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Title: Australian Holocaust (Not to be Confused with the Holohoax)
Post by: Private on 08 February 2009 at 21:01
There's been another bushfire in Australia with more than 88 deaths.

http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,25025493-661,00.html (http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,25025493-661,00.html)
UPDATE 1:01am: THE death toll in Australia's worst ever bushfires has hit 93.

At least 650 homes have been destroyed and 3733 people have registered with the Red Cross after evacuating their properties.

The number left homeless is expected to be far higher, the Red Cross says.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon said the death toll included at least four children.

"The sad part for me is to say to the community that there will be more deaths, we believe," Ms Nixon said at a 6pm press conference at Moe Police Station.

"We will find more bodies as we gain access to different parts of the fire areas, where at the moment we just havn't been able to get in.

"So far we have found people in cars, it looks like they have decided late to leave their premises.

"We have found people who have been in properties, in their paddocks.

"We've found others in their houses.

"It covers the whole range. And the sad part is that we found children. That is devastating for us."

Ms Nixon said she was sickened by the fact some of the fires may have been deliberately lit. [more ... (http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,25025493-661,00.html)]

AUSTRALIA has been singled out as a target for “forest jihad” by a group of Islamic extremists urging Muslims to deliberately light bushfires as a weapon of terror.

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Image from the Herald Sun (http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/) that is likely to have had Jewish groups frothing at the mouth and led to the removal of articles relating Australia's very real and deadliest bushfire to the Jews' fabled Holocaust.

Video interview: http://player.video.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/#DXQAr4peZS_0GDC7kUtWznRfElRP_gkf (http://player.video.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/#DXQAr4peZS_0GDC7kUtWznRfElRP_gkf)
Title: Re: Australian Holocaust (Not to be Confused with the Holohoax)
Post by: Private on 09 February 2009 at 06:32
I have friends and other acquaintances that have lost property and their family/friends in these fires. It is truly a tragic situation that so many good people now have nothing left and in many cases, have lost somebody close to them. It is a reminder to us all that people cannot conquer nature, all they can do is understand and prepare for what nature will bring.
Title: Re: Australian Holocaust (Not to be Confused with the Holohoax)
Post by: Private on 10 February 2009 at 07:54
I tried to give blood today and they said to come back in March because they need to stagger the donations, otherwise they'll run out. Anybody able should give something to help White survivors.