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Title: Australia's New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Post by: Private on 14 September 2015 at 22:31
@TurnbullMalcolm (http://twitter.com/TurnbullMalcolm) #Australia #PrimeMinister #HJIC #RaceTraitor

A Goy that thinks he just might possibly have Jewish heritage, Malcolm Turnbull is potentially the worst prime minister Australia could ever have throughout its history.

Right: HJIC - Australian Prime Monster Malcolm Turnbull is the ultimate philo-Semite.
(HJIC = Head Jew In Charge.)

Unusual for these days, Turnbull actually lives in his own electorate on the shores of Sydney Harbour. One of the wealthiest areas in Australia, it's a region of Sydney that contains a concentration of Jews higher than any other area in Australia. We are talking about an enclosed area with massive fencing, gating and private security rivalling the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie. If you do manage to get in and you are clearly not a Hebe, you will be picked up by the security and handed over to the state police, who will then grill you until they can prove that you are an anti-Semite, throw some Kosher charges your way and holocaust your arse in the local court. That's Turnbull's friends; that's Turnbull's neighbours; that's Malcolm Turnbull all over.

So, can you imagine Prime Monster Turnbull refusing to do the bidding of Israel? No and neither can I. Australia will soon be at war with anyone and anything that the Jew points its fat greasy sausage finger at. Pro-Jewish laws will be created throughout the land, and the Hebe will be elevated to the status of a fat Golden Cow for the prostrate Goyim to worship.

Former Prime Minister Abbott was planning on bringing in twelve thousand nogs from Syria - which itself is bad enough. Turnbull however, understands and accepts the Jewish mandate to ethnically cleanse the Middle East of Goyim and turn the land over to Gross Israel. For Australia, that means the importation of thousands upon thousands more Sand-Niggers and Africoons in order to appease both the bleeding heart lefties and his Jewish masters.

Yes, Turnbull is Libtard. A Kosher Conservative that can please the Marxist Left and the Kosher Right all in one philo-Semitic package. Militant Sand-Niggers wont know whether to hug him or to shoot him, as he bows to an increasingly Gross Israel's demands for war and he imports ever more of their fellow Rag-Heads to speed up the Muslim takeover of Australia.


Malcolm Turnbull is the puppet Prime Minister that the Jew has been salivating for. A wannabe Kike, he is their HJIC (Head Jew In Charge). His reign will forever dispel the false dream that peaceful and democratic political activism can ever restore White Australian Sovereignty. The racial demographic of Australia is about to drastically change, and by all the dictates of the anti-White Libtard and of Jewish Revenge Policies, the White Australian will disappear in a holocaust of Mud. Australia has entered the era of the Bloody Racial War, and we CREATORS will lead the way. We will grow and with our White Racial Loyalist Brethren, we will unify White Australia under the WHITE RACIAL CREED OF CREATIVITY and together, WE WILL WIN this RACIAL HOLY WAR.

For Total White Victory!


https://creativityalliance.com/australias-new-prime-minister-malcolm-turnbull-more-jew-than-any-hebe (https://creativityalliance.com/australias-new-prime-minister-malcolm-turnbull-more-jew-than-any-hebe)
Title: Re: Australia's New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Post by: Private on 15 September 2015 at 08:47
This is shocking! This bozo is going to support homo marriage too. He only stuck around because he eventually wanted to be prime minister.
Title: Re: Australia's New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Post by: Private on 20 September 2015 at 12:31
http://www.news.com.au/national/south-australia/cory-bernardi-joining-nick-xenophons-party-is-just-wild-speculation/story-fnii5yv4-1227531932592 (http://www.news.com.au/national/south-australia/cory-bernardi-joining-nick-xenophons-party-is-just-wild-speculation/story-fnii5yv4-1227531932592)

Senator Bernardi said he had asked Senator Xenophon, a lawyer, to act in the proceedings.

“No win no fee. (He) says we both have a good case,” he said.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott demoted Senator Bernardi to the backbench after he made comments linking homosexuality to bestiality. In recent days he has expressed clear displeasure at Mr Turnbull’s ascension, leading to speculation he’s prepared to jump ship.

Hard-right nationalists, Australia First Party, are due to renew their registration as a political party next month but President Jim Saleam said they did not expect an approach because Senator Bernardi is basically the same as Mr Turnbull.

“The Liberals are fundamentally united,” he said, in blithe ignorance of recent events.

“I don’t really consider Bernardi in any really substantial way different to Malcolm Turnbull on issues that we would regard as core issues.”

