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Title: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 05 May 2013 at 01:21
See Must Watch Video: Australia's Chink Problem


Chinky Investors Buying Australia:
Property, Business & Politicians 4 Sale

http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/realestate/news/foreign-cash-stacks-up-in-western-australias-property-market/story-fndbo05k-1226625223501 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/realestate/news/foreign-cash-stacks-up-in-western-australias-property-market/story-fndbo05k-1226625223501)

FOREIGN investment in Western Australia's property market has doubled in recent years, with experts fearing it is adding to the rising cost of real estate.

Latest data from the Foreign Investment Review Board shows that overseas investment in WA properties increased from 368 in 2009-10 to 877 in 2011-12.

Real estate agents said about one in 10 off-the-plan apartments in Perth were now bought by Chinese investors.

Metropole Property Strategists director Michael Yardney said local buyers could be caught paying too much for off-the-plan apartments because the presence of cashed-up foreign buyers was keeping prices artificially high.

"Over the last few years local buyer interest from investors has been poor,'' Mr Yardney said. "
This means many projects have gotten off the ground due to a large number of pre-sales to foreign residents.

   "On completion, valuations for many off-the-plan purchases have come in 10 per cent to 15 per cent below contract price. Unfortunately some local investors have also been caught and paid too much for the properties.''

Mr Yardney said foreign buyers were happy to pay higher prices for Australian real estate because it was a stable asset in a politically and economically stable country.

Mark Butler, managing director of WA company Otan Property Funds Management, said there had been growing interest in WA property in the past two years from foreign investors and from Chinese investors in particular.

He attributed the growing interest to the Sydney and Melbourne markets slowing down, WA's strong business relationship with China and the recent rush to secure Chinese investment by government and industry.

Mr Butler said while foreign investors had helped get apartment developments off the ground in Perth, he had seen no evidence of their investment artificially inflating prices.

Mark Hay Realty Group principal Mark Hay also said Chinese investment in WA, though still less than in Sydney or Melbourne, had increased across the board.

Real Estate 88 director Jasmyn Wright, whose company is selling the Adagio Apartments in the city, said many Chinese buyers were attracted to the high standard of schooling in WA.

"We've had a number of clients come down and buy a property their kids can live in while they go to school here and when the kids go home, they sell the property and pay for the kids' schooling with the profits,'' she said.

I noticed in yesterday's Advertiser that the high end properties are now advertised in Mandarin in Adelaide. Geez! Aren't those rich buggers in a hurry to flood our nation with those "locusts"?
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 05 May 2013 at 02:01
Hmmm, this will be a grave concern. It just goes to show that it is everyone who lives in Australia who will be affected by foreign investment. The Chinese are a superpower who are dominating our economic lives and a level that is even more radical than the Jews who run the main financial corporations. We ship all our production/resources to China whom make a mint out of producing goods and selling them back to us with which they will then buy up our natural resources and real estate. It's no wonder whites are a shrinking demographic, so many of us cannot afford our own homes to support and raise a family.

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 09 May 2013 at 01:35
The thing is .. mining may be a major power in the Australian economy. The problem there is, Europe and America is broke and can't afford to buy a lot of Chinese made products. If they can't afford it, the Chinese won't buy from us.That leaves us out of pocket only left to sell resources to them that they are stockpiling.

I am absolutely sick of our jobs getting outsourced internally and externally and employers saying "PART TIME ,CONTRACT, CASUAL". Who can even get a bank loan to get a place if that is all you ever hear? Nobody wants to give you hours.

Nobody cares about grooming Australia's prosperity for Australians. All they seem to want to do is "Give it away to Chinese". They would rather sell the houses to Chinks and give the University places to the Chinks too! It is very clear the greedy devils of big business want to replace us and they don't give  a stuff if we have to compete with the likes of them for anything!

Why else would they be so hell bent on advertising luxury homes in Mandarin script and conducting auctions in Mandarin!?
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 09 May 2013 at 07:43
Image taken from http://redrobinchronicles.wordpress.com/2010/09/10/pay-dna/ (http://redrobinchronicles.wordpress.com/2010/09/10/pay-dna/)

As always, our countries' losing financial self sufficiency - along with global and racial credibility - is the fault of a greedy few. While the racial demographics of some of our cities and even states have gone black - so to say - and fallen on hard times, there is nothing stopping us taking back our lands, except for our foolish reliance on political leadership, and our need - or should that be greed? - for a life of resplendent luxury. We all know the problem, and we know that as good as it feels, endless griping about any problem will not bring about a solution to that problem, so forget the griping, here's the solution:

Boycott all large industry, big business, chain stores and mainstream media. Don't quibble about White jobs going down the gurgler. Nobody will give a damn until they cannot afford their beer and football, so why should we give a damn about those who's only care in the world is beer and football? Boycott the damned lot and have them fight for themselves now, rather than have their children or grand children fight for them in a generation or two.

Encourage all small and White businesses. ... Encourage Private Enterprise: Market stall holders, people who work from home.

You want to screw over the phone companies, K-Mart and the other million Marts out there, then buy straight from China for a severe discount. If you think that is wrong, then continue paying for your clothes made by Chinks, imported to Australia, America and Europe, then bumped up in price to pay the middle Jew. Think about it, cut out the middle Jew.

Politics: Unless you have a political party that agrees with our methods, vote Independent and screw up the two party political system. Forget the hype! Politics should be no more than activism at the grass root. If the party does not work on behalf of the White Race, then that party must go. If the party cannot explain itself in simple terminology to the average White man or woman, then the party is useless to that White man and woman and must go. So either don't vote, or only vote to disrupt the corrupt system.

In essence, drive out big, corrupt big business and put your weight behind wholesome, local business, and those in the big business sector that survive will either appoint their Stalin, or they will change.

Simplistic to the extreme; my methods have their benefits and their faults - which any economist or political strategist could point out - but what matters is that you don't need a fistful of degrees in the social sciences to understand that they will work IF we all pull together and ultimately do what is good for the White Race.

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 09 May 2013 at 08:14
There may be some white small businesses but it is getting harder and harder to support them and a man can only buy what a man can  afford.

You can visit a Sunday market and buy your produce if you have access to one, yes this is the least corporate way to buy the food . The problem is few white people are selling the food. The rest are either Middle Easterners or Asians or Subcontinentals. Just go to the Gepps cross market on Sunday in Adelaide and I reckon if you wanted to rid the city of all the rubbish you'd bomb the place on a Sunday morning. Easily the most multi-culti experience you'd experience in town!

Go try buy a snack anywhere from a place that isn't white owned and operated.. now that is a challenge! Get a cab that is white owned and operated.. CHALLENGE! Buying petrol from white owned and operated? CHALLENGE!

Look at all the old churches being given to the Koreans with Asian text on the boards out the front.. or turning into Mosques.

The political 2 party system. You can try establish a political party that is independent however who does their preferences go to at the end of the system?
So you run for politics? You wanna get elected? well that'll mean sucking up to the ZOG media so they'll make you look good and all the adversaries in the campaign look bad... but what are you going to do to sell your soul to the devils there?

I look around I see Vietnamese people networking in their communities and getting their own involved in the martial arts groups, preparing their "soldiers" for combat.
I see Lebs being the "Squeaky wheel getting the most oil" Akmal getting his 100 cousins angry is not advisable.Their little enclave is gathering momentum and community spirit.

Where are the white people? Beer, Footy, Gadgets, Hollywood, Westfield, Drugs, Nightclubs, Casinos.
People on the dole by being displaced by outsourcing internally and externally. Women who have 2 kids + that the child isn't younger than 8 missing out on Government assistance having no options other than pumping out more kids or pole dancing!No employment for them since retail is self serve and the outsourcing. Pensioners missing out on Pension because the government can't afford to pay them.
Who's being getting the money instead? Boongs and refugees!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 09 May 2013 at 11:03
So we need to bring down the government, and the only way of doing that is bringing down the big money that supports it. Bring all Whites to our level, and give them something to fight for, a government to fight with, and a future to demand. Anything short of Racial Holy War will continue to be the Lawfare with which the greedy White and the Jew uber alles keeps us hamstrung.

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 09 May 2013 at 14:22
Hmm kinda like the plot of "Hunter"by William Pearce AKA Andrew McDonnald.
The Hunter by Andrew MacDonald / William Luther Pierce : Andrew MacDonald / William Luther Pierce : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive (http://www.archive.org/download/http://archive.org/details/TheHunterByAndrewMacdonaldWilliamLutherPierce)
read this book online here.
http://www.onread.com/fbreader/1072627/ (http://www.onread.com/fbreader/1072627/)
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 22 May 2013 at 00:54
http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/05/22/321160_nt-business.html (http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/05/22/321160_nt-business.html)
  THE Chinese Government wants to expand trade to the Territory and is seeking energy and minerals, high-ranking diplomats has told a mining summit held in Darwin.
Chinese embassy official Qui Deya said China would soon increase the level of its business activity.
 "China's business pace will be reaching out beyond China's territory," he told the Australia China Minerals Investment Summit.
"Energy and resources will be a very important sector for Chinese businesses coming to Australia."
Mr Qui noted the Territory's rich endowment of minerals and said with "great empowerment from investment" Chinese companies would participate in the sector.
China Chamber of Commerce Australia chairman Hu Shanjun said his organisation had 220 members in four southern states representing mining, finance, tourism and agriculture.     "There is a strong hope in the not too distant future to have membership in the NT and SA," he said.

Now look what the Abbo head pollies goes on to say  :-\

Chief Minister Adam Giles acknowledged China as being in the top three export destinations last year, taking manganese, mineral ores, zinc and lead.
He said Darwin was the Australian capital of Asia and the Government was seeking to advance Territory infrastructure.

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 22 May 2013 at 12:53
The amount of Chinese presently in Australia, and the fact that they're taking charge of so many of our natural resources, and seemingly the economic control of all of an entire states resources really does emphasize how much of a threat communist China is to the white race. I have noticed that the Chinese government, and the people, seems to operate in a way similar to what we creators propose for our white racial state of the future. Like us creators, the chinese want to be the dominant economic power on the planet, they want to secure all of the Earth's resources for themselves. Which is what we want for the white race.

There will be bitter times in the future when these two worlds clash.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 22 May 2013 at 23:55
Yes very bitter times ahead.  :( . They had the right idea during the Gold rush to kick out the Insect race.
Unfortunately the same thing is happening again. Everywhere you look there is Asians, working away like little ant colonies. Taking jobs and working longer hours for less, going with the flow of the employer offering no challenge to any contemptious work conditions or penny pinching the employer tries to pull.

If it isn't that , they are making stuff for cheaper elsewhere and nobody is interested in keeping Australian jobs here or buying Australian products.

http://tools.ntnews.com.au/stories/54612199.php (http://tools.ntnews.com.au/stories/54612199.php)
FORD Australia is set to drop a bombshell on the car industry, announcing the closure of its Broadmeadows car factory and its Geelong engine plant.
The struggling car-maker has sent out a media alert about an impending announcement later this morning, believed to be 10.45am.
Ford was due to release its financial results today but News Limited has been told the media conference is about "more than that".
Confidential sources say that Ford Australia will become an import-only brand. It is unclear when the factories will close but Ford was due to introduce a facelifted Falcon and Territory next year.
 :o >:( ::)

It is so damn obvious the Government wants to replace us with rubbish from all over Asia. We have no say in it at all!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 24 May 2013 at 00:40
http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/05/24/321259_ntnews.html (http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/05/24/321259_ntnews.html)

THE NT Government could raise as much as $160 million by June through a new visa for rich foreign investors.
Would-be migrants don't need to learn English or pass the points test, unlike other applicants, as long as they have $5 million to invest.
Nominations for a four-year 188 Significant Investor Visa can be granted in return for loaning the NT Government $5 million through investing in NT Treasury bonds, or by buying into companies whose projects are deemed as being of direct benefit to the Territory.
After four years, 188 visa holders can get permanent residency after passing health and character tests - even if they have only spent 160 days in Australia.
The new visa rule took effect on November 24 and the nation's states and territories have already received 436 expressions of interest worth a potential $2.2 billion.
The state or territory governments can nominate attractive applicants who then apply to the Immigration Department for the visa.
Accounting firm KPMG director of China practice Tim Lu told a mining conference in Darwin that 222 nominations worth $1.1 billion had been issued by governments to March 2013 of which 212 were to Chi- nese applicants.
 "The majority of the Chinese community is going to Melbourne and Sydney," he said.
Most applicants, 101 in total, were looking to invest in New South Wales with 81 in Victoria, 29 in Queensland, eight in Western Australia and three in South Australia.
"The majority (of the money) is going to government bonds," he said. Mr Lu said that was because bonds were easier to operate as an investment.
The NT Government has not yet issued any nominations but is negotiating with a number of people.
Business Department Workforce Growth director Mary Martin told a mining conference in Darwin this week that the Territory had the potential to take up to 32 migrants through the program this financial year.
But there is no upper limit or specific number on how many visas can be issued.

As you can see here the Asians don't invade Australia with Submarines in Sydney Harbour and bombing towns like :- Mossman QLD, Darwin NT etc . All they come with now is:- suits, contracts, ties, briefcases and chequebooks.

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 28 May 2013 at 02:45
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 02 June 2013 at 03:09
PropertyIS - Darwin Oil and Gas Seminar (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKTpIttai1c#ws)
oh yeah so great this Australia place is! how about we just give it all away to Gooks so we can retire all old and fat and .. who cares about our white kids.. they'll have nothing to inherit by the time the gook locust plague makes it's hive here.
Darwin Australia Investment Property (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elmmZzrZYr0#ws)
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 03 June 2013 at 15:49
 ;D  Ahhh ! those were the days "Get the Coloured men out and the white men in".
Now the game the c**ts in power play is "get the white man out and the coloured man in" >:(
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 04 June 2013 at 10:36
Amount of SA land owned by foreign interests a mystery

Miles Kemp | Adelaide Advertiser (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/) | 2 June 2013

http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/amount-of-sa-land-owned-by-foreign-interests-a-mystery/story-e6frea83-1226655457580 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/amount-of-sa-land-owned-by-foreign-interests-a-mystery/story-e6frea83-1226655457580)

THE Government does not know how much of the state's land has been sold to foreign interests and where it is, an inquiry has revealed.

The admission has been made in the State Government's contribution to an inquiry looking into whether a national foreign land register should be established.

Independent Senator for SA Nick Xenophon likened the admission to the 1995 Hollywood movie Clueless, which pillories the main character as vacant and superficial. [more ... (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/amount-of-sa-land-owned-by-foreign-interests-a-mystery/story-e6frea83-1226655457580)]
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 06 June 2013 at 23:26
'Senator Xenophon said that if the State Government did not know which land was foreign owned it could have consequences for food security into the future, if foreign interests prioritised feeding their own people before Australians.'

Which is precisely what they'll do as the world's population inflates and food is scarce. These politicans insist on creating a bleak future whereby we won't be able to eat and clothe ourselves less we cooperate with communist China and give them our assets. Of course the Chinese will feed the Chinese people before taking care of the interests of the white race. All this does is prove how important racial loyalty is for the survival of our race and that racial treason truly is the ultimate sin.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 08 June 2013 at 08:08
Well I am seeing  is going on in Darwin right now. There is a lot of oil and Gas extraction here on our turf by Japanese company Inpex. Australians need the Gas to power projects like the Aluminium bauxite mine in Nhulunbuy. The problem is even though we have a lot of gas.. they Japanese company is selling to an Asian market at a higher profit that what it could to us.. and they don't care if we need the gas or not! They'll get bigger profits in Asia.

This is only one screwed up thing about Inpex! Darwin has a high demand for accommodation and there isn't enough to go around. Inpex has snapped up all the rental properties from the market for their employees and everyone else is suffering! To make things worse there are white traitors who are going around conducting seminars on how to be a property tycoon and sell our land off to chinks! Darwin is just going to be for mining and military.. and chinks.one of the world most costly places to live!

Think of what those soldiers who gave their blood sweat and tears for think of them just for handing our land over to the chinks? They don't come with subs in Sydney harbour and bombs in Mossman QLD or Darwin anylonger. It is chinks with briefcases and ties and chequebooks!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 09 June 2013 at 14:41
http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-06-09/engineering-industry-undergoing-brain-drain-as-infrastructure-pr/4741046 (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-06-09/engineering-industry-undergoing-brain-drain-as-infrastructure-pr/4741046)
Australia's engineering industry is undergoing a major contraction with one insider saying up to 7,000 jobs have been lost in the past six months.
The mining slowdown is having an impact, but the problem has been compounded by a lack of private and government investment in big infrastructure projects in some states.
Global consulting firm Hyder has cut 10 per cent of its workforce since December.
Regional managing director Greg Steele says he has also taken a pay cut.
"My estimate across the country as far as consulting engineers is 5,000 to 7,000 people made redundant since Christmas," he said.
"Particularly Queensland and Victoria, [with] government spending down. [It's] very tough, we're scrambling for work."
Mr Steele said New South Wales and Western Australia were the only states where there was a healthy amount of work.
Professor John Wilson from Engineers Australia wants better long-term infrastructure planning from governments to keep workforces stable.
"The knowledge is critical," he said.
"It's not the sort of thing you can just switch on and switch off. It takes a while to build up a knowledge workforce and a skilled workforce.
"The catch is, when you start to lose your jobs due to some short-term demand hiccups, when we do need the skills, skills have either migrated interstate or overseas."
The Federal Government says the creation of Infrastructure Australia shows it is thinking long-term, while many state governments contacted by the ABC pointed to big infrastructure projects in the pipeline.
But a spokesperson for the Queensland's Infrastructure Minister, Jeff Seeney, said the Government was also "continuing the difficult task we began last year to rebuild the state's finances".
Adding to the engineering industry's woes at the moment is the movement of work offshore.
Mr Steele says the expense of Australian engineers means many global consultancies are being forced to give work to cheaper, overseas offices in order to win contracts.
"[The] Australian dollar rose, our salaries rose because of all the work here in Australia and we've become uncompetitive globally," he said.
"So part of our work is now in Manila and Bangalore."
He says given the flow of work offshore, it cannot be guaranteed Australian engineering jobs will come back, even when government spending picks up again.
"I think there's had to be a real structural shift," he said.
"The reality is we'll have to get work done overseas. And I'm not sure [the jobs will] all come back."
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 09 June 2013 at 14:45
http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-06-05/foreign-investment-rules-discriminate-against/4733942?section=business (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-06-05/foreign-investment-rules-discriminate-against/4733942?section=business)
The Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett, says Australia's foreign investment rules are holding back Chinese investment in Australia. Mr Barnett, who is in Beijing discussing trade, says while Japan and the US get special treatment when it comes to investment, China's state owned enterprises are poorly treated and the Gillard Government or a new coalition government under Tony Abbott should strike out the outdated foreign investment rules.

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 24 June 2013 at 12:30
http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/06/24/322156_ntnews.html (http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/06/24/322156_ntnews.html)  TERRITORIANS described as "lefty and welfare-orientated" troublemakers have been warned not to hinder the NT Government's proposal to send problem drunks into mandatory rehabilitation.
Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles said: "I believe these people have a right to the best medical treatment available instead of going through the revolving door of protective (police) custody - it's about the rights of those who suffer."
Mr Giles yesterday sent a clear message to those who opposed the scheme: "Get out of the way, piss off."
The comments came during Mr Giles' speech about his direction for the NT's future at the CLP central council meeting.
He used the soapbox to flog the Federal and former NT governments.
Mr Giles said his mission was to grow the NT economy while looking after the environment and addressing entrenched social issues.
    He said investors needed to know "we are open for business and open in the way we do business".
"It's not just about Darwin and Alice Springs, we need to break the cycle of welfare dependency and create real jobs for people in the bush," he said.
"We must ensure assets are managed sustainably ... environment and sacred sites can be protected while we grow the economy.
"We are the gateway to Asia - we need to rip off the gate."
Mr Giles said the Ord River Scheme framework to make northern Australia a national food bowl - an idea environmentalists dubbed a "dinosaur" - would be ready by mid-2014.
He also announced the NT would review the Federal Government's SIHIP bush housing scheme.
"We are going to find out where the money really went," he said.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 06 July 2013 at 10:13
http://www.gwelodevelopments.com.au/pdfs/gwelo_newsletter_april_13_issue3.pdf (http://www.gwelodevelopments.com.au/pdfs/gwelo_newsletter_april_13_issue3.pdf)
Read the second page of the PDF here.
It reads:-
"Chinese eye Darwin Market".
Chinese investors are taking an interest in Territory property market. Grant Grantham of Raine and Horne, said that a curb on home ownership in China was driving investors towards Australia - particularly the boom city of Darwin. Darwin's close proximity to Asia is another factor that is sure to appeal to Chinese investors.
Seems to me this "Gwelo developments group" who can be observed here.
http://www.gwelodevelopments.com.au (http://www.gwelodevelopments.com.au)
 is setting up seminars to make Australians into property tycoons who are willing to give up their nation to China and die off rich and fat, while their sons and daughters are slaves to Chinese overlords.
I am tired of the traitors and their " embrace China , if you can't beat them, join them" attitudes.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 09 August 2013 at 14:57
http://tools.ntnews.com.au/stories/54989662.php (http://tools.ntnews.com.au/stories/54989662.php)
WOULD-BE home buyers are being denied the Great Australian Dream, with house prices soaring to seven times the average household income.
A decade ago, a typical home cost just four times the average household income.
Fewer than half of Australia's 24 to 35-year-olds are homeowners, with the rate of home ownership crashing from 61 per cent in 1981 to 47 per cent in 2011.

And the proportion of Australians spending more than a third of their income on mortgage repayments has jumped 20 per cent since 2006.
Established house prices have grown an average of 6.7 per cent each year over the past decade, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare said in a new report yesterday.

It warned first home buyers were being locked out of the market, despite record low interest rates.
"Strong house price growth affects households differently, with some homeowners and investors enjoying a surge in wealth while potential first home buyers may be locked out of home ownership in a private rental market where rents have risen strongly in recent years,'' it said.
The institute's director, David Kalisch, said the boom in house prices before the global financial crisis, combined with higher unemployment, was putting housing out of reach for some gen Y buyers.

"There is difficulty for some young adults to break into the labour market,'' he said.
"There is a trend to stay in education longer, and establish relationships later.''
Mr Kalisch said Australians were now more likely to have a mortgage, than to own their home outright.

"Many are refinancing, and with house prices going up people are not taking out higher loans and taking longer to pay them off,'' he said.
The report shows Australians are living in bigger houses the proportion of homes with more than four bedrooms has doubled to 30 per cent since 1986.

Australian Council for Social Service chief executive Cassandra Goldie yesterday said Gen Ys were pushing rents higher because they could not afford to buy.
"People who previously would be buying their first home are not able to do so, so they're bidding up the price of rents substantially in all the major cities,'' she said.

"If we don't fix the housing crisis in Australia we will see a growing rate of poverty.

:-\  Gee! wonder why in '81 61% of the people had their own homes and now more recently in 2011 it's down to 41% ? ??? 
Could it be that back in 1981 the Brown and Yellow people weren't allowed to invest in our property market and compete with us ???
 :-\ Why are the people of Generation Y struggling with employment? Could it be it is due to the fact corporate bigwigs rather outsource work internally and externally now?
Well if they don't fix this housing crisis they'll see a growing rate of poverty? Perhaps for white people! for the rising class of Asians who are cashed up and have been allowed to buy us out they'll be occupying our homes!
 :-\ How are they going to fix this problem if they are serious about it? I say shut the doors here and re-introduce the white Australia policy!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 10 August 2013 at 14:13
http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/08/07/323668_realestate.html (http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/08/07/323668_realestate.html)
DARWIN house prices have hit a new record high, but price performances have been patchy in some areas like Tennant Creek, according to the most comprehensive set of Territory real estate figures.
 The Real Estate Institute NT's Real Estate Local Market report shows median house prices in Darwin have risen 3.4 per cent in the June quarter to hit $612,000.
REINT chief executive Quentin Kilian said it was a new record for the Greater Darwin area.
"It's the highest it's ever been," Mr Kilian said.
House prices took a tumble after 2008 and while increases had been spectacular it has taken some time to get back to pre-crash highs.
 Unit prices in Greater Darwin rose 9.2 per cent on the quarter to hit $464,000.
Median rent for a two-bedroom unit in Greater Darwin rose to $485 a week but yields fell from 5.8 per cent to 5.4 per cent largely due to rising prices.
Tennant Creek median house prices fell 10.5 per cent on the quarter but were up 11 per cent on the same quarter last year - but the market there is small and numbers are volatile with just one sale able to skew them.
Katherine prices and rents went up again with Mr Kilian saying the NT Government had made the right decision to release a big tranche of land in the town.
Mr Kilian said "Nimby" groups had been saying not to release land - but it was necessary.
Unit prices were flat in Alice Springs for the quarter and down 5.7 per cent over the same quarter last year.
Rents for houses and units also fell compared with the same quarter last year.
But the silver lining for the Centralian town was in house prices, with the median rising 4.9 per cent on the quarter to hit $469,500

Well with our "friend" from the Gwello developments group selling seminars for selling all the property BLATANTLY to the Asians in Darwin who can be surprised?
As for Tennant creek home prices slumping? Well who really wants to live there? That is an ugly place full of Boongs ! Not even the gooks find it appealing to invest there.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 21 August 2013 at 13:35
http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/08/21/324098_ntnews.html (http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/08/21/324098_ntnews.html)
ABOUT 3500 workers will be bussed in and out of Darwin International Airport when the Inpex project hits peak construction.
Workers will get off the plane and straight on the Buslink VIVO coaches.
At peak construction, 72 buses will run between the airport to the Howard Springs workers camp and the Blaydin Point work site.
A JKC spokesperson said some contractors would work on different rosters, with some working three weeks on then one week off while others might do four weeks on and one week off.
When they finished their rostered duties, they would have to leave the Howard Springs camp.
Philippine Airlines assistant vice-president of government affairs Jose E.L. Perez de Tagle has said more than 50 per cent of the 1092 passengers flying in and out of Darwin on the airline's new daily service would initially be FIFO workers.  Two legged insect people robbing from us!    It is not known how many fly-in-fly-out workers would come from overseas sources, as JKC was not able to say.
But the spokesperson said most of the international FIFO workers would not come from the Philippines.
It is also not known whether they would come in under a regional migration agreement, a free trade agreement or 457 visas. Instead, JKC project director John Bramley said JKC was a global joint venture with a culturally diverse workforce.

Just great? A culturally diverse workforce! Even better and more "exciting term"?" Global joint venture" Now lets all go hold hands under the rainbow and sing "what a wonderful world ". Let's all try and hype some B/S free trade agreement where Bigwigs can legally get bug eyed gook slaves to take our jobs!

"We are constantly monitoring our labour requirements and that of our subcontractors," he said.

Guess that means they have a HR team finding loop-holes to get these Phillipino slaves in here?

"JKC expects to source the majority of the workforce needed for construction of the Ichthys Project onshore LNG facilities from within Australia.
"In the event that labour for specific occupations cannot be located or trained within Australia some workers may come from international destinations."
Electrical Trades Union NT organiser Paul Kirby said a memorandum of understanding and an enterprise agreement both stated JKC would exhaust all local and national employment opportunities before they investigate overseas options.
About 4000 workers are expected to be needed to build the Ichthys gas facility.
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  http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/09/02/324413_ntnews.html (http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2013/09/02/324413_ntnews.html)
A CHINESE state-owned company has been fined $14,850 for paying workers as little as $1.90 an hour.
China Sanan Engineering Construction Corporation was investigated by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship when it used Chinese workers to assess and supervise the dismantling and removal of heavy equipment at the former Mitsubishi site in Adelaide from October 2009 to June 2010.

The Fair Work Ombudsman said it became involved as there were claims the company was paying workers as little as $1.90 per hour.
The matter went to the Federal Circuit Court which accepted evidence that after the workers returned home to China they were paid wages that met Australian minimum wage requirements.
Federal Circuit Court Judge Denys Simpson fined the company $14,850 for breaching workplace law relating to frequency of payments which requires employers to pay  employees wages at least monthly.

The company was fined because the wages were paid  only after the workers returned home  to China.

Damn those sneaky employers in Australia who get these slaves to take our work.. the cheek of it all!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/business/companies/holden-factory-should-be-sold-to-the-chinese-expert/story-fni0d54v-1226717216719 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/business/companies/holden-factory-should-be-sold-to-the-chinese-expert/story-fni0d54v-1226717216719)

HOLDEN'S car factory should be sold to - or create an alliance with - a Chinese company, says the industry expert who drafted the controversial plan that forced Holden, Toyota and Nissan to share their locally-made cars in the 1980s. 
Dr Nicholas Gruen, an economic policy adviser to two Federal Government ministers and a former head of a Productivity Commission Inquiry also said if Australian car manufacturing were shut down it's "not a catastrophe, it's unfortunate".

He suggested the Australian manufacturing facilities owned by Holden and Ford should be sold to or have an alliance formed with a Chinese company.

Dr Gruen said governments needed to attach more conditions to any future handouts.
"We've already committed to throwing a fair bit of money at this industry for good or for bad, how can we can think about doing it in the most constructive way possible?" said Dr Gruen.
Despite being pledged $5.4 billion in taxpayer funding over 10 years the Australian car manufacturing industry is on the brink since Ford announced it would close its factories in October 2016.

The parts supply base that typically manufactures components for all three local car makers will need to survive on the outputs of Holden and Toyota once Ford closes.
It means the industry will likely need more taxpayer assistance to make fewer parts and vehicles while employing fewer people.

The local car industry is being crippled because Australia has high labour costs and a strong currency compared to other car-making countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
Low import tariffs, meanwhile, have helped foreign cars crush the sales dominance of the locally-made Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/realestate/lleyton-hewitt8217s-west-lakes-mansion-back-on-market-at-3m/story-fni0c830-1226727234748?utm_source=The%20Advertiser&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=editorial&net_sub_uid=81520781 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/realestate/lleyton-hewitt8217s-west-lakes-mansion-back-on-market-at-3m/story-fni0c830-1226727234748?utm_source=The%20Advertiser&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=editorial&net_sub_uid=81520781)
LLEYTON Hewitt’s family hopes fresh marketing, including promotion in China, and an improved market will help sell the tennis star’s long-vacant $3 million West Lakes house.                                       
The palatial home in Adelaide’s west is now listed on realestate.com.au (http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-west+lakes-105330730)                and Harcourts Aqua agent Steve von der Borch, who is selling the home, said he expected increased interest in the property.
Hewitt’s parents Glynn and Cherilyn Hewitt have granted Mr von der Borch permission to upload more photos of the 29 Martin Court property, giving homebuyers their first real look inside the tennis superstar’s home.
“We’re not selling a secret anymore and we can make a bit of noise about it, so we’ve put it up online and will put it up on an international website and very likely it will form part of what we’ll take to China for a property exhibition in Shanghai in December,” Mr von der Borch said.

Yes, China is the answer to our money problems.. who cares If our kids have Asian overlords owning everything? I'll light a cigar and retire and die.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-10-02/fullerton-high-stakes/4289756 (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-10-02/fullerton-high-stakes/4289756)

The much anticipated release of Dr Ken Henry's White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century is sure to raise the stakes on foreign ownership. In part two of her investigation, ABC's Ticky Fullerton looks at the politics around Chinese agricultural investment.

As everyone obsesses about Cubbie Station and Tasmanian dairies, what's fallen off the radar is a tender for a huge chunk of land with its attached water rights in the Kimberley region of Western Australia: the $311 million Stage-2 expansion of the Ord development.

The announcement of the winner was expected from the Government in mid-July, but commercial terms for the tender are being altered. Politically the delay is very convenient.

Unlike Cubbie, the Ord tender has a competitive bid from a local cattle company. The Australian Agricultural Company (AACo), which owns about 1.1 per cent of Australia's land mass, is competing to develop the 15,000 hectares of land. The other front runner is a Shanghai-based company, the Zhongfu Group, whose bid was reportedly assisted by Bob Hawke. The Australian reported (Paywall) that Zhongfu believes it actually needs 30,000-40,000 hectares of sugar crops in the region.

Barnaby Joyce has weighed in here too - this time after it was made public in May that Trade Minister Craig Emerson had been working for a year on a joint study with the Chinese government to examine policy changes needed for large scale investment by Chinese agricultural interests in undeveloped land in northern Australia. That was a red rag to a bull for Senator Joyce.

Senator Joyce went as far as to suggest that Craig Emerson, a former economic adviser to Mr Hawke in the '80s, was "following on the heels of his former boss... who does not hide, but he's involved in selling large parts of regional Australia to the Chinese."

An apoplectic Dr Emerson hit back. He denied any knowledge of Mr Hawke acting for Zhongfu in the tender process until he read about it in The Australian. He called (Paywall) Senator Joyce's comments a "disgraceful slur".

On The Business in June AACo's chief executive David Farley raised issues of possible government bias over the Ord, in the middle of the tender process.

The Australian's reported Bob Hawke's relationship with the - one of the proponents for the bid. We've read today that our Trade Minister Emerson has been promoting the product - the development itself in China. Obviously there's an influence there.

Emerson hit back again about his joint investment study.

...there is no proposal, despite what Senator Joyce and Senator Heffernan are saying, for foreign investors to come in here, buy up the Australian farm, dedicate the production to their home markets and not sell it on the market.

As the Trade Minister, and not Treasurer, Emerson is not formally part of the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approvals process. Yet the political backdrop is interesting.

An astute China watcher I spoke with recently observed the unhappiness among Chinese officials at the recent building up of Australia's ties with America and that Craig Emerson's Joint Study to encourage Chinese investment is to some degree an appeasement.

Furthermore, there are an ever increasing number of former politicians turned lobbyists actively working for Chinese firms looking at buying into Australia; including Bob Hawke, Alexander Downer and John Brumby. And when John Howard told a conference (Paywall) in China that foreign investment should be welcomed "without any sense of conditionality" he was speaking as global co-chairman of the Asia Pacific CEO Association, one of the summit's sponsors. All of this means interactions between lobbyists and cabinet ministers, particularly the Treasurer, who has sole discretion over any foreign investment decision referred from FIRB, have to be squeaky clean. Interesting times indeed.

As it turns out Zhongfu is not a State Owned Entity - that is what they clearly told me via the ABC's Beijing office in July. But then neither is telecom services provider Huawei, banned from bidding for the NBN for national security reasons. So if a concern with State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) is that the state might use its leverage to intervene, then what of commercial companies like Huawei where there are questionable ties with the Chinese Communist Party? Could they be influenced to operate in the Chinese national interest if directed?

For David Farley the playing field is skewed on so many levels; foreign investment needs a complete rethink. SOEs have deep pockets, cheaper funding costs, and don't necessarily look to make commercial returns. In a recent conversation with me he pointed to private equity like TPG skipping off with its massive tax play on Myer. He said they can structure themselves smartly in a way that companies like his just can't. That goes for capital gains, depreciation, and even passive investment income.

"At the moment we are making it attractive for foreign capital to participate and harvest good reward from and take out of the country without it being to the benefit of the country", Mr Farley told (PDF) the Senate committee examining the FIRB's national interest test.

Not 15 years ago, when AMP had the massive Stanbroke Pastoral, I remember driving through the Namoi Valley past National Mutual-owned cotton farms. They are all gone. The capital growth plays of the '90s have been overtaken by an aging baby boom generation wanting dividends now.

After presenting Landline I gained great friends whose livelihoods depend on strong trade relations with our Asian neighbours and who are appalled with a 'paranoid' position on China. Yet earlier this year, they were the ones stressing just how serious the interruption of live export of cattle was to Indonesia, as the Indonesians saw this as a threat to their protein chain.

David Farley again, whose major business is live transport, explains:

...if you disrupt food chains into countries, you soon disrupt social stability and government stability... The disruption or the banning of the live trade 12 months ago, the consequences are still flowing on... We'll need dexterity with our ability to meet the demand on Australia, to meet the global calling of food... And we're talking of assets now that have got incredible life to them. These aren't like gas fields or coal mines.

The Senate Committee report promises to be eye opening, if it doesn't change practices before its release. Already FIRB appears to be sharpening up its act. The new Chairman Brian Wilson is a former banker with a nose for tax issues.

In August, FIRB mused about requiring all sales to occur through open markets unless the investor brings in a commercial partner or third-party manager and calls for local listings, as Huawei has recently proposed.

Let me stress that these two reports are not anti-foreign investment. They call for more disclosure and more scrutiny. Chinese investment in Australian agriculture is likely to increase. Just look at Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings' determined attempts to encourage Chinese investment in the state's dairy and forestry industries, post the Gunns collapse. If anywhere needs propping up with a bit of foreign investment, it's Tasmania.

Yet the debate around Chinese investment remains badly skewed. I for one was disappointed by the ANU's attempts earlier in the month to stimulate 'informed debate'. No doubt it was partly in response to this year's Lowy Institute Poll showing 81 per cent of respondents said they were against "the Australian Government allowing foreign companies to buy Australian farmland to grow crops or farm livestock", and 56 per cent felt "the Australian Government is allowing too much investment from China".

Dr Ken Henry, head of the Australia in the Asian Century task force, said the rules need to be better explained if the community is to support such investment, only to later quip at a conference, "I hear and hear quite often that people in the bush are outraged about foreigners buying their land. Well they're the people who are selling the land to the foreigners." Many folk have left the land with a heavy heart, not least because of a changing water policy.

The stakes are about to be raised on foreign ownership, with the release of Dr Henry's White Paper. So it's worth noting that as Heffernan warns the national interest test is purely political, the Senate committee is also political: it's Coalition driven. David Farley talks his own book, that's his job.

But let's not be bullied into an unquestioning belief that Chinese agricultural investment is right, almost righteous for Australia, at a time when so many questions hang over the FIRB process and the national interest test.

Investment should be welcomed, subject to an approval process that stands the test of time. If not, sooner or later, there'll be another small voice from somewhere saying "please explain?" And would anyone want that?
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/national/china-alleges-its-money-was-used-on-palmer-united-party-taxis/story-fnii5v6u-1226978331900 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/national/china-alleges-its-money-was-used-on-palmer-united-party-taxis/story-fnii5v6u-1226978331900)

CLIVE Palmer used money from the Chinese Government to pay taxi cabs to ferry around Palmer United Party scrutineers at last year’s Federal election, according to Federal Court testimony. 
Alleged expenditure of PUP scrutineers at last year’s Federal poll could also come under scrutiny, as a subsidiary of Chinese state-owned company Citic Pacific seeks answers on the whereabouts of $12.167 million from a bank account controlled by Palmer’s mining company.

Mr Palmer has denied there is any money missing from the account in question.

It is part of a massive legal dispute between Mr Palmer’s Mineralogy and his estranged business partner, Citic Pacific’s subsidiary Sino Iron, over the operation of a West Australian iron ore mine.

The Courier-Mail this week revealed Sino Iron had lobbed 15 applications in the Supreme Court of Queensland, including subpoenas for two cheque butts for $12 million and one for the Federal MP himself to put in an appearance at secret arbitration hearings.

Claims some of the funds paid for taxis demonstrate the level of detail being sought in the legal dispute, as Citic Pacific’s subsidiaries attempt to trace the use of funds from an account intended to pay for the management of a WA port by Mineralogy.

Lawyer for Sino Iron Andrew Bell SC has questioned whether Mineralogy could have legitimately spent over $20 million when it was yet to take control of the port.
“There are really serious questions about the operation of this account,” Dr Bell told a Federal Court hearing in Perth on May 7. “It (the account) has been used to fund Mineralogy over legal proceedings. It has been used to fund engineers in respect of other tenements controlled by Mr Palmer.

“Some of it has been used to pay for taxis for scrutineering in the federal election.”

But Mr Palmer said the real issue was “hundreds of millions of dollars” in royalties he says is owed to him by Sino Iron relating to their operations in his Pilbara mining tenements.

Mr Palmer could not be reached for comment yesterday. The Gold Coast-based mining magnate, whose wealth has been estimated at almost $1 billion, is head of the self-named party that now holds the balance of power in the Senate.

Under examination is expenditure that includes $10 million said to be paid by cheque to little-known Palmer company Cosmo Developments as well as $2.167 million allegedly paid to Fortitude Valley-based advertising company Media Circus Network last September, the month of the federal election.

Just lovely how our Pollies are getting $ from China to boost their election spruiking and party status!

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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And from a hostile nation at that. We'll need an extra thick power pole to hang that fat traitor from, come the Day of the Rope!
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=256Pid928D4&feature=player_embedded (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=256Pid928D4&feature=player_embedded)

Sheesh! A Chink theme park on Australian soil to aid the pro China propagandists here in their task to sell us China as our future overlords as well as get Ching Chong Tourists to come check out their own culture on our soil!? Wonder if they got Commies in tanks running over citizens in their Tiana minh square there?
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http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2014/08/26/palmer-apologises-to-china-over-comments.html?cid=BP_RSS_SN-TOPSTORIES_3_PalmerapologisestoChinaovercomments_260814 (http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2014/08/26/palmer-apologises-to-china-over-comments.html?cid=BP_RSS_SN-TOPSTORIES_3_PalmerapologisestoChinaovercomments_260814)

Clive Palmer has apologised to the Chinese ambassador for his televised tirade against the country last week.'I regret any hurt or anguish such comments may have caused any party and I look forward to greater understanding for peace and cooperation in the future,' he wrote in a letter to China's ambassador, Ma Zhaoxu.

The Palmer United Party leader described the Chinese government as mongrels and bastards and accused them of trying to take over Australia in a rant on the ABC's QA program last Monday.

He later insisted the live-to-air comments were directed at a Chinese company he's fighting in court, not the Chinese government or people.

This is a load of B/S! He also said on the show that the Chinese government are a communist government without a justice system who kill their own people!

On Monday he wrote to the ambassador, releasing the letter publicly on Tuesday.'I now come to the realisation that what I said on QA was an insult to Chinese people everywhere and I wish to assure them they have my most genuine and sincere apology,' he wrote.'I am sorry that I said the things I said on the program.

What he said about the Chinese being Mongrels and Bastards was true. Just now it'll hurt his "hip pocket" if the Chinese don't want to invest anymore here. Besides wasn't this the same person who funded his election campaign with Chink $?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SUdeFXmtMIs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SUdeFXmtMIs)
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/business/sa-bidding-to-host-240-chinese-billionaires-and-3000-delegates/story-fni6uma6-1227180089415 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/business/sa-bidding-to-host-240-chinese-billionaires-and-3000-delegates/story-fni6uma6-1227180089415)

TWO hundred and forty Chinese billionaires will be descending on Adelaide over one weekend should an international congress bid prove successful later this year. 
The somewhat surreal scenario will open up opportunities for Chinese investors to invest in South Australia’s hotels, wineries, agricultural businesses and more according to Adelaide Convention Bureau chief executive Damien Kitto.

Adelaide will find out whether it has won the right to host the 2017 World Chinese Entrepreneurs congress, which will bring 3000 Chinese business visitors in total, in June or July.

Mr Kitto said domestic backing for the bid has been universal he said.

“The Premier has been an absolute key supporter. He has realised the bid for the World Chinese Entrepreneurs congress is a huge free kick for trade relations not only with China but with independent Chinese business networks around the globe.”

Federal ministers Andrew Robb and Julie Bishop have also backed the Australian bid for the three day, biennial event.

Adelaide is one of just three cities in the running but can expect heavy opposition from the two competing bids — Vancouver, and London.


There is a possible ace in the pack for Adelaide however.

Last November’s historic China-Australia free trade agreement, which will remove certain barriers to future trade between the two countries, can only boost Adelaide’s chances of a win (White death)said Mr Kitto.

“The fair trade agreement is a game changer for all economic reasons and will make a real difference,” he said.

“The congress is a chance to really increase the whole trade import and export opportunities for the state and China and the Chinese networks

“It’s a significant opportunity and it all starts with a simple conference.”

Global attention, courtesy of big name delegates, should not be ignored either. This year’s Chinese Entrepreneurs conference will be held in Bali in September with US president Barack Obama and China president Xi Jinping listed as speakers.

The Adelaide Convention Bureau currently bids for around 100 conferences annually with many smaller and medium conferences held across SA with the Barossa, Port Lincoln and Fleurieu Peninsula former hosts.

The ACB recently won the right to stage the International Astronautical Congress in 2017 which is estimated to be worth around $18 million to South Australia in direct and indirect benefits

Great! an Insect plague descending on my town raping stuff that was meant for me and future white generations!



Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 10 January 2015 at 09:08
Well, when these slant-eyed, yellow locusts descend upon Adelaide, it will not be CREATIVE IT WORLD http://creativeitworld.com (http://creativeitworld.com) that they descend upon. Gooks get nothing from me, because AT CREATIVE IT WORLD, THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WHITE!

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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/realestate/buying/overseas-born-investors-buying-up-in-australia-prompts-new-website-that-compares-local-home-loans-in-mandarin/story-fni0catf-1227298853782 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/realestate/buying/overseas-born-investors-buying-up-in-australia-prompts-new-website-that-compares-local-home-loans-in-mandarin/story-fni0catf-1227298853782)

CHINESE property buyers are the target of an Australian mortgage broking firm capitalising on the rapid rise of overseas-born buyers spending up on local real estate. 
N1 Finance has made it easier than ever for Chinese-speaking buyers to understand the Australian mortgage market by launching the first online site comparing Australia’s biggest banks’ mortgage products in Mandarin.
The company’s managing director Ren Wong said the site, chengdai.com.au, was created as a result of “huge growth” in Chinese-speaking buyers living in Australia.

NATION'S most expensive apartment purchased by Chinese businessman

He said the site, which can also be accessed in China, was looking to attract foreign investors but for now remained focused on Chinese-speaking property buyers living in Australia.

“This site makes it more accessible for Chinese-speaking clients, even though they live here and work here and speak English, speaking about home loans is a complicated matter,’’ Mr Wong said.

“There’s hundreds of products in the market that all come with different fees and features, it’s just making it easier for them to ask questions.’’

Figures from the Foreign Investment Review Board found property buyers from China spent a whopping $5.9 billion on Australian real estate in 2013.

But recent data from China’s National Bureau of Statistics shows new property prices in February fell in 66 out of 70 major cities surveyed and were down by 5.7 per cent than one year ago.

Mr Wong said there was a disparity between mortgage products in Australia and China — mortgages in China are often much shorter spanning five to 10 years long compared to Australia where they are often 30 years.

Chinese mortgages also don’t have mortgage offset accounts to reduce interest costs and negative gearing does not exist.

But the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia’s chief executive officer Siobhan Hayden said there was “no negligible growth” of Chinese investors in Australia.
“We have particularly in the market of Sydney a genuine lack of supply (of housing),’’ he said.

“I’m not concerned that (Chinese investment) is a significant part of our market or growing at an exponential rate.”

Foreign investors can sign up to Australian mortgage products when buying properties down under.

If they buy property off the plan or new-builds in Australia, they must get approval from the FIRB to do so.

If they buy established properties, they not only need FIRB approval, but they must be an owner-occupier and have a temporary visa.

But new laws proposed by the Federal Government plan to hit foreign investors with a $5,000 fee when buying FIRB-approved properties valued under $1 million.

A $10,000 application fee would apply, under the proposal, for properties with a purchase price more than $1 million and $20,000 for properties more than $2 million then it will rise incrementally.

This month a penthouse in one of Australia’s tallest residential buildings located in Melbourne and due to be completed by 2019 — the 108 building in Southbank — sold for a record-breaking $25 million to an international businessman based in China.

Mr Wong said these additional fees proposed by the Government “won’t do much” in preventing Chinese investors from buying in Australia.

Generally nonresident foreign buyers are prohibited from buying established dwellings in Australia.

N1 Finance has brokers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and is looking to expand their site to compare car loans.

