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I agree with you Rev Cambeul. Fags must be killed using pneumatic cattle stunners and thrown into the trash compactors of garbage trucks before being thrown into the furnaces of waste-to-electricity power plants to be used as fuel for electric power generation and the production of ash fertilizer and fly ash concrete strengthener. RaHoWa! White Power!


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Kiddy fuckers are the worst kind of Faggotry. Gassing is too good for them. They need to be crucified.


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2021-07-22, 14:20:08
Rev. Cambeul: in response to your comment about Zac Wylde opposing the idea that White Pride is equal to Black Pride. I believe that he is a fucking fag that should be gassed.

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"Creativity totally materialistic. I cannot join ... I need Spirituality"

Started by Rev.Cambeul, Thu 25 Jul 2013

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While we Creators can say that we have tangible spiritual beliefs in the concepts of Blood, Soil and Honour - see post 1 of this topic,7333.msg16811.html - it is the  Christian, the Jew, the Muslim et al and their devout beliefs in spooks in the sky that are totally intangible and undefinable, and therefore completely invalid. To believe otherwise is self delusional, and delusion is not spiritualism - and having so-called faith just doesn't cut it. If it did, then any child with an invisible friend, hallucinating lunatic or junky, or the plain gullible believing every story anyone makes up would be spiritual.

A Creator could say, "Christianity is totally unrealistic. I cannot join ... I need tangible Spirituality."


Ben Klassen - Racial Loyalty - Issue No. 29 - November 1985

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

What is a Spirit?
All Hole and No Doughnut
An in-depth exploration into the world of gobbledygook and double-talk.

The Jewish-Christian Bible talks repeatedly and incessantly about spirits, ghosts, demons, gods, angels, lucifers and other nebulous fantasies
as if they were real, and not only real, but extremely important and powerful. In fact, once your mind gets locked into this line of nonsense you
are led to believe that the world of fantasy is far more important than the real world, than the vast universe in which we find ourselves.
Christ purportedly said, "My kingdom is not of this world." It is, he explained, a spiritual kingdom of some sort, somewhere "up there," but he,
too, never explained what a spirit is. The whole massive superstructure of the Christian religion (and every other spook worshipping religion) is
built on the following basic premises, for none of which is there a shred of meaningful evidence.
Here are their presumptions, based only on "belief."

1. Although nobody has ever seen, heard, felt or smelt a ghost or a spirit, there is a vast world of spirits out there.

2. These spirits have been gratuitously endowed by their promoters with unlimited magical powers, intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and
prescience. Where they got all these magical goodies from they don't say, nor do they explain why they are so eager to attribute all these
goodies to "spirits" when they don't know a thing about them, about their origin, or their whereabouts.

3. Supposedly these "spirits" created everything — the universe, the birds, the bees, the stars, human beings and everything else, including
some nebulous places such as heaven and hell that are "not of this world", not of this universe. Where they are, that too, they don't care to

4. These "believers" in spooks go further, much further, and here is where it gets real sticky, real frightening. They claim that these spirits,
wherever or whatever they are, are continually keeping tabs on each and everyone of us living beings, looking over our shoulders, and keeping
notes on our every spoken word and our every action. Not only that, but they can, and arc continuously monitoring our minds, and also keeping
notes on our every unspoken thought.

5. Having kept track of all this vast accumulation of information on billions of people over thousands of years in their supercomputer "up" in the
sky (somewhere), when we die, we will be con' fronted with all our misdeeds. We will be "judged" for our failure to "believe" in all the conflicting
nonsense that our intelligence rejected, and for not "accepting" the spook theory, this latter transgression evidently being the most heinous
crime of all.

6. We will then be relegated to the fiery pit to burn and burn and burn. We (or our "souls") will then suffer excruciating torture forever and a day,
administered by these same charitable spirits who so loved us, snooped on us, tried to save us, but we were just too dumb to catch on. So
there we all are in hell, tortured by the billions, in all eternity because we didn't see the light about the presence of all those spooks that
hovered over us every moment of our life.

That, my dear White Racial Comrades, in essence, is the story we are told by the spook-peddlers, also known as Christians, Mormons,
Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and thousands of other fragmentary Christian cults and sects.

