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Author Topic: Australia: Black Lives Matter Shuts Down Melbourne

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Australia: Black Lives Matter Shuts Down Melbourne
« on: 17 July 2016 at 09:09 »
So the Black Lives Matter bullsh*t is here now. That means there will be as step up of the daily violence against White Australians. And as per usual, the mainstream media will continue to hide it ... but we will know and we will fight back.

Just try us and we'll carve you up. We are not the pussies of Australian Liberty Alliance - we will fight back and fight to win and kill if need be, because WHITE LIVES MATTER!


Black Lives Matter: Protesters, counter-protesters and police gather for Melbourne rally

9 News (Australia) | 17 July 2016

Extract: Around 1000 people have flocked to the State Library of Victoria for a Black Lives Matter rally today to protest police brutality and draw attention to the deaths of Indigenous Australians in custody.

Trade Unionists to unite with Abos and "ethnic" youth in the proposed race war

The rally made its way down Swanston Street before staging a sit-in at Flinders Street Station.

A strong police contingent, including the riot squad, were in attendance. A police spokesman confirmed they sent an “adequate” number of officers for the crowd numbers.


No arrests were made.

A small group of masked counter-protesters displayed a “Blue Lives Matter” banner while standing on the steps of the State Library of Victoria during speeches, in an apparent nod to the recent shootings of police officers in Dallas, Texas.

A brief verbal scuffle ensued between far right attendees and Black Lives Matters supporters, however they were quickly circled and controlled by police.

Despite being caught up in a verbal stoush with protesters shouting “refugees welcome, racists get out”, Alan, who did not wish to have his surname printed, said he did not attend the rally to cause trouble.

“I just happened to be in the city with my family,” he said.

He said he was not a member of the United Patriots Front – a far right extremist group.

“I do personally feel that Australia is being taken over by immigrants and we’re losing our way of life,” he said.

A masked protester said he was from the group Anonymous.

“We are against the use of violence, and those who have committed acts of violence. They claim to be on behalf of the group,” one masked man said.

“We want to improve the image of us as a non-violent protest group.

“When asked why their faces were covered, the man said “people like the [far-right group] United Patriots Front want to hunt us down and try and inflict their violence and terror upon us.”

While more than 8000 people expressed interest in attending on the rally’s Facebook page, it is believed closer to 1000 people attended.

Rally organiser and Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance member Yarramun Conole, said the event also aimed to raise awareness for Indigenous Australians.

"The government really doesn't care for black lives in this country. For 200 years we have lived under genocide,” she said.

"We are pleading with people to see our humanity and stop killing us in custody, it's horrific. I don't really have any words,” she said.

"It's time we brought the black lives matter movement to Australia to affirm that our lives matter. We are the people who are most vulnerable in this country."

Former Essendon footballer and Indigenous rights activist Nathan Lovett-Murray was among those taking part in the rally.

“Similar stuff is happening here [to the US], black deaths in custody is something that we need to stop, and hopefully we can raise awareness to stop all that happening,” Mr Lovett-Murray said.

Another speaker said: “It’s not about ‘all cops are pigs’. They’re not… It’s about fixing a broken justice system.”

Organisers had stressed the rally would be “peaceful” and ordered attendees “no weapons and no violence”.

The rally follows a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas in response to the killings of African-American men Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police in the US.

A lone shooter opened fire on officers at the rally, killing five and injuring 11 others.


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Re: Australia: Black Lives Matter Shuts Down Melbourne
« Reply #1 on: 06 September 2016 at 01:06 »

GAWA Christian School failed 12-year-old Jethro Ngalarra Dhamarrandji-Baker, who was crushed in a tragic ‘Troopy pull’ accident on Elchol Island last year, an inquest has found.

 Coroner Greg Cavanagh said the manner of the event was “manifestly dangerous” and the school had not met its safety obligations.

 The ‘Troopy pull’, a favourite at the annual sports carnival since 2012, involved two teams dragging a Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier about 80m by a rope.

 The winner was the team that reached the finish line in the fastest time.

 The inquest heard Jethro’s team was about 30m into its run when the boy fell barely 2m in front of the vehicle.

 The driver, a volunteer, did not see Jethro fall but felt the bump under the left wheel.

 Based on 5km/h estimations of the speed, Mr Cavanagh said the car was likely covering ground at a rate of 1.4m/second. “A normal driver is said to have a reaction time of 1.5 to 2.3 seconds. If the driver had seen him fall it is unlikely that he could have applied the brakes, let alone stopped prior to running over Jethro,” Mr Cavanagh said.

 The inquest heard the sports teacher acted as driver for the first team before handing over the wheel to the volunteer for the second team.

 On the handover he commented how “scary” it was to have children so close to the vehicle.

 Mr Cavanagh heard there was no 5m safety zone in front of the Troopy as there had been in previous years

 Mr Cavanagh found there was no risk assessment prior to the event. Mr Cavanagh also said it was “unfair” to leave safety matters to the sports teacher alone.

I wonder if their lives really matter? Stupid idiots! You can bet there'll be a chimp out soon?
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