Bloody Gooks ripping the carpet out from under our feet at every turn! >:D

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 25 April 2015 at 13:17
http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/realestate/news/developer-veritas-liberte-marketing-delbridge-court-beaumont-to-chinese-buyers/story-fni0ci8n-1227320980071 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/realestate/news/developer-veritas-liberte-marketing-delbridge-court-beaumont-to-chinese-buyers/story-fni0ci8n-1227320980071)

A NEW multimillion-dollar housing “enclave” is being marketed almost exclusively to Chinese investors who are paying up to $3.5 million for a foothold in Adelaide’s exclusive eastern suburbs. 
In the past two weeks, developer Veritas Liberte — which means “true freedom” — has sold nine house-and-land packages in Delbridge Court, Beaumont, worth between $2 million and $3.5 million each.

Another 15 packages are to be sold on the 2.5ha site which offers some buyers uninterrupted views of the city.

Veritas Liberte, owned by Adelaide businessmen Luke Foster and Benny Xiong, is selling the properties through seminars in Shanghai as well as through their office in Halifax St.

Mr Foster and Mr Xiong bought the development site from a previous developer who struggled to sell blocks during the global financial crisis.

Rather than just selling land and waiting for people to build, Mr Foster and Mr Xiong’s company is a “one-stop service” for Chinese buyers, offering design and construction services and putting them in touch with immigration agencies and banks.

“The process has been very vague for them (until now),” Mr Foster said.

“They haven’t had a definite process to follow in terms of getting here and settling here so what Benny has driven within our company has been to refine that process to assist those people in real-estate buying and building a home but also helping them with that transition from Shanghai or the rest of China to Adelaide.

Mr Foster said buyers can only build houses on the land through his company which he said ensured the high standards and feel of the “enclave”were controlled.

“We want to make sure everything that’s built in that enclave is of a superior standard,” he said.

“What a lot of these people are concerned about is they go and buy something and they don’t know what’s happening next door, down the street or whatever.

“If you’re going to spend a significant amount of money, you want to have some guarantees and some certainties about what’s going to be around me.

“The other thing particularly for the Chinese is it’s all relationship-based — and they love the Burnside Council area.”

Veritas Liberte commissioned Chinese animation company SilkRoad to create a computer-generated video of how the development would look when all the houses were completed.

It promotes Beaumont as being one of Adelaide’s most exclusive suburbs and close to schools and universities.

Mr Xiong said the video helped explain to Chinese buyers more about Adelaide and the location of the development.

They normally looked at Sydney and Melbourne when wanting to invest in Australian real estate, he said.

“These people haven’t been to Adelaide and want to know more so we had to paint the picture about everything,” Mr Xiong said.

The blocks sold to date are in stage one of the development, which has access from Duncan Rd and Delbridge Court.

Stage two is on the other side of Delbridge Court, off Waterfall Gully Rd.

Stage three, which includes the most expensive blocks with views of the city, will go on sale soon.

This is bloody appauling! Blatant treason! A Chink runs a real estate show is trying to help the rest of his "human insect hive" the best he can to move into my town and occupy the space reserved for MY people!

... No body cares because the almighty $ rules anything out here!
People need to learn from the Lambing flat riots, 100 or so years ago and bloody well get it that the same thing is happening to our land as it was back then!

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 02 May 2015 at 11:04
http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2015/05/02/foreign-investors-breaking-law-face-fines.html?cid=BP_RSS_sn-topstories_2_foreign-investors-breaking-law-face-fines_020515 (http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2015/05/02/foreign-investors-breaking-law-face-fines.html?cid=BP_RSS_sn-topstories_2_foreign-investors-breaking-law-face-fines_020515)

Foreigners who have bought Australian properties without proper approval have until the end of November to come forward or face tough penalties, under a crackdown on foreign property investment.

The package announced today includes fines of more than $100,000 and up to three years jail for individuals, and fines of more than $600,000 for companies.They will apply to foreign buyers and those who facilitate illegal property sales, including developers and real estate agents.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says there are rules controlling foreign acquisition of real estate, but they hadn't being enforced under the former Labor government.Mr Abbott says there is no doubt illegal foreigner buyers were driving up property prices, and the government wanted to ensure locals are getting a 'fair go'.

The Property Council of Australia welcomed toughened compliance measures but said the new fees were too high.Chief executive Ken Morrison said a more moderate fee would more than cover the FIRB approvals process and ensure taxpayers are not out of pocket.

'But the government seems determined to use this process as an opportunity to raise revenue,' he said in a statement.Mr Morrison said this set a dangerous precedent for the states, with Victoria already announcing increases in stamp duty and land tax for foreign buyers. -

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/technology/china-and-us-on-collision-course-for-war-over-south-china-sea/story-fni0byb7-1227398946930 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/technology/china-and-us-on-collision-course-for-war-over-south-china-sea/story-fni0byb7-1227398946930)

A QUIET battle lingering over the South China Sea just got a whole lot more dangerous after reports China tested hypersonic glide vehicles capable of carrying nuclear weapons. 
The vehicle, dubbed the WU-14, was the fourth test of the missile in 18 months, RT News reports.

The weapon is extremely advanced and can travel at 10 times the speed of sound.

And it’s ticking off the Americans.

The US has labelled the testing as an “extreme manoeuvre” amid tensions in the South China Sea, the South China Morning Post reports.

But China has been quick to dismiss any suggestion the tests were anything other than a normal exercise.

“The scheduled scientific research and experiments in our territory is normal, and those tests are not targeted at any country and specific goals,” the ministry told the Post.

Tensions between the two military superpowers have been increasing due to a cluster of tiny islands in the South China Sea.

And the US and China have been doing a lot of peacocking about them.

US Secretary of Defence Ash Carter has previously warned the US would not shy away from confronting Beijing about the continued expansion.

The problem is also placing Australia in an awkward position over who it would be better off being best buddies with. ::)

The tiny man-made islands popping up in the South China Sea have been dubbed a “flashpoint” of war due to the land grab they inspire.

The Chinese have used dredging engineering to create the islands from what were previously reefs — and it claims it has the sovereign right to do this, despite some of them being 1400km from China’s mainland or on the continental shelfs of the Philippines and Vietnam.

Militarisation of those islands could very well result in conflict between China and US, which runs its ships through the area.

That would drag Australia firmly into the war muck — Australia needs China for trade, but the US is one of its closest defence allies.

As well as US military interests in the area, countries including the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam also have a stake in the region.

As each island appears, China stakes a claim in the sea around it and this is the crux of the issue for China’s neighbours.

About 1500 hectares of land has been reclaimed by the Chinese. It gives the country another 12 nautical miles of territory at each new border, and also creates 200 extra miles of economic zones to dig for oil, gas and to fish in.

The deputy dean of global studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Professor Joseph Siracussa, told news.com.au that the two nations were “spoiling for a fight”.
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http://www.theherald.com.au/story/3148843/china-theme-park-plan-refused/ (http://www.theherald.com.au/story/3148843/china-theme-park-plan-refused/)

WYONG Council’s $500 million China theme park proposal has stumbled at the first official hurdle over rubbery job estimates, excessive height limits and over-zealous rezoning plans.

Confirmation that the NSW Department of Planning has cut the council’s grand plans for the Chappypie China theme park at Warnervale down to size comes only days after the council’s grand plans for a stand-alone university sank under the weight of public and political opposition.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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http://www.smh.com.au/business/mining-and-resources/hsbc-says-china-buyers-hunting-australian-infrastructure-assets-20150708-gi6u90 (http://www.smh.com.au/business/mining-and-resources/hsbc-says-china-buyers-hunting-australian-infrastructure-assets-20150708-gi6u90)

Several of China's largest state-run infrastructure groups will bid for a string of port and utility deals in Australia by year-end, reflecting the shift away from deals in the iron ore and coal sectors.

Banking giant HSBC has arranged funding for two of the largest inbound Chinese investments into Australia, in the past year: China Merchants Group, which teamed up with Hastings Funds Management in a $1.75 billion deal to secure a 98-year lease on the Port of Newcastle last year, and more recently China Communications Construction Company for its $1 billion acquisition of former Leighton subsidiary John Holland.

"China has got an enormous amount of sovereign wealth and it is looking to deploy that money into high quality assets into Australia," said Todd Langsford, HSBC's head of leveraged acquisition finance, in an interview with Fairfax Media.

The bank said there has been a strategic shift within China from mining and resources deals to infrastructure assets, reflecting a move in its economy away from heavy industry into transport, logistics and engineering with a long-term investment focus.

"When you talk to the senior folk in those firms, it's not just a pure investment thesis," said Lyndon Hsu, HSBC's Asia Pacific head of leveraged acquisition finance. "In fact the returns these investors are making you could not describe as being short term, high level returns. They are actually more longer term based returns."

While long-term supplies of Australian iron ore and coal remain critical for China, deals are unlikely to be so closely tied to the mine gate, according to Mr Hsu who points to China Merchants and Hastings' preference for long dated, reliable returns from the Port of Newcastle.

"Clearly China Merchants were attracted to the infrastructure asset and they like the long-term returns associated with that type of investment," said Mr Langsford.

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5h5nPLK6_Q (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5h5nPLK6_Q)

"You thiin you wii da waa buut yoo didn win da waa. Japnee man buy Australa"



http://img.memecdn.com/asians_mp4_1167639.mp4 (http://img.memecdn.com/asians_mp4_1167639.mp4)
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 10 July 2015 at 10:55



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http://www.ntnews.com.au/realestate/chinese-billionaire-communist-xingfa-ma-pays-47-million-for-nt-cattle-station/story-fnk4wt05-1227446749185 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/realestate/chinese-billionaire-communist-xingfa-ma-pays-47-million-for-nt-cattle-station/story-fnk4wt05-1227446749185)

A SENIOR Chinese Communist Party member has purchased two cattle stations on the Northern Territory-Queensland border. 
The $47 million deal will see Xingfa Ma, who made his billions in the ball bearing business, acquire Queensland’s Wentworth station and the NT’s Wollogorang station – a property known for its shady criminal history as much as its beef production and natural beauty.

Mr Ma is listed by Bloomberg as a member of the Chinese Communist Party and a former member of the Zhejiang Committee of the National People’s Congress.

According to Reuters, the sale was finalised this week and will see Mr Ma add to his portfolio of Australian pastoral properties: Balfour Downs, Emu Downs and Wandanya Station.

He will acquire 40,000 head of cattle along with more than 700,000ha of pastoral land, where a gang of notorious international criminals were once busted running a massive drug operation. Former member of the NT Police Drug Squad Dennis Hart said the drug plot came undone when the group tried to fly a shipment of drugs into Sydney.

more bloody treason!
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/world/australia-and-us-insist-talisman-sabre-2015-not-directed-at-china/story-fnjbobed-1227445969455 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/world/australia-and-us-insist-talisman-sabre-2015-not-directed-at-china/story-fnjbobed-1227445969455)

During a lightning visit to the exercise area on Sunday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott insisted that China appreciated that Australia was an ally of the United States.

“That has never stopped a very strong friendship with China,” he said.

“Both Australia and the United States and Australia are friends of China’s. We are all encouraged by the rise of China.”

For many in Washington the news that they were friends of China would have come as a surprise.

Given the amount of military might on display at TS 2015 and that China has in the past described Australia as the “southern claw” of the American crab, Beijing might have been equally shocked by the Abbott “friends” analysis.

For those in the Pentagon who believe that China’s growing military might and territorial arrogance in the South China Sea are key drivers of the American “pivot” to Asia and Uncle Sam’s growing military presence in Northern Australia, not to mention the involvement for the first time of Japanese forces, it is a tricky concept to grasp.

Mr Abbott further confused things when he declined to rule out the possible future permanent basing of US forces in Northern Australia.
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I found a card with this info on it.


Unemployment is at worrying Levels and for young people it is reaching crisis levels in many communities.

Jobs for our kids and community should be the number one priority for our local member Fiona Scott but she is a member of a Government that has:-

*Signed a free trade deal with China that allows companies to fly in their own workforce without a requirement to hire ANY local workers

*Allowed employers to use and abuse temporary work visas with 10% of the workforce now on temporary work permits.

*Let 200,000 good jobs go offshore after Joe Hockey goaded the car industry into leaving the nation.

*Caused the loss of 20,000 jobs through their savage cuts to local and community services.

*Cut Billions to the TAFE system.

* pushed to make a university degree course cost $100,000

*tried to remove unemployment benefits from young people.

for further talk email cvonwootten@actu.org.au

I am definitely not a fan of Labour.. but the Libs have done some major mess ups as you can see! Privatisation is just treason!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/giles-announces-port-of-darwin-leased-for-99-years-for-506-million/story-fnk2tq5v-1227567793793 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/giles-announces-port-of-darwin-leased-for-99-years-for-506-million/story-fnk2tq5v-1227567793793)

THE Port of Darwin has been leased for 99 years to Chinese owned Landbridge Group for $506 million, Chief Minister Adam Giles has announced. 
Mr Giles, who surprised everybody with the announcement less than two weeks after expressions of interest closed, said the biggest advantage to the NT is the private investment in the Port that will grow the economy and open up better trade links with Asia for the future.

“What we want to make sure is that it’s about long term jobs and investment in the Northern Territory,” Mr Giles said.

Landbridge has pledged to spend $35 million in the first five years to expand the Port and $200 million over a 25-year period.

The company’s Australian infrastructre director Mike Hughes said the group had the connections in China to increase trade, expand the port and get shipping prices down through economies of scale.

“We believe we’ll put Darwin on the map in China for Chinese businesses. We are the right partner for the Northern Territory,” he said.

A condition of the agreement will see the NT Government take in 15 per cent of any so-called “super profits” — revenue earned over annual projections.

The Government also sought to keep 20 per cent of the Port in Australian hands, for now with the NT Government. But Landbridge must find an Australian company to take the 20 per cent share within five years.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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Ever heard of a place called Hong Kong? Britain leased that Chinese territory which libtard history today denounces as White Supremacist Colonialism. Those same libtards welcome the Chinese takeover of Australian territory and reject any talk of the Yellow Colonialism as the last vestiges of White Australian Policies of Supremacy. Each area that the Yellow Peril gains a foothold becomes another area of Australia that enters the Third World as working conditions and pay rates plummet to the depths of a hateful, false revenge driven Colonial Marxist China.

Abos given the remaining viable farming land; general Gooks, Pakis, Sand-Nigs and Africoons encouraged to create ghettos in our cities and towns; Jews controlling business and dictating all levels and every side of politics ... in all these No-Go Zones for Whites, where's all the White Australian people at?


(https://dasontour.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/immigration3.jpg) (https://dasontour.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/immigration3.jpg)
Click to Enlarge (https://dasontour.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/immigration3.jpg)
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The pollies speak about these Chinese deals like they are the most wonderful things! Well they are wonderful things for big business.. but not for white people. They promise us jobs and stronger economy.. but you can bet the labour isn't white.

I was just shocked being in Sydney recently, walking from Central station to Martin place via George street. It was SWAMPED WITH ASIANS! The building with paddy's market in it . SWAMPED! Every thing in it was just Chinese/Asian themed. A damn dancing Chinese Lion display, all little chinks playing for anime prizes in the video arcade.. All bug eyed faces looking on. Buildings with Chinese texts all over the shop fronts. The town is lost and I felt like a stranger.

Even there were white girls dressed up in sailor suits and berets like the Asian school girls wear and they were speaking Japanese amongst themselves with their Jap friends. WTF?!
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/te...-1227570163256 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/te...-1227570163256)

 TERRITORIANS appear split over the 99-year lease of the Darwin Port, with many taking to social media to voice their concerns while industry stakeholders yesterday said the deal was solid for the Territory’s future.

 Chief Minister Adam Giles announced the lease to Chinese-owned Landbridge on Tuesday, kicking off a social media storm of angry comments and claims that he sold the Territory out.

 Many took to the NT News Facebook page to voice their displeasure, suggesting the lease price of $506 million was not enough for another public asset to be sold off while others called the move “stupid”.

Labor leader Michael Gunner said yesterday the deal was “terrible for Territorians” and compared it to the sale of TIO.

“It is electoral cowardice to not take this to an election,” he said. “Adam Giles*BOONG* is hoping to make some quick cash here and try and buy back voters because he knows the CLP is in a deep, deep hole.”

But Independent MLA Gerry Wood, who also sat on the Parliamentary committee that made recommendations on the sale, said he was convinced the deal was good for the future of the Territory. He added that the deal did follow the committee’s recommendations, including limiting future rent increases and ensuring the Government has a say over price and access issues.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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Abos hate White Australia so much that every opportunity they get they will GIVE the country away to foreign muds. Making some money out of it is only an extra bonus. The same goes on the US all the time: Muds support what would otherwise be rival muds because they will do anything to get one over Whitey.

The Racial Holy War cannot come soon enough for me. I'd dearly love to shoot and kill another mud.

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http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/gi...-1227571634482 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/gi...-1227571634482)

 AUSTRALIAN Defence Forces were consulted over the Giles Government’s 99-year lease of the Darwin Port to a Chinese-owned company, Chief Minister Adam Giles said yesterday.

 The $506 million deal was also reviewed by the Foreign Investment Review Board despite it not having to be and that the Australian Defence had expressed approval of the deal before it was finalised, Mr Giles said.

“Having said that, we still did go and ask the question and get the assessment done (with FIRB),” he said.

“We also went and had a chat with Defence about whether or not there were defence implications there.

“We got the tick-off from Defence and we’re quite happy that we met any of those concerns that people may or may not have had.”

But Mr Giles did not say whether his Government discussed the deal with US Marines who have called the Darwin Port “vitally important” on their website.

 The US Navy carries out numerous multinational military exercises and hosts foreign warships every year in Darwin. Australia and the US recently agreed to work together to enhance naval cooperation as tensions grow in the South China Sea.

 Australian Defence Forces did not respond to questions by deadline yesterday. But a Federal Government official has indicated that Defence secured a 15-year access agreement to the port before the lease was signed and will also develop an alternative barge in Darwin.

 Landbridge spokesman Mike Hughes said on Tuesday the company would set the port up to “put Darwin on the map in China for Chinese companies”.

Yes! Smart Work Mr Giles, you dumb Abo! Just giving our port away to the enemy at a cheap lease when our own people need it to defend against them . He thinks it'll bring jobs? Probably only for Chinks doing cheap labour on a free trade deal.
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/lifestyle/d...-1227572672378 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/lifestyle/d...-1227572672378)

 DIRECT air links between China and the Top End are being discussed in the wake of the $506 million Darwin Port sale, the NT News can reveal.

 Both Chief Minister Adam Giles and Mike Hughes, the Australian head of the Port’s new owner, Landbridge Group, are confident flights could begin in the near future.

 The most likely link is to major cities Guangzhou or Shanghai, rather than Shandong Provence, which lies further north and is where Landbridge bases the majority of its business interests.

 Mr Giles said flights would be a byproduct of the Port deal and would have flow-on benefits to the tourism sector.

“(To support direct flights) you need to get people up the front of the plane in business class, you need people up the back of the plane and you need trade happening underneath,” Mr Giles said.

Landbridge says the Port deal will create interest in the NT and Darwin in China. The company has ties to China Southern Airlines, headquartered in Guangzhou, but Mr Hughes said they would not necessarily operate any service. Regardless, he said the demand was there.

 Mr Hughes told the NT News the Port was a “gateway” investment that would complement the company’s diverse business interests, which include onshore gas, tourism, real estate, petrochemicals, forestry and manufacturing.

“That’s definitely the way we’re looking at it (in Darwin),” Mr Hughes said. “The Port is the gateway. The Port facilitates what happens (in terms of growing trade between Australia and Asia).

Oh! what a fantastic idea?! Just give it all away and let the human insect race nick all the pollen (money) to take back to their hive in China.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/let-us-know-next-time-how-the-worlds-most-powerful-man-slammed-australia-over-darwin-port-sale/story-fnk2tq5v-1227615376395 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/let-us-know-next-time-how-the-worlds-most-powerful-man-slammed-australia-over-darwin-port-sale/story-fnk2tq5v-1227615376395)

THE world’s most powerful person, US President Barack Obama has asked Australia to keep the United States in the loop from now on following dismay over the CLP Government’s decision to lease the Port of Darwin to a Chinese company for 99 years. 
The Australian Financial Review newspaper reports Mr Obama and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull discussed the issue during a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of this week’s APEC Summit in Manila.

The AFR reported there was consternation in Washington about the US not being consulted about the decision to allow a Chinese company with alleged links to the People’s Liberation Army to lease the Port of Darwin.

Mr Obama told Mr Turnbull the US found out about the deal by reading it in the New York Times. Mr Turnbull joked that the President needed to subscribe to the colourful tabloid, The NT News.

During the 90-minute meeting between the leaders in Manila, Mr Obama said he understood Australia’s relationship with China and its role in the region but, according to sources, said Washington should have been given a “heads up about these sorts of things”.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 17 February 2016 at 05:56
http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/busine...d2e55c4a7fb1f0 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/busine...d2e55c4a7fb1f0)

 THE management of an 80-year-old Hindmarsh family business that announced its closure this morning, costing 54 jobs, has lashed out at the recent spate of free trade agreements that it says has made its future unviable.

 Family owned business Industrial Engineers and Spring Makers will cease operations on March 24, with all 54 employees — the majority of whom are older than 50 — to be made redundant.

 The company makes springs for cars, trucks, trailers and industrial applications, along with other allied products. However, management said the demise of the local automotive industry was not the driving factor of its predicament.

 Instead, senior manager Chris Coxon, whose grandfather Jack Marsh founded the company in 1935, laid blame on the increasing number of free trade agreements, which he says has created a uneven playing field.

In recent years, former trade minister (now trade envoy) Andrew Robb has overseen the signing of a number of agreements, with partner countries including China, Japan and Korea.

“To us it boils down to a policy issue, presumably in the name of free trade, which in turn assumes that free and open trade weeds out businesses that are inefficient,” Mr Coxon said.

“While true at a broad macro level, it can be utter nonsense at the micro community level, particularly when copies of our products are not made under the same conditions and regulatory environment.”

Mr Coxon said the writing was on the wall when major client Kenworth Trucks switched to an overseas supplier last year.

“Our issue is with the Chinese copying our products,” he said.

“They produce a lower quality good and charge, say, 20 per cent less for it, which, in this economic climate, sees around 80 per cent of people select that good.

“We make a better quality product but can’t compete on price.”

Managing director Tim Marsh said all of the company’s suppliers will be paid in full, on top of more than $1 million in redundancy payments and other entitlements.

“We want to do the right thing by everyone — nobody will miss out,” he said.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/australias-largest-landholder-agrees-to-370-million-deal-with-chinese-company/news-story/fa128d728ea50b101f35819dfb180de2 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/australias-largest-landholder-agrees-to-370-million-deal-with-chinese-company/news-story/fa128d728ea50b101f35819dfb180de2)

Kidman, which has cattle stations covering 101,000 square kilometres in the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia produces grass-fed beef for export to Japan, the USA and Southeast Asia.

Kidman’s two stations in the NT are Helen Springs and Brunchilly near Tennant Creek.

It owns 160,000 cattle on leasehold land run as 17 properties.

Under the plan, it will sell 80 per cent of the cattle company to China’s Dakang Australia Holdings and the rest to locally listed Australian Rural Capital.

The deal will be subject to approval by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB).
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/chinese-eye-off-35m-darwin-cold-store/news-story/6eea7ea075ee7d58675cd68f60cfe6e7 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/chinese-eye-off-35m-darwin-cold-store/news-story/6eea7ea075ee7d58675cd68f60cfe6e7)

A $35 million cold store facility at East Arm might be the first project developed through the Territory’s relationship with the Shandong province in China.

Shandong is the region Landbridge Group, lessee of Darwin Port, is based.

Landbridge chairman Ye Cheng was part of a 17-man high-level delegation which included the Mayor of Rizhao, Liu Xingtai, who are in Darwin.

Also in the group is the general manager of Rizhao Tianze Cold Chain Logistics, Zheng Qiang, who are looking at the coldstores project here in Darwin.

Chief Minister Adam Giles, Deputy Chief Minister Peter Styles and various department heads including Ken Davies from Education, Michael Tennant from Business and Mines chief executive Ron Kelly were involved in the meeting.

“Already on the table is investors wanting to invest in improved cold store facilities and improved cruise ship facilities,” Mr Giles said.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/northern-territory/local-steel-manufacturers-reject-request-to-finish-fabrication-job-at-new-anaconda-store-at-jape-homemaker-village/news-story/4825425dcbfb5605633ad921ff2e1836 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/northern-territory/local-steel-manufacturers-reject-request-to-finish-fabrication-job-at-new-anaconda-store-at-jape-homemaker-village/news-story/4825425dcbfb5605633ad921ff2e1836)

LOCAL steel manufacturers have rejected a last-minute call to finish a fabrication job, pointedly telling the builder “it is such a shame that China can’t do this for you by Monday”.

In a scathing email obtained by the NT News, MMC general manager and chairman of the Manufacturers Council, Owen Pike, said he found the request from Hutchinson Builders “insulting”.

The $5000 job was to fabricate an awning for new lifestyle retailer Anaconda at the Jape Homemaker Village.

“MMC is unwilling to assist Hutchinson with this job. It is well known that Hutchison aggressively use southern and overseas suppliers and subcontractors and disregard local Darwin Business. I find (sic) insulting that you seek support from local business to complete urgent works at the end of a project it is such a shame that China can’t do this for you by Monday,” he said.

Hutchinson Builders is also building the $300 million Gateway project at Palmerston. For months now the NT News has been regularly contacted by steel manufacturers complaining about the lack of opportunities on the project.

The Gateway reaches an important milestone today with an on-site roof-topping ceremony to mark the completion of the highest construction point of the roof structure. Chief Minister Adam Giles will officiate at the ceremony.

Hutchinson’s site manager at Jape Homemaker, Ben Spink, who received Mr Pike’s response, was disappointed, describing it as “childish”.

“We had been using a local contractor for the job but when it came to the deadline he said he couldn’t do it so we asked MMC who have done work for us before,” Mr Spink said. “The deadline was client-driven and we have now pushed that back and the original local contractor will do it. It was for a loading dock at Anaconda and the store will open on time.

“I am really disappointed in the response and find it childish. I found out later he blind copied a whole lot of others in on the email he sent me as well.

“We have created a lot of local jobs here and we do try to use locals.”

The Giles Government released a “Buy Local” initiative giving a weighting towards local business in response to concerns regarding government procurement rules. It has no power to direct private firms on private projects which has frustrated local manufacturers even more.

Mr Pike has said previously major local firms want to charge the margin but don’t want to pay the margin for doing business here
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/national/nt-chief-minister-adam-giles-says-xenophobia-is-part-of-the-australian-spirit/news-story/2cb43e337292f508c534afed866bcfa5 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/national/nt-chief-minister-adam-giles-says-xenophobia-is-part-of-the-australian-spirit/news-story/2cb43e337292f508c534afed866bcfa5)

IF it’s true that Australians don’t like being told they’re racist, then Australians have had a tough week.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has overnight declared xenophobia as “part of the Australian spirit”.

Mr Giles made the uncomfortable remark in an interview focusing on his government’s decision to lease the Darwin Port to a Chinese company Landbridge.

When asked whether he believed opposition to the leasing deal was caused in part by xenophobia, he voiced his opinion loud and clear.

“I think there is a high degree of xenophobia, but I think that is part of the Australian spirit,” he told ABC’s Lateline.

“We all stand up for what we believe in. We are parochially proud as a nation and whenever new people come in we are always sceptical.”
The comments follow a months-long brawl over the 99-year lease by the Northern Territory Government to the Chinese company.

While he’s faced opposition from Australian business and the Northern Territory Labor Party, Mr Giles has stood by his government’s decision on the $506 million deal.

He says the government had “found a good partner, and we’re very happy with the position we’ve taken”.

In the same interview, Mr Giles rejected assertions he was backing away from his Aboriginal heritage for political reasons.

“It’s got nothing to do with who I am,” he said.

“Yes I’ve got indigenous heritage, but I compete in politics just like every other person If I’m successful in the next election, I’m successful as Adam Giles, not black Adam Giles.”
Mr Giles comments’ about xenophobia follow comments from Opposition Leader Bill Shorten last week, professing Australia’s problem with “systemic racism”.

Mr Shorten used a speech at a Reconciliation Australia Dinner on Friday, saying systemic racism was “far too prevalent”, and the “insidious nature of stubborn racism is still a reality for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander individuals”.

When asked to justify his assertions at a press conference the following day, Mr Shorten said: “I made it clear that most Australians are not racist”.

“Many Australians stand up every day for their fellow Australians,” he said.

*.....But if you are a white Australian standing up for White Australia that is racist to the sheeple!

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DEFENCE Industry Minister Christopher Pyne says Opposition Leader Bill Shorten must sack Senator Sam Dastyari or risk being seen as “weak” by China.

But he claims donations from international sources made during election campaigns are “absolutely fine”.

Mr Shorten is today expected to ramp up his push for donations reform, including banning foreign donations.

However, Mr Pyne said Mr Shorten must first fire Senator Dastyari from his frontbench.

“What’s happened is the seduction of Sam Dastyari has obviously been going on for some time and it’s a very serious matter for Mr Shorten,” he told the ABC.

“Chinese business interests paid a $40,000 legal bill for Sam Dastyari, a $1600 travel bill, provided him with two bottles of Grange wine.

“And after all these blandishments Senator Sam Dastyari was prepared to say the South China Sea was China’s business and Australia should remain neutral, a position which is at odd with Labor’s policy, with the national interest and with our international interests.

“And Mr Shorten needs to sack Sam Dastyari from his frontbench otherwise the message is that … Bill Shorten is weak on China and prepared to allowed his frontbenchers to be compromised by Chinese interests with associations with the Chinese Government.”

Mr Pyne said Senator Dastyari, who had reportedly disclosed the controversial gifts and donated the wine, had broken parliamentary rules.

Just get rid of this clown!

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Australia: It's the South Seas spawn of Great Britain that was cast adrift in favour of Europe - Remember the Newcastle Line of WWII? ... Remember the EU? Then along came the US of A to pull Australia's saggy downunder out from under the shadow of the Yellow Peril, prop up some new industry and in return only ask for a few blood sacrifices here and there over the next fifty years of war.

If you haven't guessed it, Australia is a nation that has the capability to go it alone, but Australia's politicians are always looking for an arse to suck up.

So it's so long to Mother Britain and goodbye to Cousin America. It looks like Australia has a new master now and the Yellow Peril of old has returned with its wads of filthy lucre to buy off your favourite democratically elected scum, who are only too happy to sell you off up the Yangtze River.

The original Lambing Flat "NO CHINESE" banner of 1860
Image Source: https://www.travelin.com.au/articles/Lambing-Flat-Folk-Museum-Young-02593
FYI Eureka Stockade (https://www.google.com.au/search?q=eureka+stockade) was only six years earlier

Political donations highlight growing concerns over Chinese influence in Australia

Charis Chang | Fox News (Australia) (http://www.news.com.au/) | 9 September 2016


Extract: Last month, the ABC reported businesses with Chinese connections gave Australia’s major parties more than $5.5 million between 2013 and 2015, making them the largest source of foreign-linked donations.

The donations were troubling enough for the head of Australia’s spy agency to personally brief leaders of Australia’s major political parties last year about the national security risks.

According to the ABC, the security warning from the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) director-general Duncan Lewis included naming donors his agency thought were acting on behalf of the Chinese government.
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Australia's Chinks are worried about a Red Chinese takeover ...

Chinese communities in Australia resent China’s rising influence

Charis Chang | Fox News (http://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 17 September 2016


DEBATE about China’s growing influence in Australia has become so heated within Chinese communities, they even have a nickname for those who put out government propaganda: “wu mao”.


The phrase translates as “50 cent” and is a reference to speculation that the Chinese government pays 50 cents for each pro-government post in the media.
It’s an insult that Erin Chew is familiar with.

As an Asian Australian Alliance convener, Ms Chew told news.com.au that she had been called a “wu mao” for expressing opinions that even hint at anything remotely positive about China.

Ms Chew, who was born in Australia but is of Malaysian Chinese heritage, said attitudes about China’s growing influence varied among the Chinese community.

Some were proud of the country’s growing power, while others were suspicious about its impact on people’s freedom of speech.

The problem can already be seen in Canada, where China is now the country’s second largest trading partner after the US.

Chinese-Canadians are questioning whether the partnership is actually making Canada more prosperous, complaining that their ability to speak out against the authoritarian state is being eroded because of China’s growing economic power.

“Journalists who write for the many Chinese-language publications in Canada, along with activists and others, say they are under increasing pressure to promote the interests of the Chinese government,” a New York Times article reported this month.

Earlier this year, a Chinese-Canadian who was Ontario’s provincial minister of citizenship, immigration and international trade, Michael Chan, defended China’s human rights practices in a column that was met with outrage. But reporters who criticised Mr Chan were met with death threats, and one even lost their job.

Ms Chew said there was also concern among Chinese communities in Australia about growing Chinese influence but this was not being expressed as openly as it was in Canada, and was often divided along political and historical lines.

“The Hong Kong Chinese in Australia resent China a lot,” Ms Chew said.

“You also have the Chinese who left China after Tiananmen (Square massacre) and many still have a huge anger towards China and will get quite angry when you engage in conversations about the growing influence of China.”

But she said others, including newer Chinese migrants and those from Malaysia or Singapore, were proud to see the growing influence of China, even though there was also concern it could spark racism in Australia.


Ms Chew has seen first-hand how Chinese influence works in Australia.

She has attended various political fundraising events and seen the money that Chinese business people donate.

“I have seen various Chinese organisations, particularly the ‘clan’ style or older Chinese type groups, and how they are swayed easily due to the donations,” she said.

Ms Chew said event and article submissions she had sent to Chinese media outlets had not appeared, even though she was initially told they would be published.

She blames the control that wealthy figures like Huang Xiangmo and NSW Labor upper house member Ernest Wong wield over the Chinese media in Australia.

“Some of these people do not like me, as I do not behave like the typical Chinese and I am an ABC (Australian born Chinese) — they feel that my cultural understanding is low.”

Mr Huang has become a controversial figure in Australia who has been photographed with many politicians and has donated more than $1 million to political parties in Australia since 2012, according to Fairfax.

Lately Mr Huang, also known as Huang Changran, has been in the media spotlight for paying a $40,000 legal bill for Labor senator Sam Dastyari, which contributed to the senator’s decision to step down from his frontbench role.

Mr Huang also gave $1.8 million to establish the Australia-China Relations Institute at the University of Technology Sydney, led by former foreign minister and NSW premier Bob Carr.

Another $1 million was given to the Children’s Medical Research Institute at Westmead and $3.5 million was provided to Western Sydney University for an Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture.

The mysterious Mr Huang is also associated with a group called the Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China, which Ms Chew believes is a mouthpiece for the Chinese government.

Funding groups like these provide an indirect way for the Chinese government to wield influence.

“They do have clout and political influence in Australia,” Ms Chew said of the group.

“Money does talk.”

A quick tour of the group’s website reveals many photos of politicians posing with Mr Huang at various events including “Giving Day” in 2015 when Mr Huang’s company Yuhu donated $743,000 to eight Australian organisations including the Westmead’s Children Medical Research Institute, Bear Cottage in Manly and Eastwood Public School.

Mr Huang has said his donations don’t come with any hidden agenda.

“It has nothing to do with China,” he told Fairfax Media. “When the media say I have some (ulterior) motives, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry … I feel it is unfair, not objective.”

When it comes to his political donations, Mr Huang insists that he gives to both major parties because, “I feel sometimes their politics are in line with us Chinese-Australian businesses, in line with our standards and ideas. We just support their political views, without raising ours”.


Ms Chew said the wielding of political power by China worried her as it made Chinese in Australia look bad.

“The mainstream will brush all of us the same,” she said. “In this air of xenophobia, which currently shadows Australia, well, it doesn’t help the situation.”

Despite her concerns she did not think foreign donations should be scrapped, although they should be more regulated and transparency was needed.

She thought donations that covered legal and travel costs, like those that Mr Dastyari accepted, should also be banned.

“Donations need to be restricted to a limit and its purpose needs to narrow,” she said.

She also suggested changes to donations to university and other institutes to avoid one interest group having full control. This could include limiting donations to 60 per cent of the institute’s funding, with the rest to come from university or government contributions.

“This will reduce the bias nature of institutes.”

As for foreign ownership of land or other investments, she did not necessarily think this should be restricted, unless the measures also applied to other countries.

One important change Ms Chew wanted to see was Chinese media in Australia being held to the same standard as other mainstream media in Australia.

“No one regulates or looks into this at the moment and unless it is looked into, the agendas are bias.”

News.com.au attempted to contact Ernest Wong for comment, and Huang Xiangmo was unavailable.
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Red Chinky Nationalism Now Taught in Australian Schools

Chinese dissidents are the ones being targeted here, but it's only a matter of time before Australian kids are forced to adopt either a subservient position or embrace the Yellow Peril.

Oh, referring to Chinks as Yellow is racist is it? Let us sing together a wonderful multicultural song from Red China:

Quote from: Private
The night's programme featured schoolchildren waving Chinese flags as they chorused "this is your birthday, my Motherland". Another patriotic song belted out the line "the black-eyed, black-haired, and yellow-skinned are forever the descendants of the dragon".

And in a video package aired that evening, an interview with a young ANU student was shown as a shining example for all those watching. Having immigrated at age five and holding Australian citizenship, she was asked whether she considered herself more Chinese or Australian.

"More Chinese," came her quick reply.

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BUSINESS and community leaders say calls by Labor Opposition Leader Bill Shorten for a crackdown on 457 visas are a threat to the needs of the Northern Territory.

Mr Shorten claimed 457 visa workers were taking Australian jobs and he accused Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of being out-of-touch.

Chamber of Commerce CEO Greg Bicknell and Philippines Honorary Consul John Rivas said in this instance Mr Shorten was out-of-touch with regional Australia.

“If we didn’t have skilled labour coming in from overseas on 457 visas the Northern Territory’s population would be in serious decline,” Mr Bicknell said.

Greg Bicknell
“Some Territory businesses would simply not be able to operate effectively if they couldn’t get overseas workers.

“It’s already rigorous enough for overseas workers to get a 457 visa and making it tougher would be a step in the wrong direction. It is well known that many Territory businesses depend on 457 visas because they can’t get local or interstate workers.”

Chief Minister Michael Gunner said employing foreign workers on 457 visas should only occur when local options have been exhausted.

“My priority is creating jobs for Territorians,” he said. “The Territory currently has a Designated Area Migration Agreement with the Federal government, which allows Territory business to employ migrant workers on 457 Visas, but not at the expense of local training and employment.”

Mr Rivas echoed Mr Bicknell’s sentiments.

“Mr Shorten’s comments may be based on ignorance of the Territory’s circumstances but making it tougher for overseas workers to get a 457 visa would cause considerable harm to the Territory business community,” he said. “It would harm the hospitality, tourism and farming sectors instantly. Overseas workers fill an important gap in our workforce.”
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/chinese-firm-powerchina-planning-350-million-gasfired-power-station-near-port-augusta/news-story/4b836c02d9166c55f1140b67e013d893 (https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0ahUKEwjTnOLmv6LRAhVBGpQKHZyYBhcQqQIIHTAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.adelaidenow.com.au%2Fnews%2Fsouth-australia%2Fchinese-firm-powerchina-planning-350-million-gasfired-power-station-near-port-augusta%2Fnews-story%2F4b836c02d9166c55f1140b67e013d893&usg=AFQjCNGwPSo3Pxs_amY1A3-DCB_NYEJFDw&sig2=eoU1V9Z-vNiFdNnXpBosSg)

ONE of the world’s biggest companies is planning to build a major gas-fired power station in the state’s north, which has the potential to ease South Australia’s electricity supply crisis.

The Advertiser has been told Powerchina wants a 250-megawatt generator, costing about $350 million, to be operating in South Australia by mid-2018.

If it proceeds, the Powerchina station would have baseload power generation capacity equivalent to Pelican Point’s gas-fired station  (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/pelican-point-power-station-revival-likely-under-state-government-electricity-plan/news-story/2cfb67eb88d6d54f4b73eef76c1371d3)and about half that of Port Augusta’s Northern Power Station, which closed last May (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/business/plans-to-reopen-port-augusta-power-station-abandoned-after-bhp-wouldnt-come-to-the-party/news-story/49d7c3d4e7f18b4a8c5544e2ce2c3057).

This would bolster baseload supply, making the state less reliant on intermittent renewable generation and would likely reduce the chances of another statewide blackout.
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Edit: The supplied Video was removed by YouTube.

This is a doco made in 1990 about what Australia 2020 would be like. It is lengthy but worth viewing. Look at the Jap who said if the NT was for sale he'd make a bid!

Such a flash back seeing Bruce Ruxton getting into some good old fashioned right wing views?!
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THESE are the faces that represent the changing landscape of what was once known as a struggling welfare-dependent town. Instead, residents such as Reshmem Mansor, from Malaysia, Thanh Ha and daughter Pham, from Vietnam, Yaowqres Bateman, from Thailand, and Li Yu Feng from China, are breathing new life and optimism into Murray Bridge.

Drawn by secure employment and cheap housing, migrants from all over the world are calling the Murraylands town home – and bucking the trend of other South Australian regional towns.

The success of assimilation in the river community is being celebrated as a beacon of how multiculturalism can turn around regional communities.

Jigaboo Jones says, "Where's the White kids at?"

When the Sunday Mail visited Murray Bridge, Mr Mansor, a 34-year-old father, whose wife works at Thomas Foods abattoirs, has just finished prayer. “I am a Muslim, so every Friday we pray at the small mosque,” he says.

Mr Mansor, who was an environmental health inspector in Malaysia, used to worry about the perceptions of his religion and feared that people associated it with terrorism. But, in Murray Bridge, he has found not only a lack of prejudice but a familiarity that has made calling the town home much easier.

“There are many Asian people here, it’s a really good community,” he says.

Mr Mansor is one of many migrants who take advantage of the services provided by the Murraylands Migrant Resource Centre, near the town ­centre
Thanh Ha, a 32-year-old accountant from Vietnam, has lived in the town with her husband and three-year-old daughter Pham, since 2014.

She says the town is perfect for her growing daughter, with lots of playgrounds and easy access to Adelaide.

Her thoughts are replicated by ­former primary school teacher ­Yaowqres Bateman, whose husband works in the city.

“All the people are very friendly,” she says.

But Murray Bridge still has a raft of issues associated with regional communities.

Unemployment remains high at 8.8 per cent – well above the nation-high SA average of 7.3 per cent – but well down on the 13 per cent it reached in 2015.

But the town is opening its arms to a burgeoning migrant community, which has allowed it to buck the trend of regional population decline in other regions.

Between 2006 and 2016, Murray Bridge increased its population by about 18 per cent, from about 14,850 people to 18,120.

In comparison, Adelaide’s population has grown by just over 10 per cent, Whyalla 2.3 per cent, Port Augusta 2.5 per cent, Port Lincoln 8.6 per cent and Mt Gambier 6.6 per cent.

Murray Bridge: No room for Whitey ...

About one in 10 Murray Bridge residents was born overseas.Murray Bridge South Primary School principal Stuart Kitto with teacher Jessica Hankin. Picture: Dylan CokerMurray Bridge South Primary School has students from 25 different nationalities – speaking 19 different languages.

Secure employment is a big drawcard, with many workers gaining employment in local abattoirs or in agricultural or horticultural industries.

And there is a wealth of cheap housing, with 58 three-bedroom homes for sale for less than $200,000 – and a further 60 for less than $250,000.

Murray Bridge Mayor Brenton Lewis is not surprised migrants want to call the town home.“I don't think it’s rocket science. It starts off with the Aussie tradition of giving people a fair go,” he says.Mr Lewis acknowledges the city has had a stigma of having a welfare-dependent population.

He says an oversupply of cheap public housing attracted “an influx of people on social welfare”.“It did transform the image of Murray Bridge but I believe over the past decade there has been a noticeable difference – we don’t have a great class system, we are a working-class community,” he says.Mr Lewis saw the first wave of ­immigration to the area, as a child, when Italian immigrants arrived in the 1960s.“They built glasshouses and they created industries,” he says.“Initially they kept to themselves, but over time it became more natural, they started enjoying Aussie Rules and meat pies.The local paddle-steamer Captain Proud is a popular attraction. Picture: Andrew LeGallez“Now we are seeing similar waves from different nations. The hand of friendship is being extended.

“The migrants are hardworking, they are not involved in an issues, there are no streets gangs, groups that don’t get along or migrant-related crime.”Migration Solutions managing director Mark Glazbrook, a respected and vocal Adelaide-based migration agent, says Murray Bridge is leading the way in regional assimilation.He says the town should be used as a national example.“What they have achieved proves that migrants don’t want to use and abuse the migration program and simply use regional towns and communities as a stepping stone to bigger cities,” he says.“Temporary visa holders have become permanent residents and now citizens. They are now embedded in the multicultural fabric that is the modern-day Murray Bridge.“This migrant workforce didn’t jump ship at the first opportunity and come to Adelaide or go to Sydney or Melbourne.”He says what has happened at Murray Bridge is an example of what a demand-driven migration program can achieve when the stars align.“Unfortunately, however, the current immigration system is from another galaxy,” he says.

“This is why Australia needs to introduce a migration program specifically based on what Murray Bridge has achieved.“It’s a system that is based on genuine demand and one which attracts the right migrant workforce with the right attributes to live, work and settle in regional and low population-growth jurisdictions of South Australia and beyond.”One of the biggest employers of migrant workers in the region is Thomas Foods International. With annual revenue in excess of $1 billion, it is one of Australia’s largest meat-processing company.But, aware of some of the views about migration in Australia and a sentiment by some that migrants take Aussie jobs, the company declined to talk to the Sunday Mail about this ­article.In fact, no one was willing to go on the record and suggest migrants are the only people willing to take the jobs on offer in the abattoirs and the farms surrounding the town.Last week, horticultural business Costa announced a $60 million expansion of its mushroom farm at Monarto, down the road from Murray Bridge.The doubling of mushroom production is likely to create 200 ongoing jobs and 200 during construction.Mayor of Murray Bridge Brenton Lewis.But Mr Lewis says: “There is a high percentage of youth who are not interested in a wide range of work that is on offer.

“The migrant people are generally accepting that if they sign on to an opportunity, they are signing on to a commitment.Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland chief executive Jo Podoliak says the rise in migration has been driven by the upturn in agriculture and food manufacturing.“Some of the region’s businesses have been unable to attract local expertise to sustain their business growth,” she says.“Migrant workers have been able to quickly fill this gap and provide a valuable source of labour.“The region’s migration rate has grown, following the increased demand from domestic and international markets for premium food.“The local skilled available labour supply simply can’t keep up.“Murray Bridge has a long and proud history of supporting overseas arrivals. The town recognises the strength that migration brings into this community.“It’s important to look not only at the migrant worker but their families who become involved with local businesses, sporting clubs, community groups and schools and, in doing so, become very valued members of ­society.”Murray Bridge South Primary School counsellor and teacher Jessica Hankin says migrant parents play an active role in the school community.“The parents come in and they help and they want to see what their children are doing,” Ms Hankin says.“The interest that they bring show their acceptance of the Australian way of life, I suppose. They are really trying to embrace every aspect of it.“They talk about how fantastic Australia is because their kids get more opportunities.”Ms Hankin says she has had students who spent five years in refugee camps and never got to go to school before they arrived in Murray Bridge.“We have to be respectful that they have seen a lot of things that other kids have not,” she says.Principal Stuart Kitto says the town has built up a core of migrant students. “Once you get enough people staying, then that encourages other people to stay because they are not the only faces in the classroom that are not Anglo-European,” he says.“The students are so used to having people come into the classroom who don’t speak any English that they are willing to help them out and compromise and include them in ways that might not happen if they were not used to it.”Murray Bridge is leading the way in regional assimilation.Migrant Resource Centre co-ordinator Heather Muirhead says volunteers help the migrant community in dealing with Centrelink, Housing SA, real estate agents, medical facilities, education facilities, and citizenship and visa applications.