What I have been trying to find out not only from the ordinary run of spook peddlers but (supposedly) highly informed and learned ministers and
theologians is this:

What is a spirit? What is a soul? How do you know?

On the theory that such spirits exist, and that they have all these wonderful and magical attributes I listed earlier, is based a whole massive
religious superstructure that sucks in at least 40 billion dollars from the superstitious and the gullible in the United States alone. This is in one
year, but this same racket has been going on for thousands of years, and did not start with Christianity.

The Egyptians already had it refined to an expert system, the Romans practised it (mildly), and even the intelligent Greeks indulged in it, and
when Socrates tried to enlighten the youth of his day that these Greek gods might be entirely fictitious, the establishment did not like his
independent thinking. They had him tried in a kangaroo court and drink the cup of hemlock.

In the meantime, I keep asking all these devotees of the spirit world, just what is a spirit? This perplexes them immeasurably and it is most
amusing to see them squirm and grope for answers they can't come up with. In fact, they act as if they had never considered the question

Last August, my wife and I were on a trip to Europe, in which we re-visited some of the most beautiful vistas in the Alpine regions of Bavaria,
Austria, the Tyrol, Switzerland and Italy.

There was an elderly spinster in our tour group who was a "devout" Catholic. She was also extremely voluble and never ceased talking,
whether on the bus, or at mealtime, or on an excursion. She insisted that although she was old enough to have been married three times over,
she never had, and that she was a Miss. Nobody disputed her claims.

For reasons of her unending volubility, most members of the tour avoided sitting with her at mealtime, if they could help it. One evening, during
our stay in Munich, it was my fate to be seated at the same table with her, and no supporting cast. We were alone and I was trapped. What to

She lost no time opening the conversation and asked if I were an atheist, that she had read my flier, and what was it all about. I replied, no, I
was not an atheist, I was a Creator, but rather than explain our movement, I suggested she could read my books if she cared. Instead, I
suggested, why don't we talk about Christianity?

I decided that instead of being on the receiving end I would take the initiative, and have a little fun in the process.

I started out with the position that the Christian religion was based on the theory that there are spirits floating around somewhere, everywhere,
who are continuously looking over our shoulder taking notes on our every action, word and even every thought. We humans supposedly, too,
have a spirit inside of us, and it is called a soul. When we die this spirit supposedly leaves the body and will then be brought to judgement.
Evidently, there are the master spirits and the slave spirits, and we are the slave spirits. The master spirits have been presumably only
snooping on us during all our lifetime, but when we die, they evidently take full control and are in a position to throw all our past deeds and
misdeeds in our face and render judgement upon us.

Evidently, and so the Christian story goes, if we are found wan- ting, we will be condemned to a fiery pit for all eternity to burn and burn and
burn. Endless agony and torture is the fate of our supposed spirit or soul, or what have you. And since the obstacles in getting to heaven are
extremely difficult, such is going to be the fate of the vast majority of us poor souls, if we have any, I told my now dumb- founded spinster

Having laid this frame of reference, I pursued the subject with gusto, and got right down to brass tacks with my key questions:
Just what is a spirit? What is a soul?

She started off with the usual negative answers — it ii not this, it is not that.

But I kept pressing — what is it? If you didn't have the foggiest idea what a giraffe was, it wouldn't help much to say it wasn't like a mouse, it
wasn't like a house, it wasn't like a car, etc., so please don't waste my time telling me what it ISN'T. I want to know what it IS. Does it have
eyes? A brain? Nerves? Does it have shape? Made of atoms and molecules?

The answer to all these questions were negative. Alright, what does a spirit or a soul have you can tell me that is positive, and how do you

This kind of conversation went on for about two hours at our little table, long after the other members of the tour had finished their meals and
left. When we finally concluded, I had a speechless, dumb-founded little old lady, who couldn't answer the basic question: What is a spirit?
But, she said, she would try to find out. I said that I would be very happy to have someone give me a sensible, meaningful answer, but, I
insisted, how could she be so engrossed with the spirit world for all of her 70 some years, and never even have discovered what a spirit is?
Next morning she told me (and everybody else) that she hadn't slept much the night before and it was all my fault.

