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Author Topic: Federal Election: KRudd - We Cannot do that ... We may offend the Jew!

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The Australian reported this week that Mr Rudd had all but ruled out an August 31 election date, making September 21 the next likely date that a poll could be called.

The Prime Minister has made it clear he wants to attend the G20 meeting in St Petersburg, when Australia becomes the chair of the economic summit and prepares to host the leaders' forum in {SNIP}Queensland next year.


Mr Rudd has already ruled out Julia Gillard's nominated date of September 14 because it was too close to the meeting and fell on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur. [more ...]
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Just goes to show how much he cares about the Jewish lobby and what they can do for him  :'( .
If they are all having their Sabbath or what ever it is.. they won't be out to vote for him.
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