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Author Topic: "Belsen Was a Gas" Provoke's Jews

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"Belsen Was a Gas" Provoke's Jews
« on: 29 July 2011 at 03:19 »
Holocaust themed jacket prompts consumer outrage

Max Mason | July 29, 2011

Alternative Article:

Apology ... the 'Belsen Was A Gas' women's parka from Evil Twin.

An Australian designer has been forced to apologise for referencing the Holocaust in the name of one of its garments.

The "Belsen Was a Gas" military parka designed by Australian label Evil Twin, caused a furore among shoppers on the online retail website Buy Definition this week.

Shoppers condemned the label for "committing the sin of such hateful, shallow and selfish callousness".
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The website responded by pulling the product down temporarily before offering it for sale again, labelled simply "Military Parka".

A statement from the Australian-based company last night apologised for the name and said the garment had been removed from sale.

"We did not intend to refer to the tragic events which occurred during the Holocaust. We apologise for this oversight and any distress the garment name has caused," the statement said.

But an online search shows the parka still being marketed under its original name on fashion websites.

Buy Definition also apologised to shoppers and said it believed the garment was named after the controversial Sex Pistols song of the same name released in 1979.

The song created anger at the time with lyrics such as "Belsen was a gas, I heard the other day ... Life is fun and I wish you were here".

Bergen-Belsen (often referred to as Belsen) was a Nazi concentration camp during World War II.

Although there were no gas chambers at the camp, nearly 40,000 people died there during the Nazi reign.

It's not the first time the fashion industry has come under fire for its use of military history.

At Sydney Fashion Week in 2008, New Zealand designer Kate Sylvester caused a stir over her use of medals from various war campaigns. The Returned Servicemen's League said it was insulted by the use of the medals, including an Australian Vietnam Medal draped over a bare thigh.
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RE: "Belsen Was a Gas" Provoke's Jews
« Reply #1 on: 29 July 2011 at 12:36 »
effin' kikez!...... >:( .....who gives a DAMN if those mongrels are "offended" or not?

the more they're offended, the better....AFAIMC!  >:(

uh....yeh....that reminds seems that you can market any sort of gross, T-shirt design you like so long as it doesn't "offend" The Tribe.....

some years ago, i was walking past Melbourne University in Parkville, Melbourne, when i saw this group of young blokes coming towards of them was wearing a T-shirt that had dead and bloody white babies on it....and some Gothic-type lettering saying: "kill more!" or sumthin'.....i think it was of some so-called "satanic" (read: jew-inspired!) rock group.....i was pretty shocked by it and, after they passed, turned around to say of these maggots smirked @ me and, then, the whole group turned into a near-by drive-way to a local, university college.....i started to follow them....but....when i turned into the drive-way, they had vanished....if i could'v been sure that they were Uni' students, then, i would'v lodged a complaint with the Chancellor of Melbourne University.....but....i would'v had to @ least know which college they resided in and what their names were....there was no hope of that!


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