But Senator Bernardi has a home any time he wants it with Family First.

SA Senator Bob Day said they would welcome him with “open arms” although Senator Bernardi has an important role working within Government.

“Many people are telling us that Family First serves a vital purpose in moving motions, bills, amendments et cetera with which many conservatives in the Coalition would agree, including Liberals like Senator Cory Bernardi,” he said.
Title: Re: Australia's New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Post by: Private on 20 September 2015 at 12:39
http://www.jewishnews.net.au/menachem-mendel-turnbull/32186 (http://www.jewishnews.net.au/menachem-mendel-turnbull/32186)

IT’S official. Malcolm Turnbull is Jewish … well, at least as far as his mother was concerned.

Speaking to The AJN this week, the shadow minister for communications and broadband recalled his mother, the author and academic Coral Magnolia Lansbury, discussing her heritage.

“My mother always used to say that her mother’s family was Jewish,” the member for Wentworth said.

However, he added, “I’ve never researched it. I honestly don’t know where or how I would do that,”

Asked if his mother’s revelation has shaped his views he said: “Yes, maybe.”
“I grew up in the Eastern Suburbs and as we all observe there were a lot of Jews in the Eastern Suburbs and I have always been very comfortable.

“There is no doubt that the strong traditions of family and the whole heimishe atmosphere of the Jewish community, which I’m sure some people don’t like, for me – as someone who is a good friend, but not part of it – I find very admirable.”

Reflecting on his mother, he noted, “She had a lot of Jewish friends in Sydney and a lot of Jewish friends in Philadelphia, where she was living when she died.”

Jewish genealogist Eli Rabinowitz, who calls himself a mishpachah-ologist because he likes to connect people with their past, recently returned from the International Jewish Genealogical Conference in Boston.

He told The AJN if Turnbull is interested, he could help trace his Jewish lineage.

“It’s very possible for Malcolm to trace his heritage if he wants to from clues that he may have from his parents and grandparents,” Rabinowitz said.“I’d happily offer to help him if he would let me.”
Title: Re: Australia's New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Post by: Private on 22 September 2015 at 13:25
Here's an example of how the Jew mind works:

Turnbull's mother claimed to have Kike heritage and then abandoned her own kid to run off like a slut with some other bloke to a different country. The Jew loves Turnbull.

Charlie Sheen on the other hand, his mother stayed there and raised him as any mother should. Sheen, or Carlos Estavez, then pissed off the Hebe by referring to his boss by his Jew name. The Jew hates Estavez.

What's the difference? Let's say both are faking their Hebe credentials for personal gain. What's good (and useful) for the Jew ....

Title: Re: Australia's New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Post by: Private on 11 October 2015 at 21:18
The hypocritical chutzpah of the Hebe! The verbal diarrhoea of Australia's HJIC, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is spreading through the mainstream media like the plague ridden effluent it is. Wherever the HJIC drops his strides and moves that sphincter of a mouth, the MSM are there to lap it up and spew it out and contaminate the minds and hearts of Australians alike.

Here's the crčme de la sewer:

On Islam
* Terrorists are welcome to leave.
* Because Australia is a democratic nation, you can say anything you want.
* Physical violence is meshuge and Australia frowns on violence.

On White Australians
* Deliberately excluded all mention of democratic rights and instead declared;
* White Australians cannot peacefully protest the Islamic takeover of our towns and cities.
* Protesting against Islam is racist.
* Racism is a criminal act and racially motivated crimes will not be tolerated by the HJIC.


In the tradition of Hebes the world over, HJIC Malcolm Turnbull is a schande vor de goyim. So go on you goat-shagging camel-jockeys and do us White folks a favour, wrap a bomb in that filthy rag on your head and go give Australia's head Hebe an incendiary hug. We will let your people go ... and a smiling Allah and four-score-and-seven virgin goats' bums are up there in the clouds waiting just for you.

Title: Re: Australia's New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Post by: Private on 25 October 2015 at 06:14

 The branch stacking in 2003 to get Turnbull elected to Parliament in 2004

 Malcolm Turnbull was elected to federal parliament in 2004 in the Sydney seat of Wentworth. Firstly though Turnbull had to win Liberal Party preselection by beating the then Liberal Party federal MP Peter King. So Turnbull did what any proud crook would do. He started branch stacking and even enlisted James Packer for help. The Age reported in October 2003:

“A federal Liberal MP yesterday accused the party’s federal treasurer, Malcolm Turnbull, of a “millionaires’ plot” to unseat him, as sources confirmed that media magnate James Packer has been recruited to join a branch being stacked with Turnbull supporters.”

