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Rahowa Today - The Shining Path of the White Man's Religion

Started by Rev.JoelDufresne, Mon 01 May 2023

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Can you see the problems plaguing today's society, but cannot imagine how to begin to solve those problems without making matters worse? If so, this is for you.

* * * *

Rahowa Today - The Shining Path of the White Man's Religion, Creativity

To begin, you need to consider that Rahowa is more than just all out Racial Holy War. Rahowa is a concept that is a Way of Life for the True Creator, Rahowa is The Struggle - Your Battle - Mein Kampf. The immediate goal of Rahowa is Victory via a Revolution of Values Through Religion without need for a Bloody Racial Holy War.

Rahowa is a personal journey toward changing not only the world but ones self through religion and a deep comprehension of ones own turmoil.

The personal Rahowa is the shining path of ones faith. It is not a faith of ghosts or gods, but the faith in believing in ones task of finding inner serenity while striving to overcome the chaos of a corrupt world.

All true Creators know that knowledge is just the first step toward becoming something real - to becoming something more.

Wisdom and understanding must be fostered, as without either we are rudderless.

To begin a Rahowa one must find themselves worthy of the Rahowa.

One must be able to take all the anger, hurt, resentment and pain, and fight it and neutralize it. We must not let these things of our past gain purchase and override our current or future lives.

One must overcome anger, hurt et al so that we may make the most of our lives and the most of our fight.

One cannot be a Holy Warrior and fight for the greater good when within the warrior's heart, their world is saturated with inner turmoil and unresolved pain bringing about a craving for violent revenge. Revenge is best served by victory through wisdom - never by violence through haste.

Only through the serenity found at the Rahowa's end can one show themselves to be the True Creators of our New World Order, and begin to make a steady impact on our world through our commitment to religion and self realization.

The first step to serenity is finding silence and calm.

After this one must sort through ones turmoil problem by problem and ask ourselves.

- "What is the problem?"

- "How did it start?"

- "Who is really at fault?"

- "How can I let go of the pain this has caused for me and those around me?"

- "How can this problem be solved?"

- "How can I move on?""

It is only after we let go of the initial problem that we can we let go of the blame, and ask ourselves, "How should I move on?"

It is only after we accept our problems and understand that although in some circumstances we have no control, we will be able to move on.

It is acceptance, not anger, that leads to solutions.

Only after taking this personal journey can we start to find serenity in our everyday lives and only after we find serenity in our everyday lives can we start our Racial Holy War to change the world.

Rev. Joel.

The Origins of Rahowa - By Ben Klassen
Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on Sun 22 Jul 2018
Ben Klassen - February 13 AC (1986 CE)
Racial Loyalty Newspaper - Issue 32, Page 5


The White Race is enmeshed in a race war that will not end until it, the White Race, is either exterminated or it inhabits the Planet Earth supreme. Although most members of Nature's Finest either don't realize it, or whether it is stupidly trying to ignore it, is beside the point. The Jews, the niggers and mud races are keenly aware of it and will wage it unto death, whether we want it or not.

When a people stoop so low as to abjectly bow to the traitorous peer structure to 'honor' Martin Lucifer Coon as a hero above their own traditional White heroes, (Washington, Jefferson, etc.) then it is time to declare open war. I cannot think of anything more humiliating than for Nature's Finest to surrender their own honor and abjectly kow-tow to a nigger reprobate whose FBI record was so odious it has to be locked up from public scrutiny until the year 2027. How low can you stoop?

The mud races have foisted war on us. There is no escaping it.

We therefore are forced to pick up the challenge, wage fiercely, no quarter given, until victory is ours. We must also give it identity, give it a name. The Moslems have their name for theirs. It is Jihad. We need to have our own and the Church of the Creator has coined a word for it.

The word Rahowa! It means White RAcial HOly WAr. (Pronounced rah-hoh'-ah.)

Let us wage it fiercely, fearlessly and tenaciously until victory is ours.


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