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Author Topic: Public Transport - Racism by Choice - Are You a Victim of Multiculturalism?

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IN THE last two weeks, we’ve been confronted with more evidence of racism in Australia, plastered across the internet as uploaded videos and leaked emails. 
On one end of the class spectrum, a young Brisbane man named Kader Boumzar was videoed abusing a security guard on public transport.

On the other a senior University of Sydney academic and Abbott government consultant, Prof Barry Spurr was found to have been sending numerous racist and offensive emails.

From academic institutions to train carriages, there is no escaping it: I am, you are, we are racist Australians.
Buses, trains and trams are all apparently a fertile breeding ground for redneck bigotry, and now it seems so is the quadrangle of one of our finest universities.

These public transport attacks are now occurring with such regularity that we cannot ignore them. Public transport has become an isolated space. Earbuds in, faces directed to smart phones and iPads, and these loud violent attacks jolt us out of shared silence.

For those people at the receiving end of the abuse, what is so heartbreaking is the grim acceptance on their faces; that this is something they just have to endure until their stop.

These are people who are part of our culture, our society. They’re either just trying to do their jobs, or get home from them.

Yet when it comes to the perpetrators, it’s so easy to turn them into convenient scapegoats. I’m guilty of it.

I watched the video of Mr Boumzar attack Joe the security guard, or the middle aged woman attacking the Asian woman and the man she thought to be her white boyfriend, or the racist Gold Coast women that attacked an Aboriginal man (I could go on with more examples).

Each time, my initial reaction was to criticise their ignorance, their lack of class, status and etiquette. “Stupid bogans,” I thought, “What an embarrassment to the rest of us.”

If I’m honest though, I don’t know that I could have the courage to stand up for Joe and intervene. I loathe confrontation in public spaces, especially when loud “bogans” are involved. I like my face the way it is.

Here, in the safe space of an opinion piece, I can form an argument, decry ignorant young Boumzar. On the train though, would I have to courage to stand up and say, “Leave him alone”?

I don’t know. How much do I care about racism in this country? Enough to do something about it when it’s truly difficult, or just in the aftermath, behind the safety of my laptop screen?

The assumed social class of these train attackers is a convenient way to blame their behaviour and ignore the deep undercurrent of racism in Australia that leads to behaviour like this.

Mr Boumzar is not evil, just an ignorant punk who is responding to the influences around him. He deserved to be lead off in handcuffs, and will face charges for his crime.

However, I’m not innocent either. It’s easy to turn Boumzar and others into loudmouth racists in Guy Fawkes in Southern Cross board shorts; it’s a lot more difficult to blame more than just a lack of education or class.

Which is why the Professor Spurr incident is so revealing. This is not a man in a tracksuit on a train, but a senior academic, an educated man of letters that has directly influenced our national curriculum, a lover of poetry, with friends in high places.

:'( Well if they don't want racism, don't have multiculturalism as this is the root of racism! Oh those bloody white "Bogan" Australians! Always grizzling about non whites. They should just "shut up and be happy" !Doesn't he understand that the Baby boomers want to sell Australia off for retirement money and have some cheap labour here? I mean who cares about the Next generations of Aussies who have to compete with foreigners for everything? Why would they grizzle so much? :-\ :( :o ???
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Australia's new race shame: Stunned passenger films woman hurling abuse at female commuter in latest unprovoked hate-filled attack

A woman launched a racist rant at a fellow train passenger on Friday
She screamed at an Asian woman in an offensive and inappropriate tirade
Called her a 'Chinese f******* w****' while yelling in her victim's face
A witness said the woman did nothing to provoke her attacker

Freya Noble | Daily Mail Australia | 24 August, 2014

A racist rant which took place on an inner-city train on Friday afternoon has been captured on video by a shocked witness.

The attack took place in Perth this time, when an Aboriginal woman was seen yelling abusively at a woman of Asian descent. [more ...]

Aboriginals in racially-motivated attacks on whites

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