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Author Topic: Abbo kills his drinking buddy over a goon bag or Port.

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Abbo kills his drinking buddy over a goon bag or Port.
« on: 23 January 2013 at 12:52 »
A MAN has died after an assault about a carton of port in Palmerston city centre.

Police say the 47-year-old Palmerston man - who cannot be named for cultural reasons"WARNING TO INDIGENOUS VIEWERS THIS STORY CONTAINS VOICES OF DEAD PEOPLE AND COULD OFFEND SOME VIEWERS" IVT) - died in Royal Darwin Hospital from injuries sustained in the assault.

"Police believe the male may have been involved in an altercation in the central Palmerston area in the early hours of 21 January," said Detective Senior Sergeant John Ginnane.

"The male has sustained a number of injuries when he was located by police and enquiries are continuing to determine whether those injuries contributed to his death."

It is believed the fight over a carton of Tawny port started on the footpath under Highway House and then continued across Palmerston Cct to under the Satepak Building beside Goyder Square around 9am.
Longgrasser Camille Nagalli said she had only heard stories about what had happened, but said it was over grog.
"They were saying that at the corner (of Highway House) they were smashing him," she said.

"Then they smashed him that way (toward the Satepak Building)."

Elders real estate manager Mike Oesterheld, whose office in the Satepak backs on to the second crime scene, said altercations were a regular occurrence.

"You always hear fighting and carrying-on,"
he said.

Fantastic! go kill your bruddah and drinking buddy just because he has the "most coveted" Goon bag of Port you really want and need! Now get locked up for a long time! Hope your shenanigans were worth it buddy!

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