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Australian Import Mud Crime

Started by Br.IanVonTurpie, Sat 30 Mar 2013

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This thread is for the reporting of Imported or Immigrant non-White crime.

There is a separate thread for Abos / Downunder Niggers / Australopithecoons Crime as they commit the most of all non-White crimes.

Also, Abos aren't immigrants and if the topics were mixed together, this thread would just get swamped with horror stories about Abo offenders ... so this thread is for other imported (immigrant and illegal alien) non-White crimes.



A KNIFE-wielding bandit has robbed a Hungry Jacks fast food outlet in the northern suburbs tonight.

The male robber threatened staff at the Main North Rd store at Gepps Cross just before 11pm.
He fled with cash on foot to a nearby white Commodore.

Police said the bandit was of Asian appearance and dressed in dark clothing.
The Price is Reich!

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Now in Adelaide, South Australia
The Whitest City in Australia
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Niggers commit crimes against humanity just by being born , their black filthy leporous skin is testimony to their evil-ness they bear the mark of cain from the day they are born, conceived in the womb of a dog and birthed out of a dog's ass.

Gillard and the other race traitors are the harbringers of death and Annihilation to the Anglo/celtic population of australia, they are not alone in their duplicity , it seems as though the majority of whites in this country are in denial or in bed with the *skins and are willing participants to the demise of their race, the apathy of the Australian Yob is breathtaking a copnglomeration of drunken buffoons only interested in where their next drink or sporting appeasement will come from, the *skin is aware of this white defect and takes advantage of it by making sure that they will supply the poison, but plenty of white lackeys are waiting in the wings to do the bidding of the *kin/jew for the dubious pleasure of a few shekels or bodily / sensory pleasures.

As AH wrote any race who is to weak to hold on to their country does not deserve to have it and deserves to be wiped from the face of the earth, a cleansing may-haps.
88 ''And the Jew's ... They Squealed like Geese'' 88


AN OUTLAW bikie "sergeant-at-arms" allegedly ordered another gang member to king-hit a man at a Darwin strip club and the victim is frightened about talking to police, a court has heard.

Magistrate Michael Carey will today decide whether to give outlaw bikies Selim Kocak and Brendan Fish, both 25, bail after they were charged with assaulting a man, 27, at the Honey Pot, on Mitchell St, last Friday night.
Police said the Sydney men were in Darwin for the Hells Angels general meeting and national run.

Mr Carey questioned why the alleged victim had not made a statement to police before prosecutor Julie O'Neill said he may be "intimidated" to speak to the authorities about the incident.

"The victim may well be frightened to provide a statement," she said.

The court was told that Mr Kocak was a "sergeant-at-arms with the motorcycle gang" and had instructed Mr Fish to carry out the assault after a brief conversation in a foreign language.

But Mr Fish's lawyer, Koulla Roussos, said the father-of-two did not speak Turkish and the man in the CCTV footage throwing the punch was wearing a light shirt.

She added that Mr Fish was arrested within minutes of the alleged assault wearing a black shirt.

"The charge is strictly fought and denied," she said.

... And so much for the HAMC having only whites in the crew, seems they got some Turk Sgt at Arms now.
The Price is Reich!

Find me on Stormfront as QueJumpingAfghan where I have been banned!
Formerly Based in the Northern Territory
Now in Adelaide, South Australia
The Whitest City in Australia
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LOL I'm surprised that you're surprised re non whites in OMG's ... The outlaw scene is full of Turks, Lebs, Islanders etc and has been for y'rs ... Hells Angels and the Comancheros are the main offenders ... Bandidos aren't far behind.. Back when i was about to nom up with the Rebels this wasn't a major issue but the more the clubs see advantage in OS connections re drugs etc ... the more prominent it became and will continue being an issue.

The day RAHOWA MC is formed is the day I will patch up. Until then I'll be independent. Correct me on any of this if I'm wrong PM.


Its a shame about Australia letting these low life muds into the country. Most British who have emigrated to Australia have done so to get away from the multi-racial cess pit that most of Britain has become. Australia is big, empty and choc full of natural resources, a great living space able to support a billion whites.

I'm not a big fan of the biker scene much anymore . Though I knocked around with bikers for most of the early 80s and it was fun while I was young but I think most of them are dead or paralysed now..but thats just Britains over crowded roads. Empty places like Australia are good for biking.
I know its a stereotype but I always get a vision of bevis and buttheads dead beat absent fathers in "Beavis and butthead do america"- when I think of Bikers and angels now.

Creators need to be role good models, clean (though I find that hard myself) , decent and loyal husbands and dutiful fathers. Expanding the White Race.
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