“We also offer social gatherings so we have barbecues, or just go out together and do some shopping,” she says. “Once you have the foundations it is easier, because there is already a group here.“The first group are like the pilgrims, the pioneers – you have to keep them and they grow from there.“It is an inclusive community. There are established groups already here so they can feel included. We have access to prayer rooms, we have got employment, we have got most of the things that tick the box for a successful settlement region.”DID YOU KNOW?

■ Location: 76km southeast of Adelaide
■ Established: 1924
■ Traditional owners: The Ngarrindjeri people, who refer to Murray Bridge as Pomberuk
■ First European explorer: Charles Sturt, who camped there on February 8, 1830
■ Former names: Mobilong and Edwards Crossing
■ Population: 18,117 (2016)
■ Unemployment rate: 8.8 per cent (2017) down from 13 per cent (2015)
■ Median income: $37,227 (2013)
■ Major industries: Livestock, agriculture and horticulture
■ Notable residents: Sir Donald Dunstan (longest-serving governor of South Australia and faggot), Chad Wingard (Port Adelaide player), Simon Overland (former Victorian Police Commissioner)

So, why aren't Whites in the jobs? What about the boongs, what are they doing?

Are the Whites too busy with:-meth, drinking, family dysfunction?
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One of China’s top building ­materials and homewares companies, China Lesso Group Holdings, is buying two sites in Sydney to build up a local operation that may see it take on market heavyweight Bunnings.

The Hong Kong-listed group has bought a bulky goods site in the inner western suburb of ­Auburn and is picking up a warehouse development in the western suburb of Prospect as it lays the base for a local business.

The company manufactures a comprehensive range of building materials and interior decoration products from about 20 “advanced production bases” in mainland China.

China Lesso’s move into Australia may be driven by its diversification from its major business lines — plastic pipes and pipe fittings, building materials and ­interior decoration products — into e-commerce.

It set up Lesso Mall, a platform for hardware, electrical equipment and building material products in China, last year out of a warehouse in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, which it now hopes to take global.

“With continued investment in information technology and logistics, enhanced customer services and more diverse pro­ducts including hardware, electrical equipment and building materials, the introduction of Lesso Mall to the southern China market has already generated a revenue of 621 million yuan,” the group says in its annual report.

Sadly when I look around this place is growing into "Chindia" more and more every day and it is going to be impossible to compete with these "insect people".
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Future War for Resources: Threat of Chink Invasion of Australian Antarctic Territory ...

Should we be concerned about a challenge to Australia’s territorial claim in Antarctica?

Nick Whigham (http://twitter.com/NWWHIGHAM) | Fox News (http://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 15 October 2017


Extract: Antarctica is a mineral rich continent and underpinning the suspicion is the fact that China is seen as a resource hungry nation in need of fossil fuels and minerals to feed its growing economy.

Australia has by far the largest claim in the polar region of any nation with the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) covering 42 per cent of the continent. It was claimed by the United Kingdom and placed under the authority of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1933. However only the UK, New Zealand, France and Norway recognise Australia’s claim over the territory.

China recently began work on its fifth Antarctic research facility — a move that has prompted strategic and defence think tanks in both the US and Australia to raise concerns about China’s clear desire to exert greater control in the region, potentially at Australia’s expense.

In August, defence think tank the Australian Strategic Policy Institute warned Australia’s leadership role is being eroded because of long-term under-investment at a time when other countries are expanding their presence and influence in the region.

“China has conducted undeclared military activities in Antarctica, is building up a case for a territorial claim, and is engaging in minerals exploration there,” the report said.

Despite international law, “China has never stopped exploring Antarctic mineral resources,” the report claimed, also pointing out the Chinese government has stated in policy documents that it reserves the right to make a claim in Antarctica.

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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China’s secret plan to take over the world

Joe Hildebrand (http://twitter.com/Joe_Hildebrand) | Fox News (http://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 19 October 2017


Extract: In a speech on Wednesday to the Chinese Communist Party Congress in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, President Xi Jinping said, according to The Guardian, “it was time for his nation to transform itself into ‘a mighty force’ that could lead the entire world on political, economic, military and environmental issues”.

“We will improve our capacity for engaging in international communication so as to tell China’s stories well, present a true, multi-dimensional, and panoramic view of China, and enhance our country’s cultural soft power.”

In Australia you could probably get a grant for it.

And what is China’s version of such artistic freedom? Helpfully Xi spells it out:

“Writers and artists should take a people-centred approach and draw inspiration from everyday life and the experiences of the people to produce works that do justice to our times. We encourage them to create fine works that are thought provoking and of a high artistic standard, that reflect real life, and that extol our Party, our country, our people, and our heroes.”

In other words you are free to proclaim how great the Communist Party is. Can’t wait for that opening night!
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Red China's Xi Jinping Hails 'New Era' of Power Amid 'Complex Changes Abroad'
The Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/) (Britain)


Extract: Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, hailed a "new era" for his country at the opening of a crucial Communist Party Congress ... Mr Xi spoke of a "new historical direction" for China as it achieves increased prosperity and prestige on the world stage in coming decades ... "Through a long period of hard work, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, this is a new historical direction in our country's development," said Mr Xi said, who also pointed to "complex changes" abroad. He said China was on course to become a "moderately well-off society" by 2021 - the 100th anniversary of the party's founding - and would emerge as a modern socialist "strong power" by 2050. Mr Xi's speech, which was both nationalist and firm, but also positive on China's development, had been hotly anticipated across the country.
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Hey ! Hey! ...I want to take Chinese away!... Hey !Hey! .... woo!woo!woo!
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Brian Johnson of AC/DC used to talk in interviews of how he's still just an ordinary Geordie wanting "Chinky Takeaway."

Recently, I was helping a brother move home, and he ordered me not to say "Chinky" again in front of his new housemates. I told him to get eFFed, and then I reminded him of the Brian Johnson video.

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A flood of cheap goods from Asia floods to empower the greed of materialism and hoarding upon White people. A discipline from youth to check your Loyalty of your own people is the way to, loyalty health, loyalty economics, loyalty of race, loyalty of solidarity and comradery. We must start with babies, Mass Produce billions of Creativity patches on White baby blankets, Salubrious Living approved Creativity bottles and food container supplies all tagged, (which turns the page of the kosher conservatives). Save the White Race Stickers on First Aid Kits and Creativity Boats to bring Whites Only First Aid Supplies across White Borders, Creativity Boats to ship Jews and non whites out. Real Estate for all productive and creative White people.
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We must as White racial loyalists reach out to non political and non religious White Russians and White Europeans to share Creativity and encourage them to withdraw from all non white connections. Latin as a second language pre Christian times. A great way to Unite Whites across the globe and discuss racial socialism. The disloyal whites can be dealt with after our building of unity.
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A flood of cheap goods from Asia floods to empower the greed of materialism and hoarding upon White people. A discipline from youth to check your Loyalty of your own people is the way to, loyalty health, loyalty economics, loyalty of race, loyalty of solidarity and comradery. We must start with babies, Mass Produce billions of Creativity patches on White baby blankets, Salubrious Living approved Creativity bottles and food container supplies all tagged, (which turns the page of the kosher conservatives). Save the White Race Stickers on First Aid Kits and Creativity Boats to bring Whites Only First Aid Supplies across White Borders, Creativity Boats to ship Jews and non whites out. Real Estate for all productive and creative White people.

These people work for nothing! Don't even try to compete with them!

As for White babies, you need property to raise them. It is harder to buy property in Australia because Chinks and Curry munchers with the big money are pushing property prices up!

All old baby-boomer bastards are retiring and selling everything off so they can go to Philippines and retire and screw chink Whores all day.

You used to be able to get a decent block of land, now they demolish the house, put two homes on the one block. Get mass profits!

If you want lots of White kids, people need jobs. We want the ones back they gave to Asia. We need affordable property. We need women to want to have kids!
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China's President Opens 'New Era' for Country and the World
C. Gracie | BBC News (http://www.bbc.com/)

Extract: In his three-and-a-half hour speech ... [Chinese President Xi Jinping ] set out a vision not just for the five years ahead but for 30, and talked of a socialist model which provides, "a new option for other countries and nations who want to speed up their development while preserving their independence" ... He dreams of an innovative powerhouse driven by well educated citizens with unshakeable faith in the superiority of [the Chinese Marxist] system ... Mr Xi talks about guiding the international community "towards a more just and rational new world order". The latest Pew opinion survey across 37 countries suggests more people now trust the Chinese leader to do the right thing than the American one. On its current trajectory, the Chinese economy will overtake the US some time in the next decade to become the world's largest. 

YouTube: "Oriental gentleman always say arse'ol." Kevin Bloody Wilson (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kevin+bloody+wilson+the-pubic-hair-song).

China's Leadership Charts a Bold Path Forward
Eric Margolis (https://ericmargolis.com/)

Extract: [Chinese leader] Xi [Jinping] now appears poised to become as all-powerful as Chairman Mao, though he does not yet command the Great Helmsman's near-divine status or adulation ... In Xi's view, the west has little to offer China besides decadent behavior, racial mixing, loud music, and social rot. The United States, Japan and India are seen as dangerous, determined enemies bent on destroying united China ... While the US bleeds itself through small but expensive wars in Asia and Africa, China is using its huge trade surplus to buy key assets and influence around the globe. China is doing all this at a time when its ruler, Xi Jinping, commands absolute authority and has a clear strategic vision, backed by a mighty economy and some of the world's most intelligent people. The same cannot be said for Washington, which is floundering.

Note: Marxist nations such as the former Soviet Union of Russia and Red China are totalitarian creeds hidden beneath a clock of so-called Progressiveness. I.e. According to everyone from your average Liberal to your Left-Leaning school teacher and the extreme Red Under Your Bed, Progressive = Good. When the Soviet Union invaded Eastern, Central and Northern Europe, it imposed Russian culture and Russian language enforced by the end of a tank gun. Once the invaded populations were sufficiently subjugated, mass immigration from Russia to the subjugated nations commenced. Thereby turning the once free European populations into slaves of Russias - Progressive - overlords.

It's the same with China - with the difference between Asian vs European. And that raises the Chinese threat to a whole new level way above the Progressive clap-trap of the Leftard. In the end, a Chinese victory can only mean the enslavement and eventual extermination of White European people.

Doubt it? Just ask a Tibetan.

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Australian MSM bitching about Trump not stopping the Asian Invasion. Are they right or wrong?

DONALD Trump will be welcomed by the Chinese today as the President whose weak stance on global affairs put China centrestage.

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Australian politicians say to bribe Pacific nations with handouts to stop them siding with China ...

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Australian Prime Minister bought by Red China: A Kosher meal with Chinky Fries ...

Malcolm Turnbull dined with wealthy Chinese donor days after company gave $40k to Queensland LNP

Henry Belot and Matthew Doran | ABC (Australia) | 24 November 2017


Extract: A Chinese businessman had dinner with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull just four days after one of his companies declared a $40,000 donation to Queensland's Liberal National Party (LNP).

Key points:

* Liu Xiaodong is one of three directors of Australian Energy Windfarm, which gave $40,000 to LNP on November 15

* Malcolm Turnbull dined with Mr Xiaodong in Brisbane on November 19

* The company is bidding for investment opportunities in Queensland

The revelation comes amid debate about Chinese companies trying to exert influence on the nation's
political class through financial donations and lobbying, and on the eve of the Queensland election.

The businessman, Liu Xiaodong, is one of three directors of Gold Coast-based company Australian Energy Windfarm (AEW), which describes itself as "China's responsible wind power supplier".

Mr Liu is also the chairman of China-based renewable energy giant Heilongjiang Ainaji Dianli Co Ltd, which owns 100 per cent of AEW and is pursuing major investment opportunities in Queensland.

"You only got 40 thousand shekels? Oy Veh!"

The donation was declared with the Queensland Electoral Commission on November 15.

The ABC understands [allegedly] Mr Turnbull had not heard of Mr Liu until they met at a dinner four days later in Brisbane.
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Shorten meets Chinese donor after ASIO warning

Fox News (http://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 4 December 2017


Extract: LABOR's opposition leader Bill Shorten reportedly visited Chinese businessman Huang Xiangmo at his mansion to secure political donations - months after a warning from ASIO.

The revelation come with Senator Sam Dastyari embroiled in a scandal involving Mr Huang and Chinese influence on local politicians.

Mr Shorten’s office stressed his home visit did not compromise Australia’s national security and that Labor would “no longer accept donations from Mr Huang.”

“It is unbelievable that Prime Minister Mr Turnbull still refuses to do the same.”

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The Australian Prime Minister is setting up new laws preventing politicians and political parties from receiving funding from foreign sources. The laws are not unique, as the United States already has similar laws (((which are never taken into account when Israel is the source))). The Red Chinese government - after summoning the Australian envoy to China for some verbal chastising - has taken it upon themselves to declare any laws that may restrict Chinese influence in Australian politics to be a racist attack on Chinese plans for global domination. The Chinese government has now began an operation planned to unseat the current Prime Minister, presumably with plans to replace him with a more favourable candidate.







http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/foreign-affairs/beijing-hauls-in-envoy-over-interference-laws/news-story/9e2dbfc027766934fb3f106e6a9cc3b3?nk=cb1ca09597e0f65d7a73245125514263-1513292128 (https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=11&ved=0ahUKEwj-ufCeyorYAhVJv5QKHTQVDkQQFghnMAo&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.theaustralian.com.au%2Fnational-affairs%2Fforeign-affairs%2Fbeijing-hauls-in-envoy-over-interference-laws%2Fnews-story%2F9e2dbfc027766934fb3f106e6a9cc3b3&usg=AOvVaw0d_maLYOVpS0-XTufKecy4)
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https://www.facebook.com/AusFirstParty/posts/1701469719927918 (https://www.facebook.com/AusFirstParty/posts/1701469719927918)

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Stark warning from military experts on Australia’s future

A SENIOR military expert has given a stark insight into what would happen if Australia was attacked at war. It’s not good.

Matt Young (http://www.news.com.au/the-team/matt-young) | Fox News (http://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 5 January 2018



AUSTRALIA would spiral in to a Mad Max-style world if our slim fuel reserves were cut off by an enemy, a defence expert has warned.


It comes with a stark warning that “if an adversary decided to, they could cut off fuel supply to Australia very easily”.

Defence Strategy and Capability at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute senior analyst Dr Malcolm Davis said incoming Liberal Senator Jim Molan’s warning that Australian forces would be rendered almost useless in just 19 days was “absolutely true” and warned that Australia is “one of the few countries in the world that does not take our energy security seriously”.

Mr Molan, a former senior military officer, said on Wednesday that if Australia’s current stockpiles of petrol, diesel and aviation fuel ran dry then the military would effectively be grounded in that time.

It is a debate that has raged between experts for years as experts accuse the Australian government of ignoring the issue.

Molan was the chief of operations for coalition forces in Iraq and will enter federal Parliament next month, replacing former deputy Nationals leader Fiona Nash who was forced out of the Upper House over the citizenship scandal.

After he quit the military, he was the driving force behind the Abbott Government’s successful Operation Sovereign Borders that stopped asylum seekers reaching the mainland.

Australia was one of the few places in the world that didn’t have a government-mandated strategic reserve of fuel, Mr Molan said.

Dr Davis backed Mr Molan’s comments, saying Australia’s fuel reserves would last “20 days at best” if supplies were cut off.

“It would be a Mad Max world. Our society and our economy would begin to fall apart very quickly,” Dr Davis told news.com.au.

“It’s like electricity — everything depends on fuel to make an economy run. It is very serious.

“We’ve left ourselves in a perilous situation and governments on both sides have been negligent in this regard.

“Military analysts have been warning consistently for years and they just ignore it.”

The fuel threat had been assessed by former air force vice-marshal John Blackburn in 2015 who found if Australia’s sea lines were blocked through terrorism or conflict in the South China Sea, supplies would be depleted within weeks.

Mr Molan also warned Australia’s pledge to boost defence spending over the next decade by $30 billion — to the 2 per cent of GDP Donald Trump has been urging NATO allies to commit to — might not actually be enough.

“You can’t just hit 2 per cent and achieve military perfection. You’ve got to stay at that level of expenditure.”

Writing in The Australian, Mr Molan said it was also not a guarantee that the US could or would come to Australia’s aid.

“Until I deployed to Iraq with the US military in 2004-05, I made the common mistake of assuming US power was infinite,” he writes. “The US was indeed powerful after 1945 and even more powerful winning the Cold War. But the US Army had only 10 full-time combat divisions and … was furiously trying to increase its strength.”

Further cutbacks since then had weakened their forces even more — to the extent that only three brigades was now combat-ready.
Dr Davis said a major war between the United States and China in the Pacific could be the catalyst to disrupt Australia’s fuel supply.
He explained most of Australia’s fuel is transported through narrow straights by tanker ships.

“Instead of investing in refinement facilities here for refining fuel, the government has decided it’s cheaper to do it overseas.”

One of the key facilities is in Singapore.

“The price they pay for that in a crisis is that China can interrupt flow to Australia relatively easy and our economy falls apart.

“It’s very negligent of the government to let this situation happen. It’s even more appalling we’ve been warning both political parties for years about this.”

Dr Davis warned the US military had become severely depleted since the Bush administration and said China, Iran, North Korea and Russia had become “direct threats”.

“In a world where there’s no threats like in the 1990s maybe you could get away with that but we are in 21st century in a world with many, many threats.

“It’s no longer about terrorism.”

But, Dr Davis warned President Trump’s approach was too “haphazard and chaotic” to see a positive result.

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Chinks claim they own Australia ...


‘Australia belongs to China’: Taiwan tensions at boiling point in Sydney hot pot restaurant

DURING her waitressing shift, Winnie’s boss asked her a simple question over the walkie talkie. Her response got her sacked.

Frank Chung (http://twitter.com/franks_chung) | Fox News (http://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 15 January 2018


Extract: AN AUSTRALIAN restaurant has been accused of sacking a Taiwanese worker for saying Taiwan was not part of China.

The woman, known only as Winnie, claims she was sacked from a hotpot restaurant in Sydney’s inner-west after being grilled by her boss about her stance on the hot-button issue.

According to a Facebook post, which was picked up by Chinese media after going viral, Winnie was working a night shift at the restaurant when the incident happened.

“At that time, the restaurant was not very busy, the boss called me via walkie talkie,” she wrote. “Winnie, Winnie, could I ask you a question?” he asked, according to her account. “Does Taiwan belong to China?”

She immediately replied, “Definitely not.” Twenty minutes later, she was told to go home and not come back to work the next day.

In her Facebook post, Winnie said she did “not even think about” the response. “Personally speaking, I hold a neutral position on the relationship between China and Taiwan,” she wrote. “I was dumbfounded ... I felt speechless.”

On Facebook, others responded ... Yangson Tsai wrote, “I would like to ask, if Chinese people are so patriotic, why don’t they go back? Why are they dying to stay in Australia? [Why do they] study abroad to find ways to not return to China?”

Chien Chung Wang said “these kind of Chinese” had been indoctrinated with Chinese nationalism “since drinking milk”, even in a “free and democratic country where ordinary people live a very low profile”.

On Chinese social media, many appeared to support the sacking. “The answer should be ‘yes’,” Wai Man Sung wrote on Weibo.

“And one more sentence. Australia belongs to China.”

Also: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5269961/Restaurant-accused-sacking-worker-saying-Taiwan-not-China.html
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I know example where will "social" state by tax players pay to Chinks one project because they are poor wage workers and it is easy cost than other offers by european investors. State do not have money for white workers and also crony capitalists do not have will for change someone.
Because I did not see how are Chinks as race,what is your oppinion about  them? Are they peaceful people who love business or they can make problems like races who are not yellow? What is their strategy for expansion and what is main difference between them and other non-white Australians?
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Post by: Private on 28 January 2018 at 00:42
Chinks were banished from Australia around 1890. They worked for nothing and in teams to get all the GOld produced.THey brought down living standards and undermined the colony. However the Japanese were allowed  to Broome for dangerous Peal diving jobs.

Because Australia went and fought in Vietnam war the Vietnamese refugees could come.

Asians are like insects, they'd have a hive in China and go collect pollen from every place else to go back to the hive.

We have two sorts of pesky Asians.
(1) The poor ones who take our jobs that get outsourced to them.Usually Vietnamese,Phillipines and Cambodians.They sell drugs and carry weapons.

(2) The Rich kind. The West singned "Lima agreement" in 70's allowing products to be outsourced.Rich Chinks got power from all this production we gave them. Now they come to Australia/USA and NZ and buy out our industries and property making it hard for people to break into the property market.It's now common for advertising and department stores to have Chinese writing to welcome these rich customers.

Their game plan? Buy everything we own from baby boomer generation so these people go retire In Thailand and screw sluts all day.Or get a Phillipino "dial a bride" flow money to her family in the third world and retire.It is likely the man list his property's to his former divorcee.

Asians are organised and make enclaves.They see opportunity here and punish their kids if their school results are bad.
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Post by: Private on 28 January 2018 at 02:21
According to that,I see that you also have problem with whites who produce good and expect poor wage workers and they do not have more children and give fair re-distribution of capital to them through inheritance what mean genetic downfall of society and future rebellion of under-mans.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 28 January 2018 at 06:40
According to that,I see that you also have problem with whites who produce good and expect poor wages workers and they do not have more children and give fair re-distribution of capital to them through inheritance what mean genetic downfall of society and future rebellion of under-mans.
Asians can thrive in poverty,we can't !
We work hard but play hard too , play hard doesn't enter their equation. They are insect "drones".

Employers like Asians as they don't fight back if the employer treats them badly.The employer gets them as guest workers and they have few rights.The employer cancels their visa if they fight back.

Asians have more community spirit than us now and bigger family ethics. They take up all the university places and get a visa to work here after they got trained here and later bring the whole family out.

Other Asian residents buy Australian property on behalf on non citizens for investment , this pushes house prices up for all. Australia is one of the most costly places to own a home in and Sydney,Melbourne and Darwin are most costly.
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THE island fortresses are built. The airfields are ready. The harbours are open.

All China needs do now is move in the warships and combat jets.

The chief of US Fleet Forces Command has told US Congress that Beijing has built up enough military infrastructure in the South China Sea to completely control the disputed waterway.

“Once occupied, China will be able to extend its influence thousands of miles to the south and project power deep into Oceania,” Admiral Philip S. Davidson wrote.

“The PLA will be able to use these bases to challenge US presence in the region, and any forces deployed to the islands would easily overwhelm the military forces of any other South China Sea-claimants.

“In short, China is now capable of controlling the South China Sea in all scenarios short of war with the United States.”
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Post by: Private on 06 June 2018 at 14:11
LIVE by the sword, die by the sword. That’s what they say. In Australia’s case, the sword we’ve lived by has been China. The world’s biggest country has grown rich by feeding on our steel and coal, and we have grown rich alongside it.


But we could die by the same sword. China has developed some big problems and if they get much worse, they could cut us down.

The best way to understand China’s problems is to look back at America in 2007. There was a lot of debt all through the American financial system, but nobody knew just how much of it was bad debt. In America bad debt turned into a global financial crisis within a year, and the subsequent recession caused enormous human suffering across the world.


The debt has been used to keep China’s economy going strong. If you lend a company money, it hires people and makes things. Economic growth continues. The problem is not all those companies are actually profitable. Some can’t pay the money back, and you end up with bad debt.

Bad debt in China is worrying Dinny McMahon a lot. McMahon — an Australian economist and journalist who lived in China for years — recently wrote a book on the incredible scale of the economic problems in China.

“The morass of bad loans in the banking system requires the central bank to keep printing more and more money. Credit needs to continue growing to maintain economic growth, but every yuan of debt generates less economic activity than it used to,” writes McMahon.

“In theory, Beijing could allow its perpetual-motion machine of debt creation to continue indefinitely, but the newly created money eventually ends up feeding speculative bubbles, because there are few other places for it to go. In order to prevent the bubbles from popping, and to maintain confidence, the central banks prints more money.

“All the while, as the size and complexity of the system grows, the potential for something to go seriously wrong increases.”
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Survival of Australian ski resorts as they battle against a warming climate may be in the hands of Indian and Chinese immigrants, experts believe

There was a record of more than 2.2 million visitors to the country's snow fields last year, but few were found to make long-term financial investments in snow sports. 

The trend sets current snow-lovers apart from Baby Boomers, who not only enjoyed deeper snow and longer seasons, but immersed themselves fully in snow culture, Sydney Morning Herald reported
'Snow resorts are facing a triple threat: climate change, changing leisure patterns and declining participation from an ageing population,' University of Canberra researcher Dr Tracey Dickson said.

'So how do you get more people into resorts that have large infrastructure commitments

Chinese and Indian markets could hold the key to filling the seemingly fading interest of Australians in snow sports, Dr Dickson said.

Snow store Rhythm had already began looking at ways to boost the involvement of people of those nations now living in Australia who had a keen interest in snow.

For the past two snow seasons, owner Mick Klima has hired a Hindi speaker to transform tourists into avid skiers and snowboarders

'They usually come down in a big group and get one or two pairs of skis that they can all try and fit into and have a go on,' Mr Klima said.

'You have got to start somewhere.'

Chinese president Xi Jinping has also started looking towards the economical benefits of a population with snow skills ahead of the Winter Olympics in Chongli, north-west of Beijing in 2022.

They sure know where the money is don’t they? The ski resort charges high rates and high parking fees. There are just 5 ski resorts in Australia.So if you want a taste of it,you have to pay big coin for it.People would rather go to either NZ or Japan and pay cheaper fees for better conditions. Asians aren’t going To bring better snow. They’ll bring more money for snow machine use.Rhythm snow sports wants to sell lots of gear, however Australians are buying stuff online as it is cheaper.

Why do they have to hire Hindi speakers? If they already live in Australia shouldn’t they have passed an English test?  What is wrong with English?He is flying a flag saying “Replacing English is OK, we’ll replace them in the long run with you”.

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CHINESE students at the University of Adelaide have been threatened with being reported to the Chinese embassy in Canberra for allegedly campaigning against communism during student elections, according to reports.

According to a report published in The Australian, some Chinese pupils who ran on an International Voice ticket for board positions of the university’s union had threatened other students from China who were campaigning for the rival Progress party.

According to The Australian’s report, correspondence between frightened international students and the university details a range of allegations stemming from last month’s elections, and warns of Chinese students “all freaking out and very concerned about the consequences

Great! Commie stuff going on in our University! The cash cows are being bullied by other Chinky cash cows. Being dobbed into the Chink embassy.

They can all bugger off! It’s got nothing to do with us.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 12 September 2018 at 21:18
Are the orientals Australia's biggest illegal immigration problem?
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 12 September 2018 at 22:06
Yes, China is the biggest threat to Australia - or at least so they appear to be.

Reason being, they come in from China (and India) all cashed up buying land, business and politicians. We have cattle stations the size of Germany which the Chinks are buying up. Same with Port or Harbour facilities and telecommunications companies. They fill the universities with their own kind and China throws money at the universities dictating what can and will be taught to students. Remember, private ownership doesn't really exist in Red China. Everything Chink that has connections outside China is basically a venture by the Chink Red Army. That's why the Australian Government and now Trump sometimes reject Red Chinese investment in military communications and surveillance technology in Australia and the US.

There's also the problem of the Chinese Mafia strong-arming small businesses - shops and restaurants - in order to force them sell out on the cheap or be burned out. They buy up entire areas, push out the White Australians and refuse to even sell us a cold drink on a 45 degrees C. day. The Chink Mafia are responsible for bringing in the majority of the illegal drugs - and the ingredients for illegal drug manufacturing - into Australia.

Sand-Niggers by contrast are bogus refugees that get into Australia, only to immediately bugger off back home on holidays in order to extend their own criminal enterprises. The Lebanese Mafia is much the same as the Chink Mafia.

Africoons: When they aren't rioting, looting and raping, they're living quietly, turning every home into a ghetto. They're so used to being given everything, that when they are moved from one home to another, they dump everything and put out their hand for more. We can tell when an Africoon has moved out of a home, because all the white goods, kids' toys and furniture and even cars are dumped out on the street by the landlords after their tenants have abandoned the place. Then the poor Africoon family moves into a new residence and the do-gooders and the JOG go into action to give them a new fridge, washing machine, toys for the kids, a new car .... You know the story.

And finally it comes down to ...

The Jews: If anybody protests about any of the above - that's anybody from the lowest unemployed factory worker to business tycoon or elected member of parliament - the Jewish Supremacist organisations like the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and the Anti-Defamation Commission (Anti-Defamation League/ADL) go into action destroying the awakened to protect the changing demographic and mud criminal enterprises, scream about the White Australia Policy, RACISTS! and White Supremacy ... and the genocide of White Australia continues unabated. Again you know the story. If Jewish Supremacist interests were not able to wield the power that they do within the business and political worlds, we would not have many of the problems we have today.

And that is why the Executive Council of Australian Jewry considered me in the running for the Most anti-Semitic People in Australia Award for several years running.  :D


"Die Juden sind unser Unglück!"

Jewish Supremacists Lead Minorities Blocking Repeal of Hate Laws

2009-09-30 Report on Antisemitism in Australia 2009 to ...?
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Post by: Private on 12 September 2018 at 22:29
Knew y'all had a problem with the muds, illegal and Native. But damn I thought you were a little better off being an island continent in the Pacific.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 12 September 2018 at 23:04
Australia may have a land mass the same size as the Continental United States, but our population is tiny by comparison with only 25 million compared the US' 350 million (not including illegals), so a small change in the racial demographic is all it takes to alter the status quo Downunder for the worse.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 12 September 2018 at 23:23
No doubt brother.  I could see that for sure.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 13 September 2018 at 07:57
Knew y'all had a problem with the muds, illegal and Native. But damn I thought you were a little better off being an island continent in the Pacific.

Our problems are:-lack of water.
:-Asian neighbours.

Waaaaay too many of them to compete with and fight an attack off! We have resources they want and stuff they want. Also a strategic location for shipping.

The US has military in Australia’s north to block off China’s boats from Africa. China is trying to befriend small island neighbours to try get naval bases built near to us.

Old bastards are allowed to sell off stuff to Asia making future generations of White Australians marginalised!

Australia found Chinks too hard to compete with 150 years back and stopped them from  migrating. Some people forget the lessons of the past!

China and India are getting too big for their boots!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 28 September 2018 at 15:23
THERE are serious concerns about the $13 billion takeover of an Australian energy company with experts warning it is “entirely the wrong move” with implications for national security and gas prices.

Charis Chang | Fox News (https://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 28 September 2018



Australians are just starting to realise how much of the country’s electricity and gas assets are owned by Chinese-linked companies and the huge dominance they now have.

Extract: The latest move from Hong Kong-based company Cheung Kong Infrastructure (CKI) to take over Australian-owned company APA will give it control over 60 per cent of Australia’s gas pipelines.

But the picture becomes even more concerning if you look at all the other assets that are essentially controlled by the Chinese Government.

This is what’s going on.


APA is the company at the centre of the deal and it’s easy to understand why.

The company owns or manages $20 billion worth of energy assets.

It has a 15,000km network of pipelines that deliver half of Australia’s natural gas usage. It supplies gas to 1.3 million Australian homes and businesses, as well as having interests in gas-fired power stations and wind farms.

As Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) energy analyst Bruce Robertson told news.com.au: “It is a fabulously profitable company.”

In fact if you bought shares in APA when it first listed on the stock exchange in 2000, your investment would now be worth 18 times more than what it was.

But this impressive profit actually points to one of the reasons why people are so worried about the sale.

When the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) looked into the gas market in 2016 it found evidence of monopoly pricing among the pipeline operators that transport gas along the east coast of Australia.

This is because the pipelines are owned by a small group of companies that can essentially charge what they like.

CKI already owns a lot of gas pipelines, powerlines and electricity generators around Australia.

So if you combine the two companies, CKI would suddenly control 68 per cent of the gas transmission and distribution pipelines in Victoria, 86 per cent in South Australia and 72 per cent in Queensland.

But it gets even more interesting when you add the assets controlled by other Chinese companies, particularly another company called State Grid, which is a Chinese Government-owned company.

Australian companies were paying between $10 to $12 per gigajoule for contract gas, compared to about $4 in the US, if you look at the Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Price.

“The price of gas is so extortionately high; it’s well above international prices for gas,” Mr Robertson said.

This is despite the fact that Australia is one of the largest exporters of gas in the world. In what appears to be an absurd situation, Mr Robertson said there are now four consortiums looking to build import terminals in Australia to bring in cheaper gas from overseas.

“It is just unbelievable, the mess we’ve got ourselves into on the east coast of Australia,” Mr Robertson said. “If we go down the route of exporting gas and then importing it, we’ve totally lost.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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Adam Giles , the former Chief minister of NT.Yes.....the pro Chink clown of boong extraction who sold Darwin’s port to China is being eyed as a One Nation Candidate.

Pauline Hanson once knew Australia was to be swamped by Asians now this disfunctional half-wit is being considered!?
One Nation has become a joke! Liberal party has become a joke with recent changes. Things don’t look bright politically for Australia right now!


As the closest region to Asia, the ‘Top End’ remains a prized strategic location to Australia, which has enabled the Northern Territory to progressively integrate its economy with the region. Earlier this year, Serge DeSilva-Ranasinghe interviewed Adam Giles, the Territory’s Chief Minister, who also occupies the strategic Portfolio of Asian Trade and Engagement. The conversation focused on his Government’s initiatives to bolster linkages with Asia, the Territory’s geographic identity, the challenges inherent in attracting foreign investment, opportunities presented by the US forces being positioned in Darwin, and his Government’s future plans to engage Asia.


Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 28 November 2018 at 22:09
Things don’t look bright politically for Australia right now!

Things haven't looked bright politically for Australia since the 60's when they removed former Spitfire pilot, Sir John Gorton, as Prime Minister.

Having actually fought (and been wounded and permanently disfigured) in a war - unlike just about every Australian politician since Federation - Gorton was considered too independent and a threat to the status quo. It was Gorton that got Australia the F111's - because they were nuclear capable. It was Gorton that set up the nuclear power station in Sydney - because we could make nukes from the leftovers. It was Gorton that did not want a single Australian soldier put at risk when just pressing a button would do the job. It was Gorton that they sacked - because politicians like having soldiers die for them and all the national mourning and sadness that goes along with it and helps to boost their ratings.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 29 November 2018 at 09:11
I’d say best Prime Sinister since Gorton would have been Howard.

If you look at what was done he was a decent one.
Still Alfred Deakin would be arguably the best from a nationalist perspective.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 29 November 2018 at 09:53
I’d say best Prime Sinister since Gorton would have been Howard.

From Whitlam through Fraser and Hawk, the numbers remained the same. Howard is responsible for bringing in the first multitudes of refos. Krudd/Gillard, Abbott and Turnbull increased the number.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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I’d say best Prime Sinister since Gorton would have been Howard.

From Whitlam through Fraser and Hawk, the numbers remained the same. Howard is responsible for bringing in the first multitudes of refos. Krudd/Gillard, Abbott and Turnbull increased the number.

At least Howard tried stopping the boats . He had budgets running with a surplus.
Abbot ,well his budgets were brutal because Labour ruined us and we had to get back on track.
He’s the only PM that wanted to stop this Abo free for all.
But... being a big industry that so many businesses in Rural Australia rely on the people at the top shut him down. It would have ruined the economies of so many towns.

Cory Bernadi makes sense!
More sense than Pauline Hanson nowadays.
He is against the Greens with a passion as well as radical Islam!

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China activates ‘ship killer’ DF-26 missiles after ‘sink two carriers’ threat

Beijing has moved to make good on its threat to ‘sink two aircraft carriers’, stating it has activated ‘ship killer’ ballistic missiles.



Beijing has moved to make good on its threat to ‘sink two aircraft carriers’, stating it has activated ‘ship killer’ ballistic missiles in response to a US Navy challenge earlier this week.

The state-controlled Global Times news service overnight reported its newest ballistic missile weapon system, introduced as recently as April last year, are being deployed to positions best suited at striking vessels in the East and South China Sea.

The announcement follows a Chinese Vice Admiral’s threat stating the best way to force the US to ‘back away’ from Beijing’s attempts to annex the disputed waterways would be to ‘sink two aircraft carriers’. He boasted China could do so with the introduction of new ballistic missile systems.

RELATED: Chinese Admiral’s chilling recipe to dominate South China Sea

But the announcement of the deployment comes just days after a US warship passed through the Taiwan Strait and close to the Paracel Islands (Xisha Islands) — claimed by China, Vietnam and Taiwan — to assert the international rules of the sea which govern rights of free passage.

“The timing of the report sparked discussions among Chinese military observers online, as it came after the USS McCambell, a US guided-missile destroyer, trespassed into China’s territorial waters off the Xisha Islands on Monday without permission from the Chinese government,” the government mouthpiece noted.

Military aircraft and warships had been sent to warn the US vessel away, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said at a daily briefing earlier this week.

But the later state-controlled media report about the missiles indicates Beijing is beginning to lose its patience
“The DF-26 is China’s new generation of intermediate-range ballistic missile capable of targeting medium and large ships at sea,” the Global Times warned. “It can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads.”

The missiles are ballistic, meaning they boost their warheads high into the edge of space.

These warheads then plunge at very high speeds back down towards their targets.

SPECIAL REPORT: China’s exploding military might

Unlike conventional, shorter-range cruise missiles, the DF-26 will not be positioned close to the Taiwan Strait or on the disputed islands themselves.

Instead, Chinese state-run television service CCTV reports the truck-mounted weapons are positioned in a distant outpost: “The DF-26 is attached to a brigade under the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Rocket Force that operates in Northwest China’s plateau and desert areas”.
“A mobile missile launch from deep in the country’s interior is more difficult to intercept,” the Global Times quoted an expert as explaining.

He said the DF-26 has enough range — reputed to be some 4500km — to cover the South China Sea, even when launched from deep within China itself.
“During the initial phase of a ballistic missile launch, the missile is relatively slow and not difficult to detect, making it an easier target for enemy antimissile installations.

“After the missile enters a later stage, its speed is so high that chances for interception are significantly lower.”

The state media report went so far as to highlight the significant US naval base in the middle of the Pacific at Guam was within range of the missiles.

“The report is a good reminder that China is capable of safeguarding its territory,” it stated.
The US in recent weeks has called on its international allies — including Australia — to ramp up pressure on Beijing’s attempt to assert control over the international shipping lanes and fisheries through an increased tempo of ‘freedom of navigation operations’ (FONOPS) by their warships.

The US insists it is not interested in who owns the islands.

Instead, it says it wants to maintain the freedom of access practised through the busy trade hub since the end of World War II.

Recently, however, Beijing has asserted what it claims to be traditional sovereignty over the entirety of the South and East China Seas. An international arbitration court rejected this claim, but China has chosen to ignore the ruling.

Nor does international law allow territorial rights to be applied to the waters around artificial islands. Beijing has recently completed a chain of fortresses on what had previously been coral reefs and demanded that all nations respect its 12 nautical mile (22km) sovereign territorial claim around them.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu told reporters that China had demanded the USS McCampbell leave waters around the Paracel Islands.

“Relevant actions by US vessels violate Chinese and international laws, infringe on China’s sovereignty, and undermine peace, stability and good order in relevant waters,” Lu said.

But international legal institutions have rejected this claim.

“We will continue to take necessary measures to safeguard national sovereignty and security,” he added, potentially referring to the later announcement of the DF-26 missiles.

The spat comes ahead of Beijing-Washington trade talks this week

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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Beijing has moved to make good on its threat to ‘sink two aircraft carriers’, stating it has activated ‘ship killer’ ballistic missiles in response to a US Navy challenge earlier this week.

Thanks for bringing that to my/our attention Brother. I'm not shocked very often now days by the anti- White news/propaganda,  but I am a little surprised that our mud loving government and American M.S.M.  has been able to keep this as quiet as they have. To me that's a major story, but the M.S.M. are to busy bashing Trump to inform us of real problems in the world. They never want to rock the boat with China it seems.  I'm sure it's due to all the money our politicians are receiving from secret kickbacks.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 10 January 2019 at 17:49
Thanks for bringing that to my/our attention Brother. I'm not shocked very often now days by the anti- White news/propaganda,  but I am a little surprised that our mud loving government and American M.S.M.  has been able to keep this as quiet as they have.

News Links: Racial News to Use from January
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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Beijing has moved to make good on its threat to ‘sink two aircraft carriers’, stating it has activated ‘ship killer’ ballistic missiles in response to a US Navy challenge earlier this week.

Thanks for bringing that to my/our attention Brother. I'm not shocked very often now days by the anti- White news/propaganda,  but I am a little surprised that our mud loving government and American M.S.M.  has been able to keep this as quiet as they have. To me that's a major story, but the M.S.M. are to busy bashing Trump to inform us of real problems in the world. They never want to rock the boat with China it seems.  I'm sure it's due to all the money our politicians are receiving from secret kickbacks.

It isn’t Uncle Sam doing the wrong thing. The Chinks built these Islands and militarised them illegally blocking other people’s ships off!

Uncle Sam has had no issues before in those waters. China is getting too big for their boots and I kind of hope he’ll smack China for being such a bitch!

Hope they barricade off all their boats from Africa fully laden with China’s much needed resources! Better yet we rob their resources and sink their boats that come between Indonesia and Australia!

Again!... they want to Strike when the US government is in Shut down!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 20 January 2019 at 11:38


Who do they think they are?!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 20 January 2019 at 19:24
Re the video: And THAT is why I live in Adelaide instead of Sydney or ANY of Australia's other state capitals.

Here's some of my personal experiences with Gook racism against Whites ...

* With parents in Melbourne in 1979: Refused service in Chinky restaurant.
   Response: Meekly left. Ate Greek Souvlaki/Wog Crap! for first time.

* In 1988 Sydney: Refused service (chips) in Chinky fish and chip shop.
   Response: Abused Gooks and left.

* 1989 Brisbane: Refused employment in predominately Chink employed business x2.
   Response 1: Abused White manager and left. 2: Same but spat in his face.

* 1992 Brisbane: Refused service (can of cold drink) in Chinky milkbar/deli on 40/100 degree plus day.
   Response: Abused and threw coins at Gooks before leaving with drink.

* 1992 - 2022: Refuse to enter Mud owned businesses.

* 2022: The Jew is through in 2022 - All Muds deported!

Melbourne: The Africoon capital of Australia.
No White People Allowed!

Sydney - Western Suburbs: Dune Coon capital of Australia.
No White People Allowed!

Sydney - Northern Suburbs: The Kike capital of Australia.
No White People Allowed!

Sydney - Inner City: Gook capital of Australia.
No White People Allowed!

Sydney - Redfern: Abo capital of Australia.
No White People Allowed!

Any White Australian found in any of the above areas will be arrested at the request of the Multicultural Community.

Police assistance is not permitted for White victims of multicultural violence/White Colonialists benefiting from Cultural Dispensation.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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Labor's plan to slash negative gearing will result in thousands of Chinese investors  snapping up 'bargain' Australian homes, a property expert claims.

Labor leader Bill Shorten said tax breaks for negative gearing would be restricted to new homes and the discount halved if the ALP wins the federal election.

The existing policy gives housing investors a tax break if they make short-term losses on real estate investments, providing an incentive for property buyers who can thus sustain short-term losses for long-term profits.

A Labor reduction in the tax breaks meant there would be fewer local buyers in the real estate market, and the drop-off in demand could reduce house prices.

However, Douglas Driscoll, chief executive of Starr Partners, said any such price fall would make the local market more attractive to foreign investors.

'Labor's proposal will create opportunities for foreign buyers looking to capitalise on a "softer" market,' he told Daily Mail Australia.

'They are already seeing Australia as a bargain and I'm expecting to see this kind of investment gain further momentum this year

Labor is expected to win the upcoming federal election, and anticipation of the negative gearing changes had been cited as a factor in price downturns in the major markets of Sydney and Melbourne in recent months.

With prices dropping off record highs, foreign buyers - principally Chinese - were expected to come into the local market in big numbers

Just why are non residents being allowed to buy our property ?!?!?? Pushing the prices up for Australians displacing them?!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 21 February 2019 at 20:48

Fly-in, fly-out Chinese buyers are taking full advantage of plummeting house prices in Australia, spending $12 million on property in just 24 hours.

The houses, all located in Melbourne's affluent inner-city suburb of Kew, were snapped up by buyers keen to take advantage of the property slump and a favourable exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and Chinese Yuan.

In one instance, a Chinese buyer flew in from Macau in the morning and inspected and bought two neighbouring properties on Burke Rd for $7million before flying back out early the following day.
Kay and Burton Hawthorn's Rebecca Edwards was surprised by the sales, who said the Chinese New Year often brought a lot of talk and little action, Realestate.com.au reported.

However, due to the current slump in housing prices, Australia is now seen as a 'safe haven' by the Chinese and they're jumping back into the market in rapid numbers, she said

Properties 1207 and 1209 Burke Rd were scheduled to go to auction this weekend but their owners decided to take the early offer made by the Chinese buyers to avoid any uncertainty.

The buyers plan to relocate to Australia in around a year as they have children enrolled in the local Kew private school

Another home on Wimba Ave, Kew, was also sold to a buyer who lives in mainland China and flew in to Australia especially to inspect the home, which sold for about $5million.   

Some Chinese buyers are able to purchase properties as they have permanent residency in Australia, but many are living overseas.

It's also reported that buyers with temporary residency are working around being denied home loan by making multi-million dollar offers in cash.

Chinese buyers are increasingly turning to Melbourne for their potential new home as with more than half of their searches being conducted in the Victorian capital.

Prosperous suburbs such as Glen Waverley and Box Hill are among the most sought after

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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A shopper has filmed a baby formula 'syndicate' shamelessly abusing the two-tin limited


A woman shopping at Coles in Hurstville, 16km south of Sydney, said she recently saw a group of around 10 people repeatedly purchasing tins of baby formula from the store.


The newly emerged footage sees a male and female deposit what appears to be tins of baby formula into bags parked just metres from the supermarket's doors

In the clip obtained by 2GB, the pair are then seen walking back inside the store to continue shopping.

A female bystander appears to be particularly angered by what she's seen, and can be heard hurling abuse and members of the 'syndicate

'Yeah run, run,' she says.

Alex, who filmed the shocking incident, told the radio show the group had 'no shame

'They had no shame, the staff knew and just kept telling them they had to be three metres away from the store.

'There was two registers full of these people having these products in their hands and no one pulling them up,' she added.

A image, which is thought to have been taken at the same incident as the video, sees a line of people queuing up to buy baby formula

 statement issued by Coles says the store is working with suppliers to find a solution to improve availability.

'Coles is committed to ensuring our customers have access to infant formula and as a result we are limiting sales quantities to two units per customer,' it said.

'We are working with our suppliers on solutions to improve availability for customers.

'Where formula is unavailable, we encourage customers to speak with their local store manager,' the statement concluded.

The two-tin limited was originally implemented to prevent people from bulk buying formula to sell onto China


There is no place safe from the “human insects” who rape everything like an insect plague to take back to their hive in Asia!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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A young woman was kicked out of an election forum after former prime minister Tony Abbott blamed the rising cost of living and low wages on immigration.

More than a hundred residents of Sydney's affluent northern beaches packed into Harbord Beach Hotel in Freshwater during Fox News' pub test on Thursday night.

Local voters were given the opportunity to question Warringah candidates including Mr Abbot, Greens member Kristyn Glanville and United Australia Party's Suellen Wrightson.

The final question of the evening drew a mixed response from the audience as a young man asked about housing affordability and the rising cost of living on the northern beaches.

'In the end the best thing a government can do is provide an economy that's strong … a strong economy maximises job opportunities,' Mr Abbott answered

'You know what's depressing wages at the moment? You know what's sending house prices and rent up? It's immigration.'

The former prime minister was met with a mix of jeers and groans when Katherine Quirk yelling from the crowd: 'Oh f**k off! You're a migrant, Tony!'

Mr Abbott was born in London, England, and came to Australia in 1960 when he was just two years old, sailing into Australia on the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme ship SS Oronsay before the family settled in Sydney's north.

