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Author Topic: Asylum seekers on a "work for the dole" scheme

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Asylum seekers on a "work for the dole" scheme
« on: 02 June 2013 at 12:20 »
 ASYLUM seekers could be placed on a work for the dole scheme, which would include income management, under plans announced by the opposition and supported by the government.                                       
Under the deal, asylum seekers would be paid welfare in the form of food and accommodation vouchers in return for their labour, opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said.
They would work on community projects to earn the vouchers, worth about 89 per cent of the Newstart allowance, he said.
"Everything from planting trees to volunteer work in nursing homes, things of that nature," Mr Morrison told the Seven network on Sunday.
But he's adamant that a normal wage will not be paid.
"Cash in hand can just simply be cash for people smugglers' debts," he said.
Immigration Minister Brendan O'Connor indicated support for the move from the government.
"We've got people that might be on bridging visas and I would like to see them participate and contribute," he told the Seven network.
"It's worth considering."
But he added, "We need to look at the costs and we need to know how this would work."
Refugee advocate Pamela Curr told the Seven network the opposition's plan might help the growing underclass of asylum seekers who are prohibited from working.
She is calling for asylum seekers to be paid a wage under the scheme, but both sides of politics have ruled this out.

Great.. your ill mother in a nursing home has some shabby illegal invader helping her out, giving her baths, feeding her medicine.. oh sounds like a great idea eh? Now boys and girls go hold hands and form a circle and sing "kumbayah" under the rainbow.
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