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Author Topic: Black Teens & Dogs Banned from Milkbar

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Black Teens & Dogs Banned from Milkbar
« on: 15 April 2017 at 10:33 »
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The Original

Quote from: Private
A RACIST sign on the window of a Melbourne milk bar says “black” teens are banned from going inside because they “steal things”.

The appalling note was left on the window of the store on Burleigh Rd, in Melton, in Melbourne’s west, and was sent to radio station 3AW.
As well as the teenagers, “dogs” were also banned from entry.

Victoria Police said on Twitter they were aware of the sign. A police spokeswoman told “Victoria Police does not support the language of the poster and deems the message as inappropriate.”

The Social Media Responses Denounced ...

Quote from: Private
Many were outraged at the racist tone of the note. But others who left comments online were supportive, some making shocking remarks that were even more offensive than the original note. The majority cannot be published here.

“I can’t blame the store owner if being targeted by these A**s,” said one commenter. “Wouldn’t you put a stop to it if a certain group came to your home and stole from you regularly?”

Another added: “Yes we have gone back in time. We have let primitive Africans into the country who rape steal and assault people. What a lovely situation we are in. At least we don’t offend anybody....”

One particularly vile post said: “Its not racist because blacks aren't humans.”

A common theme from many Australians on various forums was that it wasn’t racism if Sudanese people had stolen from him.

Many people made direct links to Melbourne’s youth gang crisis and spiralling crime rate. “The black c**** are on the news rioting and rampaging every night,” wrote one. “Assimilation, and they don't do it.”

Some used the incident to call for greater controls over who could come to Australia. “The immigration restriction act of 1901 was this countries greatest achievement.”
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Re: Black Teens & Dogs Banned from Milkbar
« Reply #1 on: 15 April 2017 at 22:11 »
He probably didn't like 14-18year olds as they were the ones who can't get charged as Adults.

It's the shop keeper's store. He should be given the right to ban people.However if they haven't done anything wrong the law makes it so he has to let blacks into the shop.

Apparently the Africans are going around in trucks pinching motorbikes in a group now? They also burgle homes and pinch:-computers, iPads, phones anything with your bank account details in them.
The Price is Reich!

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