The young woman, studying a Masters of International Relations majoring in environmental politics, was quickly told to be quiet by security before she was ushered out of the venue

Ms Quirk was in line to ask the panel a question as she had an interest in Mr Abbott's stance on the Paris Climate Agreement, the beaches tunnel and the commitment to electric cars.

'Since the federal election was just called today and is being dubbed ''the climate election'' and we have school students in the electorate who are not even eligible to vote striking, I was really interested in local policy aligning with all these matters,' she told Daily Mail Australia.

Despite desperately wanting to ask a question, Ms Quirk was told she wasn't registered and therefore wasn't allowed before she was eventually cleared to go before the panel and joined the line

Cashed up Curries and Chinks are too hard to compete with and Sydney is already a “rat race”. Who wants to work harder to afford a house there? You’d never pay it off!
Abbot knows the score. He also wants to clean the Boongs up and keep them busy!

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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European and English-speaking migrants are more likely to back immigration cuts as they fear Australia is losing its cultural identity

Migrants from these nations are less likely to support those born in other countries, with 58 per cent agreeing immigration should be cut, a survey by the Australian Population Research Institute has found.

However, two-thirds of Asian migrants favour an increase in migrant numbers and disagree with the idea that Australia's identity is disappearing
Report authors Dr Bob Birrell and Dr Katharine Betts also found non-graduates are more likely to support the cuts compared to university graduates.

There were 67 per cent of graduates who supported an increase in immigration.

Dr Birrell and Dr Betts told the Herald Sun that second-generation migrants are more skeptical about immigration

These migrants have become an important part of a voter base worried about immigration,' they said.

However the survey also found that 58 per cent of Australian-born individuals agreed Australia was in danger of losing its identity and 47 per cent of voters supported 'a partial ban' on Muslim immigration

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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Kimberly-Clark announced it was shutting down its Huggies facility in Ingleburn, New South Wales

The company will move production of nappies and pants over to Asia - resulting in a loss of 220 jobs

Western Australia's steel manufacturing has also shrunk due to outsourcing from Malaysia and China

Tradies fear the next generation will struggle to find jobs and won't be able to inherit highly-specialised skills

Australia's manufacturing makes up less than ten per cent of the country's GDP

Factory workers across Australia fear their jobs could be the next to go overseas following nappy company Huggies' decision to move production offshore.

Parent company Kimberly-Clark Australia announced last week it will be shutting down its Ingleburn mill by the end of July which is expected to result in a loss of 220 jobs.

The company, which also has a facility in South Australia, revealed it is moving to Asia to enable 'faster access to the latest research and engineering advancements in nappies and pants'.   

The move makes Huggies the latest Australian-based manufacturer to take its business offshore in what appears to be a growing trend among companies aiming to lower production costs.   

Electrical engineer Martin Cordina, 43, who works at Powered Innovations in Wetherill Park, NSW, told Daily Mail Australia that the industry's move overseas has affected job security among tradies, budding apprentices, and has even altered the quality of goods.   

'Huggies excuse was due to "research and development," but it's a nappy company. It doesn't matter where the nappy is made, it's the same technology, so it's just an excuse for cheaper manufacturing to make more profit because the labour costs are too high here,' he said.

Mr Cordina, who has worked in the industry for 27 years, has witnessed manufacturing transform into a dying trade, including at the printing company where he completed his apprenticeship - and no longer exists.

The Sydney tradesman fears the next generation will not only struggle to find jobs, but will also not be able to inherit highly-specialised skills

'Not only do we give away the product [overseas] but we give away the knowledge and expertise,' he said.

'It's a worry because we have to think a generation ahead. Not only do we have to think about people now - our friends, our colleagues - but we have to think about our children.

'Are they going to be in a position to have jobs? They can go to university to get an education, but what will they use it for? Besides IT and warehouses, there will be no manufacturing, or very little.

'I think companies need to have some degree of blame because they're the ones wanting to make the same amount of profit, or greater, at the expense of the employees. The Government is also to blame because they're allowing this practice to happen.

Mr Cordina said the issue has influenced how he'll vote in the federal election, but admits he does not think Liberal or Labor are well-suited to tackle the problem. 

'It's very disappointing. I'm upset... I'm angry, because not only are we sacrificing the standard of products but also safety.

'The products that come from overseas are copies, but they're bad copies, so someone's safety can be at risk.'

Huggies' departure is part of the US corporation's 'global restructuring program' and comes four months after it announced it would slash 5,500 jobs globally over the next three years.

Specifics over which facilities would shut were not disclosed, but union reps and workers said the Sydney mill closure 'came out of left field' and that there was 'no indication' it was heading in that direction. 

The corporation said it would continue operations at its Millicent Mill in SA where it currently employs 400 workers.

The move is reminiscent of that of Australian-based Pacific Brands Underwear Group, also known as Bonds, which moved production to China in 2009. 

Bonds' closure led to a loss of 1,850 jobs across New South Wales and Victoria.

Carl Drieman, a machine operator from Sydney, had been making mattress springs at Pacific Brands for 18 years when he was suddenly laid off due to the business decision.

Pacific Brands beds and mattresses are still produced locally but the metal springs are manufactured in China.

'It is a concern. If manufacturing goes offshore then there are less jobs. In our factory there were maybe 15 people, but all the wire we used came from Newcastle so those people were also affected.

'It's disappointing. Fewer manufacturing jobs means a lot more people are competing for jobs and that drives wages down. So even if you do get a job, the pay is not gonna be as good,' he said.

Mr Drieman now works at recycling facility Direct Pallets, where he manufactures mulch and other wood-based products and thanks to the niche market, he believes his job is secure.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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A Melbourne mum who smashed another shopper's phone during an altercation over baby formula in a shopping centre carpark has escaped conviction


Samantha Smith appeared in Dandenong Magistrates' Court on Wednesday, where she pleaded guilty to one charge of wilfully damaging property over the incident last December at Parkmore Shopping Centre in the city's south-east.

The court heard Smith became involved in an altercation with another woman over the bulk-buying of baby formula at Coles at the centre, the Greater Dandenong Leader reported

She became agitated after the woman began filming her before grabbing the woman’s arm and smashing her mobile phone on the ground.

Smith left the shopping centre before police arrived but was later identified on CCTV.

She told the court she believed it was wrong shoppers left store shelves bare by bulk buying and sending large quantities of baby formula overseas.

'It annoys me, there are hordes of Asians always down there, speaking to me in Chinese, being rude,' Smith said.

'They are always down at my Coles in big numbers. I've complained to Coles plenty of times, but they don't do anything.'


The single mum was placed on a good behaviour bond and ordered to pay $100 to the court.

'You can't take things into your own hands, it is not something you can do,' Magistrate Sharon McRae told Smith.

Baby formula manufacturers have been unable to meet an overwhelming demand for the highly sought-after product since an estimated 54,000 Chinese babies hospitalised due to contaminated formula in 2008. 

Woolworths and Coles currently have a two-tin baby formula limit for customers due to the popularity of 'daigou shoppers', who bulk buy tins of formula to sell for a profit online to China.

It's estimated there are at least 80,000 daigou shoppers in Australia.


Some daigou shoppers reportedly make more than $100,000 each year by selling tins three times in the retail price in Australia.

One of the most recent incidents was at a Woolworths in Hurstville in Sydney's south last week, where a group of shoppers were filmed loading the boot of their car with 30 tins of formula.

Could have been smarter about things. She never had to grab the Gook’s hand and toss the phone on the ground. She could have made it look like an accident and tap the phone to make it slip out of the Gook’s hand. Like she was touching something on her screen?

This is just getting ludicrous! Stop Gooks from locust plaguing our nation!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 25 April 2019 at 07:31
Baby formula manufacturers have been unable to meet an overwhelming demand for the highly sought-after product since an estimated 54,000 Chinese babies hospitalised due to contaminated formula in 2008. 

Woolworths and Coles currently have a two-tin baby formula limit for customers due to the popularity of 'daigou shoppers', who bulk buy tins of formula to sell for a profit online to China.

It's estimated there are at least 80,000 daigou shoppers in Australia.

Some daigou shoppers reportedly make more than $100,000 each year by selling tins three times in the retail price in Australia.

Organised crime are heavily involved in the Baby Formula smuggling racket ...

Criminal OMCG Sons of Anarchy are involved in smuggling Baby Formula
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 25 April 2019 at 12:21
I wonder if the Sons of Anarchy guy is a terrorist putting Ricin and Anthrax into the formula whilst in the store / in the delivery truck to:- fix the Chinks abroad, and give the formula a bad name with the Chink  insect people sending it to their hive?
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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There are reasons aplenty to be warily amused by the latest hysterical assault on BHP by the now legendary Maritime Union militant from Fremantle, Christy Cain.
On Tuesday Cain's theatrical outrage over BHP's decision to stop providing shipping services for its long-time iron ore customer BlueScope stretched to recommending that Western Australia should cancel the company's Pilbara mining leases.
That is funny, first and foremost because WA Premier Mark McGowan is about as likely to take advice from Cain as I am. Presently the MUA's routinely robust WA state secretary is banned from the Premier's office because of past rhetorical assaults on the government

Not even the fact that McGowan is in fierce and regular contest with BHP over claims that the state has been short changed by $300 million on iron ore royalty payments has tempted the Premier to echo the MUA's outrage over lost ships and jobs.
Instead, as the Premier told The West Australian, he made personal entreaties on behalf of the sailors and Australian crewed ship.

Meanwhile, of course, McGowan's federal colleagues have happily climbed aboard Cain's ship of sympathy and outrage.
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten joined the MUA hue and cry in January, accusing BHP of sending ships overseas and "foreign flagging it". In a juvenile rhetorical gesture The Australian Financial Review condemned as class warfare, Shorten added BHP's name to the manifest of Australia's shameful corporates.
"Why does corporate Australia, the big end of town, think that the next quarter's profits are more important than our environment, more important than Australian jobs, and more important than Australian national security?" Shorten complained.

"If a company is seen as trying to subvert from Australian industrial relations laws and cut costs by going to foreign shipping, they shouldn't expect a standing ovation from the Labor Party or for us to be quiet," the shadow treasurer told the Financial Review.
The only problem with any and all of that is that none of it is based in any sort of fact.

Yep, Cain's advice to McGowan and Shorten's advice to the nation is made all the more risible because it is part of an MUA campaign that aims to rehabilitate the withered state of Australian domestic shipping through desperately opportunistic and classically confected claims of bastardry by BHP and BlueScope.
In a post on its Facebook page the MUA recently reported that 80 Australian seafarers had been "sacked by BHP after more than a century of doing the job

"They're being replaced by exploited foreign labour. Working on Australian shores but not paid according to our laws," the MUA reported. "They'll receive between $2-$4 an hour.
"How is this in the interests of our country?
"So much for the Big Australian. BHP are dogging Australian workers at one end and scamming on their tax at the other – $43 billion in revenue last year and they are still trying to screw their workers and cheat the taxpayer.
"F****** greedy pricks," the post concluded pithily.
Well now, we would observe first that this would make those sailors very old salts indeed. But we would also note that those workers did not work for BHP and that they have not been sacked and, as far as we can tell, there are not even 80 of them.
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United Australia Party leader Clive Palmer has been slammed as a hypocrite after it was revealed his 'Make Australia Great' signs are made in China.

The politician's campaign slogan, printed on bright yellow signs throughout the country, was made to advertise his focus on boosting Australia's employment rate and local manufacturing.

But it doesn't seem to be an idea the politician has taken too seriously, with some of his corflutes being created in China

Printed by Dongguan Jianxin Plastic Products Co Ltd. 94 Qingfend East Road, Shijien, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China,' the poster read.

Last month, it was revealed the campaign t-shirts were also made in China and  former actor Bryan Wiseman, who was running for UAP, quit as a result.

'Clive Palmer is the personification of every negative stereotype about politicians all rolled into a single person,' one person said.

'This is so funny when you consider the fear campaign about China Palmer's been sending out over the last few months,' another said.

One person commented: 'Everything about this guy is funny and bizarre, yet he wins votes, saving Aussies from China by printing s**t in China.'

'Like, make Australia great? Just signalling that he is both a racist piece of s**t and hugely unoriginal about it,' another said

A United Australia Party spokesperson told the Courier Mail the party had spent 98.5 per cent of the printing budget in Australia and only 1.5 per cent in China. 

'Time frames also meant printing of corflutes needed to be done overseas,' the spokesman said.

Mr Palmer has also previously attacked the 'communist Chinese government' for stealing Australia's resources in 2014 and described them as 'mongrels' who 'shoot their own people' and 'haven't got a justice system.' 

Mr Palmer has spent more than $27million on newspaper ads, television ads and billboards around the country

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Political organizations with links to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are active inside Australia’s two main political parties and using their growing influence to promote Beijing’s interests. Unlike Russia, which the U.S. intelligence community has concluded carried out an ambitious campaign of interference intended to benefit Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election (U.S. Director of National Intelligence, January 2017), the CCP is bipartisan in its activities in Australia: it aims to build influence across the political spectrum, and to sway whomever wins. Although the activities of real estate mogul Huang Xiangmo have attracted the greatest attention (ABC News (Australia), April 6, 2019), Huang represents only part of a much larger effort on the part of People’s Republic of China (PRC)-affiliated “united front” organizations to influence politics in Australia and beyond.

Beijing is exploiting multiculturalism as a cover for its policy of “Chinese participation in politics” (huaren canzheng, 华人参政) (People’s Daily Overseas Edition, July 31, 2018; The Daily Beast, July 18, 2018). Organizations working on behalf of the Chinese government are following the advice laid out in 2010 by a CCP strategist for maximizing political influence in Western democracies: build ethnic Chinese-based political organizations, make political donations, support ethnic Chinese politicians, and deploy votes to swing close-run elections (Jinan University United Front Department, May 5, 2010). James To, a New Zealand academic, has gained access to a trove of documents in Beijing—one of which, dated 2004, described cultivating ethnic Chinese in countries like Australia to vote as a bloc, join parties, and stand for public office. [1] This approach is related to the “mixing sand” (chan shazi, 掺沙子) tactic advocated by Mao Zedong: plant trusted people in the enemy’s ranks in order to weaken them (People’s Daily, October 29, 2013).

Many of the persons and organizations prominent in Australia’s huaren canzheng movement have identifiable linkages with the influence network of the CCP’s United Front Work Department (UFWD) or other Chinese government agencies. The UFWD is a powerful branch of the CCP tasked with influencing and controlling groups outside the party, including groups located abroad. [2] Chinese President Xi Jinping has famously described united front work as a “magic weapon” of the CCP, and he has overseen a dramatic increase in personnel and resources for the UFWD (China Brief, April 24, 2018; Australian Centre on China in the World, 2018). UFWD organizations appear to be grooming a new generation of young Chinese-Australians for entry into politics, either through mentoring or “educational seminars.” [3] Candidates recruited and supported by such organizations will be expected to put ethnic Chinese voters’ interests first (Western Australia Chinese Liberal Club, September 10, 2017). Huang Xiangmo has written of the need to nurture those with bilingual skills “who can walk through the revolving door of politics, business and academia at ease” (Australian CPPRC, July 2015).

Efforts by Chinese-Australians, as well as citizens from other underrepresented ethnic groups, to further engage in politics should be welcomed. However, Australia and other democratic societies must also recognize when organizations, and persons affiliated with them, are susceptible to influence from authoritarian foreign governments. This is particularly true when these groups are dominated by members with close links to the CCP, and are in a position to influence policymakers and other leaders to adopt positions favored by Beijing.

Up to the present, New South Wales (NSW) has been seen as the epicenter of CCP influence in Australia: for example, some of those associated with Chinese Friends of Labor in NSW are now the focus of an Independent Commission Against Corruption investigation for allegedly concealing the sources of political donations (ABC News (Australia), February 3). However, NSW is not unique, and pro-Beijing influence activities are especially well-organized in Western Australia (WA). These activities have met with little scrutiny and resistance in WA in part because pro-Beijing lobbyists have powerful friends in the business community, in politics, and in the media. In public and behind closed doors, these lobbyists attack CCP critics as “anti-Chinese,” and pressure political leaders to be “friends of China”—meaning, in this context, to support policies that favor the Chinese government
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Australia must deploy military forces to foreign bases in the Pacific Ocean if it is to defend itself from advanced Chinese weaponry, according to a defence think tank report
Too much emphasis on defending the sea and air 'gap' to the north of Australia had left the country exposed to attack from Chinese missiles which could reach deep into the continent.

An Australian Strategic Policy ­Institute (ASPI) report has called for a new defence strategy which would put military assets in Japan, Papua New Guinea and Guam in the Western Pacific.

The report looks at how Australia can be better prepared for a major war which could occur in the next decade
'A key challenge confronting Australian strategic planners that should directly inform future defence policy is the rise of an assertive Chinese state that's directly challenging US strategic primacy in Asia,' the report's author Malcolm Davis states.

'President Xi Jinping is determined to establish the Chinese state's dominance across the Indo-Pacific, in part through displacing the established US-led rules-based order.'

The emergence of an increasingly powerful People's Liberation Army (PLA) was expanding China's ability to threaten its neighbours while reducing the US military and technological advantage in Asia.

Concerns about China's growing presence in the region were raised when three PLA warships with 700 sailors on board spent four days docked in Sydney Harbour on an unannounced visit earlier this month.

Australia's current defence strategy formulated in the 1980s concentrates on securing the sea-air gap  between Australia's northern and north-western coast and maritime South East Asia.

'This strategy sat well during the period of the Cold War and into the immediate post-Cold War period of the 1990s, when there was little or no direct threat to Australia's territory from a significant power,' the report states.

'In 2019, that situation has changed. Far from being in a strategic backwater, Australia is very much now a state in the front line, geographically, strategically and politically.'

Rapid development of Chinese military capabilities would enable its long-range strike capacity to reach vital Australian air bases, particularly in the north
'The geographical barriers and the "tyranny of distance" are being eroded with the onset of technological innovation in new military domains, such as space, cyberspace and across the electromagnetic spectrum,' the report states.

'A mindset of assuming we can defend the sea-air gap is becoming less and less credible

Joint US-Australian facilities at Pine Gap near Alice Springs and North West Cape in Western Australia, as well as American forces deployed in northern Australia, could come under direct threat in any military conflict with China
'A direct military attack against Australia would no longer necessarily occur after a warning period of 10 years,' the report states.

'With active flashpoints in Asia, including Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula, the South China Sea and the East China Sea… we can't assume that such a war is a "low probability/high consequences" contingency.'

The current defence strategy was 'reactive', waiting for an opponent to approach Australia's shores, rather than dealing with threats at a distance.

Rather than continue with that policy, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) should develop a strategy which is 'forward defence in depth'.

'This seeks to ensure that the ADF can rapidly project power deep into the maritime Indo-Pacific region to deny a potential adversary the initiative from the outset and prevent them from bringing long-range, high-speed military effects to bear.'

With new types of weapons and warfare the sea-air gap may not give Australia the same natural defence advantage as it did in the mid 1980s.

Back then, according to the report, China was 'an introverted, inward-looking and backward power' and China was still focused on the Soviet threat to its north.

The Chinese navy was 'at best a brown-water coastal defence fleet' and its air force 'largely made up of decrepit MiGs to support the ground forces.'

'By contrast, in 2019 a forward Chinese military presence, expanding out from military bases in the South China Sea through the archipelago to our north and potentially into the South Pacific between Australia and the US, would fundamentally change our strategic calculus for the worse.'

Threats could be presented by Chinese navy carrier battle groups, submarines and long-range forward-deployed air power.

More advanced conventional ballistic missile systems and nuclear weapons were also steadily increasing in reach and accuracy.

Chinese missile systems could strike at RAAF Tindal and RAAF Darwin in the Northern Territory and bases at Scherger in Queensland and Western Australia's Learmonth and Curtin if deployed in the South China Sea.

This is what we get us Westerners for sending all our jobs to them over the last 40 years!
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House prices in Australia's biggest cities are half as affordable as they were three decades ago following a surge in immigration and Chinese investment
Sydney's median house price of $869,579 is more than 10 times an average Australian full-time salary of $83,455, despite a record 17 per cent property price plunge during the past two years.

Back in 1987, a typical suburban home with a backyard cost $120,025 - or five times a mean annual wage of $23,858.

Since that time, Australia's net annual immigration pace has more than doubled from 125,800 to 292,280 in the year to April 2019, with the population growth pace of 1.6 per cent the highest in the developed world

Australian Population Research Institute president Dr Bob Birrell said there was a direct link between a surge in Sydney and Melbourne median house prices and high immigration.

'Of course. It's a major factor in the demand for houses in Sydney and Melbourne,' the former government immigration adviser told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday.

'One of the factors causing that very high ratio is high demand for houses, a large part of which is driven by immigration
Between 2012 and 2017, house prices in Australia's two biggest cities surged with Sydney values rising by 68 per cent as Melbourne's median price climbed by 54 per cent.

This coincided with Australia's net annual immigration pace climbing above 200,000.

Prices in middle-distance suburbs had increased, as more skilled migrants moved in, from the Monash council area in Melbourne's south-east to Ryde in Sydney's north

'It's pretty clear,' Dr Birrell said.

'They're buying what we might call modest-price houses in the million or so bracket.

'They've had a significant role in pushing up prices in middle, suburban areas.'

A high intake of international students has also fuelled demand for units near the city

'Immigration has surged in recent years and most of that surge is due to the surplus of temporary migrants arriving,' Dr Birrell said.

'That source of migration is having a greater impact on the demand for apartments than it is on detached houses.'

The surge in temporary immigration, driven by an increasing number of students from China and India, has given developers a reason to demolish free-standing houses.

'The numbers have surged,' Dr Birrell sai
'Sydney and Melbourne is being torn down and rebuilt.'

Digital Finance Analytics founder Martin North said while population was one factor that had made housing unaffordable, Chinese investor demand had been a bigger cause during the past decade.

'Population growth is absolutely one of them but I do think the migration story is overdone,' he told Daily Mail Australia.

'The main reason that we have the massive spike is the investors, particularly international investors.

'If you look at it, China and other countries really decided Australia was where they wanted to buy property.'

Despite Australia's historically high immigration rate, Sydney's median house price has dived by 17 per cent since peaking in July 2017, despite record-low interest rates, following an Australian Prudential Regulation Authority crackdown on investor and interest-only loans.

In the year to April, Australia's net annual immigration pace stood at 292,280,  which was more than four times the 20th century average of 70,000, Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released on Wednesday showed
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Latest News: Commie Papers defend Chinky agents and Chinky Warships buying out the entire of Sydney's kiddy drink supply ...

Chinese warships stop in Australia and buy up crates of baby formula ...

Chinese warships stop in Australia and buy up crates of baby milk, prompting bizarre row ... Imported baby formula is popular in China after a scandal involving contaminated products more than a ...

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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A video has been posted online appearing to show a group of shoppers working together to buy a large haul of baby formula tins from the same supermarket.

Matt Ward filmed the video on Sunday at a Melbourne Woolworths supermarket.

'Baby formula should be in glass cabinets with limited purchases. There was 8-10 runners going back and forth,' Mr Ward said
In the video a man can be seen carrying two tins of baby formula from the supermarket to trolleys lined up behind another store.

Two woman then walk off each carting a packed trolley behind them
In a photo accompanying the video, five trolleys can be seen lined up next to a wall out of sight from the Woolworths store.

The trolleys look to be filled to capacity with tins of baby formula.

Mr Ward said the group looked to have an efficient system in place. 

'They would each buy two baby formulas and come out and put the baby formula in the shopping carts,' he told Yahoo New
'This process was repeated time after time. Some of those carts were full, possibly 15-20 in each cart.'

Woolworths told Daily Mail Australia that a two tin transaction limit applies on baby formula in their stores. 

'We have a two tin transaction limit on baby formula in place and our store teams work hard to ensure customers have access to stock when they need

'We encourage any parents who find their chosen baby formula is unavailable on the shelves to speak with store management, so we can help get them stock as quickly as possible


Well this wouldn’t have been trouble 50 years or so back! Asians were banned from being in Australia! The old people knew how they pinched all the Gold for themselves in the Gold fields and were too hard to Compete with!

Again they had an efficient system of getting everybody else’s Gold and moving it back to their hive! This time around it is comming back worse!
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The Defence Force says it is keeping a close eye on a Chinese warship heading into Australian waters allegedly to spy on scheduled war games later this month.

The Auxiliary General Intelligence vessel is expected to closely monitor the United States and Australian exercises during the Talisman Sabre war games off the Queensland coast.

Decked out with advanced communications systems designed to listen in on enemy militaries, the ship was reportedly north of Papua New Guinea on Saturday night

The bilateral training activity takes place every two years and involves the “planning and conduct of mid-intensity ‘high end’ warfighting”, the Defence Force website says.

“There is [an AGI ship] north of Australia at the moment,” the ABC reported the Chief of Defence Joint Operations, Lieutenant General Greg Bilton said at the Talisman Sabre launch in Brisbane.

“It is international waters, they have the right to sail there.

“I’m not going to go into operational details, but we’ll just take appropriate actions in regards to that vessel.

“It’s a vessel that collects information, so it’s not a great threat but we’ll take appropriate action.”

In a statement provided to news.com.au, the Defence Department said it was “aware that there will likely be interest from other countries in exercise Talisman Sabre”.

“These issues are taken into account during the planning and conduct of exercises.

“Any questions relating to the movement of PLA vessels in international waters should be directed to the Chinese Government.”

The presence of China warships spying in Australian waters is becoming increasingly regular, says director of a Sydney University-based research centre dedicated to American foreign policy, Ashley Townshend.

He told news.com.au it is the “new normal” in the Indo-Pacific region and a sign of the changing strategic order.

“As China’s navy grows more powerful and picks-up the pace of operations far away from the mainland, its warships are becoming an everyday sight right across the region,” the director of foreign policy and defence at United States Studies Centre said.

“Just as US, Australian and Japanese military assets operate in international waters and airspace close to Chinese shores, so too will China be present off our coastline.

“Australian and US defence planners are well aware of this and will have taken steps to make sure that the sensitive aspects of the Talisman Sabre exercises are protected against spying by Chinese surveillance ships.

“They’ve done this before and, what’s more, there is value in practising under such realistic conditions.

Mr Townshend said despite the presence of the Chinese spy warship in Queensland not breaking any international laws, it does present double standards from the superpower.

“All nations have the right under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea to conduct military surveillance operations in international waters outside a state’s 12 nautical mile territorial sea,” he told new.com.au.

“This is what China will be doing next week.

“While the US and Australia — along with most other nations — accept this principle and grant it to China, Beijing does not extend this right to other nations in the South China Sea, where it routinely chases away foreign vessels from self-declared “military alert zones

It’s going to take a huge bribe of bulk baby formula to get them to clear off! >:(
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This is the man accused of being the world's unluckiest criminal, allegedly caught with a $200 million drug shipment after crashing into two parked police cars
New South Wales police claim Simon Tu, 26, caught their attention when he accidentally smashed his van into the cars on Monday. 

Tu allegedly failed to stop after the brutal smash outside the local police station in Eastwood, Sydney.

He was pulled over by officers an hour later, but officers never could have anticipated what they would find in the back of his van

Investigators will allege that the white Toyota HiAce Tiwas driving was crammed full of 13 cardboard boxes packed with a total of 273kg in crystal methylamphetamine.

'(He) has certainly had a very, very bad day,' said Detective Chief Inspector Glyn Baker.

'Crashing into a police vehicle with that amount of drugs on board is somewhat unheard of
Police raided Tu's family home in Berala on Tuesday afternoon, with neighbours taken aback by the scale of his alleged drug run.

Until recently, Tu was working as a franchisee of a mobile coffee van business, Cafe2U, in the Greenacre area. 

Daily Mail Australia understands one of Simon's two older brothers brought him into the coffee business, but it was not to last

Police have charged Tu with large commercial drug supply, negligent driving and failing to notify a police officer of an accident.

He appeared in front of Burwood Local Court by video link on Tuesday. He did not apply for bail and it formally refused


”Simple Simon says “ Distribute Commercial class A drugs in Australia to kill off the population
So China and North Korea can Simply Conquer it with more Chinky Simple Simons!”!

Go !..Go!...Go!! ...Gook!
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China’s emperor Xi Jinping and his ‘One Belt One Road’ dream of global domination certainly manifested its will yesterday in Hong Kong. Beijing enforced it’s authoritarianism dispatching a gang of thugs wielding confucius whip-sticks against the free people of Hong Kong.

Media reports show Chinese men wearing white, attacking protesters and commuters at Hong Kong’s Yuen Long MTR station yesterday on Christian Sunday, July 21 in 2019.   At least 45 commuters were injured, with one person in critical condition, according to the city’s hospital authorities.

Eye-witnesses said the invading thug group of armed white shirts particularly targeted black-shirted passengers who had been at an anti-government march.  The attack came after several thousand activists surrounded China’s representative office in the city, later clashing with police. It has Chairman Xi Jinping’s cultural stamp all over the attack

The latest violence in Hong Kong comes on the back of Xi Jinping’s self-annointed presidency for life, Beijing’s invasion of Tibet and  Xinjiang, Beijing’s susequent persecution and genocide, Beijing’s military annexation of the South China Sea, its threat of invading Taiwan, plus all the commo totalitarian public face recognition CCTV and overflowing concentration camps.

Back in 1997, Britain had surrendered its sovereignty of distant and small island Hong Kong colonial territory over to mainland China  Hong Kong became a special administrative region and continues to maintain governing and economic systems separate from those of mainland China.

It was because China’s then leader Premier Deng Xiaoping in preliminary talks with British PM Margaret Thatcher, threatened that his China would invade and seize Hong Kong if the negotiations set off unrest in the colony. Thatcher would not sacrifice British forces in the face of a massive out-numbered and more powerful enemy.

Thatcher later said that Deng told her bluntly that China could easily take Hong Kong by force, stating that “I could walk in and take the whole lot this afternoon”, to which she replied that “there is nothing I could do to stop you, but the eyes of the world would now know what China is like.”

This is what China is like – backward, barbaric, prejudiced, racial superior, authoritarian, dangerous, violent, to be avoided.

Today 45 locals were beated by Beijing Brownshirts innocuously clad in white t-shirts at one of Hong Kong’s busiest railway stations

Wasn’t this the Yellow Peril fear that convinced Canberra’s military commitment and enforced conscription of thousands of our young men into the Vietnam War (1962-1975) to contain Chinese communism?  Lessons learned?  Not!  Canberra under PM Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke, Keating, Howard, Rudd, Gillard, Abbott, Turnbull, Morrison have happily embraced trusted relations with China (diplomatically, economically, socially, militarily).  But not ethically

Australia’s so-called ‘Free Trade Deal’ with China is a misnomer.  It is only benefiting China and a handful of elitist millionaire exporting lobbyists based in Australia.  The corrupt unfair deal negotiated by traitor Andrew Robb is killing local Australian jobs and businesses.  The University of Technology Sydney’s ‘Australia-China Relationship Institute is morally bankrupt

View the original to see the violent clashes.

They didn’t care if they bashed up :-innocent people, women, seniors and Kids , the Chinese Governmnet dispatched this force to bash dissidents of their authority.

 Before long we’ll see China do this kind of thing here.
Before that happens, the Hong Kong people will try get out , most likely to a Western nation. They already pretty much consumed both Vancouver and Sydney.
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A rise in shoplifting in Australia has been linked to Chinese daigou shoppers and organised crime syndicates and it is costing retailers $2.26billion a year.

Shoplifters have become more daring in recent years and the cost of theft in-store has reached a 'crisis point' for big supermarket chains.

The daigou trade and organised gangs have been blamed for the 16 per cent increase in shoplifting since the 2018 financial year.

Experts believe people who have never shoplifted before will do so now because of the increase of self-service machines
A study conducted by Apus Research and two other companies analysed over 9000 Australian and New Zealand retailers and found shoplifting was on the rise.

The growing daigou trade have created a market for stolen items from supermarkets such as baby formula, food, champagne and clothing.

Retailers have begun running programs that track and trace stolen items and have found their stock for sale on e-commerce sites.

Classic shoplifting targets such as cosmetics, meat and baby formula showed no signs of slowing down but the study also found an increase in violent crime.

Reports were also uncovered of 'micro-gangs' who rush supermarkets in large numbers with the intention of overwhelming staff and stealing as much as they can
The majority of companies involved in the study were large fashion, grocery and department retailers who have combined revenue of $95billion. 

These companies reported a loss of 0.92 per cent of revenue, or $3.37billion, in the 2018 financial year and it was due to crimes such as shoplifting.

Shoplifting contributed to 57 per cent of the revenue loss with 22 per cent consisting of dishonest employee theft.

Non-crime related loss consisted of 15 per cent and 6 per cent was related to supplier fraud

Dr Emmeline Taylor, the report's lead researcher, said criminals are adapting to new technologies and are finding ways around loss-prevention methods. 

'Every time a retailer introduces new technology or a new system there's a backlash from criminals, which is then followed by an attempt to discover the system's vulnerabilities,' Dr Taylor told The Sydney Morning Herald.

'Shop theft is an age-old crime, and where we used to see the occasional items being taken by customers, we're now seeing things like organised gangs, and individuals doing refund fraud.

Why don’t we also make neighbouring Islands next to the ones in the South China Sea? We stash a lot of Baby formula on them and when they come for the formula, we take over their pesky islands and catch them unawares?!

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A video has emerged online of men and women arguing about 'respecting China' on a university campus

The video was filmed in a food court at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, and showed an argument that resulted in a young woman being shoved the ground.

Student Serena Lee, 27, was seen putting up protest signs on campus with other activists when a male student took exception and told her: 'Hong Kong is a part of China, if you don't like China, get out of China.'

Ms Lee was then called a 'stupid f***ing pig' and 'not a human' before one of the men stepped forward and shoved her to the ground

Ms Lee stepped into the confrontation to break it up, screaming 'stop fighting'.

The man then shoved forward again knocking her to the ground, yelling 'back off you f***ing rip off' as she crumpled to the floor in front of him.

'Physically, I am not injured, but inside me I am shocked and shaken,' Ms Lee told the New Zealand Herald.

The suspended bill has been the subject of numerous protests in Hong Kong recently, as opponents argue it would allow criminal suspects to be easily sent to China.

'The proposed law in Hong Kong could see the end of the city as we know it and our individual freedom, but I was stunned when people in New Zealand are also trying to shut down our freedom of expression,' Ms Lee said

This incident is not an outlier at University of Auckland, who have had a significant problem with racial discrimination and harassment on campus this year.

The Auckland University Students' Association penned an open letter in April, addressing white supremacy and a culture of fear at the university, claiming that racial disputes at the university date back as far as 2013

University spokeswoman Lisa Finucane said students should express their opinions in a manner that respects the rights and opinions of others.

'We are in touch with the students who have been involved and a formal investigation is underway following a video and notifications sent to the Vice-Chancellor and other senior members of the university,' Ms Finucane said in a statement

'The Vice-Chancellor expects all members of our community to abide by our commitment to academic freedom and freedom of speech. The University makes it very clear to students and staff that harassment, bullying, and discrimination are completely unacceptable

The university will investigate the incident and said they are 'in touch with the students who have been involved'.

A New Zealand Police spokesman said had spoken to someone who had made a complaint

So they think they can spread this Hong Kong conflict in a country with nothing to do with it?

Why even bring up “White Supremacist” activity at the University when it’s irrelevant here? What the story is about is Mainland Chinese students making trouble for Hong Kong residents that want it to remain a democracy and are against extradition laws.

If there are “White Supremacists” at the University it’s because it’s just white people getting fed up with the cash cows, the problems they cause and them dominating not just the University but the Country too! They call any dissidents of the “great replacement” “White Supremacists”.
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A student involved in organising anti-Chinese Communist Party protests at an Australian university has received shocking threats against himself and his family

Drew Pavlou, 20, was at the centre of the protests held at the University of Queensland's St Lucia campus in Brisbane over the last two weeks.

Since the protests - one of which turned violent when the group was confronted by pro-China activists - Mr Pavlou has been the subject of an intimidation campaign.

Messages sent to Mr Pavlou seen by The Courier Mail include one which threatens to kill him and his family via a hired hitman

The publication says another message was a video of a man being shot with the caption 'you can be a person like him'.

'Images of me were circulated online, it's really scary to be honest. The threats against my family are the worst part, they are really hard to take,' Mr Pavlou told the publication

The UQ philosophy student became involved in organising the Brisbane protests to show solidarity with Hong Kong citizens who have been turning out in their thousands to protest Chinese influence.

The July 24 'peaceful sit-in' he helped organise erupted into violence when pro-Chinese activists turned up at the event.   

In the video of the event, pro-China activists can be seen verbally abusing protesters, tearing up their signs and pushing them.

Mr Pavlou told The Courier Mail pro-Chinese students had attacked his group during the protest.

'We've been assaulted four or five times by Communist Party students,' he said on Facebook

'I was actually punched in the head by two or three ultra-nationalist Chinese students, police are currently talking to them.'

The protest was organised after recent events in Hong Kong, where protesters have rallied against Beijing's influence - with the territory just days away from potential political chaos.

The majority of the mainly peaceful protests surround a controversial law that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China. 

Queensland Police confirmed to Daily Mail Australia officers were called to the university's Confucius Centre at about 1pm on July 24 after a 'disturbance

'One of the roles of universities is to enable open, respectful and lawful free speech, including debate about ideas we may not all support or agree with,' it read

'The University expects staff and students to express their views in a lawful and respectful manner, and in accordance with the policies and values of the University.

'Earlier today, in response to safety concerns resulting from a student-initiated protest on campus, the University requested police support.

'On the advice of police, protesters were requested to move on. The safety of all students is paramount to the University

The Hong Kong government first launched the proposals in February, putting forward sweeping changes that would simplify case-by-case extraditions of criminal suspects to countries beyond the 20 with which Hong Kong has existing extradition treaties.

It explicitly allows extraditions from Hong Kong to greater China - including the mainland, Taiwan and Macau - for the first time, closing what Hong Kong government officials have repeatedly described as a 'loophole' that they claim has allowed the city to become a haven for criminals from the mainland.

Hong Kong's leader would start and finally approve an extradition following a request from a foreign jurisdiction but only after court hearings, including any possible appeals. However, the bill removes Legislative Council oversight of extradition arrangements.


Officials initially seized on the murder last year of a young Hong Kong woman holidaying in Taiwan to justify swift changes. Police say her boyfriend confessed on his return to Hong Kong and he is now in jail on lesser money-laundering charges.

Taiwan authorities have strongly opposed the bill, which they say could leave Taiwanese citizens exposed in Hong Kong and have vowed to refuse taking back the murder suspect if the bill is passed.

A long-forgotten issue, the need for an eventual extradition deal with the mainland was acknowledged by government officials and experts ahead of Hong Kong's handover from British to Chinese rule in 1997 under the 'one country, two systems' model.

The city maintains a separate and independent legal system as part of the broader freedoms the formula guarantees. Little progress has been made in discreet talks since then with justice and security officials on the mainland, where the Communist Party still controls the courts.


So... we have Commie Chinks telling us how to express ourselves on our own turf?
I am appalled what Australia is becoming!
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Demonstrations against police brutality in Hong Kong erupted into violence in Melbourne

Pro-Hong Kong activists clashed with pro-Chinese protesters outside of the State Library in Swanson Street on Friday night.

Police were forced to separate the two camps on several occasions, which saw a woman shoved and an ABC cameraman pushed over, The Age reported.

Demonstrators from the pro-China camp took to one side of the street and chanted the national anthem.
Several protesters called for 'one China' while others declared 'China is great'.

Though the opposing camp refused to let the chants drown them out and shouted back, 'Free Hong Kong'.

The violence came as demonstrators took to Sydney's Martin Place in masks to stage a peaceful protest.

As one activist told The Daily Telegraph, a number of protesters wished to keep their identities hidden over fears for repercussions back in China.

The demonstration comes as pro-Hong Kong activists continue to clash against police in more than two months of protests.

The rallies were initially held to protest against legislation that proposed to extradite citizens from Hong Kong to China.

Though since the controversial proposal was dropped, activists have now rallied against police violence and China's alleged violation of its one country, two system agreement.

The clash led one woman to become injured in her right eye during a rally at Tsim Sha Tsui on Sunday
A beanbag round was allegedly fired by a police officer into the crowd before it hit the woman in the face.

Protesters in Australia were only too willing to throw their support behind the woman with a number of them wearing bloodied bandages over their eye.

Others waved posters calling for an end to the violence


It used to be Serbs and Croats fighting at sporting events here, but this stuff has the potential to be a bigger ethnic tension brought here! The fact people from China can snitch to the embassy about Hong Kong activists and consequently make trouble for their lives back home is shocking!
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The fact people from China can snitch to the embassy about Hong Kong activists and consequently make trouble for their lives back home is shocking!

Not shocking at all. It is in fact expected as that is exactly what has been going on since the first days of Russian Communism in 1917. The Red Chinese from 1945 followed the Russian methods to the letter.
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Fake Chinese police car is spotted driving around Perth and scaring locals who fear they're being SPIED on - but cops won't do anything about it


Fake Chinese police car is spotted driving around Perth and scaring locals who fear they're being SPIED on - but cops won't do anything about it.

A Land Rover painted to look like a Chinese police car is cruising around the streets of Perth, terrifying local expats.

The white 4WD had Chinese characters reading 'police' on the bonnet, and 'public safety' on the side along with a police badge.

Police vehicles in China commonly have the same markings and colour scheme, right down to the stripes on the side.


Australian universities are not doing enough to combat the influence of China's ruling Communist Party, a group of Federal Government backbenchers has warned

The comments follow recent pro-Beijing rallies staged in several Australian cities against Hong Kong's democracy movement — rallies which were praised by Chinese Government-controlled media — and come just days after Liberal MP Andrew Hastie warned about China's activities.

Fellow Liberal MP Tim Wilson, who also sits on Parliament's powerful Intelligence Committee, said there was strong potential for foreign interference on Australian campuses to shut down various views

"Many MPs have a concern about Australian university campuses and whether they're both a bastion for free speech, which they need to be, but more critically the role that foreign influences like the Confucius Institutes are having — any influence over curriculum and of course the influence of foreign governments on protests," Mr Wilson told ABC Radio.

"What we know is that around the world the influence of embassies and consulates from foreign governments can sometimes be an influence for domestic protests and we have to make sure that isn't occurring."

Queensland LNP senator Amanda Stoker said she believed universities were battling through a "crisis of leadership" on foreign influence.

"[There is a] reluctance in their administrations to defend the rights of non-CCP [Chinese Communist Party]-aligned students who dare to speak out against Beijing," she said.

"It is legitimate to ask questions about how China came to have so much influence in these institutions."

Government taking foreign interference 'incredibly seriously'

Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan played down suggestions of a leadership crisis among universities, insisting the Government was taking foreign interference "incredibly seriously“
"These are issues that have emerged over the last few years, they are ones which require careful consideration," Mr Tehan told Fox News.

"But I must say, the engagement I have had with the sector, they understand how important this is that we get it right."

Labor's foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong said the issue should be dealt with by the Government executive rather than outspoken backbenchers.

"We in Australia do support freedom of speech and we also support a right of peaceful protest," she told ABC's Insiders.

"We would expect people in Australia are entitled to exercise those rights if they do so peacefully and that they are free from intimidation

Senator Wong said Labor would request urgent briefings about the relationship on China from the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Office of National Intelligence to help inform public debate.

"I think we're at the point where the relationship is more complex, also more consequential," she said.

"It matters to us and we should have a much more sensible and mature discussion about how we make it work for us."


An anti-Hong Kong democracy rally turned ugly in Sydney's CBD on Saturday, with protesters shouting jingoistic slogans and two men escorted away under police protection after they were confronted by rally attendees.

The protesters, most of them believed to be migrants from mainland China, attended the rally to support Beijing’s policies in Hong Kong. The group gathered at Belmore Park about noon and marched to Sydney Town Hall, chanting "long live China", with attendance estimates varying from 200 to 3000.

During the protest, an elderly man holding a sign supporting freedom in Hong Kong was escorted away by police after being surrounded and verbally abused by mainland protesters. "He’s being protected by the police, otherwise we’d beat him to death," a woman said in Mandarin as others cursed at him "Traitor! Traitor!"

A man holding a Taiwanese flag was confronted by rally attendees at the tail end of the event and appeared to be grabbed around the neck by another man before he fell to the ground. Police later broke up the fracas and escorted the man to safety
Police said one person at the rally was taken into custody to prevent a breach of the peace and was released without charge.

A Sydney resident who attended the rally but did not give his name, said: "Only one incident occurred where someone tried to spread disinformation but they were kicked out by the Chinese community."

It comes after two men were moved on from protests in Melbourne today and scuffles broke out between pro and anti-democracy protesters in that city on Friday night.

During the rally, the crowd named individual student leaders in Hong Kong and called for a crackdown. The crowd cheered: "Those in Hong Kong who don’t love HK, get the f--- out! If you don’t love China, you’re our enemy! Isolate them! Get the f--- out!" In response, someone shouted: "Hong Kong separatists are c---s!"

Many who participated in the rally were well-dressed young students angered by the protests in Hong Kong and reactions in Australia. They dubbed their rally "Hong Kong No Riot", holding pictures of what they called "riots" in Hong Kong and condemned those in Australia who support the "rioters".

The organisers, including a man named Liang Junshen (Jack) who said he was a former university student in Sydney, took weeks to purchase the Chinese flags and design posters. However, a group on WeChat (a Chinese messaging app) where participants were mobilised was taken down days before the rally following heated political discussions that triggered concerns from Chinese censors. Mr Liang said he was in meetings with other leaders of the rally, but denied that they had any political affiliations or was connected to Chinese officials.

Familiar faces from previous pro-China protests were at today's rally: a young Chinese couple who spoke at the rally had attempted to disrupt a talk at Sydney University earlier this year about China’s mass detention of the Uighur people.

Another protester who told the crowd "if you are a separatist, I wish death upon your father", played an active role in another pro-China rally in 2017 that was reportedly organised by the Chinese consulate in Sydney.

If it’s going to be like this both Hong Kong and Chinese factions should be deported so they can fight and break the law in their own countrie/s not ours!!!! Got nothing to do with us!
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Australia has been warned its northern borders are exposed to attack amid an increasingly aggressive Chinese military presence in the Pacific.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute and the United States Studies Centre both issued assessments that a shortage of personnel and equipment in the Northern Territory is an urgent concern. 

The security experts have pointed to 'serious threats emerging with disconcerting rapidity' in the region to the north of the country

Defence Force numbers in the northern Territory are at an 11-year low the Australian Strategic Policy Institute report says, according to The Australian.

The US Studies Centre report, to be released on Monday, adds that America no longer 'enjoys military primacy in the Indo-Pacific­' and that its capacity to 'uphold a favourable balance of power is increasingly uncertain'.

The reports call for targeted funding in the north of the country as a way to combat China's military expansion.

Author of the ASPI report Dr John Coyne argues the Northern Territory should be Australia's forward operating military base so that the country could be in a 'state of readiness to support a range of ­defence contingencies with little advance warning

The area is already used for joint US and Australian military exercises.

Since 2012 more than 6,800 US Marines have served in Darwin alongside ADF personnel with another 2,500 expected this year.

Defence experts have also criticised Australia spending $50billion on a dozen lethal new military submarines - saying the move may actually leave the country exposed to an attack.

The Government has inked a deal with French defence contractor Naval Group to deliver 12 variants of their Shortfin Barracuda submarines - with construction to start as early as next year.

The decision to build the submarines is a mistake and would leave Australia vulnerable to attacks - particularly from China, Professor of strategic studies at Australian National University Hugh White said

Professor White was a senior Department of Defence official and also held top adviser roles for Bob Hawke and former defence minister Kim Beazley.

'Neither side of politics is taking China's challenge seriously, and even if they do, they are saying we should cling more tightly to the US,' Prof White said, according to news.com.au.

'My argument is I don't think US support is a durable solution. I think it's likely the US will eventually withdraw from Asia

He argues in a new book titled 'How to Defend Australia' that as China becomes the dominant player in East Asia, the federal government needs a different strategy.