A few days later, which was the following Sunday, when we stopped over in Vienna, my friend sought out a Catholic church and consulted a
priest. She asked him for answers to my question: What is a spirit? What is a soul?

The next day, Monday, the tour guide slipped me a little note with no signature on it that he had been asked to give me. It said:

SOUL - general principle of life (human beings, animals, plants.)
SPIRIT - immaterial principle of intellect (human soul/spirit.)

Well, I finally had some sort of a garbled answer from her priest, but for whatever it was worth, I was as baffled as ever as to what a soul or a
spirit consisted of.

Our little discussion had gotten around in our tour group, which included a nice Methodist minister in his early fifties. His name was John and
he hailed from York, PA. One day I suggested to him that I would enjoy a friendly discussion on the issue of religion and especially I would like
to hear his definition of a soul or a spirit. He agreed to accommodate, although, it seemed to me, with some foreboding.

And so it came to pass, about a week later, when we had finished dinner in the hotel dining room in Montreux, Switzerland, we had our
discussion. We sat in the lobby of the hotel.

I started the discussion by posing a rhetorical question I had asked other people many times before: Does it make any sense to have "deep
and abiding faith" in any religion, creed, belief or theory that has neither evidence nor logic to support it? For instance, the Hindu's belief that
cows are holy?

He readily agreed, it did not.

Alright, I said, let's look at evidence — meaningful evidence. The whole Christian religion is based on the theory that there are spirits, millions of
them, floating around out there — some are souls, some are demons, some are gods, some are angels and a slew of other forms and
aberrations. Some are supposedly good, some are villains. The supposedly good ones are hovering over and around us, taking notes,
monitoring our every action, deed, word and thought, and storing them in some huge super-computer in the sky. More or less, I pursued the
same framework as I had with the elderly spinster.

Then I concluded - now if there aren't any spirits, then the whole Christian creed and framework breaks down in a mess of shambles. It
becomes one colossal fraud, does it not?

So, Reverend, tell me what is a spirit? What is a soul?

Somehow he managed to avoid the answers to that question for some time and we wandered off into other aspects of the religious issue. He
assured me that his belief was his best evidence of the validity of Christ and the hereafter, and his love for Christ was his most cherished

Now, really? You call that meaningful evidence?

I reminded him that as we traveled through some beautiful mountain passes of the Alps, they revealed endless layers (strata) of rocks which
had been formed at the bottom of oceans not only millions, but hundreds of millions, even billions of years ago. How did he reconcile this with
the Biblical story that the earth was created by a blithe spirit in six days only some 6000 years ago?

Well, he said, the term "days" didn't really mean a solar day as we know it, but could be an interminable period of time, even billions of years.
Well, I countered, M God wrote the Bible, surely he was intelligent enough to know how to express himself clearly, and I can read English quite
well. It says "days" not something else. If the Bible doesn't mean what it says, and say what it means, what in the hell does it mean, if

There was much waffling and double-talk thereafter, but no sensible answers were forthcoming.

I then pursued the "meaningful evidence" required. I contended that there was no meaningful evidence, that even such a character or
personage as Christ ever existed and walked the earth around the beginning of the first century of the Common Era. The oldest "manuscripts"
that we have arc in the Vatican library in Rome and date back no further than the fourth century C.E. That is a pretty long time gap to relate a
story that supposedly happened 400 years earlier. Is that "meaningful" evidence? I think not. In an era of history when there were any number
of learned poets, writers and historians in the highly developed civilization of Rome, why was it not one of them noted and recorded this
tremendously important event in history — a son of a god being born in Bethlehem with a band of angels proclaiming the event. Supposedly it
was so well broadcast that even King Herod was scared spitless to the point where he had every male baby in his kingdom under two years of
age murdered. (So the phony story claims.) Surely some writers in a highly literate society would take note of such a monumental event and
record it for posterity? Yet, there is none.

Yes, he said, there were. There was the historian Josephus, who talked of the Christ.