 “Peter King, who holds the blue ribbon Sydney seat of Wentworth, is under siege from Mr Turnbull, who has more than 700 new members signed up or about to be signed up for the Point Piper branch.”

 “In an extraordinary race for numbers before the cut-off date for branch members to be eligible to vote in the preselection, Mr King’s camp has sent out a letter appealing for people to join the party.”

 “Mr King said this appeared to be “the largest branch stack in Liberal history”. and that it was “disgraceful” that a federal office bearer appeared to be personally perpetrating it.” (Click here to read more)

 And who says money doesn’t talk?

Read the link for more about this crook!
Title: Re: Australia's New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Post by: Private on 28 January 2016 at 12:40
Australian prime minister promotes abandonment of traditional Australian values and the genocide of White Australians at Australia Day ceremony.

Fox News (http://www.skynews.com.au/) | 26 January 2016

http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2016/01/26/diversity--respect-key-to-nation--turnbull.html (http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2016/01/26/diversity--respect-key-to-nation--turnbull.html)

Australia is bound together not by its history, race or culture but mutual respect, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says.

Mr Turnbull presided over an Australia Day citizenship ceremony in Canberra - one of almost 400 similar events being held around the country involving 16,000 new citizens on Tuesday.


'We can look at our past with great pride and with some regret - but we are not defined, let alone trapped, by our history as many other nations are,' Mr Turnbull said on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. 'Many nations define themselves by a common race or religion or culture. Not us. Our national identity is defined by shared political values, democracy, tempered by the rule of law ... and binding us together is mutual respect.'

The Canberra ceremony involved 27 people from 13 countries, which the prime minister said showed the diversity of the nation.

 'As the world tries to overcome religious and ethnic hatred, we are a harmonious, multicultural society,' Mr Turnbull said.

He also paid tribute to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who represent the 'oldest continuing cultures on earth'.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ6cp2T76lY&ab_channel=KimUn (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ6cp2T76lY&ab_channel=KimUn)

Typical Jew stuff! Go ask the Lebs or coons of they have "mutual respect for others in the community?"
Title: Re: Australia's New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Post by: Private on 22 September 2016 at 14:35

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has used his first United Nations speech to share the remarkable story of Sydney Swans defender Aliir Aliir.

His excited wife, Lucy, and deputy leader Julie Bishop were among a tiny audience that turned out for Mr Turnbull’s late-night address, which touched on refugees, North Korea, a pitch for a seat on the UN’s human rights council and the legendary Sydney Swans defender.

Mr Turnbull described Aliir Aliir as a “role model in Australia’s multicultural society”.

“Tall, fast, agile Aliir was a natural for Australian Rules Football and once he took up the game hasn’t looked back,” he said.

Aliir, 21, was seven when he arrived in Australia with his Sudanese-born parents and family.

The defender grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya where he used to play soccer with a balloon, improvising with whatever they could scrape together.

“One childhood memory that will stay with me for a long time was playing soccer with a balloon,” he said.

“We would blow it up, get some old clothes and wrap them around it until it was like a soccer ball that would bounce.”

The Prime Minister talked Australia up as “one of the most successful multicultural countries in the world” during his address to the United Nations General Assembly.

During his speech, Mr Turnbull said Australia was “not defined by race, religion or culture” but by “shared political values of democracy, the rule of war, and equality of opportunity”.

“We have a long experience of and commitment to settlement services to ensure our immigrants, especially refugees, become successfully integrated into our society,” Mr Turnbull said.

“We are indeed an immigration nation, and our immigrants are as diverse as the society in which they have joined.”
Title: Re: Australia's New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Post by: Private on 22 November 2016 at 05:52

IMMIGRATION Minister Peter Dutton has launched a stinging attack on Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, claiming she’s only interested in self-promotion.

Responding to reports Senator Hanson-Young was denied a visa to visit Nauru, Mr Dutton said he was not surprised authorities on the island nation “did not want to deal with her”.

“What Sarah Hanson-Young is about is publicity,” he told 2GB.

“She loves the camera and she loves to see her own name in the paper.

“That’s the start and finish of Sarah Hanson-Young. That’s what she’s about and I’m not going to add to her publicity.”


 GREENS Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has attacked Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, labelling him a “racist bigot” after his controversial comments about members of the Lebanese-Muslim community.

 Ms Hanson-Young yelled out the words during Question Time in the Senate.

