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Author Topic: MSM Cricket Commentator Accused of Racism #AUSvsSA

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MSM Cricket Commentator Accused of Racism #AUSvsSA
« on: 08 November 2016 at 10:49 »
 How many assumptions are made every day in mainstream media that this or that WHITE Australians and Americans are half witted BOGANS or  REDNECKS? Dumb Irish? Drunken Scots? Imperialist English? All Germans are Nazis? All Russians are murderous Commies?

Screw the PC offended!


Outrage over veteran Channel Nine and ex-cricket star Ian Chappell’s ‘racist’ comment about SA hero Kagiso Rabada

Daily Telegraph c/of Adelaide Advertiser | 8 November 2016

Extract: FORMER Australian Test captain Ian Chappell has come under fire for a comment that has offended South African viewers watching the first Test at the WACA.

Chappell was full of praise for the talented 21-year-old and joined fellow commentator Ian Healy in labelling the quick a future superstar of the game.

He said he was stunned by Rabada’s raw talent and pace at such a young age.

When Healy asked him how Rabada could have developed such speed in his bowling, Chappell replied: “You’d have to ask all the batsman in his village”.

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