Ah yes, Josephus, I said, there is always a Josephus. As I recall, he lived between 37 to 100 C.E., and could hardly be an eye witness to the
big event. His history of the Jewish war, written approximately 80 to 90 C.E. does contain one short paragraph mentioning Christ, it is true.
However, it is so out of context that bibliographers strongly suspect this Jewish historian, whose writings in any case are regarded as highly
untrustworthy, never even wrote this one paragraph. Instead it is suspected that some over-zealous monk interjected it many centuries later
while copying manuscripts. Be that as it may, I said, isn't one measly vague paragraph a pretty flimsy coat hook on which to hang a whole

Well, there were others, he said.

Such as?

Well, he couldn't think of any, offhand.

Our discussion pretty well covered the whole waterfront. I kept pressing for an answer to the basic question: What is a spirit? What is a soul?
No negative answers, please.

He was hard put to define either. Finally, he came up with something — God was intelligence, he said. Where did he reside? He was all over.
Any shape? Shaped in the image of man? No shape, just all over. The anthropomorphic image, the father image, was not real, just an
explanation for the simple people to grasp more easily, he explained.

That sounded more like the description of another nebulous substance, called the ether, which supposedly fills all space, scientists claim.

What's the difference then between God and the ether? I asked.

No answer.

O.K., What about the other spirits? What about souls? He was stumped. No answer.

And so after a congenial discussion that lasted more than three hours, we said goodnight and prepared to take off for Lucerne the next

I still had no idea of what a soul or a spirit was, but we never re-opened the discussion again for the rest of the trip, both for different reasons. I
felt I had exhausted his possibilities of coming up with any sensible explanation, and he, not having any answers, would evidently just as soon
forget about the whole thing and not be further embarrassed. So ended our congenial discussion on "spirits".

But for the thinking man the question still persists. Why should it be so difficult for a theologian to define a spirit or a soul? After all, these
concepts have been around since the early Egyptians 5000 years ago, and probably since the beginning of civilization. Are they merely
fictitious concepts, and if so, were these fictitious concepts deliberately designed to be so extremely vague and nebulous so that nobody could
dissect, analyze and discredit them?

It is my opinion that these fictitious concepts were deliberately so designed - vague, nebulous, undefined. It is furthermore my conclusion that
the Egyptians, who were totally immersed in the clever art of spook-craft were the master-craftsmen in bringing these fictitious concepts into
prominence, as they were in inventing most of the other paraphernalia and window-dressings now so expertly manipulated by the Judeo-
Christian cults.

So we find the White Race of today highly enmeshed in a net- work of fictitious concepts that are specious and spurious, mostly undefinable,
yet shelling out at least 40 billion dollars a year in the United States alone, in order to perpetuate and maintain this nonsense and dump it on
their children, the next generation.

But that isn't all. This fictitious spookcraft has been expertly utilized by our most deadly racial enemies - the Jews - to get a handle on the
brains of our White Racial Comrades in order to control us, manipulate us, fleece us and enslave us.
It is our overriding task, our solemn duty, to expose this racket for what it is, to de-program our White Racial Comrades and to bring them back
to sanity. This we must do if we are to save our precious race.

It is my hope that the above arguments and logic can, and will, be used effectively to do just that.

* * * **

Question; What is the difference between "Quantity X" and a "Spirit?" Answer: Nothing, if "X" equals Zero.

* * * * *

If you don't even know what "it" is, how can you tell if "it" exists? Obviously, you can't.
Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
Church Administrator, Creativity Alliance
Church of Creativity South Australia
Box 7051, West Lakes, SA, Australia, 5021

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When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
Mark Twain.


I think the terms "soul" and spirit" aren't things you can really measure or record but are there. They have no-bodies themselves but inhabit all living things Animal or vegetable.

Once the body dies so does that entities "soul" or "spirit". If I go and ringbark a tree, it can't get the water it needs from the ground and it will cease to attack the drains to obtain the water. It will grow no more fruit or leaves and shed with the seasons.

If I go and shoot a sheep, it can't live anymore, the body remains and rots, but it isn't animated anymore as I have ceased it's physical body from functioning.

Regardless of what the Christians believe (or anyone else). Our world is a huge complexed environment/ puzzle if you want to call it that.

Trees are here for a reason and we are here too to give the trees the carbon dioxide they need in exchange for the oxygen they produce as a by product of water and photosynthysis (provided by the sun).