'In a new Cold War, Americans would have to ask whether saving Taiwan from China - and preserving US leadership in Asia - would be worth losing Los Angeles and Seattle,' he says in the book

Prof White says Australia needs to think about how it is going to defend itself in an Asia that is no longer dominated by America.

China, a nuclear capable power, is pouring money into its military at an alarming rate and has not shied away from flexing it muscle - particularly in the South China Sea.

Prof White believes 'sea denial' is the most efficient way to defend Australia - a tactic which involves seeking out and sinking enemy ships before they enter our waters. 

This also prevents land based attacks because ships are the only way an aggressor could transport the huge amount of equipment and troops needed to launch an attack on an island nation the size of Australia.

This tactic would require a very different Navy from the one Australia has today - and also the one it is building.

We are currently finishing construction on three new Air Warfare Destroyers and have a plan to build 12 new warships as part of the Future Frigates program.

He believes warships roles in maritime conflicts are changing - with them being most useful for transporting cargo and troops

The majority of actual warfare, he states, will be carried out by submarines, drones, aircraft, satellites and long-range missiles.

He argues the government has no coherent strategy in the naval investments it has been making in the last decade.

Even the new Shortfin Barracuda submarines are a mistake he claims.

The technical difficulty of the project means the last of the 12 submarines would not be delivered until 2050 - leaving Australia without any submarines once the Collins class are retired at the end of the 2020s.

He believes a fleet of about 32 submarines is needed as soon as possible to attack any ships that threatened Australia as they entered choke points around the country

Foreign Minister Marise Payne insists her government is leading an 'informed conversation' on Australia's relationship with China.

The assurance comes as Labor urges Senator Payne and Prime Minister Scott Morrison to ensure they are leading a 'sensible, calm and mature discussion' on the topic.

Labor foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong has written to Senator Payne, saying a quality discussion is particularly important as Australia's relationship with China has entered a 'new phase'.

'Challenges may intensify and become harder to manage in the future,' Senator Wong wrote in a letter sent on Sunday.

The opposition also wants a 'detailed and comprehensive briefing' on the topic prepared for all federal parliamentarians, by agencies such as the department of foreign affairs and office of national intelligence.

'It is the job of all parliamentarians to protect and advance Australia's national interest. Being well briefed is the first step,' Senator Wong said.

The letter comes after Liberal backbencher Andrew Hastie recently likened the global response to China's rise to Europe's lack of preparedness for the rise of Nazi Germany.

Mr Hastie, who chairs the intelligence and security committee, drew a mixed reaction from his coalition colleagues and condemnation from Beijing.

Senator Payne says the Morrison government is already leading an 'informed conversation' on foreign affairs, including on key bilateral relationships like Australia's relationship with China.

'The prime minister and I regularly address these complex issues. We have steadfastly avoided politicisation of these matters,' she told AAP in a statement.

The relationship is mutually beneficial but that does not mean ignoring differences, she added.
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A new study has predicted that the Chinese military could overwhelm and neutralize U.S. forces in Asia in the opening hours of a conflict

The extensive study was published on Monday by the United States Studies Centre at Sydney University in Australia, and analyzes U.S. military deployments in Asia in a hypothetical conflict with China.

'America's defense strategy in the Indo-Pacific is in the throes of an unprecedented crisis,' the study's authors warn.

The study argues that an 'outdated superpower mindset' at the Pentagon is limiting war planner's ability to scale back massive commitments around the globe and make the necessary smart deployments in Asia to counter Chinese aggression

The linchpin to the Chinese People's Liberation Army 'counter intervention' strategy has been a dramatic expansion of conventionally-armed ballistic and cruise missiles, according to the report
'This growing arsenal of accurate long-range missiles poses a major threat to almost all American, allied and partner bases, airstrips, ports and military installations in the Western Pacific,' the report says.

'As these facilities could be rendered useless by precision strikes in the opening hours of a conflict, the PLA missile threat challenges America's ability to freely operate its forces from forward locations throughout the region,' the authors continue.

According to the report, 'almost all American, allied and partner bases, airstrips, ports and military installations in the Western Pacific' lack hardened infrastructure and are under major threat.

That advantage could be used to seize territory in Taiwan, Japanese-administered islands or the South China Sea before US forces could get there

The hard-hitting report said the U.S. military is an 'atrophying force' that is 'dangerously overstretched' and 'ill-prepared' for a confrontation with China.

If correct, the assessment has far-reaching implications for US allies like Australia, Taiwan and Japan who depend on American security guarantees.

Donald Trump's presidency has deepened concerns that Washington would not defend its allies in the face of aggression from China. But this latest report has suggested that the United States may struggle to help even if it wanted to.

Accusing Washington of 'strategic insolvency', the authors said decades-long Middle East wars, partisanship and under-investment have left Pacific allies exposed.

'China, by contrast, is growing ever more capable of challenging the regional order by force as a result of its large-scale investment in advanced military systems,' they warned

Under President Xi Jinping, China's official defense budget has increased by around 75 percent to $178 billion -- although the true figure is believed to be much more.

Crucially, Beijing has invested in precision ballistic missiles and counter-intervention systems that would make it difficult for the US military to reach contested areas quickly.

Experts believe that the deployment of US land-based missiles and a changed role for the United States Marine Corps will be vital to countering China, as well as collective regional defense -- with the likes of Australia and Japan doing more.

In Australia, concerns have been growing about inadequate defenses, prompting debate about whether the country should think about developing nuclear weapons.

Similar discussions are have periodically taken place in neighboring Indonesia

A separate report released on Sunday by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute recommended Australia boost and harden military capabilities in the thinly-populated north of the country.

'Because of the significantly reduced warning times for future conflict,' wrote author John Coyne, it is likely the north of Australia will be used as a forward operating base or a 'lily pad' to reach conflict zones.

The US military has already earmarked around US$210 million to boost a Marine Corps base near Darwin.

During a recent visit to Australia, Defense Secretary Mark Esper suggested the United States wants to deploy intermediate-range missiles in Asia

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Chinese tourists are using their holidays in Australia to scout out potential properties

About 1.2million Chinese tourists visit Australia every year and as many as a quarter of them are looking to buy a property Down Under, according to a report by property portal Juawi.

A total of 27 per cent of Chinese residents said they would be looking for potential properties on their next overseas trip.

Overwhelmingly, Chinese investors are interested in purchasing property in Melbourne.

 But interest in Hobart, Brisbane and Canberra is growing fast

'Chinese buyers make 83 per cent more enquiries about acquiring Melbourne property than they do Sydney,' the report Chinese Australian Dwelling Investment Tracker read.

The report showed Brisbane was fast emerging as a 'real alternative' to Melbourne and Sydney.

It said more Chinese buyers are returning to the property market after a demand from them hit its 'absolute bottom' in 2017

'Chinese buyer enquiries have posted two consecutive quarters of year-on-year growth for the first time since 2016,' it said.

'In the first quarter, Chinese demand was up 40 per cent compared to a year earlier. That followed a 54 per cent gain in the fourth quarter.'

The Australian dollar has also fallen against the Chinese Yuan making now an even more attractive time to buy.

'Since last July, the Aussie has lost 11.1 per cent versus the Yuan,' it said.

'Looking at the exchange rate over a longer term, the Australian dollar today is worth less against the Chinese Yuan that it has been at any point in the past 10 years.'

The report said the decline in the value of the Australian dollar has counterbalanced the additional stamp duties that were imposed by various Australian states on foreign residential buyers in recent years

Top Australian Cities for Chinese Buyers (2019 Q1)

Melbourne: 43.8 per cent

Sydney: 23.9 per cent

Brisbane: 10.1 per cent

Perth:  6.1 per cent

Adelaide: 6.1 per cent

Gold Coast: 3.7 per cent

Canberra: 3.6 per cent

 Hobart: 2.6 per cent

How can they buy homes when they are not citizens? They put the prices up for citizens to compete with!  Oh well ! The baby boomers don’t care as long as they get retirement money to go to Thailand with to buy a “dial a bride”! >:(
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Wealthy Hong Kong citizens are increasingly on the hunt for new passports as protests drag on and cast a cloud over the territory's future.

Many countries run "golden visa" schemes that offer resident or citizenship rights in exchange for sizeable investments.

Several migration firms have reported a spike in interest from Hong Kong for these visas since the unrest began.

They say with no resolution in sight, residents are seeking "insurance".

Protests in the territory began in June, sparked by a proposed law that would have allowed extradition from Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland.

Despite the bill being withdrawn, demonstrations have continue to rock the city for months and show no immediate sign of abating

Against that backdrop, various immigration agencies told the BBC they have seen a sharp rise in interest from Hong Kong residents in investor visa schemes

These programmes exist all over the world, with Europe and the Caribbean particular hubs. Typically, countries require the purchase of property, government bonds or a set donation to secure a visa.

The minimum investment varies greatly - from a $100,000 (Ł81,200) donation in Antigua & Barbuda, to around €2m (Ł1.8m) in real estate investment for Cyprus

Buying 'insurance'

Hong Kong-based John Hu Migration Consulting has seen a four-fold increase in sales and inquiries from locals about golden visa schemes since June.

Founder John Hu said recent unrest in the former British colony had been the "catalyst" for the rush.

"As the protests become more violent and it seems that the government is not doing much to resolve the current situation, they have the urgency to buy insurance," he said.

Enticed by the freedom of movement within the EU and minimal residency requirements, Mr Hu said most are drawn to European schemes including Ireland, Portugal and Malta.

The firm has carried out more than 30 new golden visa applications for Ireland since the protests began, requiring a minimum donation of €500,000 or €1m euros invested into an Irish enterprise.

Another immigration consultancy, Arton Capital, says inquiries from the territory have "more than doubled since the protests started".

"Portugal is very much in favour in Hong Kong because of the relatively cheap real estate… real estate prices in Hong Kong are sky high," according to Philippe May, head of Asia Pacific for Arton Capital.

Mr May said that while clients do not share their reasons for interest in the schemes, "it is very obvious that it is the most recent developments in Hong Kong which caused them to look again at their Plan B

Overall take-up of golden visas schemes remains small - Arton Capital processes up to 1,000 applications each year - as they target only the wealthy

Still, Hong Kong has plenty of eligible candidates. The Asian financial hub is a hotbed for the rich, and was home to 179,000 millionaires in 2018 according to Credit Suisse.

Hong Kong ranked 15th in the investment bank's latest list of countries with the most ultra-high net worth individuals
Protests in Hong Kong are not the only factor luring residents to golden visa schemes.

Advisory firm Henley & Partners has also seen a jump in Hong Kong-based inquiries into investor visa programmes since the outbreak of unrest in June.

The firm's public relations director, Paddy Blewer, said the spike comes "as the protests in the city escalate, and as uncertainty about the future persists".

"Compared to last quarter... there has been a 260% rise in interest from Chinese nationals or investors resident in Hong Kong."

But, he adds, domestic issues are only part of the story.

Many Hong Kong clients seek out residency or citizenship schemes for the same reasons any other applicant would, Mr Blewer said, such as opportunities to travel, invest in another country or study abroad.

"They are looking to access finance, they're looking to invest wherever they want, live wherever they want.

"They want their children to go to other universities... to access the rest of the world

....And the Baby boomers will let them access their country if they line their pockets for them! So they can go to Phillipines to retire with a cheap wife.
 Who cares who else is going to be displaced here! ... or any other Western country?

So if Malta or Portugal sells these people visas they are entitled to live in another EU state of choice!
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A decade ago the future of Australia’s tourism industry looked bleak. Domestic travel had slumped 10 per cent over 12 months while international arrivals had also dropped, albeit marginally, for two consecutive years, according to tourism statistics.

The global financial crisis was partly to blame. Staunch competition from cheaper, emerging South-East Asian destinations also played a role, as did the introduction of the low-cost international airlines.

Australia looked old, stale, stuck in Crocodile Dundee land, while a series of ill-thought advertising campaigns – such as the Lara Bingle ‘where the bloody hell are you?’ debacle and Tourism Australia’s marriage to Baz Luhrmann’s terrible film Australia – seemed to rub salt into the wound.

But in 2012, things began to change, with a dramatic increase in arrivals that has continued every year since. Eight and a half million international tourists visited our country last year, with the figure projected to hit 10 million by 2021, according to Austrade.

The recovery is credited to one source country. More than 1.3 million Chinese holidayed in Australia in 2018, contributing $12 billion to our economy – one-quarter of the total international tourism spend.

The phenomenon is occurring all over the world: last year Chinese citizens made close to 150 million overseas trips. But the boom has been accompanied by criticism of their behaviour.

In 2014, a Chinese passenger on an AirAsia flight threw a cup of hot noodles into a flight attendant’s face after being told she couldn’t sit next to her boyfriend. In 2016, footage was posted on YouTube of Chinese tourists nearly climbing over each over in a mad rush to shovel prawns on their plates at a buffet in Thailand

Dozens of Chinese tourists have been busted letting their kids urinate in subway stations and shopping centres in Hong Kong, while a handful have allowed their children to defecate in planes. A teenage boy from China even engraved his name on a 3500-year-old World Heritage-listed temple in Egypt: “Ding Jinhao was here.”

I experienced how badly some Chinese behave on a speedboat that connects Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island. When the seas got choppy, a Chinese woman sitting a few rows in front of me got sick, turned her head back towards me and puked. A glob of vomit landed on my arm but she didn’t say sorry. She didn’t even blink

Are these anecdotes minority reports? Or is there something fundamentally wrong with the way Chinese tourists think?

Before I attempt to answer, it must be pointed out that Chinese tourists do not hold a monopoly on anti-social behaviour. In Thailand and India – two famously tolerant countries – some hoteliers and restaurateurs are so sick of Israeli backpackers that they put up signs barring them.
 >:( :kike

Australians, meanwhile, have a reputation for running amok in Bali. In August alone, a drunk Australian man went on a violent rampage, kicked a man off his motorbike and assaulted several other locals.

Another was sentenced for cooking up cocaine in his kitchen, an Australian Instagram model tried to smuggle 100 tablets of prescription methamphetamine through the airport while an Australian backpacker was busted snatching a bag from a young Canadian girl

And every day on the island, hundreds of unlicensed Australians ride motor scooters – then bitch about it on social media when they get into accidents.

But the proportion of Chinese holidaymakers who behave badly overseas is significantly higher than other nationalities and their antics are more deviant, notes Dr Antonio Graceffo, an American economist who’s spent seven years studying and teaching in China.

“It’s not just my opinion. There’s a tonne of data by tourism boards, travel services as well as governments that show Chinese tourists act terribly overseas,” Dr Graceffo said.

“The Chinese government now runs advertisements telling its people not to piss on the street in front of cathedrals in Europe or take off their shoes in hotel lobbies in New York.”

Wang Yang, once one of China’s four vice premiers, voiced similar sentiments.

“They make a racket in public places, carve words at scenic spots, cross the road when the light is red, spit and do other uncivilised things,” Mr Yang said in 2013.

“This is detrimental to the image of the country’s people and leaves a bad impression.”

Dr Graceffo explains the phenomenon like this: “If you ask Japanese why they are so polite and always wait in line and why they are so quiet, they will tell you it’s because their population is so large compared to the size of their country and that if everyone were simply to act as they pleased, Japan would be unliveable.

“If you were to ask Chinese people why they skip queues, why they are so loud and tend not to sit in the seats assigned to them on flights, they’ll say something similar. They’ll say their population is so large, if they were to stand in line and wait their turn, they’d never get anything. This shows how two different Asian cultures that faced the same problem of overcrowding handled it differently.

“I also believe many of these problems are caused by communism and the way it accustoms its subjects to ignoring the world around them.

“The vast majority of Chinese simply do not understand that other cultures are different from theirs or that they will offend people by acting the way they do

Another reason, according to Dr Graceffo, is that 70 per cent of Chinese outbound tourists travel in group tours with Chinese guides, Chinese buses, Chinese food and Chinese drinks “where they learn nothing about cultures while travelling overseas”.

“Their behaviour may not change,” he said.

Right now only 9 per cent of the Chinese population – some 120 million people – hold passports. But according to the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, that number will hit 400 million by 2030.

That means more than one in four of all international tourists will be Chinese within a decade and our tourism industry will be even more dependent on Chinese tourists.

If they won’t change, are we going to have to change our expectations.

We should re-introduce the White Australia policy! The old people knew the Chinks were a menace to their land and people and drove down living standards as well as being a pest to compete with. What’s going on now is far worse than they ever had it!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 04 November 2019 at 20:38

Australia will be part of the world’s largest trade deal after 15 Asia-Pacific nations agreed to an historic pact covering almost one-third of global economic production.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison hailed the agreement as an “enormous” breakthrough that would open Australian services to new international markets and boost Aussie jobs.

Fifteen countries have agreed to the terms of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), pushing ahead despite a key nation – India – waivering and holding off until next year

The history-making deal at the East Asia Summit in Bangkok covers about 29 per cent of global economic production – even without India – and almost half the world’s population and has been seven years in the making.

The door has been left open for India, which balked because of domestic concerns relating to a faltering economy and fears about opening its market to China.

Mr Morrison said the agreement would give greater international access to Australian service industries such as education, health, communications and transport and allow them to invest in some countries for the first time, such as China.

He proclaimed the deal would ensure the future of Australian jobs and also help stabilise tensions in the region, particularly as China has been pursuing territorial claims in the South China Sea

“This arrangement is twice as big as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. That is how big it is,” Mr Morrison said.

“The door will always be open to India. And it has always been our view and many that sit around the table that this is a bigger and better deal with India in it.

“Patience is the virtue in this and continuing to enable that to be achieved and there has been enormous progress made. This would be one for the first time that will bring together India and China into that arrangement.

“We are here because of the jobs of Australians and ensuring the future jobs of Australians

The RCEP includes ASEAN countries Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, ­Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam as well as China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said India shouldn’t fear a more open trade arrangement.

“We are not going to displace the entire globe or indeed India’s agricultural sector,” Ms Ardern said.

“We cannot physically feed the world and we don’t seek to.

“We can offer benefits; the sharing of innovation, the sharing of service and high-value high-quality products from within our agricultural sector.

“I think we’ve got a good story to tell. We’ve got a good pitch to make and we’ll continue to do so.”

RCEP negotiators will continue to work on luring India into the deal next year.

“India has significant outstanding issues, which remain unresolved,” the nations involved said in a statement.

“All RCEP participating countries will work together to resolve these outstanding issues in a mutually satisfactory way. India’s final decision will depend on satisfactory resolution of these issues.”

The remaining 15 countries want the deal finalised by November next year, allowing time for “legal scrubbing” to take place.

Meanwhile America noticeably downgraded its representation in Bangkok, with President Donald Trump staying at home to attend an Ultimate Fighting Championship bout in New York.

Mr Morrison ducked questions about the US president’s absence at Asia’s premier annual summit on security and trade.

Australia has consistently called on the United States to ramp up its presence in the Indo-Pacific to guard against China’s rise.

“It’s not for me to be disappointed or not disappointed one way or the other,” Mr Morrison told reporters in Bangkok on Monday.

“That’s entirely a matter for the United States and it’s entirely a matter for the hosts.”

“It is not about how it sits with me. This job isn’t about how I feel,” he told reporters.

“I am not here to run a commentary on people in other places. I am here to pursue the interests of Australians and their jobs


This is some scary stuff for the future of white people in NZ/AUS! Basically it’s an “If you can’t bet ‘em ...join ‘em EU styled pact?!

Australia thinks Uncle Sam can’t protect us against China and the rest of Asia so now it looks like the Asians may not invade with weapons of war.... just walk on in with:- suits ,ties,Cheque books and briefcases?!

It’s going to screw Employment here because of the cheap labour they’ll get from Asia and make buying a home out of reach because of increased competition from Asians!

I don’t think it is going to help the Average Australian at all! It’ll help big business and the businesses that are our Universities but this is going to screw us and our goal of having the white Australia policy back is further out of reach.

Did Mr Morrison ask us if we want this? 
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Australia thinks Uncle Sam can’t protect us against China and the rest of Asia

If I was y'all I wouldn't expect to much from the U.S. Especially with the everything White is racist mentality of our politicians. I could see Australian military aid being held up in our courts for years. Due to Whites helping Whites would be the "evil White supremacists" joining forces against the coloreds of the world.
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We have strong Defence and intelligence ties with Uncle Sam.
We have ANZUS pact. I feel a lot of the current crop of politicians just don’t trust the US to fight and win against the Asians in this point in time.

Trump realises Allies of the US don’t have a lot of money to throw about on defence either.
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Senator Jacqui Lambie has slammed the sale of Australian baby formula company Bellamy's to the Chinese, calling the move an 'embarrassment to the country

On Friday, the Foreign Investment Review Board approved China Mengniu Dairy Company's $1.5billion bid to buy 100 per cent of the Tasmanian brand's shares.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg backed the approval but insisted that certain conditions were imposed.

The company will have to remain headquartered in Australia for a decade and run by a majority Australian board.

Shortly after the acquisition was approved, Ms Lambie took aim at the Morrison Government, saying the buying-up of Australian companies was 'concerning.'

'I think I'm like millions of Australians out there who are very concerned about the Communist Chinese takeover,' she told the Sydney Morning Herald on Friday.

'Every time they open a cheque book we roll over like a dog.

Prior to the sale, Ms Lambie, along with senators of the Centre Alliance, had called for an inquiry into Chinese influence and buy-outs around the country from the foreign affairs committee

Ms Lambie was joined by One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson as well as Barnaby Joyce who also voiced their frustrations over the acquisition.

Mr Joyce said he was 'disappointed' to see Australia lose yet another company to the Chinese and urged the government to make sure the conditions are properly met.

In a more scathing attack, Ms Hanson called on Mr Frydenberg to overturn the decision. 

'Stop, just stop! Enough with the rampant sell off of Australia,' she said.

'These are money making entities, which are vital for our economy, they employ local people, and they contribute to our food production. Why compromise all that?

'Here we are allowing the Chinese to waltz in and snatch away one of the leading baby formula manufacturing businesses, with little consideration for what it means for our country's future; this takes another chunk out of Australia's ability to produce enough food for our own people.'

Ms Hanson, who accused the government of being 'frivolous' with Australian assets, said there needs to be 'more respect for what's ours.'

Ms Lambie and Ms Hanson's sentiments seem to echo those of US President Donald Trump who has staunchly opposed outsourcing to China and has advocated for domestic manufacturing instead

President Trump has accused China of 'unfair trade practices' and has imposed tariffs, ultimately leading to a trade war between the two countries. 

Bellamy's sale is expected to be finalised by the end of the year if shareholders approve the deal.

Mr Frydenberg has also required the Chinese buyer to invest at least $12million in infant milk formula processing facilities in Victoria. 

'The conditional approval demonstrates our foreign investment rules can facilitate such an acquisition while giving assurance to the community that decisions are being made in a way which ensures that Australia's national interest is protected,' Mr Frydenberg said in a statement on Friday.

Before the takeover bid, shares in Bellamy's plunged 62 per cent in 18 months.

There were allegations the Chinese state brought this about by not approving Bellamy's request to sell organic formula in Chinese stores, which is still pending

Mengniu is 16 per cent owned by food processing company Cofco, which is co-owned by the Chinese state

You could see it comming! This mob are obsessed with our baby formula.

They aren’t sending bees out of their hive to get it. They are creating a hive on our turf now.

Oh well.... I guess the Baby boomers don’t care? Where else are they going to get their Thailand retirement fund and money to pay off the Dad of a Flip for a “dial a bride”?
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Dancing with the dragon: China’s growing threat to Australia


A Chinese defector to Australia who detailed political interference by Beijing. A businessman found dead after telling the authorities about a Chinese plot to install him in Parliament. Suspicious men following critics of Beijing in major Australian cities.

For a country that just wants calm commerce with China – the propellant behind 28 years of steady growth – the revelations of the past week have delivered a jolt.

Fears of Chinese interference once seemed to hover indistinctly over Australia. Now, Beijing’s political ambitions, and the espionage operations that further them, suddenly feel local, concrete and ever-present

“It’s become the inescapable issue,” said Hugh White, a former intelligence official who teaches strategic studies at the Australian National University.

“We’ve underestimated how quickly China’s power has grown along with its ambition to use that power.”

US officials often describe Australia as a test case, the ally close enough to Beijing to see what could be coming for others.

In public and in private, they’ve pushed Australia’s leaders to confront China more directly – pressure that may only grow after President Donald Trump signed legislation to impose sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials over human rights abuses in Hong Kong.

Read more: Proof China knew about Muslim re-education camps
Even as it confronts the spectre of brazen espionage, Australia’s government has yet to draw clear boundaries for an autocratic giant that is both an economic partner and a threat to freedom – a conundrum faced by many countries, but more acutely by Australia.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison continues to insist that Australia need not choose between China and the US. A new foreign interference law has barely been enforced, and secrecy is so ingrained that even lawmakers and experts lack the in-depth information they need.

As a result, the country’s intelligence agencies have raised alarms about China in ways that most Australian politicians avoid. The agencies have never been flush with expertise on China, including Chinese speakers, yet they are now in charge of disentangling complex claims of nefarious deeds, all vigorously denied by China.

In the most troubling recent case, first reported by the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, the Australian authorities have confirmed they are investigating accusations made by Nick Zhao, an Australian businessman who told intelligence officials that he had been the target of a plot to install him in Parliament as a Chinese agent

Zhao, a 32-year-old luxury car dealer, was a member of his local Liberal Party branch. He was a “perfect target for cultivation,” according to Andrew Hastie, a federal lawmaker and tough critic of Beijing who was briefed on the case. He told The Age that Zhao was “a bit of a high-roller in Melbourne, living beyond his means.”

Another businessman with ties to the Chinese government, Zhao said, offered to provide $1 million AUD to finance his election campaign for Parliament. But a few months later, in March, Zhao was found dead in a hotel room. The state’s coroner is investigating the cause of death.

In a rare statement, Mike Burgess, the head of Australia’s domestic spy agency, said this week that his organisation was aware of Zhao’s case and was taking it very seriously

The Chinese government, however, called the accusations a sign of Australian hysteria.

“Stories like ‘Chinese espionage’ or ‘China’s infiltration in Australia,’ with however bizarre plots and eye-catching details, are nothing but lies,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang, said at a regular news briefing this week.

Beijing has similarly dismissed the case that emerged last week, which involves a young asylum-seeker named Wang Liqiang.

Wang presented himself to the Australian authorities as an important intelligence asset – an assistant to a Hong Kong businessman who Wang says is responsible for spying, propaganda and disinformation campaigns aimed at quashing dissent in Hong Kong and undermining democracy in Taiwan.

China asserts that he is simply a convicted swindler. On Thursday, a Communist Party tabloid, The Global Times, released video of what it said was Wang’s 2016 trial on fraud charges, where a young man confessed to bilking someone out of $17,000.

Xiang Xin, the man Wang identified as his former boss, has denied having anything to do with him, or even knowing him.

The challenge of the case is just beginning. While some analysts have raised doubts about Wang’s assertions, elements in the detailed 17-page account that he gave to the authorities as part of an asylum application are being taken seriously by law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice detained Xiang and another executive with the company Wang said he worked for, China Innovation Investment Limited. Investigators in Taiwan are looking into assertions that their business acted on behalf of Chinese intelligence agencies.

Other details in Wang’s account – about the kidnapping of booksellers in Hong Kong, spying on Hong Kong university students, and the theft of military technology from the US – are still being examined by Australian officials.

“Australia’s peak intelligence agencies are being put to the test,” John Fitzgerald said, a China specialist at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.

“It’s a tough call, and they cannot afford to get it wrong.”

What’s clear, though, is that they are helping to push the public away from supporting cozy relations. Polls showed a hardening of Australian attitudes about China even before the past week.

Now Hastie, the China hawk and Liberal Party lawmaker who chairs Parliament’s joint intelligence committee, says his office has been overwhelmed by people across the country who have emailed, called and even sent handwritten letters expressing outrage and anxiety about China’s actions in Australia.

Questions of loyalty continue to swirl around another Liberal Party member of Parliament, Gladys Liu, who fumbled responses to questions in September about her membership in various groups linked to the Chinese Communist Party

The espionage cases also follow several months of rising tensions at Australian universities, where protests by students from Hong Kong have been disrupted, sometimes with violence, by opponents from the Chinese mainland.

Several student activists have told the authorities that they have been followed or photographed by people who appear to be associated with the Chinese Consulate.

It’s even happened to at least one high-profile former official, John Garnaut. A longtime journalist who produced a classified report on Chinese interference for former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull in 2017, he recently acknowledged publicly that he had been stalked by people who appeared to be Chinese agents – in some cases when he was with his family.

These actions of apparent aggression point to a version of China that Australians hardly know. For decades, Australia has based its relations with Beijing on a simple idea: let’s get rich together. And the mining companies that are especially close to Morrison’s conservative government have been the biggest winners.

But now more than ever, the country is seeing that for the Communist Party under President Xi Jinping, it’s no longer just about wealth and trade.

“The transactions aren’t satisfying them enough; they want more,” John Blaxland said, a professor of international security and intelligence studies at the Australian National University.

“They want to gain influence over decisions about the further involvement of the United States, about further protestations to Chinese actions in the South China Sea, in the South Pacific, in Taiwan.”

Blaxland, along with US officials, often points out that Australia’s biggest export to China, iron ore, is hard to obtain elsewhere reliably and at the prices Australia’s companies charge. That suggests the country has more leverage than its leaders might think.

Hastie, who was recently denied a visa to travel to China as part of a study group that included other members of Parliament, agreed. In an interview, he said the recent revelations were “the first time the Australian public has a concrete example of what we are facing.”

Now, he added, it’s time to adapt
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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A line-up of powerful senators has condemned China's 'insidious' and growing influence on Australia, warning our democracy and way of life are being undermined

One by one they spoke out against the Communist superpower, from the bribing of Labor Party officials to the suspicious death of a Chinese intelligence informer, groomed as a possible Liberal candidate.

The outspoken crossbench lawmakers savaged China's growing influence only hours after official figures showed Australia was even more reliant on our major trading partner to prop up the flagging economy.

For the first time since 1973, Australia's exports were worth more than the imports for two consecutive quarters - a rare situation known as a current account surplus.

Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie accused the Coalition government and the Labor opposition of ignoring the China threat - hours after the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures were released.

She stressed her concerns were with the Chinese government and not Chinese immigrants, who first came to Australia during the 1850s gold rush.

The major parties joined forces to defeat the call for a Senate inquiry into China.

Senator Lambie had accused Labor and the Coalition of downplaying China's influence.

'It's about time the people in this place woke up to China's attempts to infiltrate our economy and our democracy,' she told Parliament on Tuesday night.

'I can tell you that the other 25million Australians out there have.

'Both sides of politics need to take a good, hard look at themselves and make sure they're acting in our national interest. Quite obviously, over China, they are not.

Senator Lambie also highlighted the mysterious death of Bo 'Nick' Zhao, 32, in a Melbourne motel room in March, after he had reportedly told the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation about a Chinese operative's attempts to convince him to run as a federal Liberal Party candidate in Melbourne.

'We're sitting ducks here. We're leaving ourselves open and we're letting the Communist Party in China come in here and undermine our democracy,' she said.

'There's still nothing to see here according to Labor and the Libs.

'People are literally showing up dead. Someone who was supposedly cultivated by the Chinese government to run as a Liberal Party candidate in the Commonwealth Parliament has shown up dead

'This is not some wacky conspiracy theory. This is happening.'

Senator Lambie agreed with ASIO chief Duncan Lewis's assertion the Chinese were trying to overrun Australia.

'The Chinese government is seeking to "take over" Australia's political system through its "insidious" foreign interference operations,' she said.

'It might take decades, he said. I don't think it will. I don't disagree with it.

'I don't think it's going to take decades. They're coming in by stealth. You need to wake up.'

Senator Lambie, a former Labor staffer, also savaged the ALP's New South Wales branch for receiving $100,000 in an Aldi bag linked to Chinese billionaire property developer Huang Xiangmo, who is now banned from re-entering Australia because of his ties to the Communist Party.

'Does anyone really believe that money was handed over with no strings attached?,' she said

'Please! Does anyone really believe that it was just a friendly way for a Chinese property developer to support our democracy? I don't think anyone believes it.

'Everyone knows that the Communist Chinese government uses money to influence our political processes.'

Kaila Murnain lost her job as Labor's general secretary in New South Wales, after an Independent Commission Against Corruption hearing in August revealed she knew about her party in 2015 accepting the $100,000 donation in an Aldi shopping bag linked to Communist Party-connected billionaire Huang Xiangmo.

Former state Labor MP Ernest Wong, also linked to Mr Huang, was accused in an ICAC hearing of evading his connections to an illegal Chinese donation.

Shortly after 6pm, Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick moved a motion that Australia's relationship with the People's Republic of China be referred to the Senate's Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee for an inquiry, with a report published in November 2020.

Ironically, a day earlier the founder of his political party, Nick Xenophon, accused Australia of making 'false accusations' against Chinese telecommunications equipment firm Huawei

Mr Xenophon's new law firm is now representing in Australia a Chinese company that is banned from installing both the National Broadband Network and 5G mobile over spying and cybersecurity fears.

Senator Patrick's motion was also backed by One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, her Queensland Senate colleague Malcolm Roberts, Centre Alliance's Stirling Griff and outgoing senator and former Liberal Cory Bernardi

Senator Roberts said China was deliberately seeking to dominate a series of smaller countries.

'It's about strategic control—and the emphasis is on "control",' he said.

The motion was defeated 38 votes to 15, with the Coalition and Labor voting against it as the Greens sided with the other crossbench senators.

Iron ore, used to make steel, is Australia's most valuable export.

Resources Minister Matt Canavan, the deputy Senate leader of the Nationals, spoke out against the motion for an inquiry into China.

'The China relationship is important and complex, engaging a full range of national interests,' the Queensland senator said.

'We have a comprehensive strategic partnership, which benefits both countries

'We seek to address differences through dialogue and with respect.'

Last month, China banned Liberal MPs Andrew Hastie and James Paterson from visiting for a study tour after they criticised the authoritarian regime.

On Tuesday night, Senator Paterson voted against the motion for a Senate inquiry into China.

Two hours later, he accused Mr Xenophon of being a hypocrite as a lawyer for Huawei.

'In interviews yesterday, Mr Xenophon stated that his firm may also launch legal action against critics of Huawei in Australia,' he told Parliament.

'This is despite the fact that in the Senate he called for reform of defamation laws and warned about the impact that they were having on public interest journalism

'Huawei was also recently implicated in the mass surveillance and detention of Uygurs in Xinjiang.'

China, a land of 1.4billion people, isn't just Australia's biggest trading partner.

It is also a major owner of infrastructure assets. 

The Chinese have a 99-year lease on the Port of Darwin and Western Australia's Merredin airport.

They also own cattle stations, a wind farm and even a baby food manufacturer.

Senator Lambie said Australians could already see what was happening

'They're scared that our country is being bought up,' she said

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A multi-billion dollar Singaporean food company is selling 89,000 megalitres of Australian water to a Canadian pension fund.

The mega sale of Australian permanent water rights comes as the country is crippled by one of the worst droughts in its history.

On Tuesday, NSW brought in a complete ban on hoses as part of the toughest water restrictions implemented for more than a decade

But no such problem existed for food and agriculture giant Olam International, which sold the 89billion litres of permanent water rights for an astonishing $490 million.

The company sold it to an entity associated with the Public Sector Pension Investment Board, one of Canada's largest pension investment managers, according to Straits Times.

It will use the water to irrigate almond trees, in a business venture likely to draw criticism over foreign ownership of farms and water.

The water rights are in the lower Murray-Darling Basin. 

The chairman of the Victorian Farmers Federation's water council, Richard Anderson, told the Sydney Morning Herald: 'Really, all you've got is a change of ownership, it (the water) has gone from a Singapore-owned company to a Canadian pension fund

'It's a big bulk of water but it's still being used in agriculture.

'It's not as if they've just come in as a speculator and said ''we'll go and buy a big patch of water and we'll trade it every year".'

In a separate deal, the same Canadian pension fund has bought 12,000 hectares of almond orchards in Victoria, in a move likely to draw criticism of foreign ownership of farms and water.

Water restrictions in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Illawarra were upgraded to level two as dam levels in the region sank to just 45 per cent capacity, the lowest levels since the Millennium Drought took hold in 2003.

The crippling drought sees a complete ban on hoses, requiring residents to use a bucket and sponge to wash their cars or a watering can to tend to their gardens

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted a hot-than-usual summer, with no forecast for significant rain.

The sale is understood to be giving Olam a 'one-time pre-tax capital gain of about $311 million', the paper reported.

The agreement is for 25 years, with the option to renew for another 25

In March, the government released its foreign ownership of water entitlement register, showing that investors from China and the US had the largest stake in Australia's foreign-owned water entitlements.

It showed that one in 10 water entitlements is foreign owned.

A water entitlement is the right to an ongoing share of water, which can be sold by irrigators, companies or investors.

Acting as a property right, it gives access to an exclusive share of water from a water resource. 

This is different to a water allocation, which is the right to access a volume of water for use or trade.

Under level two restrictions, gardens can only be watered before 10am or after 4pm with a watering can or bucket.

Smart and drip irrigation systems can only be used for 15 minutes before 10am or after 4pm.

Swimming pools and spas will only be allowed to be topped up for 15 minutes a day with a trigger nozzle. A permit will be required before filling a pool that holds more than 500 litres.

Residents caught breaking the rules could face a $220 fine. Businesses who breach the restrictions would also face a $550 fine

Should be a law making all the foreigners bring their own bloody water here! Hell! Should re introduce laws to bring only white foreigners in here too!

Globalisation is White Genocide and in this case environmental vandalism!
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From Australia first bulletin 2/1/20

The Madness Of Another Free-Trade-Agreement That Australia’s Politicians
Are Signing Us To With India.
Mark F
On November 17 2014, Australia’s then PM, Tony Abbott - nearly 10 years after May 23 2005 when negations between Australia and China for an FTA first commenced - went to China to ratify the trade-agreements, which had been negotiated.. Now here in December 2019, we’ve been informed that in less than three weeks time between January 11-13 (2020), the current PM, Scott Morrison, will be in India to sign-us-up to a trade-agreement which have has been under negotiations for about a decade.
For those who can recall that time in November 2014 when Abbott and the then Trade Minister Andrew Robb, were in Beijing to officially sanction that extremely high- level trade-agreement with China, must be aware we were told how great it (the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, or the ChAFTA) was going to be for Australia’s future prosperity. Regrettably, for Australia at least, those burgeoning [supposedly reciprocal] benefits, which our politicians and indeed, that collective of China-loving-lackey-journalists kept parlaying would come to fruition were, in a word - a fizzer.
A prime instance of where the ChAFTA failed to materialise is seen with service sectors - banking and financing. To discuss that adversity requires examining the upheavals that the ANZ and Westpac banks encountered with their forays in China. Essentially, they were both bled tens of millions of capital from their ill-fated attempts to get, their-pieces of the action in China’s financial sector. Alas, by the end of 2016 they were forced to flee with their tails between their legs.  Reference suitable to understanding this scenario can be found in two articles in the Financial Review from October 31, and November 1, 2016:
Bad timing for ANZs Asia vision, by Michael smith
ANZs, costly exit from Asia, in the Chanticleer section.
In addition to that pair Rowan Callick penned a piece titled:
Extremely difficult to get a head in China and,
Beijing to legalise theft of Aussie business secrets, by Ben Packham in The Australian, December 9 2019. As well, to fathom what a huge con-job the ChAFTA has been, we can read Natasha Bita’s, piece from November 22 2014 in the Australian titled: Deal with China opens doors to sale of the century
And that deal of the century was, of course, the ChAFTA. On February 9,2017, I penned a piece pertaining to it, which exposed how, not one of the aspects that Bita gloated about occurring, was still in existence! So, if the ChAFTA crashed into the rocks, then we must be extremely cautious about this imminent trade-agreement with India succeeding?
Meanwhile, the Chinese in the reciprocal-arrangements of the ChAFTA channelled huge amounts of capital into Australia to acquire some of our principal assets and resources and also bought into major real estate developments.
The aspect of the ChAFTA, known as the Investment Facilitation Agreement, was an act of blatant treachery by our politicians, one which permitted Chinese investors to duly export its workers to construction projects.
With regards to the Chinese channelling huge amounts of capital into developing hefty property constructions, one of the clauses in that part of the ChAFTA was an incredibly insidious element called the Investment Facilitation Agreement [IFA]. Effectively an unconditional component of the IFA was a clause, which permitted the Chinese who were routing billions of dollars into constructing anything from hotels to apartment blocks that they could import labour to assist with the construction. So much so that, in December 2018, there were 59,000 Chinese nationals spread across Australia employed in one project or another. With the great majority of these workers (as Fairfax and the ABC have exposed on a number of occasions) were working for rates of pay that were on average, 35% lower than what Australian workers received.
However, it just wasn’t Chinese workers in construction sectors who were permitted to come here to Australia and work. And the fields of employment which this entailed ranged from process workers in factories to farm hands. Quite simply, the ChAFTA as was predicted by some - has been quite lopsided in favour of Chinese workers and investors. To gain more insight into the IFA we can read the dispatch from John Tucker and Simon Billing who are partners in the legal firm, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, from October 27 2015, titled:
Amendments agreed to ensure passage of the china-Australia Free Trade Agreement.
The vast majority of Australians would be very ‘toey’ about Australia signing-up to another free-trade-agreement with another country in light of the disaster of the ChAFTA - * as those five articles previously designated explain. They would surely be on their guard to never allow Australia being rorted again? Unfortunately, when it comes to common sense and invoking doing what’s best for Australia, our politicians lack that innate impulse! And, as was the case with the ChAFTA, it is a lay down misere then that this pending trade-agreement  whichPM Morrison and his government are going to sign us up to with India will inevitably morph into becoming an economic and sociological disaster of  a magnitude for Australia.
One of the key-facets of what the Morrison government is signing Australia up for is [within 10 years] to allow over a million Indians to migrate to Australia and acquire jobs that people who are already here can easily fulfil i.e. check-out staff at Coles and Woollies. No doubt, you’re all very much aware over the past 3-5 years how nearly every new recruit to these supermarkets has been someone from the Subcontinent. To gain a slight insight into this catastrophe we can look at the article by Ben Packham in The Australian from November 17/19 titled: India eyes opportunity to fill skilled jobs gaps
Packham conveys how the former Indian Ambassador to Australia, Anil Wadhwa, has concocted a plan whereby:
“Indian doctors and nurses were already filling skills shortages in the Northern Territory and there was scope to expand co-operation in providing skilled workers.
One field of skilled workers that Wadhwa suggested Indians could cater for is with security guards.”
Well, if you thought that, maybe,Wadhwa was kidding about supplying Indians to come here as security workers, then he is not! However, for him to actually say this means that, the Morrison government has already submitted to the demands being made by India, for it to be able to export its citizens, to gain access to the Australian labour market.
It is now midday, December 31 2019 and I am going to convey some intel that I received a short time ago from a reliable source in n regards to specifying a particular field of employment that the Morrison government is targeting. And that is the health-care sector. Apropos to that, my source said:
“A primary part of this trade arrangement Australia is undertaking with India, with regards acquiring people to fill job shortages, is in the health care sector. I have seen official documents that the Population Minister, Alan Tudge and the Immigration Minister, David Coleman have endorsed with drawing in 10,000 people in the next thirty months from India to fill positions in that sector”
The Morrison government’s agenda to import Indians to staff the IT-Sector, which Indians will establish.
But what is decidedly worse for Australia than merely just having Indians coming here to be employed in anything ranging from security guards to staffing age-care facilities or staffing check outs - is the IT sector. As it occurs, the Morrison government has obviously already acceded to the demands of India that it is allowed to export its citizens, to work in the IT businesses, which Indian companies will invest in. Well, what manner of madness prevails in the minds of our politicians for them to agree to that insanity?
Palpably, why the Morrison government has capitulated to these demand from Indians, is because it construes it being far cheaper to permit Indian business concerns to channel huge amounts of capital into establishing IT industries and in return  to allow these concerns to be able to import their own workers. Of course, for those imbecilic bean-counting, economic rationalists whether they are in governments, bureaucracies and, indeed, Big-business – reason all of this is so cost effective. Basically, if you import IT workers to operate business owned by their compatriots is a bonanza because it costs Australia nothing to educate them [at any echelon] of their processes.
Social dislocation based upon employing workers on race and culture is the result.
Unfortunately, when you are an imbecilic, bean-counting, economic-rationalist, it means that you are fittingly devoid of the capacity to construe that if you allow, say, 200,000 IT workers to fill the jobs in IT, it must mean that you are instituting a nightmare scenario of having the IT sector being predominated by Indians. Surely, that must be obvious, mustn’t it? To substantiate that this is what’s been planned for the IT sector, can be irrefutably ascertained by reading the final thirteen lines of article Skilled migrant A-list gets a haircut, by Mathew Cranston, December  13 2019:
“The extension of other ICT [information and communications technology] job working terms will also be a winner with Indian companies looking to do more business in Australia.
Ambassador Anil Wadhwa, who is authoring a report on how Australian and Indian trade and investment could be improved, said last month that visa restrictions were a significant part of the relationship between the two countries.
[He said that] Visas in the IT industry need to be extended to the medium not just the short term.“
Indubitably, this is a case of where a non-Australian is dictating to the highest levels of the Federal government as to what its rules with immigration should be! Clearly, this is an ultimatum by India to the Australian government and its people that, Indians are going to  be part of this country’s re-colonisation. How can it be anything other than that?
As was the case with Australia engaging with China in the ChAFTA, a major component of that plan to enmesh Australia with China, was importing hundreds of thousands of its students. And that aspect, too, is to be the case with our politicians’ surreptitious agenda of ensnaring us with India.
But, this highly insidious agenda that the Morrison government is committed to implementing [which, effectively, is Phase-II of the GRAND programme of re-colonising Australia], not only entails importing thousands and thousands of workers to be security guards or nurses or IT workers - or, whatever field of employment it might be that Indians can fill and then with importing [within 5 years time] of up to 120,000 full-fee-paying students. By doing that will see Australia having 1.1 million international students (IS’s) in the country. This is opposed to the United States of America’s 1.3 million. However, it has a population 13 times that of Australia’s!
Succinctly, it is a situation of totally overdosing on IS’s!!!
Over the past two months there has been a veritable plethora of dispatches in the print media by an array of journalists gloating as to how great Australia’s future will be thanks to these trade engagements between Australia and India. Following are just some of them [of the 32 I have] that you must read to make yourself.
We will benefit so much by getting close to India, The Australian by Tony Abbott, November 22
The rise and rise of India November 26, Ben Packham
Morrison to push trade deal with India, December 10 by Greg Sheridan
Forget the cricket, this is our real test over India, December 12 by Greg Sheridan.
Regrettably, the outcomes of these engagements for Australia with India will be diabolical! To garner what’s actually in store for Australia, we could venture to Parramatta and its nearby corridor of suburbs in Sydney o to Tarneit in Melbourne. We would observe these areas are now are now colonies Subcontinent people, not just Indians. With regards to Parramatta and its nearby suburbs, in the space of about a decade over 130,000 people from the Subcontinent have moved in. This progression in about a decade in confluence with other immigrant groups - has totally usurped the ethnicities of Anglo-Celtic/European extractions that, prior to 2000, comprised at least 85% of its residents.
Whereas now, they are [overall] now in the vicinity of about 40% of its residents!
Of course, it’s not just the Parramatta region that is in the process of being recolonised over the past 20-25 years by immigrants from ‘white’ sources.
However, in addition to the economic aspects of Australia engaging with India, there is also the craziest of ulterior motives to highlight.
But, what is the most insane component of this engagement with India is  an ulterior aspect - that we supposedly ‘need’ India to act as a bulwark, against the threat to the region from a rising China! Well, what an incredible madness that happens to be? After all, now that there are already 2.3 million Chinese resident in Australia, which doesn’t include about 330,000 international students and 90,000 workers on an IFA also equates to there being over 2.7 million Chinese in Australia. That means that, the [potential] enemy has already landed. Having said that I am fully aware that not every person of Chinese extraction residing in Australia likes Beijing; but it’s the ones [let’s surmise that it could be 50% of the 2.7 million who are staunch supporters of The Motherland] must constitute the gravest of threats to Australia’s security.
So here we are in 2020 and there are about 2.7 million people of Chinese extractions in one corner, whilst in the other corner there are about 1.1 million Indians who, presumably, are going to be part of the contingent to act as a buffer against a rising China? Clearly, those numbers of both ethno-cultural groups are so large that, it means we are well and truly past the point of there ever being harmony in Australia. Because it is a certainty that within 15 years these two groups are inevitably going to be at war with each other. Thus, with there then being millions of Chinese here and, in time, millions of Indians also, we will see them fighting out their conflicts in Australia.
But when that eventuates, the cretins who’ve instigated this madness will be either dead or too old to recant for their sins. Essentially, now that Australia’s two largest cities presently have Anglo-Celtic/European people comprising no more than 48% of their overall population we conclude that open-door immigration has morphed  them into zones of ethno-cultural tribes who have established insular-cultural enclaves/ ghettos which function separately to what was once the mainstream culture.
Well, considering that open-door immigration is going to continue means that by the scheduled 2028 federal elections that in a minimum of 18 and up to 24 seats in Sydney and Melbourne we will only have contestants drawn from non ‘white’ ethnic sources. What will ensue from that is a calamity and it will see them organise a collective of politicians who will form a new party to organise against Australia. To think otherwise would really be stupidity!
Comment: Re Examining The NSW Treasurer
Dear Editor,
After reading the piece, about NSW politicians having “Road to Damascus” moments about our insane immigration program that feeds supposed  economic growth etc. The blunt rule of thumb about the Australian political class is don’t listen to what they say ,watch what they do.
Over the years, we have seen many of our traitor class candidly admit that they have reservations about mass non -European immigration. Go back to Johnny Howard , who wanted Asian immigration stopped in the late 1980s, because it was endangering our nations cohesion.
What did Howard do when he became PM in 1996? He opened the floodgates to Chinese and other Asian immigration into the country that enabled the Chinese to completely take over key suburbs in our major cities , and thereby form ethnic enclaves that threaten the security of Australia.
Tony Abbott was yet another, who suggested that his government would back off on immigration. Did he put the brakes on? Absolutely not. The Liberal government after 2013 greatly increased the overseas student intake to the extent our annual intake is getting close to 600,000.
One thing the NSW treasurer is right about is that mass immigration depresses wages and living standards ,and a growing number of European Australians are aware of this. That’s why he is speaking candidly as the traitor class want to reassure us so they don’t lose our vote.
The reality is that the government imposed immigration program has never been approved of by the majority of the people. It has in fact never even been debated. Australians must understand that the political class here don’t work for them ,they work for foreign financial interests and to line their own pocket!!!.
Unless Australians force an end  to the immigration madness, our country and our children’s future will be lost forever.
David A
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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From Australia first party Newsletter 11-1-20

