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Title: Facebook Censoring New Zealand White Dissidents
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Facebook removed Creators ten years ago. Not because we broke their rules or pursued violent intentions, but because we are CREATORS. So, for those that remained on Facebook, We told you so ...

Facebook cracking down on local hate pages

New Zealand Herald (https://www.nzherald.co.nz/) | 10 January 2021



It appears Facebook is cracking down on local hate sites with group administrators reportedly being removed.

A New Zealand far-right Facebook page posted that they do not know how much longer they will be able to operate on the social media platform.

"We are well and truly caught up in the great purge with most of the admins being removed from the pages."

A similar Facebook page which appears to be linked to the group is also reportedly losing administrators.

The pages have about 2500 likes and 3600 followers between them.

A Trade Me link is included in the "about" section of the pages where MAGA (Make Ardern Go Away) hats are being sold.

Both have posted links to back-up accounts they intend on using instead.

It follows a week of action from social media giants after the riot in the US Capitol Building on Thursday.

Twitter and Facebook both temporarily blocked Donald Trump.

Facebook subsequently extended its ban until the end of the US president's term in 12 days. Twitter followed suit with a lifetime ban.

Other services have made similair moves over the past 48 hours, including Facebook-owned Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Reddit, while popular e-commerce platform Shopify took down Trump's official campaign store.


NZ Privacy Commissioner critical of Facebook and Twitter's decision to ban Trump

Chris Keall | New Zealand Herald (https://www.nzherald.co.nz/) | 10 January 2021


Excerpt: NZ Privacy Commissioner John Edwards has taken to social media to criticise social media platforms for banning US President Donald Trump.

"The Twitter and Facebook bans are arbitrary, cynical, unprincipled and further evidence that regulation of social media platforms is urgently required," Edwards posted to Twitter on Saturday night, from his personal account.

"Much worse has been allowed, and is still present on both platforms than the precipitating posts," he added.

"We should not be abdicating responsibility for the tough policy decisions required, and delegating responsibility for our community standards to conflicted corporates."