 While she agreed to withdraw the “unparliamentary” remarks, she told Senate President Stephen Parry: “Honestly I believe it.”

Attorney-General George Brandis defended Mr Dutton, saying there was not a “more thoughtful or compassionate” minister.

 Senator Brandis also reminded the chamber of the children Mr Dutton and Scott Morrison got released from immigration detention.

 It comes after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull defended Mr Dutton after he made his controversial comments.

 Mr Turnbull refused to address the comments directly — that former prime minister Malcolm Fraser made “mistakes” in his 1970s immigration policy — but also backed Mr Dutton as a “thoughtful”, “committed” and “compassionate” Immigration Minister.

 Mr Turnbull said current immigration policy was based on “lessons learnt” from past policies that had “not been as effective as they could be”.

One Coalition MP however told the joint party meeting on Tuesday the Government needed to be careful of its tone when speaking about migrant communities.

 The MP told the party room it was important to maintain goodwill among the migrant community.

 There is no question that there are lessons to be learnt from previous immigration policies and the minister was reflecting ... on policies many years ago,” the Prime Minister said.

“He’s entitled to do that.

“I’m not making any comment on his remarks other than to say that it’s fairly fair for all of us to reflect on past policies and how effective they were or not, and seek to improve in the light of that ... what we’re doing now.

“I have to say that if you ... talk to people ... of very long experience in this area, you’ll understand that the move to a skills-based migration program was based on the conclusion that previous policies had not been ... as effective as they could be.”

The issue exploded after Mr Dutton told Fox News last week: “The reality is Malcolm Fraser did make mistakes in bringing some people in the 1970s and we’re seeing that today.”

 “We need to be honest in having that discussion,” he said.

“There was a mistake made.

“Lessons from past migrant programs should be learnt for people settling in Australia today.”

Opposition leader Bill Shorten demanded Mr Dutton clarify “which people” he was talking about in a fiery Question Time on Monday.
 In a reply that got heated and personal — with Mr Dutton calling the Labor leader a “great fraud of Australian politics” — the Immigration Minister said he was speaking about a small cohort of the grandchildren of Lebanese Muslim migrants.

“The advice I have is that out of the last 33 people who have been charged with terrorist-related offences in this country, 22 of those people are from second and third generation Lebanese-Muslim background,” Mr Dutton said.

 He copped a backlash on social media overnight for the clarification.

 Mr Turnbull again brushed aside a question on whether he agreed with Mr Dutton in Question Time on Tuesday.

 Instead he launched a scathing attack on Labor’s track record on immigration.

“The fact of the matter is that the greatest mistake in immigration — the greatest failure which we don’t need to be a historian to recall, which we don’t need to go back to the 1970s to reflect upon — the greatest mistake made in immigration was by those opposite when they abandoned the integrity of our borders, when they threw away Australia’s sovereignty,” he said.

“They allowed 50,000 unauthorised arrivals and over 1200 deaths at sea.”
Title: Re: Australia's New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Post by: Private on 22 November 2016 at 06:14
Forget "Terrorism" charges. That's bugger all compared to the drive-by shootings, the drug gangs, the rape gangs, the destroyed communities causing White Flight, the take-over of Australian cultural institutions like the former brotherhood that was the Australian outlaw MC scene, the take-over of formerly culturally all-encompassing Greek owned night-clubs, delicatessens and restaurants as Leb gang and drug dens ....

The list is enough to prove that every Leb should be forced to swim back to Lebanon. That's the truth that no mainstream politician - including Dutton - will ever tell you.

Title: Re: Australia's New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Post by: Private on 24 November 2016 at 03:12

IMMIGRATION minister Peter Dutton won’t step back from his comments regarding a small portion of the Lebanese Muslim community.

Australians were “sick” of over the top political correctness, the Minister told media after a Greens Senator said his comments might be factual but they weren’t “productive”.

Mr Dutton rejected suggestions his comments were whipping up racism.

Instead, he blamed the “tricky elite”, Opposition leader Bill Shorten and Greens MPs for making the remarks a big deal to win political points.

“I want to have an honest discussion,” he said.

“The vast majority of Lebanese Australians are law-abiding, hard working, good decent people who are besmirched by the small element within the community who are doing the wrong thing.

“I made that clear.”

Earlier, Greens Senator Nick McKim had attacked Mr Dutton for telling politicians in Question Time on Monday 22 out of the last 33 people charged with terrorist-related offences in Australia were from a second and third generational Lebanese-Muslim background.