The Big Australia Agenda
Mark F
For many people, the Big Australia Agenda is something that they think is only a recent idea. However, this agenda is something plotted by the landed-gentry from the mid-1800s and later in the 1950s.
What is the Big Australia Agenda?
The Big Australia Agenda [BAA] is something, which has come to prominence in increasing degrees from about 2010. This has been particularly so from shortly after the LNP won the federal elections in September 2013. The entire BAA is manifestly observable by how Australia’s two largest cities of Sydney and Melbourne in duration of about 6 years have increased the number of people by 20%. Of course, anyone old enough to recall what Sydney and Melbourne were like prior to December 2013 knows only too well how both of these cities have been inundated with immigrants; which at the very least has engendered overcrowding.
But in reality the BAA is something, which has been very much in the fore of the mindsets of preceding generations. Most notably so, in the late 1880s, when pastoralists pertinently so in Queensland were importing coolie labourers from Asia, the Subcontinent and the Pacific islands. Their express objective was to have segregated and highly vulnerable groups of workers who they could ruthlessly exploit with low-wages and vile conditions. Of course, those very same sordid elements] are now pushing for workers to be brought into Australia from Asia and the Subcontinent on one of a canasta-pack of visas.
Luckily, for Australia’s sake back in January 1891, the local workers rose up in the form of the Amalgamated Shearers Union, to fight against the agendas of the Pastoralist Federation Council. They organised themselves to resist the schedules of pastoralists who wanted to import cheap workers to inhibit wages. The climax of those events began at Barcaldine on January 5 1891, when the workers/shearers marshalled their numbers to oppose Charles Fairburn who wanted the shearers to sign contracts to work for reduced pay. Those events gave birth to the original Australian Labor Party.
But not to be outdone by that setback several decades later in 1959, Edmund Hoyle Vestey who controlled vast tracks of land in northern Australia where he raised cattle, began engaging in surreptitious discussions with the British PM of that time, Harold Macmillan, for him to approve being able to seconder workers from India to head to to develop the Top End. However, that had to be put on an indefinite hold as Australia’s PM Robert Menzies made it perfectly clear that: “It would meet great opposition as the overwhelmingly number of Australians were adverse to this country accepting very large numbers of non-European immigrants. “
Dismantling the White Australia Policy was inherently necessary to invoking the scheme to de-Europeanise Australia.
However, Menzies wasn’t at all opposed to Australia dispensing with the White Australia Policy [WAP] - which, of course, had to be revoked in order to permit mass-non-European immigration into Australia. And this is proven by virtue of the WAP being technically dismantled whilst Menzies was PM even though it wasn’t actually ratified until Gough Whitlam was PM between 1973-5. But even though the WAP was overturned in that time, the innate catalyst to be able to impose the programme actually being instigated didn’t come to pass until a boat called the Tu Do, carrying 31 refugees fleeing the conflict in Vietnam, arrived in Darwin harbour on November 21 1976.
And it was with this specific event that, the progressive-minded elites within the establishment who were hell-bent upon inaugurating the scheme to de-Europeanise the country, gained their greatest opportunity to implement their vision. Effectively, the primary aspect of their scheme to achieve their agenda was to neutralise opposition, by overwhelming them, by bombarding them - with guilt.
Even so, there was still a great degree of resistance by a clear majority of Australians opposing refugees arrivals. So to allay the sentiments of those opposing refugees coming here the then PM, Malcolm Fraser, came out and assured us that Australia wouldn’t be accepting more than several thousands of refugees from Vietnam. Well, by the time Fraser lost office in March 1983, those “only several thousand refugees from Vietnam” had ballooned to the vicinity of 38,000, which eventually became 70,000, by the time Fraser’s successor Bob Hawke left office.
Bob Hawke and his government were the prime instigators of the plan to Asianise Australia. And his address at the PACRIM Conference in November 1986 indisputably designates that as being so!
It was during the tenure of Bob Hawke that the agenda to de-Europeanise the population of Australia was put into a veritable torpedo-schute. Near the end of 1984, when it was becoming abundantly clear that Australia was being Asianised [via mass-immigration] Bob Hawke was forced to come out and categorically deny that:
“It isn’t my intention or that of my government to Asianise Australia. In fact, by 2000, Asian born will only be 4% of the population. “
Of course, anyone old enough to recall what it was like back in December 1984 – and moreover in 2000 - can testify that when Hawke made his statement that by 1985 Asiatics were already at least 4% of Australia’s population. And by 2000, ABS figures officially designated that Asians comprised 8.9% of Australia’s population. For the record, the reason that prompted Hawke to deny that Australia was being Asianised, was because the Dean of Australian History at Melbourne university, Geoffrey Blainey, accused the Hawke government in a speech earlier in Warrnambool that Hawke’s government had an agenda to Asianise Australia.
Well, here in January 2020 all of what Blainey had predicted and indeed Hawke denied, has come to fruition. The Asiatic component [wherever they might be drawn from] of Australia’s population has risen to become 19% of Australia’s population. However, in Sydney and Melbourne the Asiatic component of those cities is over 30%. We should note too that other non Anglo-Celtic-European ethnicities residing in our two largest metropolises account for about 22% of the combined population. Therefore, rendering peoples of Anglo-Celtic-European backgrounds to be actual minorities in Sydney and Melbourne!
To ascertain that fact merely requires travelling on train and bus services emanating from the major CBDs of either to quickly observe that non white people are in many, many cases, not merely minorities of those travelling but are, indeed, absolute minorities! Note too that in 72 suburbs of Greater Sydney establishes that immigrants from non Anglo-Celtic-European cradles have totally usurped the former ethno-cultural groups.
Clearly, now that ‘whites’ have been reduced to being the overall ethnic minorities in our two largest cities, designates that in the not too distant future, the newcomers will assert themselves to gain preeminence socially or, moreover, politically. Well, when that occurs we can only conclude Australia will be totally fractured on the very two elements that progressive-minded liberals absolutely abhor. And that, of course, is a society divided on race and culture!
But how amazing it is to construe that, those incredibly deluded partisans [guilt-ridden, bleeding-hearts] who have worked tirelessly, over the past 40 or so years, to raze Australia’s ethno-cultural essences from being European, into becoming factions of groups within a geographical sphere, can’t realise that what their ideology has spawned is the demise of fair-go society. It will have collapsed into one whereby the various ethno-cultural groups that have swamped Australia in the past two decades have become so large they are entities unto themselves and will inevitably act to assert their self-serving agendas
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Australian town RUNS OUT of water after Chinese company was given the green light to take H2O from drought-stricken area


A drought-ravaged town has run out of water just weeks after a Chinese company was given the go-ahead to run a commercial water extraction facility in the region

Chinese Water Fountain

Stanthorpe in Queensland's Southern Downs is now fully dependent on 42 truckloads of water a day brought in from a dam 60km to the north.

The local dam for the town of 5,000 people has dipped to just 11 per cent of capacity, with those living in Stanthorpe limited to 80 litres of water per person a day

Southern Downs Regional Council tightened the water restrictions last month just one day after approving the development of a mining operation 40km away at the Queensland border town of Cherrabah.

The 'full-time water carting' from Connolly Dam consists of 1.3 megalitres per day and mayor Tracy Dobie said the operation is the biggest of its kind by an Australian local government.

'We've now commenced full trucking of water. There's 14 trucks doing three trips a day,' she said

'Council promised the community we would not run out of water.

'The initial stages of water carting went extremely well and without incident. We will now move to full-time water carting to provide water to the Stanthorpe Region.'

Remaining local reserves will be kept back for emergency use.

Despite the water importation, the 80-litre restriction will remain in place - four times less than the average individual water consumption of 340 litres per day according to Riverina Water

Cr Dobie said further measures to maintain the water supply could involve a pipeline to Toowoomba and Warwick - to the north of Stanthorpe.

Then in mid-December, the Southern Downs Regional Council approved the development of the mining operation about 40km away at Cherrabah on the border with New South Wales

In a cruel twist, those living in Stanthorpe and Warwick to the north saw their water restrictions cut to 80 litres per person just one day after the water mining approval.

The council has told its ratepayers the restriction translates to no more than 90 seconds of shower time using a non-water efficient shower head. 

Those living near the site set to be mined by Joyful View, which is owned by two Chinese investors, hit out at the council decision given the region's dwindling supplies

'I don't understand how it is allowed to happen,' one resident told The Guardian.

'If that water drains away from the shallow aquifers, it affects our long-term viability.'

The company plan to transport the water to a Gold Coast bottling plant, according to council documents.

The council are reportedly aware of land owners shipping water outside of the region, according to local newspaper the Southern Free Times.

Just comming and raping Australia like a locust plague! The traitors want the economy up and they want it now! As long as they profit they will not appease the Chink (insect race)
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Latest article from Australia First Newsletter.

The Madness Of The Globalists
Mark F.
For an insight into the madness of Globalists, read the article by Professor Alan Dupont in The Australian ,January 30 2020.
Let’s call it Part III of ‘Out of the Wok and into the Pyre!’
It is a certainty that anyone over the age of 20 would have viewed a Star Wars episode.  Remember a bar room gathering of creatures from across the galaxy? The reason I draw your attention to that is because this is what the futurists have in store for Australia. To get what I’m suggesting will happen, I recommend the article:
“Shifting our focus to the north is timely, but it will come at costs”
Prof. Alan Dupont is the chief executive of a geopolitical risk consultancy ‘The Cognoscenti Group’ at the Lowy institute. Of course, any person who has regularly read The Australian newspaper’s Commentary Section over the past 7 years or so would be au fait with Prof. Dupont.  And in the past 3 to 4 years he has perpetually warned us about the dangers to our security of a rising China. So upon reading The Australian on January 30 2020, we find his statement  as to what “we” [Australia] need to urgently implement in order to guarantee our security and, prosperity.
Dupont says all we need to do to achieve our long-term security and prosperity is by integrating the northern regions of Australia:
"diversifying the China risk without jeopardizing the core trade relationship; a focus on non-China regional opportunities [is] to include strengthening ties with Southeast Asia, building a genuine partnership and deepening the still embryonic Pacific step-up policy; and linking regional initiatives with a renewed emphasis on improving Northern Australia’s capacity to support national; security and developments.”
Essentially, Dupont’s Grand-Plan [which is certainly agreed to be a cabal of other politicians and captains-of-industry] to bring it all about is to accept”
The north as a bridge, or gateway, to [the] populous and dynamic Asia and Darwin may be closer to Asia than the southern capitals but proximity alone guarantees nothing in a globalised world”
So for Dupont and of course those captains-of-industry for whom he is actually a  lackey cannot get their dream:
“…Without a sustained boost in population and establishing new industries.”
Dupont is professing here is the detachment of the northern regions of Australia to allow India, Indonesia and other nations in the Southeast Asian region to, effectively, found colonies. By doing so he reasons, it will both propel economic growth Moreover,  it will develop a security cover to protect Australia from the threat of a belligerent China! Some protection!
He has ‘allies’ in this madness.
I would also mention Stephen Smith who was a former member of the Federal governments under Bob Hawke and Paul Keating. Smith is currently engaged with the think-tank, US Asia Centre, which is situated at the Perth University.
Way back in the 1980s and into the 1990s when Stephen Smith was part of those governments it was an inherent component of their economic strategy to fully enmesh Australia into the Asian regions (that statement was made by Bob Hawke at the PACRIM Conference in Perth, on November 4, 1986). However, what Hawke ostensibly meant by Asia was, of course, actually China. But, low and behold all these years on Stephen Smith, who was championing closer ties with China, is now wanting to champion ties with India. But why so?
That’s because Smith and his mates have come to the stark realisation that China has morphed into becoming an innate threat to Australia’s security.
So, are we to believe now that India will ‘balance’ China?
Right at the very end of Dupont’s discourse he tells us about his vision for developing Northern Australia, which include places to launch space-travel, ventures from and also with:
“A massive new solar farm planned for the Northern Territory could provide one-third of Singapore’s energy requirements and Another large renewable energy project aims to provide electricity to Indonesia.”
However, what Dupont neglects not to say is that all of these operations will be controlled by those nations in question, who will then import their own labour forces to construct and operate them. Thereby, what will ensue is the establishment of colonies of a collage of groups. Well, if that isn’t an insanity to behold, then what is it? Unfortunately, because India is a veritable Pan's Labyrinth of cultural and economic dysfunction means it can never, ever ,be capable of emulating the rise of China. Quite simply, the overriding reason as to why China achieved what it has done [raising hundreds of millions of its people out of poverty etc] is because Chinese have an innate sense of doing what the chiefs tell them to do. But India, because it is a cauldron of cultures stewing in the pot means they can never be corralled and controlled to be like robotic Chinese.
So, it seems, all this is to be fought out in northern Australia. It’s time to strike out for Australian independence!
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Australian politicians launch brutal attack on the Chinese Communist Party for 'failing to contain the coronavirus'

* Senior MPs said China must reap economic consequences due to coronavirus
* One MP blamed the communist country for COVID-19 which killed thousands
* Calls for Australia to reassess its relationship with China after the pandemic
* Another MP demanded an investigation into the virus
* Australia currently has 5,550 positive coronavirus cases with a total of 30 dead

Sahar Mourad | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 4 April 2020


Excerpt: Australian politicians have launched a scathing attack on the Chinese Communist Party who they say failed to contain the killer coronavirus.

Senior Liberal and Labor MPs said China must reap the economic consequences after misleading information about the coronavirus.

One MP blamed China for the deadly coronavirus, which has seen 1,119,801 people across the world infected and 59,247 dead

Australia's current positive cases sits at 5,550 with 30 dead as of Saturday.

The harsh comments made by politicians may bring Australia's already troubling relationship with the communist country to a new low

Liberal Andrew Hastie and Labor's Anthony Byrne both said there would have to be discussion in how Australia works with China following the virus outbreak.

'The Australian people aren't mugs. They know how COVID-19 started and how the CCP lied about it,' Mr Hastie told the Daily Telegraph.

He insisted that Australia won't be 'bought off' no matter how much medical supplies the Chinese send over to help manage COVID-19.

Mr Byrne said there has been a significant impact of the global supply chain and China's responsibility regarding the virus must be addressed
NSW Liberal Dave Sharma noted that the coronavirus outbreak has made it clear that Australia depends on China a lot.

However, he said China should be questioned about how they managed to deal with the killer virus and how they informed the rest of the world about it.

Mr Sharma, a former diplomat, said an investigation should also be launched into where the virus came from, how it left China and if China put in the correct safety measures in place.

He said countries will begin to look at their supply chain and whether or not they'd be able to manage a similar outbreak

The tough political rhetoric comes as Australia bans the exporting of face masks, hand sanitiser and other vital medical supplies during the coronavirus crisis

Victorian Liberal Tim Wilson said 'no one was fooled' by the communist party's attempt at hiding information about the virus at the beginning of the outbreak.

'The Chinese Communist Party's deliberate strategy to suppress awareness of the virus led to this pandemic, it will not be forgotten and has shredded their credibility across the globe,' he said.

He stressed that China will face serious consequences for the 'inflicted pain on the world'.

Liberal Senator for Victoria James Paterson concurred and stating that, 'we know where the virus came from and we won't forget it'

 :-\Sever ties, Re introduce a white Australia policy and everybody else boycott China. Too hig for their boots now!
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Two shoppers have squared off in a fiery exchange over baby formula at a Big W store
A couple wearing face masks and carrying two tins of formula each were seen lining up at the checkout in footage shared on Saturday.

Big W and major supermarkets Coles and Woolworths enforce a two-tin baby formula limit due to the popularity of 'daigou shoppers' buying the product in bulk to sell for a profit online to China.

According to the woman who posted the video, the young couple had already been inside the store to purchase four tins.

A man confronted the duo as they waited in line and said: 'Put it back'.

The woman responded 'none of your business' and her male companion added 'what have I done

The incident quickly escalated when the two men stepped towards each other, only separated by another shopper's trolley.

'I'll take you outside buster,' the man told the other, who was latching onto the tins

Daigou (pronounced dye-goo) is a Chinese term that translates into English as: 'buying on behalf of'.

The term refers to a network of professional shoppers who purchase products that are unavailable or hard to source in China.

The professional shoppers make use of apps such as WeChat or Weibo to connect with potential clients.

Clients will send over a list of products they want purchased and give a down payment.

Once the products have been purchased the client pays the daigou the remaining costs and commission.

Some daigou shoppers reportedly make more than $100,000 each year by selling tins three times the retail price in Australia

'Put it back,' the man said again before his opponent screamed 'no!'

The baby formula shopper dropped the tins into a trolley and lunged towards the man before other witnesses interjected.

A security guard then walked the man and woman from the store.

A Big W staff member said: 'You're not allowed to buy the formula and that's it.'

The woman who shared the video claimed the couple were seen at another shopping centre before the incident

Video on original.
People are getting tired of Gooks behaving like insects here and now displacing people. It is a shame 40 years back they didn’t learn from our history that these people are impossible to compete with! This is the fruits of both cheap labour , sending our jobs away and people wanting the economy up when they want it!


What is a daigou?

Daigou (pronounced dye-goo) is a Chinese term that translates into English as: 'buying on behalf of'.

The term refers to a network of professional shoppers who purchase products that are unavailable or hard to source in China.

The professional shoppers make use of apps such as WeChat or Weibo to connect with potential clients.

Clients will send over a list of products they want purchased and give a down payment.

Once the products have been purchased the client pays the daigou the remaining costs and commission.

Some daigou shoppers reportedly make more than $100,000 each year by selling tins three times the retail price in Australia.

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 16 April 2020 at 19:39
 From Australia first newsletter

Victory In Wagga Wagga Against China Manipulation
The Wagga Wagga City Council has voted to repudiate its sister-city relationship with Kunming in China. The vote took place on Tuesday night and the motion was moved by Paul Funnell, an independent councillor.
Mr. Funnell played a grassroots role in the united front of patriotic activism instigated by Australia First, which sank the Chinese Trade Centre conspiracy in 2012-2013.  This effort at united activism also played an ongoing role in the public exposure of Liberal parliamentarian Daryl Maguire, who was caught in 2018 on film - soliciting a bribe from a Chinese owned property company.
Wagga Wagga Facebook pages and blogsites lit up on Wednesday and have stayed bright ever since. Australia First local activists have also been denounced by the China collaborators.
Upper House Chinese MP, Wes Fang, has demanded that the Council rescind the vote and also came in to criticise Australia First activity in the city. It is expected that Fang will liaise with the Deputy Prime Minister who lives in Wagga Wagga to get the usual stooges on Council to bring pressure to bear. The Mayor, who was not present at the historic vote, has pledged to attempt to reverse it.
All efforts to stymie the decision will further raise popular consciousness about the activities of Chinese imperialism in the Riverina where the ‘Inland Rail’ is being pushed to subordinate agricultural production to China’s requirements.
This victory in Wagga Wagga shows what can be done when people unite! And when someone will say what needs to be said. We must now be ready to defend this victory.

Analysis Of A Total Sycophancy!
Mark F
One of the most incongruous if intriguing articles I can recall appeared courtesy of the Financial Review’s, education editor, Robert Bolton, from April 14 2020:
No jobseekers for jobless students from overseas. The subheading was ‘Duty of care’.
The article was about how the Federal government has refused to cede any welfare assistance [specifically to] international students and other people in Australia on short-term visas and who have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Bolton’s piece focuses upon a Mr. Apurv Chandrawal, who is an international student from India studying a Masters in Construction Management at Swinburne University.
Bolton conveys how Chandrawal paid out $16,000 for a semester for the course that he started last August and will end in June 2021. All of which is fine. However, after that, Chandrawal’s tale becomes somewhat wacky. This begins with him claiming that he was able to pay for his first semester from savings he made in India. .Well, for Chandrawal to be able to save $16000 for the course plus a mandatory amount of money to sustain him in Australia for his first 12 months in the would mean he had $30000. Of course, saving $30000, say in a 4 year period if,you were working in Australia, Canada, the US or western Europe/Britain is very feasible.
However, the number of people outside of top-public servants or those running for example an IT firm earning above $10000 is indeed, minuscule. So much so, only about 8% of India’s 1.3 billion citizens exceed earning that level of income. Of course, it’s much cheaper to get by in India than it is here in Australia; hence the outgoings are much less. But let’s suppose that Chandrawal was netting say, $10000 over the past 4 to 5 years from his job and, was also really frugal - and, also perhaps his parents charged him no board and rent to live with them such that he had virtually no outgoings - that he was able to salt away nearly all of it to come to Australia and pay for a semester and also have funds to keep him afloat for 12 months: then what would you say to that??
Well, it seems a tad-dodgy. Bolton also informs us that Chandrawal earns $320 a week from labouring jobs and casual management shifts all of which have ended. But out of that of $320, it cost him $180 a week, more than half his take-home pay, for rent. This leaves him with some $140 to survive; then there’s food and transport and phone/IT costs that must be met. Is it dubious to reason that Chandrawal is being fully above board with his affairs. However, he does say he is running out of savings so he apparently has something left in the kitty.
Near the end of the dispatch, we find Chandrawal complaining that the situation (losing his job and indeed, not getting any largesse from the Australian government to sustain him) was not fair.  Bolton probably concurs with Chandrawal’s gripe. He then endorses the view of Phil Honeywood, who is the head of IEAA, and quotes him:
“Australia has often been motivated by making dollars out of international students compared to countries such as NZ and the UK…. (and if we don’t assist the ISs who are now in strife)… we will play into the narrative if we say no to any form of financial support to these young people.”
Honeywood goes on to say:
“Right now the UK and NZ are providing full access to support payments for international students who have lost part-time jobs. In Australia giving the Jobseeker payments would be the way forward.”
Well, what an absolute joke that would be. The public-purse would open for those who have been taking home $320pw such that they would be ceded $750pw - or an increase of $430pw! JUst so Honeywood and Co can feel good about themselves!
But the most outrageous statement in Bolton’s piece is  that Apurv Chandrawal unashamedly claims:
“I am paying taxes here.”
Of course, that might be so with GST. But he pays nothing on his $320pw, which is about $16000 per-year that happens to be at least $2000 under the PAYG threshold.
Lots of lies while we Aussies are doing it tough!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 16 April 2020 at 20:00

Officials in Wagga Wagga have been forced to reverse a proposal to dump its Chinese sister city because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Councillors in the regional New South Wales city controversially voted this week to cut ties with Kunming - a provincial hub of 6.3million in China's southern Yunnan province.

The motion to sever the 22-year relationship was put forward by councillor Paul Funnell, who said the city was part of a regime that 'lied to the world' and 'brought death and destruction across the world with COVID-19

But after heavy criticism of the ruling from the Chinese consul-general and deputy prime minister Michael McCormack, Wagga Wagga City Council has announced it is holding a meeting next week to reverse the decision
$$$$ talking?!

The councillor who cast the deciding vote has also taken to social media to apologise for his decision - saying he knew deep down the wrong call had been made. 

'I let the emotion of the current environment get in the way of my decision and didn't look at the larger picture,' Cr Tim Koschel wrote.

'For this I apologise to our sister city of Kunming in China, my fellow councillors, as well as my local community for my actions

Mr McCormack - who is the member for the Riverina electorate - said the sister city relationship should be restored.

'We need to remember China is our largest trading partner as a nation and the Riverina, and Wagga Wagga specifically, does well in our two-way relationship with China, particularly our farmers in the way of agricultural exports,' he said.

'The sister city relationship between Wagga Wagga and Kunming extends back more than three decades and it has been mutually beneficial

Wagga Wagga City Council mayor Greg Conkey, who was absent because of illness, has previously said he was 'appalled' by the decision.

The controversial council vote comes amid growing criticism across the globe over China's failure to properly disclose the severity of COVID-19 when it first emerged in Wuhan in December

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Chinese state media boss calls Australia 'gum on the bottom of our shoe' as tensions boil over when Beijing ambassador threatens to kill our economy in revenge for inquiry into spread of COVID-19 CHINESE DEATH VIRUS

* Ambassador Jingye Cheng slammed Australia's push for an inquiry into the virus
* Chinese state media insulted Australia as diplomatic relations diminish 
* The Morrison government stood firm in its decision to back the calls for a review
* Cheng said the probe could push Chinese citizens to reject Australian exports
* Trade Minister Simon Birmingham  said the nation won't give in to 'coercion'

Brittany Chain & Charlotte Karp | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 28 April 2020


Excerpt: The editor of a Chinese state media publication has described Australia as 'gum stuck to the bottom of our shoe' as the relationship between the once-friendly nations wanes during the coronavirus crisis

Who Flung Dung? Hu Xijin, the editor of the state-run Global Times. (Pictured)

Australia is standing firm on its calls for an independent probe into the origins of COVID-19, sparking fury among Chinese diplomats who have threatened to cut economic ties with the country.   

China has repeatedly refused to welcome an international investigation into the outbreak, most recently describing the demands of Australia and the U.S. as 'political manoeuvring

The deadly respiratory virus has infected more than three million people globally, including 6,729 Australians. So far, 212,000 people have died worldwide. 

Hu Xijin, the editor of the state-run Global Times, on Tuesday shared a post on Weibo saying ties between Australia and China would continue to deteriorate, as a bitter war of words threatened to escalate into a full-blown diplomatic disaster. 

'After the epidemic, we need to have more risk awareness when doing business with Australia and also when we send our children to study there,' he wrote.

'Australia is always there, making trouble. It is a bit like chewing gum stuck on the sole of China's shoes. Sometimes you have to find a stone to rub it off.'

His comments echo those made by China’s ambassador, Jingye Cheng, who last week threatened a mass boycott of Australian produce.

'Maybe also the ordinary people will say, ''why should we drink Australian wine or to eat Australian beef?'',' he told the Australian Financial Review.

Australia responded quickly, making it clear the ambassador's comments were out of line.

'The government has made our displeasure with those remarks known,' Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said on Tuesday.

China accounts for 26 per cent of Australia's total trade, worth around $235 billion in 2018/19, and is the biggest single market for Australian exports including coal, iron ore, wine, beef, tourism and tertiary education.

But the Scott Morrison government stood firm in its decision to back the calls for a global inquiry into how the virus spread from its epicentre in Wuhan and cause a global pandemic

What a bunch of sooky babies! What have they got to hide?


Australia blasts Chinese ambassador for threatening to ruin our economy in response to backing inquiry into source of coronavirus - before consulate takes extraordinary step of LEAKING the fiery phone call

More front than the Great Wall: How the ambassador threatening to 'ruin' Australia's economy also claims wet markets selling wildlife don't exist in China
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China’s threatened barley tariff signals Beijing’s fury at PM’s call for COVID investigation

Colin Brinstead | The New Daily (https://thenewdaily.com.au/) (Australia) | 11 May 2020


Trade Minister Simon Birmingham is “deeply concerned” by reports China may slap a tariff on Australian barley imports.

He said the government is working with the Australian grains industry to mount the strongest possible case against China’s anti-dumping investigation.

“Whilst Australia respects China’s right, as with any nation, to undertake domestic investigations into anti-dumping matters, we do not accept that there is a prima facie case, let alone a conclusive case, to find dumping by, or subsidy of, Australian producers,” Senator Birmingham said in a statement on Sunday.

“Our barley producers operate in a competitive global market without any trade-distorting subsidies and price their products in an entirely commercial way.”

China has given Australia just 10 days to explain itself before the tariffs would be applied, the ABC reports.

The reports come at a time of heightened tensions between Australia and China over the coronavirus pandemic.

The Morrison government has been calling for an inquiry into the origin of COVID-19 for some weeks to better understand how the virus started in Wuhan, China to be able counter such pandemics in the future.

As such Health Minister Greg Hunt says the government supports a European Union motion for an independent investigation.

“We support the EU motion which includes an independent investigation, regulatory work on wet markets and also the potential for independent inspection powers,” Mr Hunt told Fox News.

But such an examination has already sparked a harsh response from Australia’s number one trading partner, and further undermining a sometimes fragile partnership between the two countries

China’s Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye had already threatened economic sanctions if Mr Morrison continued to push for the probe – a move Mr Birmingham said was “coercion”.

Now, it appears China is poised to make good on those threats, with the first victims likely to be barley growers.

Meanwhile, Queensland’s The Sunday Mail newspaper reports a federal parliamentary committee intends to summon China’s ambassador to give evidence and explain why China has “economically threatened” Australia before and after the coronavirus outbreak.

The joint parliamentary investigation was set up by maverick Queensland MP George Christensen without the approval of key cabinet ministers.

He believes “enough is enough”.

“This inquiry will be the first major look into Communist China’s infiltration of Australia, through rampant foreign investment and export market dominance,” Mr Christensen said.
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‘Trade war’ fears as China suspends meat imports from four Australian abattoirs

China’s suspension of meat imports from Australian abattoirs amid rising tensions with Beijing signals the start of a “trade war”, one expert says.

Gavin Fernando | Fox News (https://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 12 May 2020


Excerpt: The Kilcoy plant, Beef City in Toowoomba, the Dinmore meatworks in Brisbane and the Northern Co-operative Meat Company at Casino in NSW have been suspended by Australia’s largest trading partner.

There are fears it was a retaliatory response to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s call for an independent investigation into the COVID-19 outbreak.

But according to The Australian, those four plants have not been officially delisted, nor have they lost their licenses in China.

Beef City and Dinmore abattoirs are owned by JBS Australia. According to its website, Beef City processes up to 1134 cattle a day and Dinmore processes 3400 head a day.

Kilcoy is owned by China’s Hosen Capital. It underwent a $120 million upgrade in 2018.

The Northern Co-operative Meat Company is Australia’s largest meat processing co-operative.

"This is not about technical issues and arguments over trade policy," Asian trade expert Dr Jeffrey Wilson told The Australian.

"This is about diplomatic signalling and making a point. Australia now finds itself in a trade war."

The Chinese government has threatened to slap Australian barley producers with tariffs of up to 80 per cent.

Former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce says China’s tariff threat is retribution for Australia supporting a review of COVID-19’s origins.

“This is a case of payback,” he told Seven Network’s Sunrise on Monday, adding that the coronavirus investigation is justified.

The threat comes at a time of friction between the countries, with Australia pursuing an independent review of the origins of COVID-19, an approach that has been rejected by China.

The Morrison Government has been calling for an inquiry into the origin of COVID-19 for some weeks to better understand how the virus started in Wuhan, China to be able to counter such pandemics in the future.
As such, Health Minister Greg Hunt said the Government backs a European Union motion for an independent investigation.

“We support the EU motion which includes an independent investigation, regulatory work on wet markets and also the potential for independent inspection powers,” Mr Hunt told Fox News.

But such an examination sparked a harsh response from Australia’s number one trading partner, further undermining a sometimes fragile partnership between the two countries.

Earlier in the month, Beijing lashed out at Prime Minister Scott Morrison, saying he deserved “a slap in the face” for trying to blame the COVID-19 pandemic on the communist state, and warned any push for an independent inquiry into the virus’ origins would spark a travel and trade boycott.

The state-controlled People’s Daily accused the Prime Minister of trying to use the calls for a probe to deflect criticism over his handling of the bushfires and the coronavirus crisis.

“The deeply troubled Morrison Government is anxious to find an outlet for the domestic public’s anger,” the report stated.

“They are using an old trick to try and blame China.”

The Global Times also lashed out in a piece headlined, “Morrison’s adventurism could damage China-Australia relations beyond repair”.

“The Morrison administration is spearheading this malicious campaign to frame and incriminate China with groundless conjecture and outlandish fabrications,” an editorial states.

“Based on unsubstantiated anecdotes and hearsay, Australia has been spreading preposterous lies accusing China of opening wet markets trading in wildlife across the country. Sensational tales, which are far from reality, are being told by media shock jocks and some politicians, who allege that bats are on menus in restaurants in China. This nonsense is stigmatising the Chinese community and the Chinese way of life.

“This is an all-out crusade against China and Chinese culture, led by Australia.”

Global Times editor Hu Xijin also reportedly shared a post on Chinese social media platform Weibo comparing Australia to chewing gum.

“After the epidemic, we need to have more risk awareness when doing business with Australia and also when we send our children to study there,” he wrote.

“Australia is always there, making trouble. It is a bit like chewing gum stuck on the sole of China’s shoes. Sometimes you have to find a stone to rub it off.”

U.S. says it will 'always have Australia's back' after Chinese ambassador threatened to boycott Aussie products over push for coronavirus inquiry

* Bipartisan group of U.S. Congress members sent a letter of support to Australia
* The letter pledges support for Morrison's push for inquiry into COVID-19 origins
* U.S. lawmakers have condemned China's economic threats against Australia
* American lawmakers said the U.S. will 'always stand with our Australian mates'


US President Donald Trump is pictured with Australia's U.S. Ambassador Arthur Sinodinos


Open Image 1 Full Size (https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2020/05/11/09/28249918-8306693-image-a-3_1589185394753.jpg) | Open Image 2 Full Size (https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2020/05/11/09/28249920-8306693-image-a-4_1589185398945.jpg)
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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The free trade agreement we have with China should veto all these tariffs, I would have thought?!

The truth here is absolutely nobody is pleased with them after the Corona virus! Nobody really trusts them and they want to ”sweep this all under the mat!”

They say they didn’t create the virus?!... then why are regulatory bodies banned from investigating?

To be frank I don’t care if they boycott Australia! Australia should Boycott them!

... Now let’s see them boycott our baby formula ... is that going to happen?
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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Trade agreements don't mean shite to the Chinks. The purpose of the so-called "Free Trade Agreement" was to get Chink products into Australia with zero tariff, and thereby surreptitiously take eventual total control of Australia's manufacturing and farming industry. As it is, there is already a (something like) 35% tariff on everything arriving in China from Australia, while China pays 0% tariff on everything arriving in Australia from China. Free trade agreement, my arse!

The Chinks know that Australia will never renege on its deal with China. The Chinks want what Australia has to sell, but the Chinks also want Australia to pay a fortune in tariffs/taxes.

And then there's the recent ban on private enterprising Gooks, shipping container loads of Australian goods to China, emptying out Australian stores and causing PANIC BUYING! It wasn't Australians out there Panic Buying at the beginning of the Chinese Death Virus. It was the Slant-Eyed Locust. The yellow, parasitic pest that invaded Australia from China, cleaning out all the stores of toilet paper, rice, pasta, baby formula, milk powder and so on .... China calls it DAIGOU (https://duckduckgo.com/?q=daigou+australia). Australian MSM calls it PANIC BUYING and blames Whitey - Because the truth is RACIST!

China demands 'mutual respect' from Australia as war of words threatens to boil over into a full-blown trade war that could cost us $153B - amid fears Beijing will target dairy industry next

* Australia is at the verge of escalating into a full-blown trade war with China
* Comes as Australia continues its probes for inquiry into coronavirus origins 
* Beef ban comes after our biggest trading partner threatened 80 per barley tariff
* Dairy among other industries are concerned they could be the next casualties

Kylie Stevens | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 13 May 2020



USAsia Centre research director Jeffrey Wilson believes Australia is now embroiled in a 'trade war' with its biggest trading partner and the world's second biggest economy.

'This is unquestionably political retribution,' Dr Wilson said. 'This is not about technical issues and arguments over trade policy. This is about diplomatic signalling and making a point,' he told The Australian.

Dr Wilson believes more trade sanctions will follow.

'Traditionally you would've expected sanctions on tourists and students, because that is something the Chinese government can manage through exit visas,' he said.

'But with the coronavirus, there are no tourists or students. So we are seeing agricultural sectors being hit.'

The wine, seafood and resources sectors also fear they may take a hit if China issues further retaliation.

On Tuesday night, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian slammed Australia's pursuit of the coronavirus inquiry for 'political reasons'.

'Mutual respect should be the basis of good relations,' he told reporters in Beijing.

Zhao warned against 'using the epidemic to engage in political manipulation'.

'As to the Australian-launched inquiry into the virus, as is known by all, the origin of the virus requires the assessment of specialists and scientistsm,' he said.

Chinese Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye hinted at a boycott last month if Australia continued its push for a global conronavirus inquiry.

'It's a bastard act,' federal Liberal-Nationals backbencher George Christensen told news.com.au.

'It's just wrong. China has just gone into full, bullying, threatening, coercion mode.'

Earlier on Tuesday, Mr Christensen called on Australia to stand up to China's threats.

'With more than 36 per cent of our exports being sold to China, representing 7.9 per cent of our GDP, it's clear we have put too many eggs in the one basket,' he told Parliament.

'Being so entangled with an authoritarian regime has left our nation open to economic blackmail and boycotts like that mooted by China's ambassador and the actions against our barley and beef exports.'

'It is time to speak up on China's economic infiltration and economic blackmail against our country.

'Enough is enough, we must take a stand for our national sovereignty.'

Mr Christensen also urged Australia to use the Chinese-owned Port of Darwin as a bargaining chip.

It follows Liberal MP Andrew Hastie's recent calls Australia to take back control of  the port, calling the lease 'strategically naďve'.

The beef ban comes a day after China's Ministry of Commerce has threatened to slap an 80 per cent import tariff on barley imports as Australia refuses to retract its demand for an independent investigation into the origins of the coronavirus outbreak.

The proposal would be a major blow to the drought-stricken industry, which once exported more than $1.5 billion to China.

Australia was China's biggest supplier of barley in 2017. Barley exports to China ­plummeted from $1.5billion in 2018 to just $600million the following year.

Grain Producers Australia chairman Andrew Weidemann admits the proposed tariffs are 'absolutely a massive kick in the guts'.

'It would stop trade between the two countries based on current market values of barley, it would be unjustifiable to trade into China,' Mr Weidemann told the ABC.

'In the last six months we know there's been shipments and there's been indications of further business required, so this decision came unexpectedly.

'We also know that China really does want our barley, they've been a substantial buyer of our barley for a long time, so this also will cause damage to their own industry.'

Chinese property buyers flooding in

Chinese buyers are rushing into the Australian property market as prices fall due to the coronavirus crisis, experts say.

Fox News (Australia) 12 May 2020


Excerpt: Chinese buyers are rushing back into the Australian property market as prices fall and the Australian dollar takes a beating due to the coronavirus crisis, industry experts say.

Prices have fallen by around 10 per cent since the start of the crisis in some places, with some predicting falls of up to 30 per cent as unemployment rises into the double digits for the first time in decades.

"A lot of the mainland Chinese are seeing this as an opportunity to exploit a great deal because that's what they're going to see in the property market in the next six months," real estate industry adviser Robert Klaric told Nine’s A Current Affair.

“What we'll see is the wealthy mainland Chinese will look towards Australia now to secure their wealth.”

George Chmiel from Chinese property portal Juwai said "China is back in business much earlier than the rest of the world."

He added that the battered Aussie dollar was a factor.

"The Australian dollar is down 10 per cent against some of the currencies, so that's a nice buffer which people can include in their budgets," he said.

Michael Pallier from Sotheby's International Realty in Sydney's eastern suburbs told the program there had been strong interest from Asian buyers.

"They can't get enough of it." he said.

His wife, Lulu Pallier, agreed. "There is always demand and the Chinese people will love Australia long time," she said.
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Video: Australia should threaten China with taking back Port of Darwin: Christensen


China is set to ramp up boycott of Australian exports as Beijing-controlled media warns iron ore - worth $63B to our economy - could be next amid fears of an all out trade war

* Tensions with China have escalated since PM called for a coronavirus inquiry
* China has suspended some beef imports and is mulling tariffs on Aussie barley
* China is set to boycott iron ore exports - worth $63billion to our economy
* The communist nation could turn to Brazil or other countries for commodities

Alana Mazzoni & Charlie Moore | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 14 May 2020


Excerpt: The Chinese government is set to slap further restrictions on Australian exports in retaliation to Scott Morrison's calls for an international inquiry into the origins of COVID-19.

China's state-controlled media and trade experts warned Beijing's boycott could extend beyond beef and barley, with iron ore - worth $63billion a year to Australia's economy - potentially next in line. 

The Global Times newspaper, a mouthpiece for the communist government, suggested China could easily turn to Brazil for iron ore and other commodities - and did not need Australian exports.

Quote from: Private
'The latest meat import suspension and the possible imposition of major tariffs on Australia's barley exports don't necessarily represent China's economic punishment for Australia, though they may serve as a wake-up call for Australia to reflect on its economic links with China,' the Global Times said on Wednesday.

'While China is the only choice for Australia's massive commodity exports, Australia is not necessarily the only option for China. There are also other countries like Brazil that can supply huge amounts of iron ore, coal or LNG to China.'

Professor Willy Lam from the Chinese University of Hong Kong told the AFR China would continue to use 'economic coercion for political ends' because it 'doesn't want an independent inquiry into Wuhan'.

'This is well orchestrated and co-ordinated [by Beijing]. I think we will see more of this. This [coronavirus] is a weak spot in the narrative,' he said.

This week China suggested it would impose an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley - and has already suspended imports of Australian beef from four major suppliers.

Australian relations with China have been heavily strained since Mr Morrison - among other world leaders - began pushing for a global inquiry into coronavirus.

One third of Australia's exports - including iron ore, gas, coal and food - go to China, bringing in around $135billion per year.

China has so far ignored Australia's attempts to discuss trade tensions over beef and barley imports, and state governments fear they could become the meat in the sandwich as the trade tangle heats up.

Federal Trade Minister Simon Birmingham confirmed his Chinese counterpart had not responded to requests for talks to end the diplomatic row.

'We have not secured said meeting yet. I would hope that would be forthcoming,' he told parliament on Wednesday.

Recent difficulties in the bi-lateral trade relationship followed the Australian  government's call for a ban on wildlife wet markets and an inquiry into how the  coronavirus originated and spread from Wuhan.

The proposed inquiry - as well as repeated suggestions that China covered up the spread of the disease - have infuriated Beijing.

Last month the Chinese Embassy called Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton 'pitiful,' 'ignorant' and a US 'parrot' after he told China to 'answer questions' about how coronavirus started.

On April 26 Chinese Ambassador to Australia Jingye Cheng warned that Chinese consumers may stop buying Australian products in revenge.

'Maybe the ordinary people will think why they should drink Australian wine or eat Australian beef,' he told the AFR.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 15 May 2020 at 07:23
‘Disturbed the entire world’: Global reaction to China’s feud with Australia over COVID-19 inquiry

The growing trade war between China and Australia has made global headlines, with international commentators saying it should “disturb the world”.


Washington DC MSM: Why China Is Punishing Australia
Beijing has suspended imports from four major meat suppliers amid a dispute over the origins of the coronavirus.

James Palmer | Foreign Policy (http://lhttps://foreignpolicy.com/) (USA) | 13 May 2020


The Asian century? The threats have emboldened Australian politicians and pundits who see the country’s economic relationship with China—one of the main markets for Australian minerals and meat—as a potential threat. Australia once saw the so-called Asian century as an opportunity but is increasingly uncomfortable with China’s regression into autocracy and geopolitical belligerence. The country has a long—and often racist (https://www.nma.gov.au/defining-moments/resources/white-australia-policy)—history of unease with its physical proximity to Asia, but today it shares close ties with many Southeast Asian and Pacific nations that feel threatened by an emboldened China.

Washington MSM doesn't know whether it wants to defend
Australia against China or bitch about the old White Australia Policy

Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen said China’s murky role in the spread of COVID-19 has “disturbed the entire world”, adding that its “attempts to economically coerce Australia … should disturb the world even more”.

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial backing Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s push for an independent inquiry into COVID-19. It criticised the actions of the Chinese government, saying it only makes them look more guilty.

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 15 May 2020 at 22:24
Fox News: China wants to 'cripple' Australia and 'hold our corpse up as an example'

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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China is using the coronavirus pandemic as a distraction to pursue its claims over our region with “shocking new vigour”, the US ambassador to Australia has warned.

The New Daily (https://thenewdaily.com.au/) (Australia) | 16 May 2020


Excerpt: While the world is focused on combating COVID-19, the Communist Party of China has taken advantage of the opportunity to “aggressively” advance its military presence in the South China Sea.

China Just Weaponized Its Fishermen

Referring to China as “bullies”, Ambassador Arthur B. Culvahouse jnr issued the warning in an article published on the Defence Connect website.

It comes as Australia has reportedly secured key European support for the Prime Minister’s push for an international inquiry into the origins of the pandemic.

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age report the European Union’s top foreign minister is backing the inquiry, with a motion set to be amended ahead of a round of World Health Assembly meetings.

The support of Europe follows the USA and Britain already standing behind Scott Morrison’s calls for a probe which has angered China enough to boycott some Australian beef exports

In his article, Mr Culvahouse accused the Chinese of covering up the origins of the pandemic “through gross negligence, obsessive secrecy, and brazen dishonesty” before “exporting it to the world”.

“Sadly, in this playbook creating a global pandemic is treated as one more opportunity to advance geostrategic objectives,” he wrote.

He called on other nations to publicly push back against “Beijing’s heavy-handed attempts to unlawfully impose its territorial claims on the rest of the (Indo-Pacific) region”.