You can't see the process of Oxygen and carbon dioxide entering the trees but you know that is what makes the world go around. You can't measure or record this just like you can't record or measure "spirit" or "soul".

The Sun relects off the moon and that controls the tides. These planets are here for a reason too.

Regardless of what any religion says in some "holy book" they have Spirit and soul are real.. but hard to define because it is there .. you just can't visually see it.
The Price is Reich!

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From our current understanding, the universe/dimension we live in is a closed system. Since matter breaks down over time, there will eventually come a day when even the bindings of atoms will come apart and space will be filled with whatever basic building blocks atoms are made out of. The smallest form of matter is called a spring, so space will probably just be filled with "springs", no heat, light, etc.

BUT...  since we are in a closed system, and if there is some kind of "soul" or "astral body" thing, I would like to think that we would just float around in some ethrical world using those random springs as a physical body.. maybe after a zillion years we could push some of randomness together to help along the next "big bang" or whatever.. like building the pyramids but ghost style. :)

  That is about as close to a "scientific heaven" as I'm going to get I think.. maybe the jumpiness of the "springs" would create some kind of "light" that would be way out of our current optics spectrum but detectable by whatever ghostly sense organs we may have.

So yeah, universe a closed system, if whatever "blend" of particles or quantum matter your consciousness is made of would somehow slip together without a body during the "great matter breakdown" that could last for so many eons it is ridiculous, maybe it could happen? Ghost body fun time in the great forever? :) 

But on something more tangible, I look forward to a day when the white race become distinct enough in its DNA that it is no longer breed-ably compatible with other races.

I'm sure it would be confusing at first, especially if the physical structure didn't change too much.

Those poor poor race mixing want-to-be "families" would be so disappointed that they couldn't bring their final race shame into this world.

Maybe we will have wings or could just imagine we would.. and that's why the angels in the stain glass at the church always look so smug.

My Avatar:UK TV's Poldark:- "I would need to be desperate"

The Survival Of The White Race Is Here!


You should be able to find some "spirituality" in science somewhere, even if it is philosophical, or metaphorical.

   But the material for the "mystical" and "lounge chair philosophers" was usually (in the way past) saved for the very old who I'm guessing enjoyed that kind of thing because they have lived their life and were more into a "mental trip" instead of trying to figure out the things they need to do to just survive (school, skill building, work). I think this is like a life force transition, the physical bodies existence is about to expire so the "soul" begins to make use of the material bodies capacity to start preparing itself for whatever existence that may come afterward.

Perhaps it could be likened to how, as the fetus grows it has no physical capacities for consciousness, at first, and then maybe one day it has its first thought while still in the womb.

It has no clue what is going on outside except maybe a few sound waves that travel through the mothers body but it could be curious. Such is the elder whose "soul" may be slipping away from the physical body as their consciousness transitions into the "next world" or whatever... it could just be "systems failure".

The point is...

If we spent all day worrying about "bettering ourselves and our spirit bodies" we would quickly neglect the duties the physical world requires of us, and worrying about "whats going on outside of the womb" is a slap in the face to your physical "vessel" who will look at you in the mirror and say "Hey, you are here now. What about me? What are you going to do with me?"

If there is a "spirit world" and afterlife, worry about that after you are "born". You have duties to do here, and that's why you are here now and not in spirit world. I'm sure there will be plenty of time in your "next life" to get all the experience you will need without having to worry about getting experience for then during the time you have allotted for you here.

....  I really find this episode inspiring.

My Avatar:UK TV's Poldark:- "I would need to be desperate"

The Survival Of The White Race Is Here!


If you can't define it, can't explain it, can't detect it with any known scientific instrument it doesn't by definition exist. We may as well be talking about being tickled by invisible pixies. Spirituality only has a psychological explanation that the person feels an overwhelming satisfaction and contentment from any number of any number of real and individual reasons. Personally I can get that from having a good dump on the toilet, watching a movie, having beer with friends, being in love or repairing a door.


Aliens on the moon, is this guy a crack pot or is some of what he says plausible? Anyway quite an entertaining documentary.

The Price is Reich!

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Formerly Based in the Northern Territory
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