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Author Topic: Cops won't deal with the Abos. Northern Irish man starts own " volunteer force"

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ALICE SPRINGS police are monitoring a self-described paramilitary group which claims it wants to see crime and anti-social behaviour in the town reduced to an “acceptable level”. 
Gary Hall, a spokesman for the Alice Springs Volunteer Force, said members were armed, but he refused to go into any detail about their weapons.

“I’m only the spokesman for them and I’m sure that giving away their technical capabilities wouldn’t be something they’d like to see published.

“But I can confirm they are armed,” Mr Hall said.

He also declined to discuss the group’s membership, other than to say it had sufficient numbers to carry out its objectives. “We don’t have a force of 500 men but it’s not three blokes sitting in a coffee shop smoking cigars,” he said.

“The objective of the Alice Springs Volunteer Force is to bring into the line the anti-social behaviour and the criminality into what we would deem an acceptable level.”

He said neither political party recognised the true extent of crime and anti-social behaviour in Alice Springs and police were “restrained” by management from doing an “acceptable” job.

Mr Hall said he had been in a paramilitary organisation in Northern Ireland but again, he refused to go into detail.

This recruitment statement was posted to Alice Springs Community Group on Facebook
“It’s very difficult for a man to come from where I come from and not be involved in paramilitary activity.”

Police yesterday confirmed they were monitoring the AVF and anyone who associated with them.

A Facebook statement said police were aware of online activity by people wanting to form a group to deal with crime and anti-social behaviour in Alice Springs.

“Police are aware of these posts and will continue to monitor the activity of those who choose to associate with the author and we reaffirm that law enforcement and crime prevention is best left to law enforcement professionals,” the statement said.

The group’s online activities have attracted widespread attention in Alice Springs.

Many of the posts supporting the AVF have been violently anti-Aboriginal.

One online comment read: “A good idea would be to declare an open season on them ... naturally with a bag limit, possibly a bounty on matching pairs.”

Mr Hall said he opposed racism and the AVF was targeting law breakers.

“Any group that I’m involved with will have absolutely nothing to do with the colour of a man’s skin,” he said.

“Alice Springs is divided into two groups of people; good people and bad people, and we’re interested in the latter. If you’re a law-abiding citizen then you have no concern from the Alice Springs Volunteer Force.”

Normal people in Alice springs have had enough of these bloody boongs. The cops are told not to be heavy handed with them... so look out coons! Former Paramilitary guys are after you! About time somebody did something!
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