Mr Culvahouse cited recent skirmishes around Vietnam and the Philippines as evidence of China’s “aggressive intimidation and militarisation” as it tried to lay “baseless claims” to the South China Sea

“Even as I write this, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has aggressively deployed its navy, coast guard and maritime militia across the South China Sea, seeking to advance a spurious claim of sole proprietorship over this massive international waterway,” he said

“Having only recently sunk a Vietnamese fishing boat and locked naval weapon systems on a Philippine ship, it is even now in the midst of another outrageous confrontation over oil and gas rights within Malaysia’s exclusive economic zone.”

He said the “the pandemic has only served to reinforce the importance of the alliance between our two nations”.

Mr Culvahouse was formally sworn in by Vice President Mike Pence on 19 February 2019

Scott Morrison insists Australia will stand its ground amid growing tension with China over the coronavirus pandemic.


The Prime Minister has declared China must respect Australia’s values and national interests as the crisis places heavy strain on diplomatic relations.

Australia’s calls for a global inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus have infuriated the Chinese government, which has suspended beef imports from four abattoirs and threatened to slap huge tariffs on Australian barley

Chinese media has warned that Australian exports could be next in line, including coal and iron ore.

The sectors have helped drive monthly trade surpluses and cushioned the impact of the coronavirus on the Australian economy.

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has also backed calls for an investigation into the origins of the pandemic but says it should not be about pointing fingers.

Mr Morrison said his push for an independent inquiry was “completely unremarkable” and Australia would stand its ground.

“We draw very clear lines about things that are very important to us, as does the Chinese government,” he told reporters in Canberra on Friday.

“We respect their lines, as we expect our lines to be respected, whether it’s on our foreign investment rules, or our rules around technology, our rules regarding human rights and things of that nature.

“I don’t think any Australian would want us to compromise on those important things, and those things are not to be traded, ever.”

Mr Morrison’s remarks come amid rising tension with China, as Australia continues to push for an inquiry into the coronavirus pandemic

Ultimately us Westerners are to blame for feeding China with jobs meant to be for us!

We have had experiences over 100 years ago with Chinks working for nothing with no break only to :- drive living standards down and undermine us. We have been educating them at our institutions with our technology they use against us.

Greedy seniors have sold everything to them for a good retirement package.
Now they want to come and colonise us! There is a storm brewing!
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An leading business broker with China has warned the bilateral free-trade agreement with Beijing could be scrapped

Businessman Warwick Smith warned the relationship with Beijing must be managed with 'patience, no quick judgments, and no emotionalism' after China's investment in Australia was cut by 'well over 50 per cent', The Australian reported.

Diplomatic relations between Australia and China rapidly deteriorated after Prime Minister Scott Morrison began pushing for a global inquiry into the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak

This week China suspended imports from four Australian abattoirs in an escalation of trade tensions between the two nations.

The suspension came days after China announced plans to slap an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley. China is Australia's number one market for beef, with exports worth more than $3 billion a year.

Mr Smith, a Howard government minister and chairman of the Business Council of Australia China Leadership Group, said it was a 'reasonable proposition' the the trade clash would get worse

'We had a free-trade agreement in 2014 but that was 10 years in the making,' Mr Smith said.

'Whether that continues to be a real support for us is yet to be tested.

'We now rely very much on education and tourism, which are discretionary spends by China, along with the long-term contracts in our merchandise trade.'

His comments come several weeks after his resignation from the government's Nat­ional­ Foundation for Australia-China Relations
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Evil.” “Lunacy.” “Shameless.” “Sick and twisted.” China has hit back at U.S. criticism over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic with an outpouring of vitriol as acrid as anything seen in decades.

The bitter recriminations have plunged relations between China and the United States to a nadir, with warnings in both countries that the bad blood threatens to draw them into a new kind of Cold War.

A cycle of statements and actions is solidifying long-standing suspicions in Beijing that the United States and its allies are bent on stifling China’s rise as an economic, diplomatic and military power

Hard-liners are calling on Beijing to be more defiant, emboldened by the Trump administration’s efforts to blame China for the mounting death toll in the United States. Moderates are warning that Beijing’s strident responses could backfire, isolating the country when it most needs export markets and diplomatic partners to revive its economy and regain international credibility.

The clash with the United States over the pandemic is fanning broader tensions on trade, technology, espionage and other fronts – disputes that could intensify as President Donald Trump makes his contest with Beijing a theme of his reelection campaign.

“We could cut off the whole relationship,” Trump said in an interview on Fox Business on Thursday

While the hostility has so far been mostly confined to words, there are warning signs the relationship could worsen. The trade truce that Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, reached in January could fall apart, despite recent pledges to keep to its terms. Other tensions, including those over Taiwan and the South China Sea, are also flaring.

“After the pandemic, the international political landscape will totally change,” Wu Shicun, president of the National Institute for South China Sea Studies, said in a telephone interview. “The confrontation between China and the United States — in terms of trade, technology, the Taiwan issue, the South China Sea issue — will be a bigger problem.”

The tensions spilled over into the United Nations on Friday when China said that the urgency of the pandemic demanded that the United States pay its delinquent U.N. assessment, which by some calculations exceeds $2 billion. The American Mission to the U.N. responded by saying that the United States customarily pays its assessments at year’s end and that China was “eager to distract attention from its cover-up and mismanagement” of the coronavirus crisis.

In its first months, the outbreak delivered a political blow to Xi, after officials held back information and discouraged doctors from reporting cases. Trump appeared confident that the United States had little to fear, and he praised Xi’s handling of the crisis.

Only weeks ago, Xi and Trump spoke by telephone and proclaimed their unity in the face of the coronavirus. Trump declared his “respect” for Xi, and Xi told him that countries had to “respond in unison” against a global health emergency

Their brittle unity collapsed as coronavirus deaths exploded in the United States. The White House and the Republican Party tried to shift the focus of ire, blaming China for reacting slowly and covering up crucial information.

The backlash, in turn, has reignited the battle over trade, technology, and other issues, with the United States on Friday issuing rules that would bar the Chinese telecom giant Huawei from using American machinery and software.

Public sentiment in the United States and other countries has also hardened against China, according to recent polls.

“I have a very good relationship, but I just – right now I don’t want to speak to him,” Trump said of Xi on Thursday. A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, Zhao Lijian, brushed aside Trump’s threat to sever relations, saying Friday that the two countries should cooperate.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other officials have raised the idea that the coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which many scientists have said was possible in theory but lacked evidence.

“In Chinese eyes, the Trump administration is trying to delegitimize Communist Party rule and also stigmatize not just China but also China’s top leaders,” Zhu Feng, a professor of international relations at Nanjing University in eastern China, said in a telephone interview.

China’s leaders have struck back through party-run media outlets that said the United States and other democracies had ignored warnings and disastrously mismanaged the crisis. China has repeatedly held up its response as a model that other countries should follow, not criticize.

“Such lunacy is a clear byproduct, first and foremost, of the proverbial anxiety that the U.S. has suffered from since China began its global ascension,” Global Times, a nationalist Chinese newspaper, said Friday of Trump’s comments. “It is also a combination of envy and panic on behalf of Washington elites.”

Policymakers in Beijing will to some extent discount the loud accusations from the Trump administration as a product of domestic political maneuvering. But the recent bitter exchanges were also a symptom of a worsening in the relationship that existed even before the coronavirus outbreak.

“There is a major reassessment of U.S.-China interdependence underway,” said Julian Gerwirtz, a scholar at Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. “Even if Xi might like to temporarily de-escalate the trade and technology conflicts to reduce pressure on the Chinese economy, there is now powerful momentum behind what we might call a ‘security-first’ future

The editor of The Global Times, Hu Xijin, has called for China to expand its nuclear arsenal in response to U.S. actions. “We are facing an increasingly irrational U.S., which only believes in strength,” he wrote last week.

Other hawks have warned that China needs to be prepared to deal with clashes over Taiwan and the South China Sea, where U.S. warships have stepped up patrols this year. Some hard-liners have gone further, warning of war.

“We have to dig out those traitors who have been bought out by the United States and do its bidding,” Wang Haiyun, a retired major general attached to a pro-party foundation in Beijing, wrote in a policy proposal circulated this month on Chinese nationalist websites.

The bellicose voices in Beijing have been subtly challenged by proponents of a more moderate approach, and the Chinese foreign ministry distanced itself from Hu’s comments on nuclear weapons. Despite the ill will, both governments have pushed ahead with the partial deal to ease trade tensions.

Xi has not spoken to Trump since their call in March.

“The rapport we speak of between the top leaders, so they can use good personal relations, has I think totally gone,” Cheng Xiaohe, an associate professor at the School of International Studies at Renmin University in Beijing, said in an interview.

How Xi plays his hand against the United States could reverberate for years – for his political fortunes and for China’s standing in the world.

While Trump will take into account the presidential election, Xi too must consider his prospects for a third term from 2022. Xi has no clear heir apparent, and in 2018 he abolished a term limit on the presidency, opening the way to an indefinite time in power as both president and Communist Party leader

 >:( :-\Nobody trusts China and stormy seas are forecast ahead post virus. Everybody knows they are bullies, nobody wants to “rock the boat”. We could have done if we didn’t feed them with our jobs over the last 40 years!
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A Chinese investor bought a luxury Sydney home for more than $6million after viewing the property through Facetime.
Ray White Upper North Shore agent Lisa Davies listed the Lindfield property two weeks ago before it was snapped up by a Hong Kong-based investor last week.

It was the second property to sell for more than $6 million on the Upper North Shore in the past month after considerable interest from overseas investors

'We are receiving a very high level of overseas buyer inquiry looking for property, spurred on by the low Australian dollar,' Ms Davies told realestate.com.au.

'There's a huge appetite for high end prestige homes.'

The Hong Kong buyer intends to move into the property within the next 12 months.

The five-bedroom home sits on a 1,707 square-metre block of land and boasts three bathrooms and a double carport

Foreign owners are allowed to purchase homes so long as they are already Australian residents.

Meanwhile non-residents require special permission from the Foreign Investment Review Board.

The sales come as unease continues to linger around how the property market will be impacted in the long-term by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CoreLogic Head of Research Eliza Owen told ABC News the decline in property prices had so far been 'mild', but the full extent won't be known for months.

'Over the next one to two years, we would expect that property prices will see a decline, probably of no more than 10 per cent nationally,' she said. 

Professor Steven Rowley from Curtin University's School of Economics, Finance and Property said it could be a good time to buy for people in the right circumstances.

'I would suggest if you are in that position with a stable job and a good income, it's probably not the worst time to go out and look,' he said



 >:(Basicly a “ free for all” for the rich! Study in Australia or pay your way in , get residency and then displace everybody!
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-China has imposed 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley exports from May 19

-Earlier in May China claimed Australia dumped barley and subsidised farmers

-Australia strenuously denies claims and will consider fighting the tariffs

-Australia may now look toward supplying the produce to Saudi Arabia

-It comes after China vowed to support a probe into the origins of COVID-19

-Chinese president Xi Jinping said China would support inquiry after pandemic

-Diplomatic relations between nations deteriorated as Australia called for probe

Disgusted! “Winnie the Pooh” China leader now says he’ll support an enquiry to Covid 19 but still kicks Australia when it’s down ...just for kicks!
So why punish Australia now co-operation is pledged?
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The passage of a global coronavirus inquiry has been hailed by the Australian government as a “landmark resolution” which will help prevent another pandemic.

Health Minister Greg Hunt expressed his delight following the World Health Organisation’s adoption of a resolution calling for an independent probe into the origins of the virus.

China made a last-minute decision to support the motion which passed without objection at the World Health Assembly in Geneva late Tuesday night (Australian time)

But it has accused the Morrison government of “political manoeuvring” by calling for the inquiry

Mr Hunt and Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne released a statement saying authorities will finally be able to identify the source of the virus and understand how it transmitted from animals to humans.

“There is also a clear mandate to identify the source of the COVID-19 virus and how it was transmitted to humans, which will be necessary to prevent and reduce the risks of the emergence of new diseases that pass from animals to humans,” the joint statement said.

“Australia has been clear and transparent in calling for an independent review into COVID-19, which is an unprecedented global health and economic crisis.”

The US and Australia had been leading calls for the probe, a move which angered Beijing and led to an ongoing diplomatic row
On Tuesday, senior Coalition figures were claiming support from other leaders at the WHA vindicated the government’s stance, prompting a scathing response from the Chinese embassy.

“The draft resolution on COVID-19 to be adopted by the World Health Assembly is totally different from Australia’s proposal of an independent international review,” a spokesman said.

“To claim the WHA’s resolution a vindication of Australia’s call is nothing but a joke.”

Although China had strongly opposed Australia’s calls for an independent global inquiry, its president ultimately agreed to co-sponsor the resolution.

So “Winnie the Pooh/ leader” agreed to have an enquiry? Then why keep belting Australia with trade sanctions? So many other nations did too! 
No problem with trade!

Just neighbouring nations!

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A state-controlled Chinese newspaper has warned 'China has the power to hurt the Aussie economy

The chilling threat appeared in a Global Times article after China changed customs rules for iron-ore, Australia's biggest export.

About one third of Australia's total exports - including iron ore, gas, coal and food - go to China, bringing in around $135billion per year and providing thousands of jobs
Recent tensions have raised concerns that Australian exporters are too reliant on China and should target other markets such as India and Indonesia

However, the Global Times article said the new iron-ore rules were not designed to target Australia and that China had no desire for a trade war.

'China has the power to hurt the Aussie economy but won't fire the first shot in a trade war,' the publication wrote. 

'In view of past experience, China won't be the one to take the first provocative step.'

Last week China introduced an 80 per cent tariff on Australia barley and banned beef imports in apparent revenge for Australia's calls for an inquiry into coronavirus, which the The Global Times called 'malicious'.

On Thursday China changed customs rules for iron-ore. They appear to make trade easier because mandatory inspections for every batch have been replaced by optional checks at the request of the importer.

But analysts said the new system leaves the door open for Australian exporters to be targeted for extra checks compared with competitors

Yu Lei of Liaocheng University told the Global Times: 'This is another implicit warning to Australia.

'It is associated with how Australia has acted and a general decline in demand for steel on the global level.' 

Iron ore is Australia's biggest export to China, bringing in $63billion in 2019.

The new rules, which come into effect on June 1, state that customs officers can conduct safety checks for toxic elements 'if necessary'. 

The General Administration of Customs said the changes are meant to 'streamline' the process and 'facilitate trade

One trader at Lianyungang Port told the Global Times the changes would not be used to punish Australia.

'I see it as a value-added service that will improve efficiency and inventory turnover at ports,' he said. 

But iron-ore analyst Du Hongfeng told the AFR the new system could target Australian exporters.

'Australia asked for a groundless investigation [into coronavirus] by following a certain country (the US). Therefore the market will link this to other things,' he said.

A source familiar with the situation told Daily Mail Australia it would not be surprising if Brazilian exporter Vale was prioritised over Australian exporters for streamlined customs processing
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Victoria is the one Australian state that is so totally traitorously Left-Wing that politicians demand police refuse to arrest foreign born criminals in case they are deported, panic whenever two or more White people gather and pose for selfies, call in the ADL when TISM impersonators are seen, and have actively planned to sell the entire state to China ...

The United States threatens to CUT OFF Australia after Victoria ignored security advice to join a controversial trade deal with China

* State Premier Daniel Andrews signed Victoria up to controversial Belt and Road Initiative
* Chinese scheme gives infrastructure loans and investment as a soft power play
* U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned it was a security risk for Australia
* Australia would be cut off from vital intelligence sharing if it became an issue

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The Chief minister for NT has come out and said he is not going to try confiscate the Port of Darwin back off the Chinks.
Just what I can find is hidden behind a pay wall.

Some people are so dumb they just don’t see the danger putting all the eggs in China’s basket.
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One of the benefits of the US threatening to cut Australia off from the Five Eyes security intelligence network is that Victoria's pro-Chink behaviour has suddenly gone from an important but controllable security  problem for Australia, to a major intelligence and security problem for Australia and its allies: The US, NZ, UK and Canada. Prior to this, there was room for debate re whether or not Victoria's deals with China were a national security threat - now they can debate all they like, but the threat is real and the Australian Federal Government has every right to step in and put a stop to the Victorian State Government's traitorous dealings with China.

The U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has done Australia a great favour by putting those bought state politicians in perspective.

Victoria is the one Australian state that is so totally traitorously Left-Wing that politicians demand police refuse to arrest foreign born criminals in case they are deported, panic whenever two or more White people gather and pose for selfies, call in the ADL when TISM impersonators are seen, and have actively planned to sell the entire state to China ...

The United States threatens to CUT OFF Australia after Victoria ignored security advice to join a controversial trade deal with China

* State Premier Daniel Andrews signed Victoria up to controversial Belt and Road Initiative
* Chinese scheme gives infrastructure loans and investment as a soft power play
* U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned it was a security risk for Australia
* Australia would be cut off from vital intelligence sharing if it became an issue


‘Prepare to be abandoned’: China seizes on Mike Pompeo’s ‘disconnection’ comment

China’s state media has issued a fresh warning for Australia, after a TV appearance by the US Secretary of State sparked a diplomatic storm.

Gavin Fernando | Fox News (https://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 26 May 2020


China’s state media says Australia should “be well prepared to be abandoned at any time” by the United States, after a TV appearance by the Secretary of State sparked a diplomatic storm.

The Chinese government-owned Global Times newspaper urged Australia to side with China, drawing on recent remarks from Mike Pompeo that the US could “simply disconnect” from us at any time.

Quote from: Private
Red Dawn - The Chinese Invasion Plan (https://duckduckgo.com/?q=red+dawn+chinese+invasion&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images)
Red Dawn Film - Hollywood replaced Chinese invaders with North Korean (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/film-news/9697307/Red-Dawn-film-replaces-Chinese-villains-with-North-Koreans.html)

Red Dawn, which stars Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, the star of Thor and Snow White and The Huntsman, has recently been released in the US and involves a Chinese invasion of America, but the villains are thwarted by a high-school football team.

However, when studio bosses at MGM realised the plot could potentially offend the Chinese, and therefore jeopardise the film's success in China, they ordered that all references to the superpower be removed.

Rather the villains were recast as North Korean and all Chinese flags and symbols were replaced with North Korean ones.
China is one of the fastest growing markets for Hollywood movies.


“Obviously, what is on the mind of Pompeo and his likes is only US self-interests, and Washington is not going to foot the bill for the lost Australian jobs,” the article says.

“Australia is already in a passive position in the face of wavering US policy. Canberra is forced to pick a side between Beijing and the Washington even when it is loath to jeopardise its relationship with China.”

On Sunday, Mr Pompeo spoke to Fox News Australia about a proposal by the Victorian state government to work with China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

“I don’t know the nature of those projects precisely, but to the extent they have an adverse impact on our ability to protect telecommunications from our private citizens, or security networks for our defence and intelligence communities, we will simply disconnect, we will simply separate,” Mr Pompeo said. “We’re going to preserve trust in networks for important information. We hope our friends and partners and allies across the world, especially our Five Eyes partners like Australia, will do the same.”

The remarks raised eyebrows in Canberra, and prompted the US embassy in Australia to issue a statement making clear the US had “absolute confidence in the Australian government’s ability to protect the security of its telecommunications networks and those of its Five Eyes partners”.

Based on Mr Pompeo’s comments, the Global Times report said “Australia should realise that the US views it only as a lackey”.

“The possibility that the US will not come to Australia's rescue when needed is nothing new,” it said. “While the US maintains its global hegemony by running roughshod over the interests of its allies, it does not offer any rewards.”

The report concluded by accusing Prime Minister Scott Morrison of “not taking the interests of people in each state seriously”, after the PM said the federal government had never supported Victoria’s involvement in the trillion-dollar project.

“Boosting employment and economic opportunities is one of the essential tasks for every government, especially local governments. As the US tries to block Victoria's BRI deal, what alternatives does the US offer?”

It’s just the latest in a series of targeted messages from the Chinese government.

Yesterday, the same newspaper warned Australia to “distance” itself from the US amid growing tensions between the two countries, saying it would be “extremely dangerous” for Canberra to get involved in a “new cold war”.

“If the Trump administration plunges the world into a ‘new Cold War’, forcing China to take countermeasures against the US and its allies, it would be extremely dangerous for Canberra to become a player in a diplomatic club led by the US, given Australia's high dependence on the Chinese economy,” the article said.

“Once Australia is regarded as a supporter of the US in a ‘new Cold War’, China-Australia economic ties will inevitably suffer a fatal blow.

“Australia's economic deterrent force is much smaller than the US', so China to some extent will enjoy more room to fight back against Australia with countermeasures if Canberra supports Washington … it means Australia may feel more pain than the US.”

The debate over trade has intensified as the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic becomes more pronounced.

The US, which is closing in on 100,000 COVID-19 deaths, is trying to pin the blame squarely on the Chinese Communist Party, while Beijing says the Trump administration is trying to keep it from becoming a global power.

Meanwhile, there have been reports China is considering targeting more Australian exports, with Chinese authorities reportedly drawing up a list of potential goods including dairy, wine, seafood and fruit, which could be subject to tariffs if relations continue to sour.

China launches another extraordinary attack on Australia with a cartoon depicting Scott Morrison as a 'liar' and America's 'yes man' - as PM prepares to launch counterattack after Beijing's threats to ruin our economy

* Chinese state media has launched its latest attack on the Australian government
* Cartoon depicted Australia as a donkey riding into battle under order of the U.S.
* U.S. has banned trade with 33 Chinese companies with ties to Communist Party
* China has warned Australia will face 'pain' if it backs the U.S. in 'new Cold War'



'Labor needs to have a long, hard look at itself': Left-wing politicians are slammed for backing China as trade tensions escalate amid fears of a 'new cold war'

* China put tariffs on Australian barley and suspended meat from four suppliers
* Some Labor politicians blame government for 'demonising' communist nation
* Labor's agriculture spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon has criticised Coalition MPs



The Australian Fed and State governments spend billions each year training Third World filth to take Australian jobs, so this is a first ...

Scott Morrison warns China 'we will not retreat' but cautions against a trade war as he unveils new a 'JobMaker' five-year plan to get the Australian economy 'out of ICU'


Meet the glamorous Chinese businesswoman Slant-Eyed slut, 33, who played a key role in Victoria signing a controversial deal with Beijing - as she boasts about her 'influence' on top politicians

* State Premier Daniel Andrews signed Victoria up to controversial Belt and Road Initiative
* Chinese scheme gives infrastructure loans and investment as a soft power play
* Jean Dong, 33, is emerging as a key player in the unfolding political stoush
* She is the chief executive of Australia-China Belt and Road Initiative company


Photographed with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Victoria now claims that its partnership is all about providing jobs to Victorians. Bullshit says anyone that knows what China is up to with its Belt and Road Project ...

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Australia first news letter 3/5/20

The Melbourne CBD Is Over-run *
Mark F.

I read an article by Larry Schlesinger, in the Financial Review (May 26, 2020).

Entitled ‘Rental market rocked by insane student exodus’, it pertained to the grave concerns (sic) that a clique of high-profile property developers in Melbourne have with international students [particularly those from China] stopped from coming to Australia, due to COVID 19. Those mentioned in it are the, rich-list: Tim Gurner; the chief development officer of Vicinity Centres, Caroline Viney, and Shane Quinn, who is a partner with Quintessential Equity. The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp who, in a previous life was also in real estate, added her angst.

Tim Gurner said (I précis it): “The most insane thing I have ever seen in my career is the treatment of foreign students” .

The article says: “An exodus of students drove a tripling of residential vacancy rates in the inner city of Melbourne in April” Tim Gurner maintains: “The rental market has taken a massive hit”.

We are also informed that these circumstances have led to rents falling between 10 to 30 per cent which, if sustained, would affect residential values

Gurner tells us that his firm just completed a building with 140 apartments with 100 of them in the letting pool. “We normally lease them all in two hours with one inspection. Tragically (sic!) we’ve leased only half of them in six weeks. Clearly, that is a gross disparity.”

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne then gets a run, saying “the city is the place where people come together. Our economy is based upon the city being a meeting and gathering place.”

These partisans of ‘growth’ have all wilfully collaborated over the past decade, but particularly so since 2014, with imaking the international student sector a prime aspect of Victoria’s economy. These students have inundated the CBD of Melbourne in recent years as part of the supposed $40 billion bonanza to Australia’s economy.

Melbourne has become a slab of virtual-colonies. And although they aren’t all Chinese, the reality is that they may as well be so!

Quite simply, these increasing swarms of international students flooding into the CBD over the past few years haven’t as some like to imagine, created something akin to a cultural nirvana. Rather we have culturally-insular enclaves in Melbourne.

The collusion of politicians and property developers has culminated with them getting rich, but in the process has fragmented Australia’s social well-being.

Yet, we have Tim Gurner, Caroline Viney, Shane Quinn and Sally Capp scheming in cahoots with all of their collective of ancillary-collaborators (like the Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce and the Business Council), with a vigorous attempti to re-establish affairs as they were prior to COVID 19 undermining their game. They want the CBD of Melbourne once more being inundated with foreign students; who will occupy the real estate premises that they control. Then with them being consumers for the great swathe of businesses that are generally owned by other Asiatics; who’ve migrated here earlier with the express purpose to establish businesses to cater for the hordes of interloping foreign students!

How in the world did Victoria end up with being dependent upon educating foreigners to be its most important revenue source?

How did ‘education’ become the State’s largest export industry?! It is, of course, a madness beyond belief to think that the international education sector is, Victoria’s largest export industry?

Why, all of the State governments colluded with the Federal government to implement this agenda to make educating foreigners, not just Victoria’s largest export industry, but the country’s too?

The international student sector is purported to be a great economic boon for Australia, when in reality it is a both a pecuniary and sociological bane upon the country, which will eventually morph into becoming a catastrophe.

As international students make new ethnocultural entities out of the CBD in both Melbourne these interlopers have dispossessed Australians out of gaining places in the universities, in their own country.

Asidet from foreign students dispossessing Australians in their own country, other they also: a) compete for rental accommodation therefore forcing up rents b) work for below rates of pay, depressing wages in key areas

Summed together, Melbourne is in dire straits and it will only get worse!
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...And finally some good news this week! But the grim reality is India is the only counter weight to China, some people trust them but I don’t!


Foreign investment laws in Australia will be completely overhauled as part of tough new rules to protect the country's national security

The federal government's zero-dollar approval threshold will mean all foreign bids for companies from large telecommunications companies to small defence providers will be vetted by the Foreign Investment Review Board.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will also have the power to force a sale or impose conditions on foreign acquisition of Australian assets even after the purchase is made.

Previously the treasury could only block foreign purchases of Australian assets which exceeded a takeover threshold of $1.2billion.

It follows a series of recent controversial takeovers by Chinese-owned companies - including the lease of the Port of Darwin to Chinese Communist Party-linked Landbridge Group in November 2015

The deal was called into question by then-US President Barack Obama at the time, leading former deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage to say Australia had 'blindsided' its ally.

Government sources have claimed the agreement with the group's subsidiary Landbridge Australia would not have been approved had the FIRB's rules been in place, The Australian reported.

'Through the introduction of a new national security test, stronger enforcement powers and enhanced compliance obligations, we will ensure that Australia can continue to benefit from foreign investment while safeguarding our national interest,' Mr Frydenberg said

It comes as Australia strengthens ties with India as relations with China, it's largest trading power, continues to sour.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi signed off a new agreement in a virtual summit on Thursday.

It aims to boost economic trade between the two countries, build closer partnerships around science and technology and strengthen defence cooperation.

The Comprehensive Strategic Partnership comes as Chinese forces become more aggressive in the Indo-Pacific region, as well as slapping huge tariffs on Australian imports

With Australia and India both seeking to push back against China's encroaching presence, Mr Morrison said 'trusted partners' must work together.

'It is time for our relationship to go broader and deeper,' he said on Thursday.

'In a time like this we want to deal very much with friends and trusted partners.

'And this is a partnership which has stood the test, time and again, and is during the course of this current crisis.

'We share a vision for open, free, rules-based, multilateral systems in our region.

'Whether that is in the health area or it is in trade or other places. We engage in those as confident but sovereign nations.'

While Australia has faced a backlash from Beijing over calls for an independent international inquiry into the origins of coronavirus and the actions of the Chinese Communist Party, its relations with India have also eroded dramatically

The two countries share the world's longest land border, with China also being one of India's biggest trading partner.

But in the past few months month tensions over disputed territory in the Himalayan Sikkim region once again flared up resulting in a mass buildup of troops in the mountainous area.

In May, China announced a 80.5 per cent levy on barley exports, after weeks of threatening to boycott Australian industries.

Australia sends between half and two-thirds of all its barley to China, making the tariff decision a massive blow to the $600 million a year industry.

India is Australia's eighth-largest trading partner and fifth-largest export market, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Two-way goods and services trade between India and Australia totalled $30.3 billion in the 2019 financial year, with coal and education Australia's main export drivers.

But under the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, Prime Minister Modi expects those figures will increase even further.

He described the agreement as a 'new model of India-Australia partnership and a new model of conducting business'.

'We had an outstanding discussion, covering the entire expanse of our relationship,' Mr Modi said.

'With Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between India and Australia, we aspire to achieve yet new heights in our collaboration

One of the big winners from the deal is expected to be Australian barley farmers who are looking to expand into new markets after one of their biggest buyers China slapped an 80 percent tariff on their product. 

Other areas of focus will include the internet and maritime security.

'Australia and India are working together to promote an open, safe and secure internet, and to ensure critical tech does not pose risks to security and prosperity,' Australian Foreigh Minister Marise Payne said

Today we signed a wide-ranging maritime declaration committing our nations to supporting the rules-based order at sea in the Indo-Pacific region

As much as I hate it, China has the people,Tech, force and money to whipe Australia/NZ out. We couldn’t stop this  problem alone.
As much as I don’t like India it may be the only way to stop China encroaching on us. I’d rather Russia be our friend instead in this field. Nobody internationally trusts them either.

Not after the let of a chemical weapon in the UK. And how they missiled a passenger plane in Ukraine.
The thing they got going for them is the fact they want to keep their race and traditions.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 05 June 2020 at 22:29

China claims Australians are becoming increasingly racist against Asians because of the coronavirus pandemic and has issued a travel warning to its citizens.

Beijing has advised Chinese people against visiting Australia because of what it says is a rise in racial discrimination and violence against Chinese people, linked to COVID-19.

With relations between the trading nations already on edge, China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the travel advice on Friday evening, citing an “alarming increase” in anti-Asian sentiment

However the statement did not elaborate on specific examples of such discrimination or violence against people of Asian background.

The ministry’s statement said: “There has been an alarming increase recently in acts of racial discrimination and violence against Chinese and Asians in Australia, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminds Chinese tourists to enhance their safety awareness and do not travel to Australia.”

Asians of various backgrounds have said they have been harassed since the outbreak of the coronavirus, including in the United States.

China issued a warning to tourists travelling to the US earlier this year after some said they were mistreated in connection with the outbreak

 >:(People don’t like them?! And they don’t comprehend why?!
They displace people! They invented this virus to divide everybody and mess everything in the world up! They have their own country, don’t come here and parasite it!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 05 June 2020 at 22:55

In the biggest foreign investment reforms since 1975, foreign investors will face tougher scrutiny before taking a stake in Australian companies and resources.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg unveiled a proposal to turn Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) from toothless tiger to apex predator.

The proposal comes at a time of heightened tension between Canberra and Beijing, prompting speculation the new powers are intended to curb China’s influence in Australia’s economy

But the fears surrounding Chinese investment may be overblown.


James Laurenceson, director of the UTS China-Australia Relations Institute, told The New Daily public attitudes towards foreign investment of any sort have long been sceptical.

“First it was American investment in the 1960s and ‘70s – there was huge pushback against that, then it was Japanese investment in the 1980s,” he said.

“But obviously with China there are additional complications; China is a very different country to us in terms of politics and values in a way that the United States never was.”

Even so, data from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade shows China is only a small contributor to Australia’s total foreign investment pool

In 2019, China invested $78.2 billion in Australia – only 2 per cent of foreign capital invested into Australia that year and a fraction of the $983.7 billion received from the US.

“A lot of Australians imagine China is an economic powerhouse, and because of this they assume that’s true for both trade and investment, when in fact it’s not,” Mr Laurenceson said
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 07 June 2020 at 20:40

Chinese escalated its threats against Australia after warning tourists not to visit, with a state-run newspaper warning it could lose Chinese consumers entirely.

The latest round in the hostile war of words between the two nations comes two days after the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism urged citizens to avoid holidaying in Australia.

The ministry claimed there has been a 'significant increase' in racial discrimination and violence against Chinese and Asian people during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Sunday state-owned newspaper Global Times published a fresh attack, declaring the loss of Chinese tourists would be 'just the tip of the iceberg

The strongly-worded article also noted Australia's 'overwhelming media coverage' on the rise of racism since the pandemic and warned its citizens that current laws won't protect them if they are subjected to similar attacks while visiting Australia.

'It is Australia's unfriendly attitude, not the travel alert, that may really scare away Chinese tourists and students,' the article read.

'If Australia wants to retain the gain from its economic ties with China, it must make a real change to its current stance on China, or it will completely lose the benefits of Chinese consumers.

'The tourism loss may be just a tip of iceberg in its loss of Chinese interest.'

More than 1.3 million from mainland China headed Down Under in the year ending September 2019, according to Tourism Research Australia data.

The $12.3billion Chinese visitors spent represented almost a third of all spending by international travellers during the period

The Global Times also criticised Australian politicians after federal trade and tourism Minister Simon Birmingham and deputy prime minister Michael McCormack hit back at China's claims about increased racism.

'Australian politicians have always readily launched attacks against China even when they know clearly that their assertions are unjustified, because they are too easily swayed by US political attitude and too eager to win US favors,' the article states.

'It is what they do, not what they say, that really determines which direction China and Australia will go

The latest round in the ongoing feud between the two nations comes after Beijing became infuriated by Australia's calls for an independent inquiry into the origins of the virus, claiming it was a 'malicious' attempt to blame and 'stigmatize' China

China slapped an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley and suspended imports from four Australian beef suppliers in apparent revenge - and warned of further punishment

About one third of Australia's total exports - including iron ore, gas, coal and food - go to China, bringing in around $135billion per year and providing thousands of jobs

All because we want an enquiry into this Covid 19? Just means if they leave us we’ll be rid of them taking us over.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 11 June 2020 at 05:11


Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 28 June 2020 at 06:20
'Do you know what you've done to Australia?' Black tradesmen lash out at toilet paper hoarders after discovering a huge stockpile behind a suburban home - before helping themselves to the stash while accusing the Chink owner of sending the rolls to China



If the MSM and government had told the truth about "Panic Buying" then everyone would understand that it was just Chinese Profiteers buying and stealing, stripping shops bare and shipping Australian produce to China. Everyone would have been angry, but there would not have been any "Panic Buying."
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 01 July 2020 at 12:00
Have you ever wondered what we CREATORS mean by KOSHER CONSERVATIVES? With CHINA we have a MARXIST REGIME that is the worst threat the world has seen since STALIN. And what do the KOSHER CONS call it? Another HITLER and the NAZIS on Australia's doorstep ...


Fucking Kosher Lunatic!


But, to give him a fair go, beyond his Yiddish Semantics, Bolt (and some of his Fox News pals) is however correct about his declarations of China's urge to launch an attack on Australia.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 02 July 2020 at 20:25

Australia is looking to offer skilled Hong Kong nationals the opportunity to resettle Down Under

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia is 'prepared to step up and provide support' for residents endangered by new national security laws imposed by China.
It's likely the government will use the skilled migrant visa as an avenue for those wishing to flee Hong Kong, The Australian reports. 

Ministers were 'actively considering' safe haven arrangements, which would allow all residents a path to Australia, but the fast tracked resettlement of skilled workers is the most likely outcome.

It comes after the United Kingdom opened a path to citizenship for millions of Hong Kong residents.

The cabinet will also deliberate options for Hong Kong nationals who are already in Australia as tourists or on other visas.

A senior government source told the publication the skilled migrant visa had been the topic of conversation as an effective option for Hong Kong nationals.

The visa allows people to sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence in Australia.

Liberal MP Tim Wilson welcomed the consideration of the safe haven

 >:(Just great! Just when you thought your count try Stopped Chinks from coming, you learn than both the UK and Australia are going to be swamped by more! The virus has messed the economy up! We don’t need more people competing with us for jobs and housing!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 03 July 2020 at 05:04

Australia is looking to offer skilled Hong Kong nationals the opportunity to resettle Down Under

In the 90's when Britain handed over Hong Kong to China, the UK government gave away thousands of British Passports to all Hong Kong residents and practically any Chink that could get to Hong Kong and put their hand out. Hong Kong is the back door to Britain and now to Australia.

Remember when Australia said about accepting persecuted White Farmers from South Africa? Apparently that was so racist, they dropped even the idea of allowing White South Africans to apply to enter Australia, and the government went back to looking the other way while career civil servants continued with their old stance of treating White South Africans as unwanted criminals born with the original sin of being White. Meanwhile, Black Africans pour into Australia and immediately declare war on the White populace from the moment they arrive. Now we're at war with China, and that same government plans to bring in a minimum of tens of thousands of unknown Chinks - many of whom intend to wage war on China's behalf from the inside of Australia.

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 03 July 2020 at 20:36

The Prime Minister announced on Wednesday that Australia will spend $75billion on the navy, $65billion on the air force, $55billion on the army, $15billion on cyber security, and $7billion on space

China's state-owned media responded on Friday saying the communist nation won't back down to the 'provocations' and could counter by upgrading its forces.

'These weapon procurement plans have widely been interpreted as being aimed at China,' an article that appeared in The Global Times on Friday stated. 

The English language newspaper is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and has recently run another article that alleges Australia is sending spies to China. 

The Global Times article titled 'China prepared against military provocation from Australia' quoted 'Chinese experts' who said Australia is a 'follower of the US'.

'Chinese experts said on Thursday that while the Chinese military has no intention of provoking Australia, it is also not afraid of Australian provocations.' the report reads.

The article also quoted Beijing-based Naval expert Le Jies, who warned China could develop military defence systems in retaliation.

'China can also take countermeasures in terms of politics, diplomacy and economic measures,' he said. 

The article said analysts have noted the specific weapons and equipment that Australia will acquire were 'obviously' not for defence within Australian borders but for 'long-range' combat.

The article said the communist nation has 'no intention of challenging Australia militarily ... But if Australia wants to provoke China, China is also ready to defend itself'.

'Australia is only a follower of the US and its capability in the South China Sea will be limited despite the new plans,' the report reads.

. . . .

About 80 per cent of China's energy imports and almost 40 per cent of the country's trade passes through the South China Sea. 

Beijing has been widely condemned internationally since embarking in 2013 on a military expansion into disputed areas within the region. 

Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, China and Vietnam have claims over various islands and maritime waters in the area

Beijing has been constructing man-made islands complete with air bases in the South China Sea, contributing to escalating tension in the South Pacific

Wednesday's announcement by Australia's Prime Minister includes long-range missiles that can hit targets up to 370km away.

In a post-pandemic world of the 2020s, Mr Morrison hinted the likelihood of a hot war on Australian soil was the greatest since the 1940s, when the Japanese bombed Darwin and sent midget submarines into Sydney Harbour.

'We need to also prepare for a post-COVID world that is poorer, more dangerous and more disorderly,' he told the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra on Wednesday

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute's director of defence, strategy and national security, Michael Shoebridge, said China under President Xi Jinping was increasingly aggressive - making a war in the Asia-Pacific more likely within the next decade.

'The most obvious source of military conflict in our region is Beijing under Xi Jinping,' he told Daily Mail Australia.

'This all means that major military conflict in our region is now credible well within the 'ten years warning time' that Australian strategy has been based on until now.'

In 2020, Mr Shoebridge said China was Australia's biggest military threat, despite being Australia's biggest trading partner, and the number one buyer of iron ore exports used to make steel

 :-\ OK they are spending big on military to stop a Chinese invasion but that doesn’t stop them!
They come with :- suits, brief cases and cheque books and now Morrison is going to stick Hong Kongers here easy.

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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Revealed: How the United Nations is smashing Australian businesses by making it cheaper to order goods from CHINA than from local sellers

 * A United Nations' agreement forces Australian businesses to pay more post fees
 * The Universal Postal Union was set up to help disadvantaged developing nations
 * China is recognised as a developing nation despite it's huge economic power
 * There are growing calls for Australia to renegotiation the unfair agreement

Levi Parsons | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 4 July 2020


Excerpt: There are growing calls for Australia to tear up a United Nations agreement which makes shipping online goods from China cheaper than buying from local suppliers.

The Universal Postal Union is a specialised UN agency which regulates international postage prices so that disadvantaged developing nations can afford to send and receive vital goods.

But under the agreement, China, the world's second largest economy, is considered a developing nation and countries such as Australia are forced to pay as much as double. 

The issue will be thrust into the spotlight next week when a senate inquiry into Australia Post's delivery standards gets underway in Canberra.

In a submission to the inquiry, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell AO said it's time to 'renegotiate' the deal which has hit businesses particularly hard during the coronavirus crisis.

'My Office has received a number of complaints from small businesses regarding the price competitiveness of domestic parcel as opposed to international parcel delivery for same or similar products,' she said.

'For example, a product sold and shipped from a seller may attract free or low cost delivery (e.g. $5).

'The domestic cost for the same product, shipped to the same location, from an Australian small business could be double that of the international seller.'

China is home to the world's largest e-commerce platform Alibaba and is expected to become the world largest economy in the 2030s.

Do NOT order anything from China ...
The Chinks are taking your money - but not delivering

The 'perks and advantages' it receives as a developing nation have long been a point of opprobrium for Australia and its allies.

The UN allows countries to 'self designate' whether they are a developing nation.

But China strongly rejects criticism. 'China is the largest developing country in the world,' commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng told reporters. 'Blah blah ching chong ching. Blah blah blah RACIST! Blah blah ....'
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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Australia First party newsletter

The Looming New Crisis All Thanks To The International Student Sector
Mark F

Why are those involved with making the international student sector (ISS) to become a major aspect of the Australian economy now so surprised it’s fallen to dust?
So here we are, some 6 months on from when COVID-19 first reared its head, only to realise that is in a resurgence, a second-stage-phase. The economic and social cataclysm that every nation cannot circumvent are of such proportions well nigh on impossible to comprehend. Over the weekend of July 18-19 2020, numerous media reports put the projected global deficit to be in the vicinity of $300 TRILLION! Yes, that’s $300 TRILLION, an amount of money that is virtually incomprehensible to grasp!
Obviously, in the richer and developed-economies methods implemented by their governments/treasuries to cope with the situation will lessen the pain. However, in the swathe of poorer societies that over the previous 20 to 25 years became dependent upon richer nations importing the goods they produced, there will be great stress; because people in the richer countries won’t be consuming their produce, there will be major recession. Thus, the blow-back those poorer nations will have to bear will be proportionally more significant.
Ostensibly, Australia’s conundrum is linked to the insane agendas which have been imposed upon this country from about a decade ago, when mass-immigration programs were inaugurated at the direct behest of big-business concerns and, most certainly, courtesy of major property-developers. A significant aspect of the ‘development’ program entailed ramping-up the number of international students to fuel housing growth. Since the LNP won office in 2013, it has bolstered the number of ISs in Australia from around 520,000, to a staggering 950,000 at the end of 2019.
Over the past 5 years I have been claimed that the numbers of ISs in Australia have always been between 100,000 to 150,000 more than what was officially designated. In short, everyone from the Ministers of Education at Federal and State echelons and indeed, those involved with the ISS, always understated the numbers. Well, thanks to an article, ‘What universities must do to survive the challenges of a post-COVID world’  (Simon Kuestenmacher, the Weekend Australian, July 12-14 2020), a graph was supplied that, TOTALLY, vindicates my figures.
Now, the reason why the true numbers weren’t stated by those with highly-vested-interests in the ISS was because they intentionally understated the real numbers so as not to spook the general population.
What is of grave significance for the nation arises from the economic disaster that COVID-19 has spawned within the ISS. There were tens of thousands of people employed in universities, VET and English teaching colleges, who will not have jobs in the ensuing months. Because something between 70-100,000 international students couldn’t either return to Australia from holidays in China - or commence courses. According to reports, at least 6,000 people already employed in the ISS had been issued pink-slips prior to June 1.
How couldn’t politicians and business moguls not have realised that overdosing on ISs was an inevitable train wreck?
But there’s worse to come and that will happen when these desperate ISs, who are dependent upon working here to survive, will start clashing with Australians for a diminished number of jobs.
Aside from the many thousands of unfortunate souls who, either directly or indirectly, will be made redundant in the ISS or otherwise see their livelihoods in extraneous spheres - accommodation and other service sectors – undermined, there is more bad news. The estimated 600,000 ISs still in the country - and who are reliant upon working here to survive - must inescapably work for lower rates of pay than they were in the preceding 6 or 7 years. Thus, coupling this with the fact that up to 1 million Australians will be out of a job and seeking employment – we will see these ISs undercutting Australians in the labour market. It really is going to become a total bun-fight! Australians will have to organize!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 08 August 2020 at 04:00
From Australia first newsletter 8/8/20

A Threat To Our Country*
Mark F.
We recommend members put this article on their electronic media accounts etc.
The international student sector threatens the existence of our country – and that’s no exaggeration!
I was really hoped I could write about something other than the international student sector in. But, due to an article in the Australian August 3, by Ben Wilmot: Plea to let in overseas students – I had to comment again. Wilmot’s wrote on the Scape Group which caters for the accommodation needs of international students.
Wilmot informs us Scape’s chief-executive, Craig Carracher is warning, “unless the federal government prepares schemes to allow international students to return from countries that have controlled coronavirus outbreaks”, then occupancy levels in the sector could plunge and will undermine 'his' firms earning capacity; this means his employees would be made redundant.
How in heaven's name, did affairs get to the degree they have since the LNP won office in 2013 whereby, the international student sector (ISS) became Australia’s third largest source of revenue generation - and, indeed, Victoria’s largest source of revenue generation?
From late 2013 the ISS has been for the LNP, a major-plank of its economic strategy and it is now coming back to bite Australia!
To begin with, what are the countries, in question which have controlled the corona virus outbreaks.
Obviously, India isn’t one of them and, surely, it isn’t China either, those countries which are the jewels-in-the-revenue-crown of the ISS.
Then, there is Indonesia, which proponents of the sector, going back from about 18 months, have been championing as the next big-source.
Indonesia has not controlled the virus outbreak.
Thus, just with the first pair, 55% of the total potential revenue could be cancelled out. But now that, the virus second-wave has struck Melbourne with a vengeance, we have a scuttle-buster for the regeneration of the sector. But what is most intriguing about this article is:
“Scape is expanding in Melbourne and has just bought the Oxfam Australia head office in Leicester Street, Carlton.”
“Scape has been active even during the crisis and acquired the $2bn-plus Urbanest portfolio of 14 student accommodation buildings this year which comprised almost 7000 student beds in four buildings in and around the University Melbourne.”
“Scape also bought Atira students living last October, including the 576-bed student accommodation buildings on Peel Street, near the Oxfam building.”
But, there’s more:
“It is building another 9200 student accommodation rooms in Melbourne.”
Thus, the total number of rooms in its portfolio-potential is, at least, in excess of 16,200!!!
So, this raises the very pertinent question of:
How could Scape have been so bold to venture into acquiring all this - to the tune of billions of dollars! - unless, it had been given a GILT-EDGED guarantee, by the Federal and State governments, perhaps, as far back as early 2019 that, it was their dedicated intention to INCREASE the intakes of ISs?
Indeed, this must be precisely why Scape acquired the portfolio it has - or has plans to construct - buildings to accommodate ISs!
The ISS is both a sinister means to back-door-in immigrants and to duly bleed them of monies on the way through.
The ISS is a major part of the Federal, Victorian, NSW, QLD and SA governments surreptitious agendas to utilise the ISS as, a prime means to back-door in immigrants! Of course, this is all evident by venturing into the downtown CBDs of Melbourne and Sydney. We readily observe over the past decade, the numbers of ISs who've swarmed into those precincts. In effect, these foreign students have established insular ethnocultural colonies within the main-frame of Australia’s two largest cities!
I will again demonstrate how Australia has well and truly OVERDOSED on ISs. Just compare the number of ISs in Australia to that of the United States.
As it stands there are 1.15 million ISs in the US, whilst Australia has 850,000 which would have been 100,000 more had the corona-virus not emerged to inhibit them either returning or commencing studies. However, the US has a population THIRTEEN times that of Australia’s.
Those figures prove that the ISS in Australia is an insidious means to re-colonise the country. The guise of these ISs generating $35bn in revenue streams – is just waffle. For the economic-rationalist that seems fine and dandy. However, the key downside is with ISs usurping Australians from getting places in universities in their own country. As well, they must take jobs from Australians?
So, to all of the treacherous colluders in the ISS whether they be politicians, education providers or the likes of the Scape Group, what good will come of this madness when Australians are dispossessed in their own nation?
I note too The Australian on Wed August 5 published two articles exposing the rorts in the ISS. They even record how hordes of IS's can't hold a simple conversation in English - let alone read it and even comprehend the subjects!!!
Those who have authored this catastrophe must be punished.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 12 August 2020 at 14:23

A newborn girl has been deserted in southern China by her parents who ‘wanted to have a son’ instead, says local media

The infant was abandoned by her father next to a filthy rubbish bin just hours after she was born because the family already had two daughters

She was later brought to a local welfare centre by the authorities after a street cleaner spotted her and contacted police

The parents were detained on suspicion of abandonment soon after the incident took place in Dongguan city of Guangdong province, according to an official statement.

