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Author Topic: Muslims Upset at "Racist" Stickers in THEIR Locality

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Muslims Upset at "Racist" Stickers in THEIR Locality
« on: 30 August 2015 at 14:54 »

A mother has been left appalled after her son discovered 'combat Islamic takeover' stickers while playing in a park in Melbourne's north east.

The woman and child were waiting for a bus at Olympic village reserve in Heidelberg West on Monday morning when the young boy innocently retrieved the offensive material plastered over the playground by an anti-Islam group, who call themselves 'Combat 18' after a neo-Nazi organisation.

He immediately raised questions with his mother.

'His exact words when giving it to me: "They are going to kill us, aren't they?" She posted to Facebook.
She said that students at Monash University in Melbourne's south east had seen similar posters around the campus with the slogan, 'save the white race.'

'In the last few days, I have seen a few incidents of stickers being discovered,' Ms Veiszadeh told Daily Mail Australia.

'We are particularly concerned about the discovery of such material at a playground frequented by children from a variety of ethnically diverse backgrounds.

'The younger generation do not understand it at all and ask the question, "why would someone hate us?"

'Islamophobia has devastating consequences for the entire community but its impact on children and young people, whom are particularly vulnerable, is quite worrying.

'I always get shocked when I see incidents like this reported.

'It begs the question - what role do we adults play in fostering an environment in which bigotry and prejudice can flourish.'

Being C18 and Melbourne .. are you thinking .. that a very notorious clown there is responsible for this?

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Re: Muslims Upset at "Racist" Stickers in THEIR Locality
« Reply #1 on: 31 August 2015 at 00:49 »
Being C18 and Melbourne .. are you thinking .. that a very notorious clown there is responsible for this?

Yes, same old shoddy stickers from the same old clown, doing the bidding of mass media and protected by Victoria Police. We will not be naming the clown here, but my wish is for that clown to be named by the media circus so that its name be attached to Combat 18 and permanently disconnected from the good name of Creativity.

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