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Title: Ching Chong Labor Party helpers play it dirty!
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/national/letterbox-flyers-call-opposition-leader-tony-abbott-a-8216sleazy-moral-coward8217-and-8216maggot8217-jason-yatsen-li-denies-knowledge-of-antiabbott-election-pamphlet/story-fnii5s40-1226710927687 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/national/letterbox-flyers-call-opposition-leader-tony-abbott-a-8216sleazy-moral-coward8217-and-8216maggot8217-jason-yatsen-li-denies-knowledge-of-antiabbott-election-pamphlet/story-fnii5s40-1226710927687)
LABOR'S star recruit for the seat of Bennelong has been drawn into a dirty tricks scandal after the circulation of a flyer that describes Tony Abbott as a "sleazy moral coward".                                       
Jason Yat-Sen Li, hand-picked by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, last night denied any involvement with the pamphlet despite claims it was dropped into residents' letterboxes by an ALP supporter.
Rosie Dekker, a resident of Smith St, Ryde for 17 years, said yesterday she was disgusted by the material delivered by a man wearing a shirt supporting Jason Yat-Sen Li.
"I was outside my flat at the letterboxes talking to a neighbour and saw a young, tall Asian man wearing a red T-shirt," Ms Dekker said.
"All I saw on the shirt was Yat-Sen on the front and he was putting stuff in our letterboxes.
"I didn't pay much attention to it. My neighbour went to his letterbox and looked shocked when he looked at it. I read it and my temper rose, my blood pressure was about to hit the roof.''
The pamphlet reads in part: "Vote no to the Abbott maggot.