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Title: Reds Chase Australian Prime Minister - Again
Post by: Private on 12 October 2020 at 08:28
If I ever see the Prime Minister - whomever or whatever it is that's the Prime Minister - I'm going to chase them, trash their car, and show them some WHITE POWER! Why? Because assaulting Australia's Prime Minister isn't a crime; it's a Right! After all, when Abos and Reds chased Gillard flashing BLACK POWER salutes and screaming threats of murder, that was considered OK. And again it was Reds chasing Morrison. No arrests, just congratulations given by the MSM.

What's good for Red and Black is surely good for the White? And one thing this country needs is a good dose of WHITE POWER! :ok

Shocking moment Scott Morrison is abused and chased into a police van by refugee protesters who splashed his car with red paint

 * Security guards flanked Scott Morrison as they rushed him to a police car
 * As he fled the angry refugee protestors called the PM a 'coward' and 'scum'
 * Up to 50 protestors gathered while the PM examined a COVID-19 vaccine trial
 * After protestors splashed red paint on his Mr Morrison's BMW, police arrived
 * Officers drove him away from the protest while activists chased car on foot

Title: Re: Reds Chase Australian Prime Minister - Again
Post by: Private on 05 December 2021 at 19:37

A left-wing activist says a gang of Nazi skinheads tried to kick in the door of his home and demanded he come outside as they shouted 'terrifying' threats

University of Technology Sydney researcher Paddy Gibson claims three 'skinheads' tried to break into his home about 7.30pm on Saturday while he was with his partner

He is also an activist with the Solidarity socialist group and a leading organiser of the local Black Lives Matter movement.

The attackers began to smash in the front door before ripping the security grill off a window frame, then shattering the glass window with a chair

Paddy Gibson (pictured in 2020) works as a University of Technology Sydney
researcher and is a Race-Traitor with Solidarity - a university based Marxist Hate-Group
opposed to White Australians and demands Australia be turned over to Abo Rule

'Three skinheads with Eureka flag shirts came to the door, shouting my name, demanding I come out. It was terrifying,' Mr Gibson said.

'Thankfully my kids were at my parents' place.'

The attackers were eventually left after about five minutes when he threatened to call the police and as neighbours started noticing the commotion.

Mr Gibson said he's grateful the community rallied to his side because officers didn't show up for about 30 minutes

'The police are aware that I have received death threats before in the lead up to major Black Lives Matter rallies due to a prominent organising role, but this is a significant escalation from the far right,' he said.

'I can only assume that some sections of the far right are feeling emboldened by the situation here and overseas to go on the attack like this.

'But we won't be intimidated and are even more determined to organise against racism

The protest organiser said people in his multicultural community were 'outraged' that Nazi groups could be so brazen

'There is no place for Nazis in this community and there will be an even greater organised response to any attempt by the far right to threaten or intimidate anyone,' he said.

ASIO chief Mike Burgess told a Senate estimates hearing in May that political extremism was now 'approaching 50 per cent of our priority counter-terrorism onshore caseload'.

'This reflects a growing international trend, as well as ASIO's decision to allocate more resources to the threat

Adjunct Professor George Newhouse, the chief executive of the left-wing National Justice Project, said authorities must take stronger action against far-right extremists.

'Governments around Australia have failed to take the threat of violent racist and militant groups seriously and this is the end result,' he said

'In the US, we have seen lives lost because of the demonization of the Black Lives Matter movement by the right
'It's time for our leaders to heed the calls for racial justice and protect those who are calling for change

 :-\ Smash!..Smash!Ö..Smash the reds !Ö your gunna get done by Skinheads!  Well I didnít see this sort of media coverage when Commies broke into Jim Saleamís house and attacked him with a hammer?! The BLM movement is something Australia needn't have! It psychs up Coons and Reds together to the point they chimp out and trash stuff!
Title: Re: Reds Chase Australian Prime Minister - Again
Post by: Private on 06 December 2021 at 00:01

A left-wing activist says a gang of Nazi skinheads tried to kick in the door of his home and demanded he come outside as they shouted 'terrifying' threats

I call BULLSHIT! That Red bastard probably just wanted a bit of free advertising for himself - or ASIO has determined it's time for some media for their own anti-White purposes and put him up to it. Hence the raving about Australian and American "Right Wing" violence and "death."

Australian skinheads are not activists and don't give a F! about Race-Traitors, Reds or Niggers. In their own words, the White Race is dead - the only thing left to do is to party like it's 1988. They sing about Race-Traitors, Reds and Niggers, but the only people that they oppose are genuine White Activists they think take recruits away from their MUSIC & FASHION SCENE. Take away their music, and they are nothing!
Title: Re: Reds Chase Australian Prime Minister - Again
Post by: Private on 27 January 2022 at 20:13

Religious leaders are calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to extend the same values of his Christian faith to the 70 asylum seekers indefinitely detained in Melbourne.

Based on a newly-produced video highlighting Mr Morrison’s apparent contradictory stances on showing compassion to others, the #SetThemFree campaign is spearheaded by Anglican Bishop Philip Huggins, Imam Alaa Elzokm, Rabbi Shamir Caplan and Harold Zwier, with signatures from more than 30 Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh leaders

The video appears to portray the Prime Minister as a hypocrite whose actions as a politician do not align with his public statements on the importance of standing “on the side of the poor and the hungry

It includes excerpts from his previous speeches and comes after Novak Djokovic’s deportation briefly shone a spotlight on Australia’s treatment of refugees.

“A wave of compassion went around the country when the unexpected presence of Novak Djokovic at the Park Hotel highlighted the plight of those who’ve been in detention for years,” Reverend Huggins told The New Daily

“This campaign really continues the concern that everybody felt in their heart about the plight of those people.”

The campaign video is narrated by Reverend Tim Costello, who argues that Australia treats dogs better than it treats refugees.

The video presents viewers with a series of quotes from the Prime Minister about the Christian values of “loving kindness”, alongside claims that Australia’s detention of asylum seekers is breaching international laws on torture and inhuman treatment

Roughly 70 asylum seekers who were brought to the mainland to receive medical treatment are currently being detained at the Park Hotel or the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation facility (MITA).

One 25-year-old asylum seeker at MITA, who asked not to be named for fear of retribution by guards, said he’s been scarred for life after years of detention on Christmas Island, on Nauru and, now, in the suburbs of Melbourne.

“I’ve been jailed for nine years for no reason – just because I’m a refugee,” he told TND

 :angel I guess showing “love and kindness” to these people means some kind of lawless “free for all”?! They are in detention because they broke the law and have no right being here!