“Undoubtedly the advice he’s got is accurate but just because something is fact doesn’t mean that it’s reasonable or productive to talk about it,” Senator McKim said on Fox News.

“What we’ve got is a deliberate attack from Mr Dutton by quoting these numbers on a particular subsection of the Australian community.”

Mr Dutton had been clarifying this comment to a Fox News interview last week: “The reality is Malcolm Fraser did make mistakes in bringing some people in the 1970s and we’re seeing that today.”

On Thursday, Mr Dutton questioned why he couldn’t talk about facts.

“Mr McKim gave the game away today when he said ‘What Dutton has said is factual and reasonable but shouldn’t be spoken about’,”
he said.

“Australians are sick of that.

“They want to have an honest discussion."

Mr Dutton said he condemned anyone who made death threats after Labor MP Anne Aly, a counter-terrorism expert and the first Muslim woman in parliament, yesterday said she had received abuse and death threats following his comments.

“The question she should be asking is of Bill Shorten — why did he seek to whip this up into an issue of political advantage,” he said.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has stood by Mr Dutton but has not directly addressed his remarks.
Title: Re: Australia's New Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull More Jew Than Any Hebe
Post by: Private on 25 November 2017 at 08:24
Quote from: Private
The Israeli Right of Return legislation makes it automatic that any Jew, properly defined, who returns to Israel and claims citizenship is automatically granted it. Section 44 (1) of the Australian Constitution provides that 44. "Any person who -

(i.) Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen OR ENTITLED TO THE RIGHTS OR PRIVILEGES OF A SUBJECT OR CITIZEN OF A FOREIGN POWER: cannot sit in the Australian Parliament.

Les MacDonald (https://www.facebook.com/les.macdonald.18)

Jewish heritage could present citizenship headache for PM and others

Andrew MacLeod (http://thenewdaily.com.au/author/andrew-macleod/) | The New Daily | 13 November 2017

Extract: In Israel last week, I was shown an article that raises questions about whether the Prime Minister would be considered beholden to a foreign power under Australian law.

The article, shown to me by a friend, is an old Times of Israel piece speculating about whether the Australian PM is a Jew.

“My mother always used to say that her mother’s family was Jewish,” it quotes Mr Turnbull as saying.

The Prime Minister goes on to say he has “never really looked into it” – just like John Alexander, now resigned from Parliament, had not looked into his father’s situation.

“Your Prime Minister could even come here and live,” my friend said. This is what set off my alarm bells.

Section 44 of the Australian constitution, as we are all becoming aware, prohibits not only dual nationals from being in Parliament, but also someone who is “entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power”.

Israel’s ‘Right of Return’ and Citizenship Law, which allows Jewish descendants to settle and claim citizenship.

Under Jewish tradition, the religion extends through the female line. Hence, if your mother or grandmother is Jewish, you may be are Jewish too.

The case of Barnaby Joyce - Australia's sacked Deputy Prime Minister - shows one need not be aware of the rights nor even seek to have these rights recognised to be invalidly elected.

In 1970 the Right of Return law was extended to cover not only those who by Jewish tradition are born Jews, but also to a child and a grandchild of a Jew, the spouse of a Jew, the spouse of a child of a Jew and the spouse of a grandchild of a Jew.

Would the High Court say that in absence of a renunciation Jewish MPs have the rights even if not yet exercised, and hence are disqualified? Possibly.

I would like to be abundantly clear here: A Jewish prohibition is not an outcome I want nor am comfortable with.

If Section 44, combined with the impacts of the 1950 and 1970 laws in Israel, prohibits Jews from running then Section 44 must change.

Australia’s new PM may be Jewish, but hasn’t given it much thought

Malcolm Turnbull said his mother claimed Jewish ancestry, but is more interested 'on the here and now' than researching his roots

Times of Israel (https://www.timesofisrael.com/) | 15 September 2015


Extract: “Maybe (I’ll look into it) at a later time of my life, but I’m very focused on the here and now, and I’m more interested on what the current generation of Turnbulls are doing, not what the ancestors did,” he said.

In his 2013 interview with the Australian Jewish News, he again said he hadn’t investigated his possible Jewish heritage.

“I honestly don’t know where or how I would do that,” he went on.

He told the Australian Jewish News that he grew up among a large Jewish community in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. “There is no doubt that the strong traditions of family and the whole heimishe atmosphere of the Jewish community, which I’m sure some people don’t like, for me – as someone who is a good friend, but not part of it – I find very admirable.”

Image: With thanks to https://antizionistleague.com