent upon inaugurating the scheme to de-Europeanise the country, gained their greatest opportunity to implement their vision. Effectively, the primary aspect of their scheme to achieve their agenda was to neutralise opposition, by overwhelming them, by bombarding them - with guilt.
Even so, there was still a great degree of resistance by a clear majority of Australians opposing refugees arrivals. So to allay the sentiments of those opposing refugees coming here the then PM, Malcolm Fraser, came out and assured us that Australia wouldn’t be accepting more than several thousands of refugees from Vietnam. Well, by the time Fraser lost office in March 1983, those “only several thousand refugees from Vietnam” had ballooned to the vicinity of 38,000, which eventually became 70,000, by the time Fraser’s successor Bob Hawke left office.
Bob Hawke and his government were the prime instigators of the plan to Asianise Australia. And his address at the PACRIM Conference in November 1986 indisputably designates that as being so!
It was during the tenure of Bob Hawke that the agenda to de-Europeanise the population of Australia was put into a veritable torpedo-schute. Near the end of 1984, when it was becoming abundantly clear that Australia was being Asianised [via mass-immigration] Bob Hawke was forced to come out and categorically deny that:
“It isn’t my intention or that of my government to Asianise Australia. In fact, by 2000, Asian born will only be 4% of the population. “
Of course, anyone old enough to recall what it was like back in December 1984 – and moreover in 2000 - can testify that when Hawke made his statement that by 1985 Asiatics were already at least 4% of Australia’s population. And by 2000, ABS figures officially designated that Asians comprised 8.9% of Australia’s population. For the record, the reason that prompted Hawke to deny that Australia was being Asianised, was because the Dean of Australian History at Melbourne university, Geoffrey Blainey, accused the Hawke government in a speech earlier in Warrnambool that Hawke’s government had an agenda to Asianise Australia.
Well, here in January 2020 all of what Blainey had predicted and indeed Hawke denied, has come to fruition. The Asiatic component [wherever they might be drawn from] of Australia’s population has risen to become 19% of Australia’s population. However, in Sydney and Melbourne the Asiatic component of those cities is over 30%. We should note too that other non Anglo-Celtic-European ethnicities residing in our two largest metropolises account for about 22% of the combined population. Therefore, rendering peoples of Anglo-Celtic-European backgrounds to be actual minorities in Sydney and Melbourne!
To ascertain that fact merely requires travelling on train and bus services emanating from the major CBDs of either to quickly observe that non white people are in many, many cases, not merely minorities of those travelling but are, indeed, absolute minorities! Note too that in 72 suburbs of Greater Sydney establishes that immigrants from non Anglo-Celtic-European cradles have totally usurped the former ethno-cultural groups.
Clearly, now that ‘whites’ have been reduced to being the overall ethnic minorities in our two largest cities, designates that in the not too distant future, the newcomers will assert themselves to gain preeminence socially or, moreover, politically. Well, when that occurs we can only conclude Australia will be totally fractured on the very two elements that progressive-minded liberals absolutely abhor. And that, of course, is a society divided on race and culture!
But how amazing it is to construe that, those incredibly deluded partisans [guilt-ridden, bleeding-hearts] who have worked tirelessly, over the past 40 or so years, to raze Australia’s ethno-cultural essences from being European, into becoming factions of groups within a geographical sphere, can’t realise that what their ideology has spawned is the demise of fair-go society. It will have collapsed into one whereby the various ethno-cultural groups that have swamped Australia in the past two decades have become so large they are entities unto themselves and will inevitably act to assert their self-serving agendas
The Price is Reich!

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Australian town RUNS OUT of water after Chinese company was given the green light to take H2O from drought-stricken area

A drought-ravaged town has run out of water just weeks after a Chinese company was given the go-ahead to run a commercial water extraction facility in the region

Chinese Water Fountain

Stanthorpe in Queensland's Southern Downs is now fully dependent on 42 truckloads of water a day brought in from a dam 60km to the north.

The local dam for the town of 5,000 people has dipped to just 11 per cent of capacity, with those living in Stanthorpe limited to 80 litres of water per person a day

Southern Downs Regional Council tightened the water restrictions last month just one day after approving the development of a mining operation 40km away at the Queensland border town of Cherrabah.

The 'full-time water carting' from Connolly Dam consists of 1.3 megalitres per day and mayor Tracy Dobie said the operation is the biggest of its kind by an Australian local government.

'We've now commenced full trucking of water. There's 14 trucks doing three trips a day,' she said

'Council promised the community we would not run out of water.

'The initial stages of water carting went extremely well and without incident. We will now move to full-time water carting to provide water to the Stanthorpe Region.'

Remaining local reserves will be kept back for emergency use.

Despite the water importation, the 80-litre restriction will remain in place - four times less than the average individual water consumption of 340 litres per day according to Riverina Water

Cr Dobie said further measures to maintain the water supply could involve a pipeline to Toowoomba and Warwick - to the north of Stanthorpe.

Then in mid-December, the Southern Downs Regional Council approved the development of the mining operation about 40km away at Cherrabah on the border with New South Wales

In a cruel twist, those living in Stanthorpe and Warwick to the north saw their water restrictions cut to 80 litres per person just one day after the water mining approval.

The council has told its ratepayers the restriction translates to no more than 90 seconds of shower time using a non-water efficient shower head. 

Those living near the site set to be mined by Joyful View, which is owned by two Chinese investors, hit out at the council decision given the region's dwindling supplies

'I don't understand how it is allowed to happen,' one resident told The Guardian.

'If that water drains away from the shallow aquifers, it affects our long-term viability.'

The company plan to transport the water to a Gold Coast bottling plant, according to council documents.

The council are reportedly aware of land owners shipping water outside of the region, according to local newspaper the Southern Free Times.

Just comming and raping Australia like a locust plague! The traitors want the economy up and they want it now! As long as they profit they will not appease the Chink (insect race)
The Price is Reich!

Find me on Stormfront as QueJumpingAfghan where I have been banned!

Based in Adelaide South Australia - The South of central Australia
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