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Author Topic: Film: Sudanese Kicking Whitey at a Train Station in Melbourne-Australia

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Your video to share:

You'll see a White bloke getting kicked repeatedly in the head by a group of Sudanese and a couple of Asians going past which are left untouched,  who of course don't bother to help.

Quote from: Private
GRAPHIC footage of a youth's brutal bashing at a train station shows three attackers taking turns to kick him in the head.

Detectives investigating the vicious assault say they are appalled by the level of violence, which left the 23-year-old man from Sunshine in Melbourne's west with serious head injuries.

The man was beaten even after he handed over the backpack that appeared to be the motive behind the gang-attack.

Transit detective Mark Sontag said he believed even the trio’s mates and family would not hesitate to turn them in, given the nature of the assault, the Herald Sun reports.

The disturbing footage shows the slightly-built youth’s head bouncing on the concrete walls of the underpass as he is kicked time and time again by three men of African appearance, even after slumping to the ground unconscious.

Afterwards, one of the attackers appears to clap his hands in what appears to be a celebration of the sickening assault.

“Even the perpetrators families’ would be disgusted by this,” he said.

Police said there was nothing of real value in the victim’s bag.

According to the police the unemployed Sunshine man was kicked unconscious and left for dead in the Sunshine Railway Station underpass at 12.10am on Tuesday morning.

The victim initially tried to ignore the three attackers as they tried to engage him in conversation on the train and the platform, before surrounding him and knocking him to the ground.

“This is a pretty appalling attack on a vulnerable young man who was by himself at the Sunshine railway station,” Sen-Constable Sontag said.

I've had similar happen to me, but from behind and in Brisbane. When I woke up, the police threatened me with charges of Racial Vilification IF I reported it.

Welcome to multicultural Australia.  :rahowa

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This is sick, this proves they are animals. We could use this to our advantage though. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

"Less than Human" is only the beginning of how we can describe niggers.

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This is sick, this proves they are animals. We could use this to our advantage though. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

Any white person who is not aroused and angered when seeing that footage is not worth a Creator's breath.

One day we'll see Youtube footage of an Autralian Creator caught on camera dealing with such a pack of nigger predators properly, like Crocodile Dundee dispatched those street niggers that accosted him during his visit to Jew York City. Once they violated this hapless chap's personal space it should have been all over for the nigger punks. He had "prey" written all over him. Now that this video has been made public, any White should use it to justify his use of deadly force to kill any niggers who approach him thusly in future. The Bernard Goetz defense.

This reminded me of the niggers crushing Reginald Denny's into more than a hundred fragments with a concrete block and kicks to his head, after dragging him from his truck -- all caught on videotape. Remember?:
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I can proudly say I have punched and kicked the * out of a 25 yr old nigerian after he tried to physically intimidate and rob a young teenage couple, the ape was screaming for its dear life after being punched in its water melon lips and kicked in the face several times. I narrowly escaped being charged myself and it was deported for attempted robbery a few days later. ;D
Sadly to many White kids are being dumbed down by the system and are brainwashed with multiculti syndrome & political correctness and all that's leads to them being weak and feeble minded.
Thankfully my son is educated & understands The Little White Book and trains in kickboxing which has, fair to say toughened him up to meet these apes head on when he is older. :)

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Bloody ungreatful, African Golliwog.

A Sudanese single mother says she is considering moving back to Africa because she cannot control her teenage sons, one of which is in jail.

Now he is behind bars and his younger brother is beginning to act out.

AUSTRALIA Sudanese Mother-of-Six Says She Regrets Coming to Australia
ByMeanwhile In AustraliaPublished on January 14, 2018
A Sudanese single mother says she is considering moving back to Africa because she cannot control her teenage sons, one of which is in jail.

Asha Awur, 36,  who earlier this month made headlines for her comments about her Centrelink payment not being ‘enough’ to raise her six children on, said her eldest son, who was just two years old when the family arrived as refugees from war-torn Sudan, had gone off the rails at a young age.

Asha Awur (pictured) says she is considering sending her children back to Africa because she does not like how they are growing up in Australia
Now he is behind bars and his younger brother is beginning to act out.


Ms Awur and her children do not have any extended family members in Australia, and the two men who fathered the family are no longer on the scene.

The Brisbane woman believes being surrounded by family and a solid community, like the one available to her children in Africa, will instill responsibility and confidence in the youngsters, who will return as better people.

‘Back home, you have relatives by your side, they can help you. A lot of people prefer to come back,’ she said.

‘I regret coming to Australia.

‘When we came, I thought it was going to be heaven, but when our children go astray, it’s not something to be proud of.’
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Cricket star Brett Lee stars in Multicult film promoting racemixing with Indians

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