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Author Topic: Biased Australian Judges Unable to Judge Non-White Crime

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i.e. Australian judges are biased in favour of non-Whites against White Australians ...

Judge Lex Lasry Deletes Tweet Ridiculing Peter Dutton’s Gang Claims

Rosie Lewis and Rachel Baxendale | The Australian | 17 January 2018

Extract: Victorian Supreme Court judge Lex Lasry has deleted his tweet ridiculing Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s claims that Melbourne residents were too scared to go out because of an African gang problem, amid warnings his actions could jeopardise future cases.

Revelations that the tweet had been removed came as Peter Faris QC, a retired Melbourne criminal lawyer of 55 years, said Justice Lasry should not have publicly commented on a matter that might come before him in court.

Mr Faris said he had known Justice Lasry “well (and) for a long time” but the “best solution” would have been to say nothing in response to Mr Dutton.

“What’s the consequence? Does that now bar him from doing any South Sudanese criminal cases in the near future because he’s biased?” Mr Faris said.

Justice Lasry appears within the past week to have deleted his January 3 tweet, which read: “Breaking: there are citizens out to dinner in Mansfield tonight and they’re not worried.”

Several of Justice Lasry’s other recent tweets have also been deleted, including a retweet of sportswriter and ABC columnist Richard Hinds stating “I hope all those doing a great job getting ­African/Australian kids involved in local sports clubs are not ­discouraged by recent political comments”.

Mr Dutton, who had sparked outrage when he said Mel­burnians were “scared to go out to restaurants of a night time because they’re followed home by these gangs”, said he was more concerned Justice Lasry’s tweet made him look “out of touch” and unsympathetic to victims of these crimes.

“By mocking my words he was really mocking the vast number of Victorians who felt like I did,” Mr Dutton told The Australian.

“Judges and magistrates aren’t above the people — they need to meet community standards on sentencing matters.”

The Law Council of Australia yesterday raised questions as to whether the tweet contravened the separation-of-powers doctrine that requires the legislative, executive and judicial arms of government to respect other’s independence.

Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Minister Alan Tudge also declared Victorian judges were handing down sentences that were “too soft” and there were a “great many people who are scared about these African gangs”.

“My electorate itself is next door to Dandenong where there’s a big South Sudanese community, and I have many, many people who say to me that they are concerned about going out at night, mainly elderly people who are fearful,” he told Sky News.

“It is a unique problem to Victoria, and in part because Victoria's state Premier Daniel Andrews has been so soft on crime … Even the High Court has said that the Victorian courts have been too soft in terms of sentencing.”
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