The 21-year-old mother, Ms Li, gave birth to the baby in the wee hours of July 29 at a rented flat. They were said to be disappointed after discovering the newborn to be a girl.

The father, 24, known by his surname Zhang, told the police that ‘his dream of having a son was shattered’ when their third daughter was born, reported Dongguan Television.


Clearly some :- sick and depraved “people” these chinks are! We fed them with our jobs for 40 years! Now they are headed our way to try take over!
- Covid 19
- South China Sea islands
- who besides North Korea and Russia likes them now?

Maybe the bloody business people who took their money to invade our lands?! But ..who cares if you can sell up and retire in Thailand early?!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 16 August 2020 at 06:57
Some interesting letters sent to Australia first news letter 16-8-20

Dear Ed,

The Chinks have just duded the Australian Cotton industry!  Right whack for sucking up to them!
They set up a Cotton buying company, bought cotton on the buy now and pay later scheme then, went bankrupt.  Oldest scam in the book!  Got a new twist but!  The people who owe us for the cotton are in China along with the cotton!  Not a snowballs chance in hell of ever seeing a red cent!
But if we weren’t governed by gutless, unwanted, immigrant, traitors, from the major parties, we’d simply repossess every thing owned by Chinese in Australia, pay the cotton farmers what they’re owed and pay off our national debt with the rest!  Wouldn’t hurt to send back every Chinese immigrant these traitors have let in!  Rip them off for everything they’ve got first!  Show the Chinks how to be crooks!
Frank Brown
Dear Ausfirst,
During the Hawke and Keating era, amongst the most damaging policies to be introduced (and unnoticed by most Australians was the so called "positive discrimination" policy, which was copied from similar failed, and disastrous initiative in Britain at the time.
This blatant betrayal of white Australia delivered well paid and secure jobs to principally Asian immigrants who were experiencing difficulties in finding employment in the private sector, ignoring the needs of Australians battling unemployment.
This is why many government departments (particularly Immigration) are stacked with non white staff, who work against Australia, and for their own people. There has been plenty of evidence, over many years, that has substantiated that claim, particularly in granting permanent residency and related visas, enabling Asians to gain a foothold in Australia in ever increasing numbers.
A European applying for a visa is subjected to a rigorous and stacked, quite lengthy interview, in which they are asked the most extraordinary questions, while usually, their Asian counterparts are granted their documents without delay, as in most cases, the interviewer is Asian.
The traitors, Hawke and Keating, both friends of China, are responsible for the rapid Asianisation of Australia, even proudly proclaiming it to be, the first "truly Eurasian country on earth"!!!
Poor Australia!
Arnold (our writer fought in Vietnam – ed.)
Nationalism - Independence for Australia. 
Australia is an economic colony of the USA. After the Poms didn’t come to our rescue during the Second World War we fell in behind the yanks.

By not rushing into the first & second WW until the latter stages the yanks built up a massive amount of money, which was mainly gold.
 By the end of WW2 the yanks had half the world’s GDP.
By being so rich they had to buy investments in other countries to keep the value of their currency from going through the roof. This is what China is doing now.

   The System really can’t say no when the USA wants us to fight another bull dust war.
Whitlam tried to be independent of the yanks, but look what happen to him.  The yanks and Poms used their embassies to undermine him, with a compliant press.

  Rather than consolidating our wealth with Australian owned industry, more migrants were brought in and used more foreign capital to create jobs for them.
In the 1970’s there were 5 car companies in Australia, now we have zero.

The yanks will only be our best friends until they get a better offer.

Their economy is likely going down the gurgler soon, so it will be interesting to see if they turn their backs on us like the Poms did after the fall of Singapore.
Fairdinkum Australians need to get off their knees!
Peter O
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 16 August 2020 at 07:19
A European applying for a visa is subjected to a rigorous and stacked, quite lengthy interview, in which they are asked the most extraordinary questions, while usually, their Asian counterparts are granted their documents without delay, as in most cases, the interviewer is Asian.

Jobs in the 80's and early 90's were typically, "Do you speak Vietnamese?" (Especially in Queensland - the warm North of Australia where the Yella Terra just loves the sunshine.) Many factories were either all Chinese or all Vietnamese. Many were owned by Japs - which shows Racial Preference against Whites. If it was bad then, how bad is it now? I remember back in those days spitting into the face of a White Race-Traitor who wasted my time, forcing me to apply to work as a Storeman at his business, when he only wanted GOOKS that could speak Vietnamese - and there's me, a former soldier that just got out, someone he was accusing of killing Vietnamese babies.

Do you wonder why I spat in his face?

I was born in 1969.

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 26 August 2020 at 14:25

Victoria's controversial Belt and Road Deal with China could be scrapped by Scott Morrison under a proposed new law

Victoria made a deal with China under the country's Belt and Road Initiative, a scheme that sees the communist superpower invest in huge infrastructure projects around the world, in October 2018.


Premier Andrews said he made the agreement to increase Chinese participation in Victorian building projects, manufacturing and trade in order to boost jobs.

Several government politicians, fearing the expansion of Chinese power and influence, have urged the Victorian government to scrap the deal but it has refused.

Under the proposed law, the foreign minister will be able to terminate the deal and any private contracts that are part of it.

Once the law is in place, governments and universities will have six months to reveal their foreign deals to the foreign minister, who will then decide which ones must be stopped

The law will cover dozens of deals with China and other nations including India and Israel in areas such as culture, education, health, science, tourism, infrastructure and even sister-city arrangements.

It will also require states get approval from the federal government to start negotiating a foreign deal and seek approval again when the negotiations are done.

Under current laws, states can make a deal and not even tell the foreign minister for three months.

Victorian state premier, Daniel Andrews caused outrage by only telling the Morrison government about his Belt and Road agreement on the day it was signed

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton described the Belt and Road Initiative as 'a propaganda initiative from China' that could lead to an 'enormous amount of foreign interference'.

He said: 'Victoria needs to explain why it is the only state in the country that has entered into this agreement.'

Federal Liberal MP Andrew Hastie told Daily Mail Australia that Mr Andrews had 'gone off the reservation by conducting his own foreign policy with China

The Australia's Foreign Relations (State and Territory Arrangements) Bill 2020 will be put before federal parliament next week in the hope it will be signed off this year.

Scott Morrison said: 'Australia's foreign policies and relationships must always be set to serve Australia's interests.

'Australians rightly expect the federal government they elect to set foreign policy.

'These changes and new laws will ensure that every arrangement done by any Australian government at any level now lines up with how we are working to protect and promote Australia's national interest.

He added: 'Many agreements and partnerships are of a routine nature but it is important that the federal government is notified of all agreements.

'Where any of these agreements undermine how the federal government is protecting and promoting our national interests they can be cancelled

In October 2018, the Victorian Labor government signed a memo of understanding with China under the country's Belt and Road Initiative.

The BRI is a Chinese plan to establish maritime trade routes and invest in infrastructure projects around the world.

More than 170 memos of understanding have been signed with 125 countries.

Premier Andrews said he wanted to increase Chinese participation in Victorian building projects, manufacturing, and trade.

Mr Andrews, you gotta go! Failure with Covid outbreak and being in cohorts with China! Nobody trusts you!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 31 August 2020 at 14:28

Bob Katter has issued a scathing assessment of universities in Australia, comparing them to 'prostitutes' who have 'sold their body and soul' to China.

The polarising politician is supporting an inquiry into foreign ­interference on Australian tertiary institutions

Some of Australia's top universities, including the University of New South Wales and University of Queensland, have been accused of bowing to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party in recent months.

Katter, an Independent under Katter's Australian Party, fronted a press conference on Monday to discuss the inquiry alongside Barnaby Joyce, the Federal Member for New England

Strangely, the 75-year-old arrived at the conference wearing a crocodile face mask, before peeling it off and condemning academic institutions in Australia.

He said that 'universities should be a nursery of ideas and a garden of freedom' but have instead been turned into 'a pigsty'. 

'If you return the universities to their proper functions and not being prostitutes -- they're not really prostitutes, they only sell their bodies. These people have sold their bodies and their souls. They should be stopped,' he said.

'You will not get away with this in Australia.'

Katter said the current university admissions system was more like a 'visa shop' than a testament of talent and ability.

The Security and Intelligence Committee will investigate allegations universities are closely connected with the Chinese Communist Party

Most recently, University of Queensland has been criticised for suspending student activist Drew Pavlou.

He claims he was suspended after holding several pro-Hong Kong protests in July, and alleges he has been mistreated by the university ever since.

Mr Pavlou was banned from completing his philosophy degree until 2022 after the university accused him of 11 cases of misconduct, which were detailed in a confidential 186-page document.

The 21-year-old has begun Supreme Court proceedings against the university for breach of contract and defamation.

UQ has rejected Mr Pavlou's claims.

Mr Pavlou confirmed he would be speaking at the inquiry and hoped it would create a safer future for other students.

He wrote on Twitter: 'We won. Government launching full inquiry into CCP interference in Australian universities. No student will ever have to go through what I went through for speaking out

Upset the “cash cows” From Asia and watch the contempt game come to you! The University is basically a “ Visa shop” , or a”Red shed”.

I am glad somebody is calling it out!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 01 September 2020 at 18:31

A Chinese state-controlled newspaper has warned Australia will become the 'poor white trash of Asia'.

The Global Times, regarded as a mouthpiece for the communist government, said in an editorial that Australia could become impoverished unless it welcomes Chinese investment

The provocative article was a response to Prime Minster Scott Morrison's plan to stop states signing deals with foreign powers that go against Australia's foreign policy

Under a proposed new law, Victoria's Belt and Road Initiative deal with China could be torn up by the foreign minister if it is deemed a threat to national security.

But the Global Times warned that rejecting Chinese investment will make Australia poor.

'As Australia suffers soaring unemployment, an old and worn-out railway system, a network speed far slower than other Asian countries' and halted development plans, the Australian people may start to recall former Prime Minister John Howard's encouragement of Western leaders to "welcome rise of China",' the article said.

'Indeed, further decoupling with China will not send China back to poverty, but will only make former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew's famous statement more likely to come true: that if Australia doesn't open up its economy and reduce unemployment, it risks becoming the "poor white trash of Asia".'

Lee made his comment in 1980 in a bid to urge Australia to open its economy to foreign investment.

Prime Minister Bob Hawke heeded his words and focused on economic reform when he rose to power in 1983

The article, written by Yu Lei, a research fellow at Liaocheng University, said Australia should 'abandon the Cold War mentality, and conform to the spirit of world peace, co-development, and win-win.'

Investors from the United States and the United Kingdom put the most money into Australia, with China in ninth place.

Victoria made a deal with China under the country's Belt and Road Initiative, a scheme that sees the communist superpower invest in huge infrastructure projects around the world, in October 2018.

Premier Andrews said he made the agreement to increase Chinese participation in Victorian building projects, manufacturing and trade in order to boost jobs.

Several federal politicians, fearing the expansion of Chinese power and influence, have urged the Victorian government to scrap the deal but it has refused

The Chinks think Australia is poor and full of unemployment?  :-\ Wasn’t their Covid 19 virus designed to “press pause” on the world? Who in Asia trusts China apart from North Korea? China has employment from the West because they work for $0 as drones! We were going nicely until they took jobs away!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 02 September 2020 at 12:31
The * these factory slaves produce is usually just cheap poisonous crap.


50% of toys from China contain toxins, study reveals
A Chinese consumer organization recently warned Chinese parents to not to let children put toys in their mouths after many were found to contain a toxic agent that could cause liver or kidney damage.

---Don't trust commie rat bastards, or anyone who has a jew as master, or is a jew.---

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 02 September 2020 at 13:47
Chinese are possibly the WORST race to deal with!
(1) They have 1/4 of the Earth’s people.
(2) They are rat cunning and are “The Jews of the East”.
(3) They work for $0 and drive down living standards.They seem to thrive in any country!
(4) With one child policy they only want boys and the girls get abandoned, like rubbish.
(5) They treat animals cruelly and like objects.
(6) They pollute the world majorly with their “insect hive” factories generally full of child labour.
(7) They have :- the people, money and power to challenge anybody they want.
(8.) They fly under the radar on a street level. They don’t have high amounts of street crime but behind the scenes economically take over then spread their enclaves.
(9) Once they come to your community it is impossible to try and compete with them in any way possible.

These people don’t care about anything or any one!
Not only do they make cheap junk they are filthy and negligent!
They’ll cut up used condoms and use them as Hair tie bands and stuff!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 14 September 2020 at 09:44
From Australia first newsletter :14/9/20

China Fantasy Melts Away
Mark F.
Thanks to Bill Birtles from the ABC and the Financial Review’s Mike Smith having to flee China with the dedicated assistance of our diplomatic-corps in Beijing and Shanghai to avoid being arrested on spurious charges, we now witness much truth. We see how China is a dangerous and insidious monolith that threatens the welfare of any society foolish enough to fall for is allures.
Australia’s China-fantasists must be feeling bad right now, seeing their China-dream melting away before their eyes.
It is a fact that China trade has been important to Australia’s prosperity over these past 30 years, at least our bottom line prosperity. Some have profited but most of us have not. Nonetheless, that came with the surreptitious agenda of Sinofication. The enormous economic-enmeshment was intertwined with the demographic aspect. Since 1990, the component of Australia’s population with ethnic-Chinese heritage, has exploded from being 450,000, to now being over 2 million.
This is seen by venturing into any one of the 36 suburbs (collectively) in Sydney and Melbourne that, in the space of 20 to 30 years, have been so transformed from comprising peoples of Anglo-Celtic-European backgrounds into now resembling Beijing or Shanghai.
The enduring tsunami of capital coming from China (estimated to be about $350bn between 2014 until 2019) to buy real estate is, without question, the principal reason as to why properties are over-valued somewhere between 15-25%. Another adverse aspect of the agenda of Sinofication was the international student sector. So much so that, at the end of 2019, there were 350,000 international students in Australia who originated from the People’s Republic of China.
Quite simply, the express purpose for Australia overdosing on ISs (and, indeed, not just from China), is an integrated phase of the insidious agenda to de-Europeanise the country!
In Perth, on November 5 1986, at the PACRIM Conference, Australia was officially committed by the then PM, Bob Hawke, to becoming a vassal-state of China.
So here we are now, with Hawke’s program that said Australia had to fully enmesh itself, both economically and demographically, into the Asian region – in full swing. Although Hawke specified the Asian region, he really meant China.
But China has grown into a bully state with its power affecting Australia’s survival and economic well-being.
We see China stealing Australian technology too. And we witness a security problem with two million ethnic-Chinese residing in the country, people whose allegiances are dedicated to their Motherland! And despite the way liberal Australia loves all things China, it has also seen this truth.
The tears and anguish that the treacherous-Sinoficationists have shed of late for the crisis of students and trade are in the knowledge that their China-dream is now in complete ruins.
Disaster for Sinoficationists is on the other hand it is a Godsend for Australia. It gives us a chance to reorganize for a different future!
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 21 October 2020 at 19:14
From Australia first newsletter

Big Business Has A New ‘India’ Dream – It’s Out Of The Wok And Into The Pyre!
Mark F.
What are the pitfalls for Australia beneath the programme of the W.A. member for Brand, Madeline King - who champions that Australia significantly ramp-up trade relations with India?
In The Australian (September 30 2020), Madeleine King has authored:
Asking for trouble if we rely on China
This item is a veritable manifesto. The first 25% of King’s piece is a rather concise outline of the history of Australia getting-into-bed with-China with trade. King commences with saying:
“In April 1985, when Bob Hawke stood alongside Chinese Communist Party boss Hu Yaobang atop an iron rich hill in the Pilbara, and envisioned a new era of Sino-Australian economic relations.”
She then conveyed China’s history of acquiring Australian resources, such as liquid natural gas, iron ore and so on. Then she warns:
“But Chinese demand for commodities is forecast to plateau in coming decades.”
King’s solution to any shortfall for Australian big business is:
“to finally get serious about building stronger economic relationships with India and other nations of Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia and Vietnam.”
Is Madeline King steering a new big business agenda?  Some say so, and I’ve christened it: Out of the Wok and into the Pyre!
It is no surprise at all to learn of Madeline King that before entering politics she was chief operating officer with the USAsia Centre in Perth.
That morsel of fact laid bare what King’s modus-operandi happens to be.
The USAsia Centre has a clandestine programme. It is a CIA-front and a part of a plan to organise a collective of nations, which involves an Intelligence network called Five Eyes. Its prime affiliates are: Australia, Canada, NZ, UK and the US. It is the overall plan to coerce as many countries as it can, to form a front to contain China. Not for an Australian reason, but for a globalists’ reason.
Over the past few years there have been dedicated attempts by Five Eyes to lure Indian Intelligence to join the fold. However, India has been very reticent to enlist. Running in tandem with this scheme is a trilateral-naval-operation dubbed the Malabar Exercise and over the past 3 years Australia has been petitioning India to join it. However, to now, India has cordially rejected the proposition
But, the recent incendiary conflict involving India and China over a territorial/border dispute in the Himalayas, may well alter the status quo.
On face-value, it seems King’s motive for championing Australia to ramp up trade with India is for pecuniary purposes. However, she has an ulterior motive beyond de-coupling Australia from being our over-reliant on trade with China.
There’s a trade-off with this, and it involves Australia becoming the forfeiter of its sovereignty. The surreptitious game which Madeline King and the USAsia Centre is to lure India to enrol with this Intelligence-pact and for Australia to be the sacrificial lamb which offers up big benefits.
Apropos to this, King plays the game of accusing the government of appearing:
“ (to be) blind to the challenge of diversifying Australia’s economy. Take, for example, the languishing economic relationship with India.”
Of course, castigating the government for having a “languishing economic relationship” between Australia and India is juust words to win the goal. We know already that Scott Morrison and Noranda Modi are close.
Had COVID-19 not emerged things would have proceeded quickly. The plan had been for PM Morrison and a high-powered trade delegation to travel to India and sign an agreement about enhancing commercial ventures between the two nations.  All of which had been vigorously negotiated in the previous two years!
So, what is King’s concealed-motive for being so bullish in pushing the Federal government to get on with increasing trade and defence relationships with India?
Going back over a decade it was already perceptible that China wasn’t going to jump onto what I call the, global-money-go-round. It would refuse to meld into globalisation. One of those who misread what was actually in store was Professor Niall Ferguson, who back in 2007, was envisaging a scenario he termed, Chimerica. Essentially, he was predicting is that China and America would work in a harmonious economic tandem.
This was a notion being unambiguously denied by the NYT’s Africa Correspondent Howard W French - at least 5 years prior to Ferguson affirming his Chimerica theory. French’s geo-political and economic analysis maintained China had no intention of adhering to such things as the WTO rules.
By 2012, it had become patently clear that China was not going to play by the rules. And it was at this point that alternative-measures were implemented by the globalists to counter a rising and indeed, dangerous China. One outcome of this strategy was the foundation of the USAsia Centre.
In this dangerous game of charades Madeleine King and Co  their influence goes beyond just the USAsia Centre) vigorously promotes for Australia to get out of the Wok and into the Pyre. The strategy is based upon establishing a security-bulwark away from the former policy of Sinofication, by procuring both prosperity and protection - from India!
Should this mean that Australia throws open its borders to millions of immigrants from India? Cheap workers, stuedents, business investors?
A former colleague of Madeline King’s in the USAsia society is Stephen Smith. In a previous life, he was a politician and during the Hawke/Keating eras, when both of these PMs, robustly pushed for strong-engagements with China. He then pushed Sinofication. Now he pushes the India link. The same sell-outs. Might it be better that we think the heresy of Australian independence?
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 28 October 2020 at 08:18
Vote for our own people': Pro-Beijing Liberal candidate's message in Chinese for voters to choose him because of his RACE - as his chilling support for China's aggressive expansion is revealed
Admin Note: The word "Racist" is never used at all on the originating article. In case you forgot: Only White People can be Racist.

 * Peter Zhuang is Liberal National Party candidate for Brisbane seat of Stretton
 * He placed ads in Chinese languages papers saying 'vote for our own people'
 * Electorate he's running in takes in Sunnybank Hills which has high Chinese vote
 * Mr Zhuang posted a Facebook message in 2013 urging China to be aggressive
 * Told Daily Mail Australia there needed to be more Chinese people in Parliament
Admin Note (https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php?action=staff): Sunnybank Hills is an area of Brisbane where Whites are refused service in Chinese owned shops

Stephen Johnson | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 28 October 2020


Excerpt: A pro-Beijing Liberal candidate has taken out ads in a Chinese-language newspaper urging voters with the same ethnic background to elect 'one of their own people

Peter Zhuang, a 51-year-old property developer and company director, is representing the Liberal National Party at this Saturday's Queensland state election in the southern Brisbane seat of Stretton, which has a high concentration of voters with a Chinese background.

Ahead of the Halloween election on October 31, Mr Zhuang placed an advertisement in last week's Queensland Chinese Times.

Translated from Mandarin, his pitch said: 'Vote for Peter Zhuang, vote for our own people.'

His full-page advertisement also promised to 'establish a Chinese hub'.

'A home of Chinese people, build a not-for-profit organisation for Chinese in terms of making friends, exercising, doing other entertainment events,' the ad said.


Daily Mail Australia can also reveal Mr Zhuang, who moved to Australia in 2005, has previously called on Communist China to exert it its influence from the South China Sea to northern Asia and Australia. Mr Zhuang, who was born in the city of Taiyuan in the Shanxi province south-west of Beijing, said the Chinese community deserved to have its own hub like any other ethnic group.

'The Chinese community dreams of having a place to gather, to know each other,' Mr Zhuang said.

'I know some other ethnic communities have their own places.'

Another advertisement placed in the Asian Community News, World News Weekly and the Queensland Asian Business Weekly promised to 'establish a Chinese-Australian centre'.

'Compatriots with the same root, the same clan, and the same source make it easier to communicate,' this ad translated into English said.

'The Chinese community should unite and elect our own representatives.'

Despite making a play for the Chinese vote, Mr Zhuang recommended LNP voters give their second preference to One Nation candidate Alexey Chekhunov, a property management company and migration agent, ahead of Labor and the Greens. One Nation's founder Pauline Hanson's maiden speech to federal Parliament infamously declared Australia was 'in danger of being swamped by Asians'.

Mr Zhuang is the founder and managing director of the Bristar group, a property management company which also lists migration services on its website.

'Over the years, relying on the advantages of the group, it has provided a one-stop service for new migrants to settle in Australia.'

In 2017, he established a 'Chinese Heritage Branch' for the LNP, which is only open to Chinese people.

Mr Zhuang's personal Facebook page in March 2013 also had a message in Mandarin which urged Communist China to more aggressively spread its influence from the South China Sea to northern Asia and Australia.

'I urge the Chinese government to follow the law and promote the "strike hard" and "suppression" overseas, starting with neighbouring countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan, and gradually spreading to the Americas, Europe and Australia, so that people of all ethnic groups will feel China's presence,' he wrote.

In October 2015, Mr Zhuang appeared at a community event in Brisbane to mark the arrival of the Chinese People's Liberation Army naval Peace Ark hospital ship.

'We thank the Chinese government for giving us this opportunity so that overseas Chinese can have a sense of the motherland,' he said.

 >:(Well surprise! surprise! Chinks “white anting“ the place from the inside?! Didn’t Australia fix this problem 150 years back?
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 02 December 2020 at 06:09
China Demands Apology from ‘Evil’ Australia for Outrage at Fake Soldier Murder Photo



Excerpt: The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China, demanded an apology on Tuesday from the government of Australia for the latter taking offense to a falsified image, published by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, depicting an Australian soldier beheading a child.

The image, published on Twitter by Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, was a reference to the results of an investigation Australia did on its own military’s activities in Afghanistan. Australia joined the war in Afghanistan in support of the United States after the jihadist attacks of September 11, 2001. The report confirmed dozens of unlawful civilian killings conducted by Australian soldiers who will face justice in Canberra.

China does not conduct similar reviews of the human rights records of its own military, despite outrageous reports of abuses in places like the Chinese-Indian border, where People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers reportedly used clubs wrapped in barbed wire to kill Indian counterparts this summer.

Twitter has not labeled Zhao’s post as manipulated media despite Chinese officials confirming that the image is not an authentic photo of an Australian soldier killing a child.

In response, Chinese state media, administered and edited by members of the Communist Party, are demanding Australia apologize for being offended.

Image Source: https://newaustralianbulletin.com/2020/11/30/china-is-so-full-of-tweet

Quote from: Private
Having wooed China with every expectation it could stick its finger wherever it liked in our national body, to please the Americans, Morrison’s government suddenly turned frigid. Having become upset over our recalcitrance on key issues such as China spying on us, buying into sensitive infrastructure, and infecting the world with its Kung Flu, the communist dictatorship has been ragging Australian trade and taking cheap, adolescent swipes at us.

It reminds us of that sketch in the Monty Python classic The Holy Grail, in which John Cleese dressed as a French knight goads Arthur and his coconut-clapping litter with churlish insults.




Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 03 December 2020 at 04:47
Australia is a complete bitch of a country. All the government here will do is accept China's control of Australian universities, and takeover of Australian land, resources and economy. Even when there's industrial and political espionage, including general hacking from China shutting down private and government agencies, and a biological attack on Australia from China ... all Australia does is cry about its economy, cross its fingers and hope for the best.

The mocking cartoons put out by the Chinese government are the acts of a kindergarten bully; but Australia's indignant whining reveals how gutless and toothless Australia really is. If Australia's government really had some balls, it would cut all trade to China. Something that you, and I, and China know full well.

China dictates Australia's future. And friends don't mean shite when you've got softcocks like Boris Johnson in the UK and piss weak Biden in the US running the show. Nothing short of a bloody revolution will save Australia from its democratically elected governing elitist filth.

China attacks Australia with new cartoons and warns of 'lasting punishments' due to 'arrogant narcissist Australian Prime Minister' - but the US vows to stand by our side


China has warned of 'lasting punishments' if Australia continues its public criticism of the the superpower, as the trade and diplomatic stoush between the countries intensifies.

The warning was issued in an editorial piece by the Global Times, a mouthpiece for the communist government, after relations between both nations hit a new low this week.

It comes as US president-elect Joe Biden's national security advisor vowed the country would stand 'shoulder to shoulder' with Australia. BULLSHIT BIDEN!


Twitter on Tuesday rejected Canberra’s calls to remove a Beijing official’s gruesome tweet targeting Australian troops, choosing instead to stand with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).


AFP reports Twitter said it had since marked the tweet as “sensitive,” but added comments on topical political issues or “foreign policy sabre-rattling” by official government accounts were generally not in violation of its rules.

REVEALED: The alarming level of Chinese ownership of Australia - from cattle stations, to ports and even our WATER



A Chinese property developer has gone to ground after locals were booted from beaches on a pristine Whitsundays island paradise they call home.



For the past decade, China has been Australia's biggest trading partner - responsible for 32.6% of its exports.

The next biggest trading partners are Japan and the US, but they pale in comparison to the money paid by China.

Australia has an enviable supply of iron ore, making it useful to China's industrial development.

Education, tourism, agriculture and wine have also proved lucrative in the Asian market.

Related: China overtakes the US to become EU's biggest trade partner as Beijing's economy continues to boom post-Covid while the rest of the world slides into the red

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 03 December 2020 at 13:17
For understanding what is happening here,we must find Klassen's explanation in Natures Eternal Religion,chapter about Racial Socialism where he gave example of Hutterites who works without private property. The Chinese have collective approximately as Whites in number and they are united with high IQ. Yes they have marxism but also Hutterites have Christianity and both rejected something of two jewish teachenings and have success. Racial loyalty is reality,Chinks will establish their order in Australia among Whites as Whites did among Aborigines. It is pure kind of RaHoWa,racial loyalty without compromise with Whites or not,racial divisions are reality.  The difference is only that Whites do not have such strong collective,we are divided on nations,language,religions instead of unification as race.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 03 December 2020 at 19:42
For understanding what is happening here,we must find Klassen's explanation in Natures Eternal Religion,chapter about Racial Socialism where he gave example of Hutterites who works without private property. The Chinese have collective approximately as Whites in number and they are united with high IQ. Yes they have marxism but also Hutterites have Christianity and both rejected something of two jewish teachenings and have success. Racial loyalty is reality,Chinks will establish their order in Australia among Whites as Whites did among Aborigines. It is pure kind of RaHoWa,racial loyalty without compromise with Whites or not,racial divisions are reality.  The difference is only that Whites do not have such strong collective,we are divided on nations,language,religions instead of unification as race.

Australia expelled Asians 150 years ago because they worked for $0 and drove down living standards. You can’t compete with them!

Our “Baby boomers” are retiring and need funds to do that . They sell property to them and assets , they often demolish their old house and put up two smaller ones on the block to accomodate usually either Indian or Asian people. They then retire in Thailand with $$$$. Get a young, Asian wife and die. The rest of us pick up the pieces!

People like Asian partners because they shut up and don’t rock the boat. The same reason why businesses employ them. Just as long as you keep paying them.

Whites will complain and fight back.
Our women are equal to us and have the same common ancestors. I am dating a woman with Irish heritage and they are the only people to fight off the British empire and win. They have to be tough! It’s in their blood to Fight.
They’ve been fighting 600 years and they’ll fight 600 more.

You could say whites are some what divided But certain Asians hate each other too. In Malaysia and Indonesia the locals hate the Chinese and they are racist to them.
There are discriminatory rules against ethnic enclaves and University placements.

China has 1/4 of Earth’s people. They are “insect people “
Who swarm everything and work for nothing!

Now you see nobody trusts China. They’ll back India instead though. Indians and Chinese are “the new Jews”!

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 04 December 2020 at 00:07
As long as politicians fail to 'show any spine' Australia won't belong to the people


I am dating a woman with Irish heritage and they are the only people to fight off the British empire and win. They have to be tough! It’s in their blood to Fight.
They’ve been fighting 600 years and they’ll fight 600 more.

You don't know history very well. I do, and you know I stand opposed to Irish dictated historical re-evaluation and its following political correctness as "victims of colonialism". I could tell you all about it here, but this is not the place. I'll tell you in person.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 06 December 2020 at 08:02
Presenting the Chinese Yella Terror



China's message to the world ...
"You obey! You obey now! Or we kill kid long time."

Chinese Media: ‘Western Whites’ in Australia Racist for Outrage over Child Killer Graphic

Gabrielle Reyes | Breitbart (https://www.breitbart.com/) | 4 December 2020


China’s state-run Global Times on Thursday blamed “Western white” racism for Australians’ objection to the Chinese foreign ministry publishing a doctored image of an Australian soldier holding a knife to a child’s throat.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian posted the image to his official Twitter account on November 29.

“Shocked by murder of Afghan civilians & prisoners by Australian soldiers. We strongly condemn such acts, &call for holding them accountable [sic],” Zhao wrote in an accompanying message.

The post was China’s response to a recently released Australian military inquiry into alleged war crimes committed by members of Australia’s special forces in Afghanistan from 2005-2016. The report recommends that 19 troops be criminally investigated for the “unlawful killing” of 39 prisoners and civilians.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison denounced the fake photo as an “outrageous and disgusting slur” at a press conference on Monday. He demanded a formal apology for the post by the Chinese government and that Twitter remove the image from its platform.

“The logic behind Morrison’s moves is quite simple: The West can do anything it wants, but non-Westerners are not allowed,” the Global Times wrote on December 4.

“This is the consistent style of Western whites: The West must always be in a superior status and position. With such a mentality, they never accept the idea that other races can enjoy equality. Feeling superior to others, they believe the West must take control of each and every thing, be it the economy or technology [sic],” the Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece continued.

“Morrison didn’t say anything when European and American media outlets reported Australian troops’ misconduct with words like ‘war crimes’ (as the criticism came from the West). But he reacted fiercely when a Chinese diplomat condemned the brutal murder,” the Global Times noted.

“As they cannot hold colonies anymore, they attempt to spiritually colonize others with their so-called universal values of democracy and human rights. However, the West’s narrow-minded moralistic tricks cannot last except in deceiving Westerners,” the newspaper claimed.

The newspaper further defended the image on Monday, dismissing Canberra’s demand for an apology as “an attempt to divert public attention from Australia’s inhumane crimes in Afghanistan.”

A Jew tells us that White people having babies is "White Nationalist" behaviour, because apparently, it's NOT ALRIGHT TO BE WHITE.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 06 December 2020 at 12:51
Like these Chink
M.F’s can really talk about being humane?!

Treat animals like rubbish in a cruel way!
- They have one child policy and throw girls in the dumpster.
- They push around neighbours in :- Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet
- Microwave Indian troops.
- Human rights abuses in Tianaminh square and to Uieger Muslims.

The only people that like them are:- North Korea and the African and Pacific third world states they bought as friends!

We fed them with our jobs and we created a monster! We knew they were trouble 150 years ago and got expelled from here for driving living standards down for working for $0 and being hard to compete with.

We got seduced by their wealth and sold too much to them.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 06 December 2020 at 20:16
We fed them with our jobs and we created a monster! We knew they were trouble 150 years ago and got expelled from here for driving living standards down for working for $0 and being hard to compete with.

Communism is system where you must buy house to your members in state if you are capable for that. It is free and forced work without payment to you. This is reason why they work for low price because it is normal according to them in the name of collectivist benefit. As I see in mainstream policy,each class support themselves without looking consequences for our civilization. According to golden rule of Creativity,each problems must be looked through White man's point of view. It means that business who are not competent to pay enough white worker must be prohibited. I think that minimal wage must existed but only on real values,not too high and unreal. We mus look that each White class live good in White society without segregation because it wil destroy our civilization.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 06 December 2020 at 20:25
We fed them with our jobs and we created a monster! We knew they were trouble 150 years ago and got expelled from here for driving living standards down for working for $0 and being hard to compete with.

Communism is system where you must buy house to your members in state if you are capable for that. It is free and forced work without payment to you. This is reason why they work for low price because it is normal according to them in the name of collectivist benefit. As I see in mainstream policy,each class support themselves without looking consequences for our civilization. According to golden rule of Creativity,each problems must be looked through White man's point of view. It means that business who are not competent to pay enough white worker must be prohibited. I think that minimal wage must existed but only on real values,not too high and unreal. We mus look that each White class live good in White society without segregation because it wil destroy our civilization.


A human trafficking-style network is feeding international workers to Australian farms, where they’re being exploited, mistreated and threatened – all for less than $10 an hour, explosive allegations reveal.

Mr D, a man in his 50s from Inner Mongolia, is now blowing the lid on his experience on one of New South Wales’ biggest horticulture farms.

Mr D, who asked not to be named for fear of repercussions, came to Australia in July 2018 and has been doing cash-in-hand jobs on farms while applying for a bridging visa

His most recent experience was so bad it has forced him to come forward.

“This is horrible. It should not happen in a civilised country like Australia,” he told The New Daily through a translator.

The farm near Coffs Harbour employs about 50 workers and they are forced to start at 6am every day and pick until 6pm.

In summer, they work until 9pm.

There are no days off, not even breaks.

“There’s no rest on Sunday or Saturday, whatsoever,” he said.

Mr D took the picking job at the farm after seeing an advertisement in a Chinese language group on Facebook.

It promised good working conditions and hourly pay, but the reality was very different

He did two stints on the farm – the first last year and then, desperate for money and lured back with promises that conditions had improved, again this year, for 100 days.

On the farm, there are only five toilets for 50 people, and if workers don’t get up early enough, they have to go in the greenhouses, next to the crops.

“It looks so dirty because they don’t have a toilet. So workers pee on the vegetables and you know, they have poo everywhere,” Mr D said.

“It’s horrible.”

The showers are the same. There are only 10, so to get one you have to line up early. The doors don’t work. There’s no privacy.

$50,000 for a job

The farm owner, who has connections in China, only employs Chinese workers, many from poor areas who have been brought over on the promise of making big dollars in Australia.

“The master of the farm, he gets agents to go to mainland China to Hubei province and  Fujian province, poor places in China,” Mr D said.

“Those workers have to pay the traffic agents or the farmer a large sum of money to come to Australia to be exploited like this.

“I know at least three people who paid 250,000 yuan to come to work in this farm. This is equivalent to 50,000 Australian dollars.”

Many on the farm don’t know their rights, are scared of the outside world and are abused by the farm owner, who threatens them with deportation, he said.

Workers share steel containers that are eight square metres. They’re blistering hot in summer and freezing in winter.

The workers are careful in their conversations with each other – if they dob in someone who is considering leaving or complaining, they are awarded in their pay.

They have no idea what the outside is like, so they wouldn’t leave because they are very afraid of the outside world,” he said.

Because he spoke up, Mr D got $10 an hour, but he said some of the workers received as little as $8.

Workers on hourly rates are often asked to lie or sign forms with incorrect hours, and some on piece rates don’t even know how much they should be paid.

A growing plague

Farm work has become a contentious issue over the past few months, with farmers and government crying out for boots on the ground, suggesting a labour shortage of backpackers means this year’s harvest will go to waste.

But Australians are struggling to get jobs in the industry, with job seekers reporting farmers are turning them down because they’re not “as exploitable” as foreigners.

Australian Workers Union national secretary Daniel Walton said Mr D’s story, while shocking, is not surprising.

“The industry has tried to paint it as a picture of a few bad apples. It’s not the case,” Mr Walton said.

He said dodgy farmers, along with labour-hire companies, were running similar operations around the country

“A lot of them get their passports taken off them. They’re intimidated. They’ve got limited time out to purchase food and veggies. They are kept and treated like slaves, and pawned like slaves,” he told TND.

“They’re sold on a promise of obviously much higher wages, better conditions, support to transition into other visa types. The reality is none of that happens.”

The horticulture industry has been allowed to run wild.

The government program designed to ensure workers are not exploited, Fair Farms, has only had 30 sign up – and the process is largely self-regulated.

Despite this, the government has pushed ahead with its campaign to get unemployed workers – including gap-year students – out onto Australia’s hardest workspace.

The AWU wants change. In a letter sent to the Prime Minister, Mr Walton has urged him to launch a royal commission into the industry.

“Australia’s horticultural sector has become characterised by a culture of exploitation, abuse and wage theft such that illegality is now a business model,” it reads.

“The majority of horticulture workers in Australia are captive to exploitation at the hands of criminal enterprises – and it has become a national disgrace

Every empire is built on slavery! When Australians are denied jobs in their own nation because they aren’t as exploitable as Asians, there is something wrong!

Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
Post by: Private on 09 December 2020 at 19:25

Wine lovers are calling for a boycott of Chinese-owned Australian vineyards as tensions over Beijing's bullying tactics continues to escalate
A list of 41 vineyards circulating on social media showing just how many Sino-owned wineries are operating in Australia has outraged local wine enthusiasts

China imposed a 200 per cent tariff on Australian wine last week which threatens to cripple the $6billion industry.

The authoritarian state continues to punish Canberra for speaking out on its human rights record - with bans imposed on Australian barley, timbre, lobster, coal, cotton, beef and lamb.

Beijing is also still enraged that Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for an independent inquiry into the Covid-19 pandemic, which originated in Wuhan.

Now, many Australians are asking locals to steer clear of wineries that are on the list
The list circulating online indicates the vast majority of Chinese-owned wineries are in Victoria and South Australia.

However, it is unclear how definitive the list is and there may be more those who compiled it are not aware of.

Most social media user couldn't believe how many wine makers are actually owned by Chinese interests.

'No wonder some Aussies always say the government is selling the country to China,' one person wrote.

Another said: 'Aussie winemakers have been teaching the Chinese how to make wine for years. For what, to screw us over?'

'The Chinese people don't trust their own Government, why should we. Quite frankly we have been taken for suckers for the sake of the almighty dollar. Have we learnt anything yet? I doubt it.'

But one social media user pointed out 'it’s run by Aussie workers though, and Aussie workers are still getting paid.

For years we have been told to accept Asians and embrace China. Now we know we can’t trust them and we realise we are turning into “Chindia”! All of a sudden these “do gooders” turn and want to boycott China.

Think about it though was it ever smart for a democracy to sell so much off to the Commies? They never shared our values and their game plan was always to “White ant” our home! We learned that lesson 150 years ago in Lambing Flat.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? China building ‘military base’ on an island 200km off the Australian coast


Australia also gives millions per year in foreign aid to Papua New Guinea. Cut off PNG. And as for that shitty little island that the Chinks want, bomb it into the ocean.
Title: Re: Stop the Asian Invasion: Chinese Takeover of Australia - Politicians 4 Sale
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From Australia first newsletter 7/1/21

The ‘Big Australia’ Agenda
Mark F.
The Big Australia Agenda, which the country has been lumbered with since the LNP won the election in September 2013, has destroyed Australia's social fabric. In the process, it has transformed scores of suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne into culturally-insular colonies.
Admin Edit (https://creativityalliance.com/forum/staff/):  Correction - The Big Australia agenda began with the Hawke/Keating Labor Government of the late 80's, and was dramatically extended under the Howard Liberal Government of 1996. A decade prior to that in the 70's, it was the Whitlam/Fraser Labor/Liberal Governments that - without a legal mandate - abolished the remnants of the White Australia and began to import Asians and Arabs, and begin building the ghettoes.
In early 2015, the NSW-LNP government, a criminal cartel that was wilfully facilitating an agenda, proclaimed that mass-immigration would sustain its economic accords. Sometime later that year, I christened the three most senior members of this government - Mike Baird as the premier, Gladys Berijiklian as the Treasurer and Andrew Constance as its Development Minister - as being the Troika to impose the program.
This high-powered endeavour was part of a three-pronged consortium, which included its counterparts in the Federal government that was working in devoted lock-step with the Greater Sydney Commission [GSC]. At that time, the GSC’s Chief Commissionaire was the former Lord Mayor of Sydney - Lucy Turnbull. Effectively, the Federal government and State government of NSW, and the Greater Sydney Commission was an insidious triumvirate sought to invoke the requirements of big business and the major property developers to institute the Big Australia Agenda.
This conspiracy began when Lucy Turnbull was the Lord Mayor of Sydney 2003 - 2004.  Lucy Turnbull as the Lord Mayor of Sydney entered into arrangements with property developers, such as Harry Triguboff and Lendlease to put the development of Sydney into overdrive. Over these past seven years, Sydney has become a city of towers.
When Mike Baird became the State’s premier in April 2014, this former, high-flying merchant banker pushed this scheme.
The LNP Federal government at the federal level preached and organized mass-immigration, the crucial ingredient required to spawn the BAA.
Within a year of the LNP winning the Federal election in September 2013, it increased the overall migrant intake by 25%. And two years later in October 2016, the government had doubled the overall intake of migrants. The overall intake of migrants, entails coupling up both the permanent and temporary aspects. With regards to the temporary categories, one of the principal facets of this, ramped-up by the Abbot, Turnbull and Morrison, was the intake of international students [ISs]. Apropos to ISs, when the LNP won office in September 2013 there were 519,000 in Australia. But by the end of 2019 this number had skyrocketed to 950,000. Thanks to COVID-19, this has fallen to 850,000 but this number is still extraordinarily high.
The Butterfly Effects (Causes & Effects) operate. Here are just two aspects that have destroyed Australia’s social fabric:
International students.
Consider the the 850,000 ISs in Australia with the number in the United States which has a bit less than 1.2 million, about 25% more in total than Australia. However, the US has a population that is 13 times that of Australia’s. Thus, for the US to have a comparable number of ISs to that of Australia’s, would require it to have about 11 million. Alternatively, for Australia to have a comparable number of ISs to that of the US, equates to a tad more than 93,000!
Investment Facilitation Agreement.
Other categories of temporary migrants to mention are the (now defunct) 457 visas, which in 2018 accrued to be 95,000. Another temp-category entails the 35,000 Chinese who got into Australia and, indeed are still in the country on what is the Investment Facilitation Agreement (IFA) category. These are part of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, or the ChAFTA. The Chinese made it an unconditional prerequisite that in exchange for capital from China channelling into property developments, these investors could import their own labour forces from China for construction developments. The percentage of workers that could be utilised in these IFA processes was to be capped at a maximum of 25% of workers.
An outline of the details of the IFA can be found in the piece by Peter Martin (Sydney Morning Herald) going back 5˝ years:
Australia-China free trade agreement favours Chinese (sic) investors
First off, they aren’t investors, but are better described as requisitionists. Martin’s piece will make it obvious that Australia was sold-down-the-drain by a cohort of corrupt politicians who facilitated Chinese investment via the ChAFTA to feather their nests. The prime affiliate with this is none other than that despicable criminal in Andrew Robb.
All up, in whatever temporary visa classification (which is akin to a canasta deck of cards) there was according to Natasha Bita in an article in The Australian near the end of 2017, some 1.9 million people in Australia on temporary work visas. That’s right folks, 1.9 million. A significant part of that number were back-packers, which may have been in the vicinity of 300,000. But most significantly there were close to 800,000 ISs in that consortium.
However, two years later at the end of 2019, the 1.9 million had increased to 2.2million. But that number is again down to 1.9 million again, due to COVID-19.
Of course, being in Australia on a temp-visa unquestionably means the great majority of them are struggling to survive. This is most assuredly so, with those 170,000 who are here on student-visas from the Subcontinent. All of which is greatly exacerbated because 80% of them are up to their eyeballs in debt with having borrowed extraordinary sums of money (in comparison to what they might possibly earn a year in their countries of origin) to pay for their student fees.
Obviously, the overwhelming percentage of all these temp-migrants are from non-European sources. Thus, it is no wonder then that non-Europeans on buses and trains account for anything between 50-90% of all the passengers you will observe. Almost any train heading into the Sydney CBD on Saturday and Sunday mornings between 6am - 8.30 am will show that non-Europeans, between the ages of 20 to 25, almost always account for a clear majority of travellers.
By the time these trains depart Town Hall they have all but vanished. No doubt, they’ve headed off to one of the menial jobs in the Central/Haymarket/Town Hall precinct working in restaurants/cafes, or as cleaners. But moreover, they would have been paid under-award rates of pay. Also, most will be paid cash-in-the-hand in the case of ISs working beyond the 20 hours that their visas permit them to work.
Regarding the issues nominated in the prior paragraph, all of these disasters that now prevail are the direct consequences of collusions of the Federal and State government and the GSC from their Big Australia Agenda. We now face a new set of crises of employment and conditions as Aussies try to re-enter the post coronavirus job market